Addison Jones
Addison Jones 11 hours ago
Unspeakable I tried it it didn’t work😎
Wendy Thompson
Wendy Thompson 11 hours ago
You should burn 1 of your merch:)
Jovelyn Saludez
Jovelyn Saludez 11 hours ago
Steve + chiken steken
Jelai cerenio
Jelai cerenio 11 hours ago
Stefanie Ledwell
Stefanie Ledwell 11 hours ago
i play poket minecraft on my tabliet and creepers only take down half your helth soooo yeah
Jelai cerenio
Jelai cerenio 11 hours ago
Me the whole time : *-*
Mitchell Adams
Mitchell Adams 11 hours ago
No pun German
Kruz Brown
Kruz Brown 11 hours ago
yong浚贤哥 11 hours ago
Unspeakable this game is very scary it's way scarier then any game You play
LINDSAY BRINK 11 hours ago
Keyaan Muhammed
Keyaan Muhammed 11 hours ago
I am lucky I laughed one time but luckily I have no diamonds in my Minecraft world
Megan Jintalan
Megan Jintalan 11 hours ago
More More More!!!!!!!
Bry J
Bry J 11 hours ago
Won still uses I like your coachy
Elijah Fagan
Elijah Fagan 11 hours ago
hey this map was made the year i was born
Luna 11 hours ago
i love this game pls do more or the teacher will hack ur pc
Trainfoxi 11 hours ago
If you noticed, Use CTRL to Hold part of anything that gets stuck.
Asdiana1978 Asdiana1978
Asdiana1978 Asdiana1978 11 hours ago
Man pepol play this game is so good you play AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
Itz_starlight Star
Itz_starlight Star 11 hours ago
Hey guys I’m lonely
Abram :D
Abram :D 11 hours ago
24 hours in the pool
Iamian Schnanny
Iamian Schnanny 11 hours ago
Unspeakable when the tough guy called you a dweeb... And you don’t know what dweeb means... That makes you the real dweeb
lexisaunh 11 hours ago
7:15 Well mr unspeakable all u gotta do is buy that emote with robux and there u go
Cassiel Knight
Cassiel Knight 11 hours ago
I wont you too Please play the game again
Solar Cynwd
Solar Cynwd 11 hours ago
That teacher needs some lotion she looks dead
Stephanie Olds
Stephanie Olds 11 hours ago
Play recroom
Reaiah Rafael Rieta
Reaiah Rafael Rieta 11 hours ago
Reaiah Rafael Rieta
Reaiah Rafael Rieta 11 hours ago
Camila g
Camila g 11 hours ago
family of Gonzaga
family of Gonzaga 11 hours ago
Impossible 😂 em'I scared or what seriously.....
Megan Quintana
Megan Quintana 11 hours ago
Camila g
Camila g 11 hours ago
lexisaunh 11 hours ago
Wait... What if u don’t have Diamonds in my minecraft game?
Cassandra McDaniel
Cassandra McDaniel 11 hours ago
bummmm bummmmm
Paris Damron
Paris Damron 11 hours ago
Plz play adopt me!!!!!
PlayerPlayz 11 hours ago
how does he make every game so funny even if its a horror game lol
Ljubisa Zivanovic
Ljubisa Zivanovic 11 hours ago
you need to bye
Fredy Hernandez
Fredy Hernandez 11 hours ago
I love your vids like this!! Keep doing them
Norman Stephens
Norman Stephens 11 hours ago
Also the villager bus is from element animations
Dylan Kc
Dylan Kc 11 hours ago
I like car to
Norman Stephens
Norman Stephens 11 hours ago
Last month video with steve and fat herobrine belong to me fudmonkes anying villahers earies
ScackyTha Blocky
ScackyTha Blocky 11 hours ago
Btw Theres A Story There's about future And Past And You Know What I Think You should Run from them FAST!
Aislyn Townsend
Aislyn Townsend 11 hours ago
Your punishment is to take an ice bath in a very cold place like an ice skating rink 🧊 ⛸
the tetris king
the tetris king 11 hours ago
Wait till you see the ending. ITS CRAZY! only click if you have beat little nightmares Six betrays mono!
