Is Darren Till The Schmo?
josh vick
josh vick 4 hours ago
Chandler didn’t clap when Khabib announced his retirement 😑
Anri P
Anri P 4 hours ago
We saw yesterday what American wrestlers Able to do.
Rehman Abid Khan
Rehman Abid Khan 4 hours ago
Khabib ❤️
BounceBeyond 4 hours ago
Chandler knows what hes talking about. Good to see him in ufc
M T 4 hours ago
I know we area all supposed to “dig” the Schmo. But I can honestly say it is the single most boring, annoying, cringy piece of in-character I have known. Why does he still continue and why do you all actually like this? Are you all 4 year old kids?
Samus 5 hours ago
i remember when HATERS were saying that Khabib's fights are boring , now they will see what is BORING without Khabib.
Brick Flair
Brick Flair 5 hours ago
Is he for a good time and not a long time?
sean kelly
sean kelly 5 hours ago
Did he just accuse Aldo of doping?? I’m gonna have to agree with him. 😂
ZAK 89
ZAK 89 5 hours ago
And still 29-0 Alhamdulillah☝🏽 UFC will be Different without #Khabibtime what a champion ❤️
Matt Scare
Matt Scare 5 hours ago
Me before every Khabib fight: this is gonna be very interesting. Me after every khabib fight: that went more one sided then I thought. Truly the goat.
Nguyễn Bảo
Nguyễn Bảo 5 hours ago
That interviewer is just frustrating
Dama BJJ FLoraMax
Dama BJJ FLoraMax 5 hours ago
DON'T Put the Name of My maN tONY in your mouth He will make you regret your bellator time , the d'arce knight will rise once again
James Mathew Davies
James Mathew Davies 5 hours ago
Chandler is a great salesman and business man outside of his fighting career. You can see it in his presentation skills here. Kudos. Give him a commentary job asap
Big mane farted
Big mane farted 5 hours ago
Chandler is a joke
Asyraf Nazri
Asyraf Nazri 5 hours ago
How his not related to poirier?
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 5 hours ago
A true mark of confidence/wisdom in this game is to see clearly your opponents and understand that praising their strengths does not make you weak and you can do so retaining unwavering belief in yourself. Huge respect to Michael Chandler.
TY Harper
TY Harper 5 hours ago
chandler so happy he doesnt have to face khabib XD
Vxbrz 5 hours ago
I thought fury hated him until the ended
Đorđe Žutić
Đorđe Žutić 6 hours ago
Great interview
The Dragon
The Dragon 6 hours ago
Schmo could do a great Eminem impersonator
Huh what
Huh what 6 hours ago
Still love your interviews bro. I nerd out whenever I hear you at press conferences :)
The Dragon
The Dragon 6 hours ago
Dana White must be so pissed off . He has been dyin to make the khabib conor rematch
ThePlaylist99 6 hours ago
Didn’t like chandler before but he came across well here so fair play to him
Inul Mohamed
Inul Mohamed 6 hours ago
aaronjcodona 6 hours ago
i see this guy getting so much shit said about him but i like this guy ! excited to see how he fairs in the division
The Dragon
The Dragon 6 hours ago
Casuals talking shit as usual . Chandler is one of the most exciting fighters
Mohammed Sadey Salmi
Mohammed Sadey Salmi 6 hours ago
I'm straight but I think he is more handsome than Luke Rockhold, and Paulo Costa.
The Dragon
The Dragon 6 hours ago
Just stop man . Delete this post and walk away . Nobady wil ever know
Will carter
Will carter 6 hours ago
Chandler would make a great commentator, well spoken guy
Shafik Bashir
Shafik Bashir 6 hours ago
Chandler, Ferguson, Gaethje, Porier, it’s going to be very interesting! Then bring Khabib back to fight one more time to anyone who lands on top.
Denis CC
Denis CC 6 hours ago
such a relief for lightweight division lol
The Dragon
The Dragon 6 hours ago
Every single one of them wanted to fight him but he gone running
Mark Heywood
Mark Heywood 6 hours ago
Gaethje and Chandler fight for an interim strap at Christmas. Conor and Poirier fight January/February. The winners face off for undisputed title in early summer 2021. Meantime Ferguson fights Hooker and the winner gets next title shot after the mini tournament. My bet - after it all shakes out...Conor has the strap... and retires. Then they have to do it all again.
POWER MMA 6 hours ago
I said this months ago “khabib will retire after he dominates gaethje. The plan is to make a superfight between two retired fighters at a catchweight when the time is right” gsp os great but khabib wins against him.
Bruno G
Bruno G 6 hours ago
Just found out Khabib's foot was really a baloon😂😂😂
Ed Privat
Ed Privat 6 hours ago
I believe that Khabib : - Wanted to finish the fight quick (it shows it could have finished the fight at will in the past, e.g: vs Iaquinta) - Made sure not do damage Justin in the process - Still wanted to innovate for his last fight with armbar or triangle. What a genius man
Fahad Javed
Fahad Javed 7 hours ago
wtf the host?? he's been eating ghutka or what???
Dan Palmer
Dan Palmer 7 hours ago
Whats chandler been smoking? No way he gets to push in front of Tony for a title shot, its a no brainer Furgurson v Gaethje 2.
The Dragon
The Dragon 6 hours ago
Gatche goes to the back of the line after that
Ryangers 7 hours ago
Chandler has the charisma to be infront of the cameras, would love to see him become a commentator afterwards..imagine him, Rogan and DC
Bhushan Kedar Music
Bhushan Kedar Music 7 hours ago
Even he bailed on tony just like dustin. 😔
Ramon Briones
Ramon Briones 7 hours ago
Glad this dude finally got his opportunity..and nice to see he learned that outro lol
B M 7 hours ago
Couple of twits right here.
