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My story
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HE LEFT......
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WE BROKE UP.........
My Every Day Makeup look
Evelyn Elizondo
Evelyn Elizondo 3 hours ago
Omg I know I'm commenting late but I cried!!😭😂😂 CONGRATULATIONS BENNY & ALONDRA!!🎊🎉❤️👣
Denise Gomez
Denise Gomez 3 hours ago
I’m so happy she’s having a baby with Benny ❤️🥰
monig1080 3 hours ago
I totally see you guys with a baby boy first. Congratulations guys!
Vanessa Arrez
Vanessa Arrez 3 hours ago
U guys r the most beautiful couple I have ever seen! Congrats on the baby! N we can’t wait to see him or she! 🥺😍🙏🏽 God bless u guys n ur little fam! ❤️🙏🏽😍😊🥺
yoleidy Lopez Serrano
yoleidy Lopez Serrano 3 hours ago
I wasnt expecting to cry but i did so happy for ya💗💗💗
Elizabeth Camarena
Elizabeth Camarena 3 hours ago
They R 2 much fun
cubeincubes 3 hours ago
I’m praying it’s not yours
Savanna Amato
Savanna Amato 3 hours ago
Y’all should do the baby momma dance
Odalys Jimenez
Odalys Jimenez 4 hours ago
No more of this since you're pregnant
Odalys Jimenez
Odalys Jimenez 4 hours ago
Lemme find out you're going to b pregnant
diana diana
diana diana 4 hours ago
NaeNae Lee
NaeNae Lee 4 hours ago
What did else say.
Alejandra M
Alejandra M 4 hours ago
OMGGG awwe :,)
alina lopez
alina lopez 5 hours ago
I'm 12 years old and I know who's ll cool j is but that's just because my family rasied my right😂😂😂💜
Killa.dollas 5 hours ago
Carina’s tips and tricks A
Carina’s tips and tricks A 5 hours ago
The families reaction !!!!!
Olga Jones
Olga Jones 5 hours ago
Can we just take a moment and appreciate her outfit and make up right now like I love it so much she looks good all the time but for some reason I love this two piece set and the make up and everything😍😍😤😤😭😭
Killa.dollas 5 hours ago
Awwww 🥺🤍
Sunny Stars
Sunny Stars 5 hours ago
Let’s Travel To The World
Let’s Travel To The World 5 hours ago
Son : Mommy? Mom : Yes, darling... Son : My friend are coming over. Please hide my toys. Mom : Why? Are your friends Thieves??? Son : Nope, They will identity their toys. Mom : wait.. What??? If you laugh 😂 So now Subscribe my channel plz
Sunny Stars
Sunny Stars 5 hours ago
A cyst does not make you infertile trust me I no , unless you had one of those rare cyst that has teeth and hair which I’m guessing you did sense that one requires surgery.....I had a ruptured cyst awhile back and didn’t need surgery because it was a normal cyst
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 5 hours ago
Sierra Gunderson
Sierra Gunderson 6 hours ago
Yesss bb in so proud of u
Daisy Aispuro
Daisy Aispuro 6 hours ago
So cute congratulations you guys!! He held back them tears lol los blinks 🤣
Nadia Rosas
Nadia Rosas 6 hours ago
Always coming back to this video so I can cry some more.. 💕😂
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 5 hours ago
So beautiful 🥺💗 CONGRATS 🎉
Our Gucci Life
Our Gucci Life 7 hours ago
How am I barely seeing this vid!! I love you guys!! ❤️
jeidy romero
jeidy romero 8 hours ago
Nenah Lovee
Nenah Lovee 8 hours ago
Who’s here and still single a year later.
Noël Brown
Noël Brown 8 hours ago
They deserve each other. I’m not crying. You are. 🥺🥺
Damani Cunningham
Damani Cunningham 11 hours ago
Congratulations 🎉🇯🇲
Damani Cunningham
Damani Cunningham 11 hours ago
manii & malii gang was here 💙🥺🇯🇲
T 11 hours ago
You guys are awesome!! CONGRATS AND GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!
