kayleighhf 2 hours ago
1:51 when mimi threw a towel at riley hehe
Candy Yum
Candy Yum 2 hours ago
No offense but sometimes I Envy white kids cuz they can do what they want and said what they want with their parents without being knocked into a coma or another nationality 😂
Gucci Tae
Gucci Tae 2 hours ago
1Jhoreyn Boissonnault
1Jhoreyn Boissonnault 2 hours ago
Oof the sounds
Cj 2 hours ago
Dito pala nanggaling yung meme na "YOURE MY BEST VIEW AND NGII" HAHAHAHAHA
Logan jush
Logan jush 2 hours ago
This is clearly what you call laziness. I really don’t feel bad for these people at all. They are the reason they are so big. His father means no harm, he just wants to see his son happy but also he’s gotta step up and take control. His father really does love him, son is jus disgusting. "It’s my outside. Video games are my outside. And they don’t judge me on my weight." Well1st of all you need to stop with that excuse, and quit being a little bitch.
fate_f30 2 hours ago
Mr.Crispy Memes
Mr.Crispy Memes 2 hours ago
459 boxes of pizza is how much my family eats in a lifetime bruuuuuhhhhhh
Faris Ben-Razak
Faris Ben-Razak 2 hours ago
Mr.Crispy Memes
Mr.Crispy Memes 2 hours ago
dude if i saw those fryes it ate them in just one sec if it was carrot of something doesnt matter its just food
Angels Fornieles
Angels Fornieles 2 hours ago
Que hablen en español no se entiende nada
Epic arcade Ho
Epic arcade Ho 2 hours ago
When I'm having a bad day i just remember the patients Dr. Lee helped and my day gets alot better.
Sumarni Sumarni
Sumarni Sumarni 2 hours ago
Please any women!
Regina Nascimento
Regina Nascimento 2 hours ago
Bom dia vc e schndhnca
Regina Nascimento
Regina Nascimento 2 hours ago
Bom dia vc
Azri Azman
Azri Azman 2 hours ago
Reminds me of the last supper. This is new level. It's finger-licking good
Fook Utube
Fook Utube 2 hours ago
Well at least he has more manner then the fat ass Steven from 600lbs
PeiPeiPlayz 24
PeiPeiPlayz 24 2 hours ago
This is how other countries view americans
PeiPeiPlayz 24
PeiPeiPlayz 24 2 hours ago
Imagine how big his grave would be
Irene Randazzo
Irene Randazzo 2 hours ago
7:32... Why did no one compliment the super cute thick baby in that crazy woman's arms? That baby is one of the cutest things I have seen in my life 🤩😍🤗🤗
Dark Soul
Dark Soul 2 hours ago
Men ain’t shit!
Car Lover
Car Lover 2 hours ago
We marry into different cultures thinking life will go on , also being in the west were things are so different from the place we came from . This child is happy to have a party ,but not to be chosen for a bride. There are older people who marries let alone an 18yr old . We see Pakistani kids wearing their tradition clothes in UK .then watch Pakistan and see young school kids wearing short uniforms going their daily life ,who's stuck in the past ? ..hope this girl keeps on studying and makes her dreams come true . The mum is feeling guilty for marrying into western culture , the father is right .
Frank benson
Frank benson 3 hours ago
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Sarah Peters
Sarah Peters 3 hours ago
Its sad that people can't just be happy for others .
FreewayKingz 3 hours ago
That chick in the beginning, I think her name is Valerie. Damn she's beautiful, thick just how I love a woman.
eduardo mercado
eduardo mercado 3 hours ago
I also dont need toilet paper
SendCedis2naira 3 hours ago
Damn Michael is a patient man. Oh my God. I’m from Nigeria and man Michael is something else. I can’t stand her more than 20seconds
Cee Cee Plentiful
Cee Cee Plentiful 3 hours ago
7’0” & 7’3” brothers? Sheesh!
Cee Cee Plentiful
Cee Cee Plentiful 3 hours ago
12” height difference? U mean 15” Foolio. Captain Clout
Jhessica Riodades
Jhessica Riodades 3 hours ago
My dear lord how idiotic teenagers can be ... “do u like my dress?” ... did u have to ask my dear?!?
Edwin Kirkland
Edwin Kirkland 3 hours ago
Really girl friend?grow up,yall together, he has been incarcerated for 20+years,cut him slack
I like Fishhh
I like Fishhh 3 hours ago
Wait a second- Imagine talking to this dude online, and he catfishes you
Shailendra Chaudhari
Shailendra Chaudhari 3 hours ago
If you wanna see ugliest of couples go watch 90 days fiance
Cee Cee Plentiful
Cee Cee Plentiful 3 hours ago
Why would they film her from that angle at home? She has an impressive neck btw.
Crista Kampert
Crista Kampert 3 hours ago
Shouldn't the mom be the one that has to go to prison for this?
