Laura Gongora
Laura Gongora 8 minutes ago
What happened to the ghost in her room?
Gen Olson
Gen Olson 19 minutes ago
Morgan that color green is everything on you!!!! That’s your color!! It makes you glow!
brittany E
brittany E 38 minutes ago
“You got some dry ass lemons” 😂
abhx214 39 minutes ago
We neeeeed a Trinity collab soon!!!
Lori Oglesby
Lori Oglesby 40 minutes ago
You know your a grand,other when u look at the DC shoes n say, man those look so comfi... But seriously id wear PS you are so pretty and have such a real personality, It is helpful to know i'm not the only one feeling down these days... But Girl u r so amazing and so smart with some of your self reflection. Even at my old age I love watching you and your brother's content! and PSS Y'alls mom is just the coolest!
Carnelia Padilla
Carnelia Padilla 50 minutes ago
I love that Morgan Taps her shot before she takes it!!! I (and millions of others) do the same!!! Yaaaassss gurl!
dede e
dede e 51 minute ago
Morgan you have a heart of gold to love your ex as a friend and not be hateful to each other he seems cool to me gay or not i had gay or bi be nice to me compared to none gay people and being small sucks.
Xerxes Ashleyy Tv
Xerxes Ashleyy Tv Hour ago
The pressure of just existing- thats everyone now struggling during this pandemic. For me, add the pressure of parents having high expectations from you. Im at the brink of jumping off a balcony rn
Basique Bee
Basique Bee Hour ago
I'm a girl so you don't care but with every video my crush on you intensifies
Lindsey Traub
Lindsey Traub Hour ago
My ex boyfriend turned out to be gay. His loss 😅
V Smith
V Smith Hour ago
"The only reason i'm gettin on my knees is for jesus"... 🤣 Morgan I luv yew
Jennifer Dirst
Jennifer Dirst 2 hours ago
Can we get this in a weekly.podcast format pleeeeease??? So fun to watch you both together! I know you are both busy but keep squeezing these in. Help pay for grad school. Congrats on that BTW! Great to see you laughing Morgan. ❤
Lisa Seabrook
Lisa Seabrook 2 hours ago
I hope he still gets into UCLA after this video
Reyna Lucero
Reyna Lucero 2 hours ago
I hope you didn't drink and drive Morgan
Jerrica Barnes
Jerrica Barnes 2 hours ago
I also feel the love. And it actually hurts to know that she loved him so much, and he just couldn’t love her back in that same way. I wish I could turn into a hottie guy that was her type cuz I would be the best man. Lol. I love her and think she deserves everything.
Jerrica Barnes
Jerrica Barnes 2 hours ago
I am surprised Ryland didn’t know he was Gay. Usually other gays can tell when someone else is Gay.
Really Though
Really Though 2 hours ago
Morgan is such a classic beauty. He type of beauty never goes out of style. She’s sooo gorgeous
i am mimi
i am mimi 2 hours ago
When you said you’re at a point when you are afraid for the sun to set cause that’s when the bad feelings set in, Ive never related more!!!!!!!!!!!! Morgan you’re my family. Thank u
olivia s
olivia s 2 hours ago
Te Mars
Te Mars 2 hours ago
Morgan is just a boss!! It's going to take a real manly alpha . Male to catch her eye
Miah Wagner
Miah Wagner 3 hours ago
morgan im so sorry you're not feeling yourself right now :/ I have to say though that you are STUNNING!! i love your style and your soul is so pure and I just want to say that you are loved by so many! for real though you are so hot it's kind of unreal.
Brianna Keogan
Brianna Keogan 3 hours ago
This video is so funny! Glad that you and Marcus are close again. I'm sorry about your first time though. That dude took advantage of you, which is so not cool! :(
Jackieleenaa E
Jackieleenaa E 3 hours ago
He looks like Wilmer Valderrama as Fez 😂😂
LynseyJGibson 3 hours ago
Girl you are looking amazing!
Phoenix 3 hours ago
Let me get this straight.....Morgan was manipulated into losing her virginity with some guy? Oh Morgan, that's made me so sad. You deserve so much better.
ForeverCheer117 3 hours ago
Morgan you look so pretty in the video!!!! I love your hair!!!
