Pablo Sandoval
Pablo Sandoval 9 hours ago
Como le duele al culé jajaj, Iñaki tranquilo y con argumentos siempre
Tanveer Jamee
Tanveer Jamee 10 hours ago
Sergio Silva
Sergio Silva 10 hours ago
Vamos São Paulo, em busca do tetra.
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks 10 hours ago
Ray only comments when Messi and Barca plays😁Haha
Luisedgardo ramos
Luisedgardo ramos 10 hours ago
I'm looking for my cat...must be feeling so could be worse 🤪
Samuel Mayrl
Samuel Mayrl 10 hours ago
Your experts have obviously no idea, what European football fans like. Super League is already off, thanks to overwhelming critic.
Harold 10 hours ago
Inter was clearly NOT ready
Real Soda
Real Soda 11 hours ago
Pense que ese equipo era de las baterías Eveready !
JPonce Vlogs
JPonce Vlogs 11 hours ago
Lol the English narrators are learning little by little. This guy kinda put some effort and emotions haha cool
Paps4Real 11 hours ago
Dinastía Chow Fan
Dinastía Chow Fan 11 hours ago
Los ecuatorianos NO se arrugan.
Quivver77 11 hours ago
This man is one of the best defenders in the world!
Jesse Treminio
Jesse Treminio 11 hours ago
GOD IS THE ANSWER 11 hours ago
If Mbapee is white they gave him 3Times Balador's
Abdelhadi Ali
Abdelhadi Ali 12 hours ago
Congratulation sudan from eritrea
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 12 hours ago
Que mal esta el futbol brasileno
Anime Hub
Anime Hub 12 hours ago
Barcelona SC clearly deserved to win this game as they played better, Santos played horrible today.
itkojecockot 12 hours ago
Arsene Wenger gave premier league fans some of the best rivalries of all time..... first against Ferguson, later against Mourinho...... despite his messy exit, he'll always be one of the revolutionary figures in world football...... hope you people who remember those glorious days remember them well, cause that Premier League is never coming back..... now the league is driven by mediocrity from top to bottom
007 12 hours ago
Racist gon support racist huh
Dylan Vintimilla
Dylan Vintimilla 12 hours ago
Garces is a killer, Castillo is the flash, Diaz grows his brain with the years, Molina has a style that remind me Ronaldinho
Aaron Werner
Aaron Werner 12 hours ago
Nossa q coisa feia 🤦
PORTYL 12 hours ago
Dylan Vintimilla
Dylan Vintimilla 12 hours ago
Barcelona is the best team from Ecuador and one of the best in South America, is one of the few teams that won in all countries of Conmebol
Erick Aguero
Erick Aguero 13 hours ago
Estos no le importa la super league
Carlox_ VirtualGamer
Carlox_ VirtualGamer 13 hours ago
Ánimos profe Ramírez el próximo partido lo ganan
Marlihno Pac
Marlihno Pac 13 hours ago
Vamos Always ready
Eastboy Inc
Eastboy Inc 13 hours ago
un partidazo. !.
Eastboy Inc
Eastboy Inc 13 hours ago
sao paulo in another level !.
Arthur r
Arthur r 13 hours ago
Hopefully Sao Paulo FC Reaches to the Final just like the 49ers here in the 🇺🇲
nobbafa 13 hours ago
Como vas a perder contra un día del calandario😂 *pero en inglés*
Kuzco 13 hours ago
Man playing in the altitude had these Brazilians gassed ode quick. Can't imagine how its like, I'd probably pass out lmao
Nicho Araujo
Nicho Araujo 14 hours ago
One of the worst commentators. His pronunciation is awesome, but his comments about what's happening in the game is miserable.
Magnum Dong
Magnum Dong 14 hours ago
Cuando pides Barcelona y tu mamá dice que tienes Barcelona en la casa.
ǝʞᴉɯ 13 hours ago
Mejor que Barca de españa 🥵
Mr Sky Man
Mr Sky Man 14 hours ago
MizmiZ sergen ve toplama kampi 😂
Jorge Reinoso
Jorge Reinoso 14 hours ago
Esos gallinas dan lastima vienen atu casa y te clavan jajajajaja
Tucker Alabama
Tucker Alabama 14 hours ago
Sao Paulo is the biggest team of Brazil. It is the only one with 3 world soccer Club champions. In the next 10 years nobody from Brazil will have 3 world soccer club champions. It is amazing Flamengo tried last year and lost. Palmeiras tried this year and lost. Flamengo has 1 world soccer club champion back in 1981. This was 40 years ago. Palmeiras does not have any Soccer world club champion.
Victor 12 hours ago
@Vxrzy Flamengo cheated tremendously to win the Libertadores in 81. It was a disgrace.
