Jeff Benoit
Jeff Benoit 2 minutes ago
This is an amazing video, I love it! I'm so happy for the Bucs and all their fans!!! Go Bucs let's get this done!!!
gorillaSportsShow 19 minutes ago
The media try to paint this division between Republicans and Democrat supporters. In real life people are cool with each other. Call each other bros. Don't let the media (CNN or Fox) divide people. They make money out of division and chaos.
Oplite greco
Oplite greco 27 minutes ago
The Bucs are also owners of Manchester United, They are very powerful, that's why Tom chose them.
Homies Adventures
Homies Adventures 32 minutes ago
Super bowl time
즉시탄핵 40 minutes ago
I think Brady can play until 50
Thanadeth Warathaveewat
Thanadeth Warathaveewat Hour ago
Week 12 Kansas win 27-24 but in final Tampa will win!
Station Chief
Station Chief Hour ago
Betta b healthy in 2 weeks we got BIG problems already.
Station Chief
Station Chief Hour ago
All the brothers love TB12 they know the deal. Except the haters or the white QB haters but there bigots anyway.
Chandra Cannon
Chandra Cannon Hour ago
The null bow mechanistically regret because sauce periodically clap off a parched protocol. greedy, clear daniel
Barrie Quinn
Barrie Quinn Hour ago
Fernando Paiz
Fernando Paiz Hour ago
Broncos fan here, please beat the Chiefs ;) Ya'll are overdue to go all the way and I think you will
Leo The Beast
Leo The Beast Hour ago
One season with the buccaneers and they are in the super bowl!!! Raise the flags🏴‍☠️♥️🖤!!!
CJPapan Hour ago
These two NEED to have a show together post retirement
Donald Smyth
Donald Smyth 2 hours ago
Anyone else wonder if Tom has cottonmouth? ; p
I'm Batman
I'm Batman 2 hours ago
The next one, WOW 😲
Lamarcus Brown
Lamarcus Brown 2 hours ago
Everybody better say Brady the 🐐 now!!!!
Glenn Wallace
Glenn Wallace 2 hours ago
Do what works! Don’t be scaered to run the ball when yal up!
Jason Y
Jason Y 2 hours ago
That last play before Halftime got me to jump off the couch meet the television half way with intensity and then step up to the television with excitement !!! What a call and Play !! Got me fired up!!
Jason Y
Jason Y 2 hours ago
You are right Defense showed up tonight in every aspect IT is about time.. All phases of the game we showed up to play intense!! Great Job Fellas !!
Jason Y
Jason Y 2 hours ago
I saw a big hit made by you #33 Way to show up and play !! It sets the tone
Rusty Gunn 7
Rusty Gunn 7 2 hours ago
Tom is my favorite Bradyback. I hope the Bucaneers win this game.
Salacious Crumb
Salacious Crumb 2 hours ago
I luv see Tom and Gronk back. I am so happy it happened, with the couple of the others for who were no longer wanted from other clubs, , be good to having them all back for super bowl, luv from Australia, I hope I can get a Gronk jersey, I love the man, he’s a strong weapon, but he will give it all for Brady. For the next ring. Much thanks
Thrashsquatch 3 hours ago
All the way to Super Bowl LIV... nicely done, fellas! Oh, and Tom, Go Blue! Gawd, we need you back up here... Cheers, best of luck Feb. 7!
Ryan Warren
Ryan Warren 3 hours ago
Were technically not going to the super bowl... the super bowl is coming to us!!! Lets go Bucs!!!
Jeff Bailey
Jeff Bailey 3 hours ago
Beat the Kansas City Football Team.
Ricky Fever
Ricky Fever 3 hours ago
Wow it must be such an amazing experience for young players to play with veteran Brady.
Martin Thomas
Martin Thomas 3 hours ago
Somewhere, Bill Belichick is hiding in his basement, crying on what could have been 🏈
เตียบ่อกี้ 3 hours ago
Let's goooooooo!!!!!
Anjana Prijith
Anjana Prijith 3 hours ago
Not gonna lie I miss seeing him in the Patriot colours. He looked good in them.
AnbuBlackOpZ 3 hours ago
G_Aming88 No Vice
G_Aming88 No Vice 3 hours ago
Tom brady G O A T
joshua taylor
joshua taylor 3 hours ago
bruce did a good job this year him brady all the defense did wicked
The Bear Minimum
The Bear Minimum 3 hours ago
So like I've never rooted harder for JPP to have a big game lol. He was a big reason why we pats lost in 11' But hey I have long since forgiven him and the bucs will sure need his leadership and experience for the big game.
Lusanda Ndabandaba
Lusanda Ndabandaba 3 hours ago
Gotta play harder Gotta play tougher Harder tougher everything.
Information You Need
Information You Need 3 hours ago
Brady: Hey Roger! Guess who's going to the superbowl!
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 4 hours ago
Mahomes kelce and tyreek are going to be tough to beat, hopefully our secondary plays their tails off. It is up to them whether we win or lose
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 4 hours ago
Mcbrain79 4 hours ago
Gronk and tb12 are like why you go crazy it's just super bowl 🤣🤣🇫🇮🇫🇮
Curt 4 hours ago
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Mike N
Mike N 4 hours ago
After he retires I can see Brady winning more championships as a coach
crawford371 4 hours ago
Dallas...hand over that title because the bucs are the new America's team
RICHARD ALLEN 3 hours ago
Uh, I think that belongs to NE....but you what fk Belichik....take it away Tampa Bay
Olds 68
Olds 68 4 hours ago
nice predictions
SMD 4 hours ago
Did Devin White n Lenny play around the same time at LSU ? Love seeing them bond on the sideline.