Cherry Jubilee
Cherry Jubilee 3 hours ago
Morgan bringing the real, solid drinking advice
Ashley Pless
Ashley Pless 4 hours ago
Morgan plz talk to a therapist😟
Emma 4 hours ago
We need one of these with Trinity!
Meanwhile 4 hours ago
its crazy cuz I literally have felt like that and tbh I never understood how people can be so effected by depression but then I learned the hard way hope you keep on going forward Morgan
Anna Pierce
Anna Pierce 4 hours ago
girl find the old text messages lol
Michelle Revoir
Michelle Revoir 4 hours ago
My grandfather always said there are plenty fish in the sea you just haven't found yours yet
pat_snow08 4 hours ago
Limes are lemons in spanish or limons so Marcus is right
Izzy Byrne
Izzy Byrne 5 hours ago
oh my god Morgan, this made me so sad! But I admire your honestly and I appreciate you being so brave in sharing your lows, because we do all have them! It's about time someone normalizes not being okay sometimes! God bless, hope you're feeling better <3
Angela Hatton
Angela Hatton 5 hours ago
Morgan is so beautiful.
Cantatrice Chauve
Cantatrice Chauve 5 hours ago
Why would you need to get drunk to be entertained and be entertaining? As an elder, I think in the long run, it is depressing and destructive. Marcus does a lot of nervous laughter. It's okay to be "friendly-ish" with your ex, but I advise you for your own sake to keep it to the strict minimum. An email or text message once a year. Because that relationship will not help you grow.
Reilly L. Coad
Reilly L. Coad 5 hours ago
He has a cute laugh
Just Emma
Just Emma 6 hours ago
I adoredddd this video. The energy was perfect 🤩
Devereaux 6 hours ago
Honey, I love you. What you're going through sounds like panic attacks. I have them too, ever since COVID started last March. Please talk to your therapist or primary care physician about it. I take Busbar & Pristiq for my anxiety, but even on medicine you're still going to have bad days (but you'll be able to emotionally handle them better). ❤
frenchhornz4ever 6 hours ago
This reminded me of me and my best friend from high school <3 Thank you, I'm going to call her
n i k i t a
n i k i t a 6 hours ago
I love how Morgan just walks away everytime💀
laurie 7979
laurie 7979 6 hours ago
Can relate. I blackout-drunkenly lost it to a secretly married pumpkin farmer 8 years my senior, dangerously close to a 90-foot waterfall. Still hurts 😂😥😂😥😂
Caroline LaRussa
Caroline LaRussa 6 hours ago
This is goals
Shining Glitter
Shining Glitter 6 hours ago
Morgan why do you keep taking ur glasses off then putting them on again? 😂
Brooke Shadden
Brooke Shadden 6 hours ago
Love this
LivenLifeforGod West
LivenLifeforGod West 6 hours ago
Best friends for life it is amazing!
Camila Cornejo
Camila Cornejo 6 hours ago
I bought new DC shoes!!!!!
Elizabeth Elliott
Elizabeth Elliott 7 hours ago
She has a lot of masculine energy, like pounding her fists against her hands and on tables a lot, and she's loud. I think she's more like a man than Roland.
Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Harris 7 hours ago
I NEVER COMPARE MY SELF TO PPL EVER....... not wreath my time no point in it all, nothing but hot hair waste of time........
sophieee l
sophieee l 7 hours ago
how come ive never had trauma from men but im uncomfortable around them but im straight?
Laura Heinz
Laura Heinz 7 hours ago
Dude ryland sucks. You don’t. Get over LA. Move on. Alone.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 6 hours ago
control. Thank you
Let's Just See With BB
Let's Just See With BB 7 hours ago
Morgan I wish I had you as my best friend. I really wish I could find a friend that is honest and loyal and funny and not trying to always take away from my self esteem
yoongis pillow
yoongis pillow 7 hours ago
I love this duo! His laugh makes me so happy wth
Meg sechrist
Meg sechrist 7 hours ago
I absolutely love that their friends.... the relationship looks so fun! Lol happy they stayed friends.
Shannon Flaherty
Shannon Flaherty 7 hours ago
The fact that she thinks she's messing it up I think it looks awesome
Tangerine 7 hours ago
To some Latin people call lemons and limes, Lemons. Lol
Carly Knutson
Carly Knutson 7 hours ago
Why does every USpostsr feel like they must drink Don Julio in any video involving drinking...?
Carly Knutson
Carly Knutson 7 hours ago
It's such a trend, it's weird.