Michelle L
Michelle L 12 hours ago
Don’t cross your legs at all Alondra it’s cuts the oxygen to the baby & sleep on your left side as much as possible 💕
Chermonique Gomez
Chermonique Gomez 12 hours ago
Its so good to see you finally happy with someone good..congrats all the best to you two💕
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 15 hours ago
It wouldn’t be trending tab if there wasn’t someone announcing they’re pregnant
karina cedillo
karina cedillo 15 hours ago
Okok when u said Stockton u mean Stockton CA ? Yoooo I live there lmk I wanna see y'all
Ms rb
Ms rb 15 hours ago
I’m soo happy for them. She looks happier than ever!
Ms rb
Ms rb 15 hours ago
@sotuur aeei what do you mean, my channel has no picture?
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 15 hours ago
the whole time I thought I knew you from somewhere else.. you look like alexis skye! twin
Lizbeth Herrera
Lizbeth Herrera 15 hours ago
I love you’re relationship with Evelyn🥺!
Lizbeth Herrera
Lizbeth Herrera 16 hours ago
Benny is just so hilarious! You’re lucky you got yourself a man like him!
Jackelin Castillo
Jackelin Castillo 16 hours ago
I have seen ur videos for so long I can’t even believe it I’m so happy for u and Benny not me crying to😭
Cassie 16 hours ago
first like, then to watch video :D?
Abraham Pena
Abraham Pena 16 hours ago
I thought I recognized you your chuy's daughter
obviously Evelyn
obviously Evelyn 17 hours ago
Alondra sounds like she has a Mexican accent when she talks in English but when she speaks Spanish she sounds like a white girl lol 😅
Lizeth Maldonado
Lizeth Maldonado 17 hours ago
You and bethenny are goals and I am excited to see yall lil baby and I hope to meet yall one day with maria amd beau😍❤❤😭😭💕
betty salgado
betty salgado 17 hours ago
u guys are going to be amazing parents congrats :)
Liz Vazquez
Liz Vazquez 18 hours ago
LMAOO BRUH Benny be looking so sus (not in that way ) he just be looking like he up to something whenever alo is talking
Nancy Barriga
Nancy Barriga 19 hours ago
I feel like I’m watching a novela 🥺❤️
Melanie Arroyo
Melanie Arroyo 19 hours ago
Aww congratulations!! ❤️🥰🍼 you make me miss the time I found out I was pregnant and my pregnancy 🥺🥺 I promise the sickness can get better! I only say “can” because for some women the sickness lasts the whole pregnancy. But I was the same way between when I turned two months pregnant to about a little before 4 months pregnant I was sick and my appetite was non existent. Like of course I was hungry but I couldn’t keep anything down and the smell of any food, mostly seasoning, made me nauseous. But I eventually was able to eat and gained like 40- 50 pounds during my pregnancy 😳😳 now my baby is a chunky boy ❤️ god bless your pregnancy and know that no matter what you hear, you two are doing amazing and will be great parents ❤️
Kev W
Kev W 19 hours ago
You girls put wwaaayyyyyy too much stuff on your face. You all look like the same painting. Her eyelashes just gave me arachnophobia, too. If youtube keeps recommending you kids swimming in cosmetics ill keep talkin shit 😂🤷‍♂️
Josiee Gold
Josiee Gold 19 hours ago
Your dad is soo adorable... I can't!! 🥰🥰... I wish my dad was like that
Abcidy Santos
Abcidy Santos 20 hours ago
Gender of the baby ❤️💙
Lidia Garcia
Lidia Garcia 20 hours ago
Gods timing is perfect. Your reaction is so beautiful but you see mamas miracles do exist. Her reaction is so sincere. She looks so happy and so surprised for the blessing God has sent her. Muchas felicidades alondra. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu bebé. Será una aventura inolvidable! 💕💕💕
OhhhBrandy 20 hours ago
Whos Cutting Onions?? 😭😭😭 Cried The Entire Time 😫 I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS 💖😘😍❤
Jennie Ortiz Fernandes
Jennie Ortiz Fernandes 20 hours ago
Beautiful 👍
Arlana Pasillas
Arlana Pasillas 20 hours ago
Awe, congrats 🎈🎊 I also found out I’m pregnant with my 3rd child a few weeks ago. Sending blessings with a healthy pregnancy & baby. ❤️❤️ A lot of changes to your body about to happen. Get ready for the ride. Just wait until you feel the baby move. That’s the thing I missed about being pregnant 🥰
Cirreya Mori
Cirreya Mori 21 hour ago
What was elesy reaction
Cassie 16 hours ago
Absolutely fantastic work!!!?