Jose Aguirre
Jose Aguirre 4 hours ago
I was amazed the tackles Jordan made, created points for his team.
ckwon76 4 hours ago
You know you’re a fan if you purchase Sunday ticket every year since 2000 to watch Bucs have losing seasons year after year, except our Super bowl year of course, but my Love for the Red and Pewter never wavered. Real Buccaneers fans always believe we have a shot. And we don’t brag either. It’s that Buccaneer swag we carry. Speak with the stick. We’ll carry that into our next home Game too! GO BUCS!
jcbull11 4 hours ago
We waited so long for this we used to be called the suckaneers
GO BUCS 4 hours ago
Go Bucs!
Curt 4 hours ago
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight 4 hours ago
He's the Goat, he's the boat, he's an ice cream float TB12 IS the System !
Raymond Adorno
Raymond Adorno 4 hours ago
This guy is one of my favorite Baber woooo🏈🏈🏈❤️❤️❤️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Nick Joice
Nick Joice 5 hours ago
White tyreek hill.
THE ALES 5 hours ago
Hahaha too tight on the end...I guess if it's not then it's a wide receiver. Surfing the tube and ran across this vid. It's actually funny af. If they are having this much fun and knowing they are underdogs I'm still picking the bucs over the chiefs.
advitiya18 5 hours ago
That’s what happens when you have a qb u trust. Brady may have been up and down but he brought out the best in the rest.
God Shall Bless Tampa .
God Shall Bless Tampa . 5 hours ago
for our offense follow the blueprint from how the raiders played them as for our defense follow the blueprint from how the chargers and patriots played them more so patriots
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin 5 hours ago
Bucs for life🏈🏆😀👍
Stanley Yelnats
Stanley Yelnats 5 hours ago
It’ll be different this time. They can match jamel dean with tyreek because dean is faster than Carlton Davis. Dean has the height, speed and strength who can try to do a better one on one match ups and as long as they can disguise coverage with the two safeties up top and have Murphy bunting who is just as fast as dean to shadow tyreek. Levonte David or devin white can match up with Kelce just don’t let him get behind and they have a chance to lock down the chiefs Offense.
antonio Williams
antonio Williams 5 hours ago
And now they are going to the Superbowl ! I'm a Falcons fan but I want the NFC South to bring home that Lombardi trophy
Jamison Watson
Jamison Watson 5 hours ago
Gronk is apart of Mayweather's book club... dude still has put his fingers underneath the line he's reading
Snooping While My Wife Is Away
Snooping While My Wife Is Away 5 hours ago
Out played and out coached. So satisfying.
Scumbag Jay
Scumbag Jay 5 hours ago
💪 let's go !!
Supra_Mickey 5 hours ago
Lavonte deserves it the most been with the team the longest
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 5 hours ago
Doesn't matter how you win, even if it's with help from refs or other teams choking 😉
Torben Elgårdsson
Torben Elgårdsson 6 hours ago
Good job right
Jackson Conley
Jackson Conley 6 hours ago
They’ll really need their game face for the super bowl.
James MacKinnon
James MacKinnon 6 hours ago
Terrific defensive line vs a depleted KC offensive line for SB LV!
Shaquando Biggums
Shaquando Biggums 6 hours ago
As a Patriots fan, I teared up watching this. So many years of happiness that Tom has given me when I needed it the most. Regular season games, Playoff games and Championship games, Tom never failed to make me happy, even in the losses. I'm happy to see another fanbase and team prosper because of Tom. You guys really deserve him and you guys deserve another Super Bowl. It's been a long time coming for you guys and I hope you guys beat Kansas City. Im rooting for you guys.
Ash D
Ash D 6 hours ago
Been a Bucs fan since 87. Live in Chicago all my life. This brings such justice in my life.
TdTbMp 6 hours ago
ImCerius 6 hours ago
I'm going to predict the future right now... Tampa Bay 💍💍 Tom Brady 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍 SAY SOMETHING 🙏
A_Turn_Of_Events 6 hours ago
feels for AQ Shipley
domino2009ful 6 hours ago
I wonder if these people get that much excited about their life and work?🤷‍♂️
Yankee Stacking
Yankee Stacking 6 hours ago
Decades old New England Patriots fan. YOU’RE WELCOME, Bucs!
Up Nu
Up Nu 6 hours ago
I see alot of folks are coming back out of the closet!!! Not fair. Born in 78 and as long as I remember every bucs game me and my family watch on tv or went to games every time the bucs played. 42 years into this and both super bowls it's like watching rats come out for food. If you like the bucs stick with them no matter what. It's more enjoyable that way.
mlal89 6 hours ago
Rodgers is lucky to have one SB, imagine if Brady was in the NFC throughout his career. Rodgers would have zero SBs. Respect to Peyton and Big Ben getting 2 SBs each.
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena 6 hours ago
Go! Tampa Bay Bradys Lots of haters out there hating on the GOAT! Go GOAT beat those Chiefs win !!!!!!
Cp3jordan95 6 hours ago
From a Chiefs fan, hope for a good game and happy for Tampa
SirMatanza1 6 hours ago
Don't be afraid to tackle mahomes and the rest of the chiefs. Don't be like the bills that just escorted the chiefs like they where on a parade or something! Go Buccaneers! Goooooo!!!
Emmanuel Moseley
Emmanuel Moseley 6 hours ago
Who’s here after the Buccaneers are in the Super Bowl?
kev hollywoodgamer
kev hollywoodgamer 6 hours ago
He's done more in one season than most players doing their whole entire career LOL Tom Brady is the goat forever the greatest of all time no questions about it there will never be another Tom Brady. fatty Patty Mahoney bologna is overrated lol