Crystal Causland
Crystal Causland 8 hours ago
You are so sweet and funny, life will get better. Life really is the shits and we have to keep pushing passed the horrible pandemic. I hope you feel better it's so overwhelming I'm sending you a big hug,😘💜💜💜😁
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 6 hours ago
need to realize that
Kellie Nash
Kellie Nash 8 hours ago
Morgan merch idea for quote shirts: YoUr LeMoNs ArE dRY!!!!! 🍋🍋🍋🍋
jacob collier
jacob collier 8 hours ago
Neverrr download Grindr. It just an endless blackhole filled with toxic people. I once got a death threat for being gay and if they saw me in person they would personally kill me lol. like boi this is Grindr.
Kellie Charette
Kellie Charette 8 hours ago
Girl take it from a fellow top energy sort of girl, KEEP BEING YOU. Don't change how you are to find a man because a guy who "needs a girl he can take care of" just aint it. I never caved and I'm going on 3 years with the man I'm gunna marry because we take care of ourselves and each other
MT1922 8 hours ago
Morgan, i want to say this with the up most respect but GIIRRRRL THAT BOOTY POPPING!! 🍑🔥👌🏼😂 #GoalsFor2021
Jane Dope
Jane Dope 9 hours ago
So are we just glossing over the fact that Morgan’s fist time was s*****l a*****t?
Kelsie O'Mara
Kelsie O'Mara 9 hours ago
Being a young adult is hard... theres so many directions to take and you take one and do a U turn and the cycle goes on.. currently I'm attempting to switch careers but what happens if I get into it and dont end up liking it.. like I'm already starting over.. I definitely felt this HARD when I was deciding to quit my job, wtf is my purpose?! This is just the eb and flow of young adult hood... but on a real note I do hope your getting some amount of help and talking to someone about this
sara 9 hours ago
Works at Staples 🤣🤣🤣
sara 9 hours ago
This was great should have been a main channel video lol
Carlita Bonita
Carlita Bonita 9 hours ago
You are doing a lot of good things.. getting up, going out... all of that. I had that too... but I couldn't make the efforts as quickly as you did. I finally am now.. but I had to get out on Cymbalta and that worked sooooo well. That dark cloud lifted after about a month. Prozac used to work for my anxiety so well but with my horrible depression I had to switch to Cymbalta. I'm proud of you.
Niki Fix
Niki Fix 9 hours ago
morgan’s a skinny legend and truly is having a glow up! you look amazing Morgan!💕
Depressing vlogs
Depressing vlogs 9 hours ago
Morgan’s literally glowing here ! As always
Aidee Chavez
Aidee Chavez 10 hours ago
“I love you like our goldfish that died” ok damn that was low-key deep 😂😂
Jr Nava
Jr Nava 10 hours ago
Morgan looks good
alondra Lima
alondra Lima 10 hours ago
I broke down this week too. To the point where I was on the floor with my head down crying out of frustration, sadness, mental pain and stressed out to the point when I'm trying extremely hard to keep it all together. People love to criticize and have their own opinions but those can really hurt . You just break. I get it. Update I feel better today(: remember we always have ups and downs in life. We are in this world together.
GlamClo 10 hours ago
Your definitely not the only one I get this all the time look ok on the outside but breaking in the inside but your strong and beautiful and you’ll get through it love you so much take care 💚🖤
alondra Lima
alondra Lima 10 hours ago
Life is beautiful ❤ Only think about the positive. Love u morgan!
Sabrinia Taylor
Sabrinia Taylor 10 hours ago
I had this happen to me when I was younger. I was really butthurt and haven't spoken to him in years though..I should really call him lol, we'd probably have so much fun now😆
Lizeth Acosta
Lizeth Acosta 10 hours ago
Morgan is queen 👑 i adore you!! And how true self you are in your videos ❤
Christian Ureña
Christian Ureña 11 hours ago
I think I’ve never seen her laughing so hard like she did at 5:05 and it felt so good to see her so happy even if it was just about a story
Chareena Acosta
Chareena Acosta 11 hours ago
Morgan, please get out of Los Angeles. You are so happy when you’re back home with your family.
Lala Z05
Lala Z05 11 hours ago
Isabelle Paulino
Isabelle Paulino 11 hours ago
I wish I could be your friend in real life and just give you a hug and motivation 🥺