Kyle Sherwin
Kyle Sherwin 11 hours ago
Let me play you
Maegan McClintic
Maegan McClintic 11 hours ago
Tina Walker
Tina Walker 11 hours ago
I peed my self
Norman Stephens
Norman Stephens 11 hours ago
The thing with steave fighting mobs animayion its a frod becausemits mrfudmokes animayions with the anoying villagers season going on right now
Bradley Wehmeyer
Bradley Wehmeyer 11 hours ago
I know
Lorelle Miller
Lorelle Miller 11 hours ago
Hey unspeakable... i think u forgot to turn the audio up when editing or something cause ifsreally hard to hear u...
jit chowdhury
jit chowdhury 11 hours ago
Ryan Ocampo
Ryan Ocampo 11 hours ago
How about a titan
Billy Berry
Billy Berry 11 hours ago
The ossified sunday exclusively note because quail immunologically scatter athwart a hard peony. learned, nice blizzard
Gabriel Tachie-Menson
Gabriel Tachie-Menson 12 hours ago
My favorite car is the Lamborghini aventador sv roadster in sky blue
Natalie Geer
Natalie Geer 12 hours ago
I'm so sad that you have to delete one of your Minecraft world's this is how I felt when I saw you laughing you have to delete a Minecraft world😥😢😭😥😢😭😥😢😭😥😢😭
Jake Tyler-Smith
Jake Tyler-Smith 12 hours ago
I killed some one just as they called the meading so we had to skip
Harvey Bacalando
Harvey Bacalando 12 hours ago
More pls more I love it haha
Kimberly Parrish
Kimberly Parrish 12 hours ago
Don’t smile as well
Ashlee Briggs
Ashlee Briggs 12 hours ago
This scared me so bad I fell out of my chair
Elsa AnnaOlaf999
Elsa AnnaOlaf999 12 hours ago
Eat a brand new video please
Russell the Hockey kid
Russell the Hockey kid 12 hours ago
prathap sundaram
prathap sundaram 12 hours ago
Can u do a part 2 plz
Clive- TOH
Clive- TOH 12 hours ago
Top thri dragster remake?
Andrew Crum
Andrew Crum 12 hours ago
Synclair Marley Besa
Synclair Marley Besa 12 hours ago
The ending of this game is sad😭😭😭
Beverly Gaskin
Beverly Gaskin 12 hours ago
I'm going to bet something's going to pop out the door like I just paused the video when you said you bet something's going to come out the door and I bet a 100%
(2C-34) ZENG XING YAO曾星堯
(2C-34) ZENG XING YAO曾星堯 12 hours ago
No wayyyy Unspeakable please play till the end this end is so amazing
Bethb Mhb
Bethb Mhb 12 hours ago
I think the died creeper spawns dirt when it explodes and the pink one is love, orange one is lava, blue is ice and the green one with yellow is maybe sunflowers
Bethb Mhb
Bethb Mhb 12 hours ago
Wait I meant dirt
its CoolCraft1102
its CoolCraft1102 12 hours ago
Unspeakable:*says skled Subs: its pronounced skeld
Patsy Picarella
Patsy Picarella 12 hours ago
My parents say you are a person to look up too.👩🏽‍💻👨🏼‍💻👍🏾
Keith Betz
Keith Betz 12 hours ago
Can you plllllllllease make mote of these videos because it was funny and I kind of peed myself to LOL 😆
Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen 12 hours ago
11:34 how did you get flint the first mine?
Priscilla Goh
Priscilla Goh 12 hours ago
Unspeakable you should play Glue Piece [5x Drop Rate] on roblox and here is a tip to get special powers, well u need to fight sans to get bone fruit which is very powerful. If ur going to play it, i will be very happy :)
Zhu Zhu
Zhu Zhu 12 hours ago
I left a like
BadGirl 0w0 World
BadGirl 0w0 World 12 hours ago
over_kill97 12 hours ago
how is it possible that nathan plays this game and makes it not scary like at all
Allan Boag
Allan Boag 12 hours ago
the giant spongebob game: u can find it in the search bar
Delaynie Campbell
Delaynie Campbell 12 hours ago
People:Never dig straight down. Unspeakable:(digs straight down).
John Armenian
John Armenian 12 hours ago
The Dino chips are for taming Dino’s and make them help you and fight for you
Billy Berry
Billy Berry 12 hours ago
The descriptive germany inherently stay because improvement optimally attempt around a opposite softball. nappy, future futuristic pollution
Elijah Onyeanu
Elijah Onyeanu 12 hours ago
Slapping yourself in the face