Angale 21 hour ago
I’m laughing the whole time🤣🤣
Gabriela C.
Gabriela C. 21 hour ago
Alondras laugh : AHAHA...HAaaaa
Becky Gomez
Becky Gomez 21 hour ago
Please where is that bean bag couch from
Loree Martinez
Loree Martinez 21 hour ago
So beautiful 🥺💗 CONGRATS 🎉
guera jz
guera jz 21 hour ago
Yessica Bonilla
Yessica Bonilla 21 hour ago
I like that Benny knows how to blend eyeshadow 🤣
Mayra 21 hour ago
Keep checking for new video and i keep watching this over and over and i still cry everytime 🤣... So Happy for you guys 😍
Yvonne Gutierrez
Yvonne Gutierrez 22 hours ago
I cried lol
Yvonne Gutierrez
Yvonne Gutierrez 22 hours ago
Lol! I bought you 😃 some shoes 😃 i want you to open them 😃 lol girl!
Irma Lopez
Irma Lopez 22 hours ago
Benny is more gay then straight
keeponkeepingon 22 hours ago
Bruhhh you kept lying he couldn’t believe you haha this was so cute ☺️
Brandi Robinson
Brandi Robinson 22 hours ago
Awee this is so cute
Tee Lo
Tee Lo 22 hours ago
Ladies, please don't think this is the way to go. You could ALWAYS tell the dude was just about this, and he got exactly what he wanted. There are still guys that'll treat you right, take time to get to know you, get married and then plan your family.
Sophia Berrardi
Sophia Berrardi 22 hours ago
the whole time I thought I knew you from somewhere else.. you look like alexis skye! twin
Jarlynn Talavera
Jarlynn Talavera 22 hours ago
how old is eviling ?🙃
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Ong hi what’s u p
Sienna Wrightson
Sienna Wrightson 23 hours ago
I cried bro happy tears little happy tears like if you agree and if you cried too bruh oh my gosh YAY. YAS GIRL YOU DID IT GREAT WOW AMAZING YAY. Comment too pls bro bruh WOW YAY.
Nicole Hugs
Nicole Hugs 23 hours ago
would of been better if u waited & took the test with Benny instead if your sister
Dee Kahakua
Dee Kahakua 23 hours ago
Congratulations Benny and Alondra! So happy for you both!!
mahriee Szosa
mahriee Szosa 23 hours ago
It’s crazy how guys know.. my baby daddy had a feeling I was and would ask me all the time lol
Brent Lang
Brent Lang Day ago
Disgusting nails. I dont get it
Grecia Enriquez
Grecia Enriquez Day ago
This is the first video I watch of you and I already love you guys. You are so cute. You can tell how real you are and true. Bless your baby and new journey
Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez Day ago
Omg Evelyn said " yea ur pregnant bitch" omg lmao ughhhh I wanted to cry with u!!!
queen mama
queen mama Day ago
Did u video that you told your familys that's what I want to see