Neos4500 10 hours ago
"Hesitation is defeat."
jay yt
jay yt 10 hours ago
Rich people playing the ps5 early
Cortezy Club
Cortezy Club 10 hours ago
Man’s gonna have a collaboration with The COVID vaccine soon I’m so hyped
GrandDaddyJ 10 hours ago
So this is just a zombies game mode right cause if you mfs think people won’t riot if you make everyone else wait for zombies you are in for a rude awakening
Juan Santana
Juan Santana 10 hours ago
I didn't pay for a season pass, but whaat about the ppl that actually paid extra?
Adrian Orávik
Adrian Orávik 10 hours ago
There are a lot of famous talented peoples. Travis dont need this.
BLACK STAR 10 hours ago
And now its free😍😍😍 i would love to see some gameplay
Fruitarian 10 hours ago
Do i need to play this before demons souls?
Munir Ahmad
Munir Ahmad 10 hours ago
Is it actually on PS4?
skinnyfags 10 hours ago
Ghost of Tsushima walmart version
Jezson 10 hours ago
Hip hop morales
Ghost Flossy
Ghost Flossy 10 hours ago
Too much of these type of dbz games lol
Cococrash11 10 hours ago
Awesome Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Kakarot Card Warriors Trailer.
MARmario25 !
MARmario25 ! 10 hours ago
Pre-order Now Me: Alright Alright already geez
LeadBrothers-Gaming 10 hours ago
Yes man ! Let the party started ! I Love CoD!❤️🎃
Richard Eugenio
Richard Eugenio 10 hours ago
My phone almost had a seizure playing this video in the highest quality
Jesus G
Jesus G 10 hours ago
I think this game is definitely gonna be successful because it's so much like among us but obviously it's anime edition and obviously its way harder finding the impostor
demian smith
demian smith 10 hours ago
Rafi Kumara
Rafi Kumara 10 hours ago
coming soon covid vaccine x travis scott
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar 10 hours ago
Yellow_ NeXUs
Yellow_ NeXUs 10 hours ago
Why...... just why...
elegante yt
elegante yt 10 hours ago
FlixiMoxi 10 hours ago
The PSTravis
AmirHosein Elahi
AmirHosein Elahi 10 hours ago
خوشبحالتون ایران ما از دست آخوندها داره میبازه ولی شما با پیشرفته تر میشین ما عقب به عقب بر میگردیم😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
BORN FOR GAMING 10 hours ago
I think it is on no 1 in world of rpg games. If it comes on all platforms
The Outlander
The Outlander 10 hours ago
Less than 40 sec. in and I stopped. That... "music" is horrid.
ᴄʀʏʙᴀʙʏ 10 hours ago
Intro when you open the ps5 *ITSS LIITTT*
yusf Barznje
yusf Barznje 10 hours ago
Bad gaeme
BORN FOR GAMING 10 hours ago
Plz on Android
Platinum Trophy Montages
Platinum Trophy Montages 10 hours ago
a true classic game of the decade
colten teeter
colten teeter 10 hours ago
You lucky Bastid
Link1986 10 hours ago
And here I was hoping for the return of the zombie survival mode again..
iRey 10 hours ago
I-Make-Comments 10 hours ago
Playstation Can You Please Bring Back The Old Playstation Party, You Didn't Make Us Safe, You Made Us Feel Uncomfortable
Adam Benko
Adam Benko 10 hours ago
What kind of speakers is he using in this video? Wonder how much did they cost.
Blake Cantos
Blake Cantos 10 hours ago
Durex "Travis Scott"
The Jalapeno wrestler
The Jalapeno wrestler 10 hours ago
I hate it
FadeZ Diagon
FadeZ Diagon 10 hours ago
What is the point
Miko No Shinobi [UHBWMC]
Miko No Shinobi [UHBWMC] 10 hours ago
Yo-you guys mean I have to fight Mist noble again?? **sweats**
Kool K
Kool K 10 hours ago
No micotransactions?? Must be a Capcom game.
BryanFTW13 10 hours ago
There's a reason this is free to play. Get Rogue Company instead, at least RoCo looks and feels better than that TDM PUBG game.