Sam Samson
Sam Samson 7 hours ago
Chandler spot on all what he said, he is good.
Karate NWSK
Karate NWSK 7 hours ago
Chandler is cringey-er than triple c
Bellicose 20
Bellicose 20 7 hours ago
Micheal Chandler is an idiot, he just wants to get a shortcut to the title. And he ducked other offers too... idiot
Pj Tyra
Pj Tyra 7 hours ago
Not sure how I feel about this dude
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf 7 hours ago
PurpleBros Choco
PurpleBros Choco 7 hours ago
Fahad Salem
Fahad Salem 7 hours ago
Chandler is a UFC future commentator or analytical after retirement
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 7 hours ago
emraan ali
emraan ali 7 hours ago
Your porno intro music always cracks me up
VL Ly 7 hours ago
Chandler will be the new fresh air
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 8 hours ago
You’re the ☝️😂
Mohammed Umer Baig
Mohammed Umer Baig 8 hours ago
Khabib is the goat
TheGonzo 8 hours ago
Used to watch Bellator just for Rory and Chandler. Happy to see this man in the UFC now. Wish him the best. Schmo the best interviewer.
Zack H
Zack H 8 hours ago
Glad he stepped up with that 🗑main event
Assad Khalif
Assad Khalif 8 hours ago
im so sad man.... im actually crying I really really wanted Khabib to fight Tony furguson and GSP and retire 31-0 Not 29-0...
Around The Verse
Around The Verse 8 hours ago
So I'm the only one who paid attention to Javier videos this week where he explained it will be Khabibs last fight. I mean really I knew he will retire and it's so surprising that nobody follows Javier's account or what? Javier said after fight he will put gloves down. Now he will start training others with Javier and mission is to push Islam up
Paveen 8 hours ago
He could be a good real estate agent. Guy can talk.
Liam Hill
Liam Hill 8 hours ago
This man lost twice to Will Brooks & Eddie Alvarez & hasn't fought anyone in the top 5 of the UFC. Give him Dan Hooker or Charles Oliveira first.
Dipson Poudel
Dipson Poudel 8 hours ago
Who will take position in lightweight like Jan did in light heavyweight??
TOILET PAPER 8 hours ago
Was thinking earlier that chandler absolutely does not deserve to fight for the title, after watching this tho, i still don’t think he should, but i do think he should the winner of the fight that decides the champ
Shane B
Shane B 8 hours ago
What happened to Gaethje against Khabib would happen to Chandler but way worse
Beautiful Relaxing
Beautiful Relaxing 8 hours ago
After this Chandler vs justin?? No interest...
PillowTom 8 hours ago
Chandler vs Justin McGregor vs Poirier Winner of the two bouts, fight for the title
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life 8 hours ago
As a Khabib fan you cannot hate Chandler. The dude seems like a cool guy.
Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Singh 8 hours ago
Conor vs Poirier for Vacant Title🤘
Coolness Over9000
Coolness Over9000 8 hours ago
I guess Chandler vs Ferguson and Connor vs Porier winner fights for the title
Steve Ausrin
Steve Ausrin 8 hours ago
Can Michael not brag constantly?
Farhan Degia
Farhan Degia 9 hours ago
Chandler seems like a cool dude.dude just gets too much unnecessary hate from the fans
wig thplitter
wig thplitter 9 hours ago
Imagine they let him fight for a vacant title 🤣🤣 wouldn't put it past Dana
mark J
mark J 9 hours ago
Great fighter but he needs to have a knock with someone in the top 5 in ufc. Conor probably send him away within 2.. Dustin also and Tony... give him Tony and winner between Conor and Dustin for the belt.
Andrew MacIntosh
Andrew MacIntosh 9 hours ago
Both of them were being smart fighters. I think Khabib was being safe from getting kneed coming in. So he did some stand up to lessen the chance of getting caught with a knee. Especially with Justin being very careful bout keeping his distance. Who gets the strap next
Anyi Perez
Anyi Perez 9 hours ago
1:49 I don't owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 9 hours ago
Khabib retired for his father and to honor his family, meanwhile that clown Danis tweeted "He's retiring because he's scared of McGregor" and you can already bet all the McCasuals will follow suit and believe the same thing, smh
RøSs 9 hours ago
Welterweight can beat heavyweight's ass though. That speed difference was huge
GeneralGoon 5 hours ago
Yeah we saw that today. Kind of
木林森 9 hours ago
He looks like Dustin poriers older brother
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 9 hours ago
Chandler is talking so serious that it makes the schmo character feel out of place haha.
d d
d d 9 hours ago
chandler is a nobody,
Abu Amir
Abu Amir 9 hours ago
Conor can knock out his next 10 opponents in the first round and nobody is gonna give a shit cuz the king is not gonna be around anymore lol.. He may as well have retired a second after khabib did cuz the rest of his career is irrelevant and that is so fuckin satisfying!! #KHABIBISTHEGOAT
Eddie LM
Eddie LM 10 hours ago
Former WSOF Champ vs. former Bellator Champ. A fight I wanted to see before Gaethje signed with the UFC.
Arneezy r
Arneezy r 10 hours ago
Who da fook?
Code Froziten
Code Froziten 10 hours ago
Gaethje VS Chandler, winner fights Poirier for the vacant title