Ofelia martinez
Ofelia martinez 3 hours ago
You can't just put on a fake commercialized headdress like that!! Those feathers and headdress must be gifted as a whole!! Also you must earn every single feather and its commonly gifted to a chief not just an everyday average person!! If ya'll really wanted to incorporate his native heritage then you should have done your research instead of disrespecting everything our ancestors fought for!! Smh!!😠😥
The JSPH 3 hours ago
6:47 “It was a frozen pizza. Out of the ReFrIdgErAtor.”
Mya Amor
Mya Amor 3 hours ago
He literally has a titty on the side of his stomach 😭😭😭poor guy at least it’s off
Angela Williams
Angela Williams 3 hours ago
After Jo leaves... GABE COME GET PACI!!.. u deserve it 👶🏻
skilla 40
skilla 40 3 hours ago
Oh my god, I feel so bad for this kid ;-; Hope he's feeling so much better today
怪我ドル Z O M B O I D
怪我ドル Z O M B O I D 3 hours ago
This is why America is last place when it comes to dying of COVID.
Malho Hispano
Malho Hispano 3 hours ago
Ed: "You are my view." Rose: Nge! 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
AG Xεraph
AG Xεraph 3 hours ago
That stripper really be ugly af tho..
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 3 hours ago
Beautiful home
darko1295 3 hours ago
No wonder he's a gamer
SHI VANI 3 hours ago
Hahah the way she speaks looks like she is doing gargle while speaking 😂
Fook Utube
Fook Utube 3 hours ago
"he ask her if she want to smell his gas can" lmfao,way to go dad!.
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 3 hours ago
Shes a fantastic singer
Tall Mochi_Bangtan Sawmin
Tall Mochi_Bangtan Sawmin 3 hours ago
The poor chubby baby tho🤦‍♀️😔😹someone help him🥺
MrStonecold69 3 hours ago
4.30 BUDDY DESERVED THAT............... When you think of all the times over the Years he has pranked other people Put them all together and the clip would last over AN HOUR
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 3 hours ago
There are ways of saving money. Eg Aldi is fantastic and cheaper .it saves money. Eg toilet gel 55p .sphaghetti 45p .is fantastic .i love Aldi
Afro Atheist
Afro Atheist 3 hours ago
She'll be a single mom. He will be an absent father.
Always Amerie
Always Amerie 3 hours ago
it shocks me that she was surprised that her daughter got pregnant because when he said “i wanted to get my noodle wet“ she was sitting there chuckling
Ed 3 hours ago
Imerlda Rose mathew
Imerlda Rose mathew 3 hours ago
Now I am having an odd crush on hunter! He is so cute!!!😍😘
oasis juice
oasis juice 3 hours ago
this is my favourite video on the internet
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 3 hours ago
Is she having a laugh not using toilet paper. What does she use to wipe after shes gone to the toilet. Reusing is unhygenic
Dadlegz 3 hours ago
No wonder why she looks like a mutant.
victoria s.
victoria s. 3 hours ago
i gotta attend one of these things before i go
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 3 hours ago
Do they even know what their fighting about?This is borderline child abuse.
Keep it 100
Keep it 100 3 hours ago
Russ is handsome!
Gamer BuKan Gamer'S
Gamer BuKan Gamer'S 3 hours ago
Itu apaan cok
Marina 3 hours ago
Any feeder that says "I love (the feedee) for their personality and their intelligence" is lying. 100% of them leave the relationship the moment the feedee wants to lose weight.
Queen Elmo Laverne
Queen Elmo Laverne 3 hours ago
That grandmother is so annoying first the kids birthday party with the dress and then this 👁️👄👁️
Ally and kiana Ptr
Ally and kiana Ptr 4 hours ago
Shes twenty something and he's 50 someing
Ally and kiana Ptr
Ally and kiana Ptr 4 hours ago
The age difference tho-
Sally Fisher
Sally Fisher 4 hours ago
I swear one day she's gonna be so thankful this happened and prevented this wedding!! If he does this now, his behavior will only get worse if they marry!! The fact his Mom Is trying to realize a lying, manipulative cheater and thinks the girl is the problem, speaks volumes about this bloodline!! Run girl run!!!!!!
S Rani
S Rani 4 hours ago
Tom in another air bnb there I see...
Benjamin Kelly
Benjamin Kelly 4 hours ago
The women on the show all seem really lovely, the men just tend to veer from drunk and moronic to downright malicious 🤦🏻‍♂️
jeflynnenut 4 hours ago
I call the truth on this and my comments are deleted by (J)youtube.
Nagendra rai
Nagendra rai 4 hours ago
Is there any biology student in comment box
At least she now understand that he's not for her (what a piece of....)
Sam Noxy
Sam Noxy 4 hours ago
The thing is what is she saving for?
BlueBearyGacha 4 hours ago