FBI 10 hours ago
Ps4 is better tbh its only the FPS
OXY 10 hours ago
PS3 is better than PS4. PS2 is better than PS3.
Amani Ejakait
Amani Ejakait 10 hours ago
wow traviss really getting sponserd now
Translikely 10 hours ago
This what happens when ya sell ya soul
Nashtin 10 hours ago
“You better have brought an army” “I brought enough.”
Karol Bober
Karol Bober 10 hours ago
DJWOLF 4FSP 10 hours ago
Boycotting ps5 after this
DJWOLF 4FSP 10 hours ago
@Manith Reddy M sorry just hate travis scott
Manith Reddy M
Manith Reddy M 10 hours ago
Ok xbot
AG -Average Guy
AG -Average Guy 10 hours ago
Its OK and all but does this sound like an Airplane taking off !??
Renegaiden 10 hours ago
I'd scream if I ever see The shinobi wearing the ghost outfit from Ghost of Tsushima
Soy Vato
Soy Vato 10 hours ago
La roca es mejor y promocionó xbox
VIVAN VAIDYA 10 hours ago
Woah yesssssssssssssssssssss
BLACK ICEYOU 10 hours ago
Just give us a new Ridge Racer
Gravity701 10 hours ago
*Sponsored By NIke*
zkeller758 10 hours ago
bruh we finna have the travis scott tampons soon
Nikos Ioannoy
Nikos Ioannoy 10 hours ago
zombies onsluaght PS5 exclusive until November 1 2021...I hope this isn`t the actual zombies mode or I am not buying this.
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez 10 hours ago
This looks so much better then the avengers
katpet 10 hours ago
Добавьте игру привет сосед 1.5
William Watts
William Watts 10 hours ago
Its beautiful and I love the foundation. But thats about all this seems to be so far. Foundation for a great game.
Sha ne
Sha ne 10 hours ago
Calling it now.... ADDLER Betrays us
Vladimir Zorin
Vladimir Zorin 11 hours ago
70$ ?
No u
No u 11 hours ago
Bout 2 Years late Sony
xD3bod 11 hours ago
these Japanese be dripin
Misty Kobe
Misty Kobe 11 hours ago
I guess rockstar are just too lazy to make GTA 6 It been 7 years and when gta 4 came out it was 2008 so they made gta 5 in 5 years SO Y CANT THEY MAKE GTA 6 IN 5 YEARS TOO!?
Liam 11 hours ago
So dumb......what’s the point in this?
Who Tf asked for this
Pat Vercher
Pat Vercher 11 hours ago
looks boring
Rama Dan
Rama Dan 11 hours ago
So this is just like yu-gi-oh now great just great !
any4003 11 hours ago
Nice so plugging the PlayStation up is optional! Dope! So completely wireless. What kind of battery is in the PS5 ? How long can I run the PS5 without plugging it in ? How do I wirelessly hook the system up to a TV or monitor?
Blue Sequence
Blue Sequence 11 hours ago
Discount MHW with Fortnite Graphic
zayd syed
zayd syed 11 hours ago
next thing you know xbox gets drake
Wesker 11 hours ago
Who is Travis Scott? and why does he have my ps5??
Zarag503 11 hours ago
Seeing things like this makes me appreciate the finished product so much more
ChillestForm 101
ChillestForm 101 11 hours ago
Wait, so it’s not 4 player co-op anymore?
D Whizzel
D Whizzel 11 hours ago
This looks like it'll become boring after an hour
Tanishq Choudhary
Tanishq Choudhary 11 hours ago
imagine everyone becoming Harry Potter (woah)
Vice Alfafa
Vice Alfafa 11 hours ago
The Kardashian connections coming thru. Very nice investment 👌
samir07 11 hours ago
Can there the Simpson’s hit and run remastered for ps5
StaTicz Monster 99
StaTicz Monster 99 11 hours ago
Fake he wasn’t eating the Travis Scott burger
xAtomicW0lfx 11 hours ago
I was thinking of getting the new Xbox but idk the ps5 is looking pretty dope