Vxrzy 14 hours ago
Sao Paulo is just to good
Antonio Miranda
Antonio Miranda 14 hours ago
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega 14 hours ago
Grande ALWAYS 👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪
Christian Doretti
Christian Doretti 14 hours ago
Arrascaeta is too good
Higor Silva
Higor Silva 14 hours ago
Honestly impressed how well that commentator pronounces portuguese and Spanish names. Good job!!
Getulio Cunha
Getulio Cunha 14 hours ago
Arrascaeta juega mucho...
Derny Kammer
Derny Kammer 14 hours ago
Mengo Mengo 🖤❤️
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega 14 hours ago
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega 14 hours ago
Its Abusion
Its Abusion 14 hours ago
They always ready
Breno Cutrim
Breno Cutrim 14 hours ago
Essa narração pior que o Galvão Bueno
Elvis Martins
Elvis Martins 14 hours ago
Esse Benítez joga muito 🤟🏻😎
Christian Pinto
Christian Pinto 15 hours ago
partidazo 🔥
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 15 hours ago
The Brazilians looked tired 😏😏😏😏
toby. 15 hours ago
Still lost 15 points due to joining the Super League.
alejofox10 15 hours ago
Grande el Barcelona.
Erick Torres
Erick Torres 15 hours ago
Que partidazo no ay de otra manera de definirlo
Sharpie 15 hours ago
canet 🥺
Josue Garcia
Josue Garcia 15 hours ago
Yes super league
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 15 hours ago
One can say they are "Always Ready" 😂😂😂😂
Marlihno Pac
Marlihno Pac 14 hours ago
Always ready Inka
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 15 hours ago
The commentator 😂
Santiago Umana
Santiago Umana 15 hours ago
Barcelona juega en la libertadores
Atok Konyak BPB051
Atok Konyak BPB051 15 hours ago
Omg it's hilarious but how is that not a red
FaustoFVelez 15 hours ago
Buena!!!!! Felicidades Barcelona vamos ecuatorianos!
florin manta
florin manta 15 hours ago
Have you seen St. Etienne team after the second goal...not even happy , they were like..oops ...we should've be done that....! Ha, sold...Europeans...!
Christian Mocha
Christian Mocha 15 hours ago
Nice when you all names and stadiums in Spanish. I LIKE THAT 😄👍👍
Hepsi 15 hours ago
Tigrillo Navarro
Tigrillo Navarro 15 hours ago
Merecido Venezuela, futbol fuerte, aguerrido, luchadores, no afloja con nadie caraxo ,sigan asi adelante !!!
bizim eller
bizim eller 16 hours ago
Beshiktis, besiktash hadi bi karar verin hangisi arkadaslar. Riza calimbayin isminide katlettiniz bu arada!! 45 yillik bjk liyim, bu takimdan bi bok olmaz👎 Alanya macindan sonra sanki sampiyon gibi bi havalar esti ortalikta, hic olgun olmayan davranislar, iste simdi yumurta geldi zurnanin zart dedigi yere!! Hadi bakalim.
Sharpie 16 hours ago
they always bottle it at the end they’ll always beat barça and some how always finish under them classic madrid 😂😂
Xavier Villacrés
Xavier Villacrés 16 hours ago
Felicitaciones a todos los Barcelonistas,en especial a mi hermano.. Se nota el nivel de la Liga Pro... No es coincidencia el nivel del fútbol Ecuatoriano,un Emelecista de corazón 💙🇪🇨
Sharpie 16 hours ago
Thoron Byrd
Thoron Byrd 16 hours ago
Ads in the middle of a highlight video, thumbs down.
miguel sanabria
miguel sanabria 16 hours ago
Ganaron los boy Scouts! Always ready, spre listo
Alexis Gonzalez
Alexis Gonzalez 16 hours ago
Such a dramatic match 🔥😛
Roll The clip
Roll The clip 16 hours ago
Imagine Ecuador wins the cup and then they play with Barca fc 😅 that will be epic . Put no way cuz Barca out of the champions
Edwin Carchi
Edwin Carchi 14 hours ago
Then they win the cup will be amazing 🤞🤞
Ese es el barselona que queremos ver
Jose Palma
Jose Palma 16 hours ago
Que vien comenzamos super que vien bamos por el clásico
Boris Vera
Boris Vera 16 hours ago
Bien y vamos
Minecraft Dud
Minecraft Dud 16 hours ago
Ben Abdessamad
Ben Abdessamad 16 hours ago
Yan Suárez
Yan Suárez 16 hours ago
Que seria de estos equipos sin la altura.. se nota la diferencia..
Luis zabala
Luis zabala 16 hours ago
Lindo partido,bien por Always Ready
Sharpie 16 hours ago
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez 17 hours ago
Maldita altura 🤦🏽‍♂️
Steven Pena
Steven Pena 17 hours ago
Soy emelexista y Chevere por el hermano del astillero! Demostrar que no solo independiente Del Valle puede! Nos vemos en el clásico ⚽️
mr bp
mr bp 14 hours ago
Me suenos es algun dia emelec y Barcelona juega la final de copa libertadores.