Travis Bruce
Travis Bruce 4 minutes ago
Love you guys loads
patricia nicole
patricia nicole 4 hours ago
aww why wasn’t popcorn there?
Mya Lopez
Mya Lopez 4 hours ago
y'alls channel is my favorite and the only couple with some wholesome content. YALL GETTING ME THRU MY SOLITUDE CAN'T WAIT FOR ALL UR FUTURE VIDEOS <333
Champha Say
Champha Say 4 hours ago
Ray resembles juicyjas makeup influencer 😍
Stephanie Arriola
Stephanie Arriola 6 hours ago
5:55 the dude the hat is so fine😍 i need he’s @😫
Basir Noori
Basir Noori 6 hours ago
That’s crazy Reece is only 2 years older than me lol
MELISSA ABREU 7 hours ago
Less makeup please!😩
dolores lolla
dolores lolla 8 hours ago
Natalia Ordonez-Chavez
Natalia Ordonez-Chavez 8 hours ago
I love this!!! Rayleen you're a natural!
Brittany LaFever
Brittany LaFever 8 hours ago
Yall are amazing
Brittany LaFever
Brittany LaFever 8 hours ago
I love yall im a day one subscriber I haven't missed a video yet
Nelly Pastrana
Nelly Pastrana 8 hours ago
Ray looks beautiful without no makeup. Glad you enjoyed your birthday and that you actually thought drinking sucked because it does lol... Happy 21st birthday. Good job Rayleen 👏 👍 👌
Carolina Otaiza
Carolina Otaiza 9 hours ago
She said “vroom vroom thru cars”😂😂😂she’s so cute “Jordan caping Reese cook”😂😂😂
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 10 hours ago
Ruby Gomez
Ruby Gomez 10 hours ago
Were in a pandemic!!!!
CLJX3 A 10 hours ago
Love u guys ♥️ #proudmama♥️
kiara R.
kiara R. 10 hours ago
So Corona left in Arizona good to know
Annie Edwards
Annie Edwards 10 hours ago
Ok I really like this couple’s channel ❤️
Annie Edwards
Annie Edwards 10 hours ago
Rooting for you guys ❤️
Kristie Nicholson
Kristie Nicholson 11 hours ago
Happy 21st BirthDay!!! <3
Kayla S
Kayla S 11 hours ago
Happy birthday Reece!! And rayleen you did an amazing job! It looked poppin’ 🥳😜
Isabella Rodriguez
Isabella Rodriguez 11 hours ago
the way reece loked at rayyyy their so cuteee together !!
Joceey Coronel
Joceey Coronel 11 hours ago
There is no way Reece just turned 21 I thought he was older
Frenchy Veliz
Frenchy Veliz 11 hours ago
Rayleen is a natural with the camera!! Seems likes she’s been vlogging for a long time
Jacky C.S
Jacky C.S 11 hours ago
Thanni Eliza
Thanni Eliza 11 hours ago
Happy 21st birthday Jordyn. I love how yall relationship are. Be blessed.
it's sharifa
it's sharifa 12 hours ago
can yall do what i got for my birthday video
May Gee
May Gee 12 hours ago
Isn’t jenna from tiktok!?
Maricela Mancilla
Maricela Mancilla 12 hours ago
Such a vibe❤️
Alyssa's playlist Inmyfeels
Alyssa's playlist Inmyfeels 12 hours ago
Been watching lil j since he lived back at home with the fam❤ u j and ray i widh u guys the best!!....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!❤❤❤❤....#GETLITTYTITTY
Marisa Rose
Marisa Rose 13 hours ago
covid who
emily k
emily k 13 hours ago
6:26 love the rep🤩❤️💙🤍
Slip/ Slide
Slip/ Slide 13 hours ago
Please tell me Jenna is single😍
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez 14 hours ago
Rayleen and Jerzi should do a playlist or make-up video together !😄
Simply Jaeda
Simply Jaeda 14 hours ago
can we get a skin care routine!!
Tiffany Cleaveland
Tiffany Cleaveland 14 hours ago
Tiffany Cleaveland
Tiffany Cleaveland 14 hours ago
Was gone for 2 weeks and YUNGREECE FINALLY HAS A USposts ACCOUNT ?? And A GIRLFRIEND ????? Will forever watch this entire family. 💖
Lizbeth Cardona
Lizbeth Cardona 14 hours ago
Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia 14 hours ago
What track is this of his called ? During the party ?
Maria F.
Maria F. 14 hours ago
Little muffins 😂😂😂
Ashlynn Davis
Ashlynn Davis 14 hours ago
My birthday is in November too , Happyyyy 21st Birthday 🎂🎉. Rayleen did good 🙂🙂🙂
Gianna Hernandez
Gianna Hernandez 15 hours ago
“Reece falling” “ima stay right here” I was rolling. Your party looked so lit. Rayleen you did so good. Love y’all 🥰❤️
Unknown 16 hours ago
damn he young he was literally 19 not that long ago wow i thought he was a lil older but happy late birthday
Christy Peilouw
Christy Peilouw 16 hours ago
Rayleen’s lowkey beautiful with no makeup on 😍😍😍
Mae Alonzo
Mae Alonzo 18 hours ago
Happy 21st birthday Reece...
Mae Alonzo
Mae Alonzo 18 hours ago
Love your family... I'm older n I love yo watch you all... I've been a supporter from day one... I starting watching Justice first... Stay safe guys... God bless
TarahJDoll 18 hours ago
No one: Rayleen: H A P P Y B I R T H D A A A A A A A A A A Y!! 😂😂😂💖
Iris 19 hours ago
Hope you had a nice birthday Reece. And good job at the surprise party Rayleen. Love you guys.
Gaenor Bays
Gaenor Bays 19 hours ago
Rayleen you don't need make up hunny, u are a natural beauty..
a a
a a 19 hours ago
Knew you from jcooks channel and your music. Your personality on your own channel shines through and I think Rayleen brings out a good side of u also
clasmel fortunato
clasmel fortunato 20 hours ago
You guys should do vlogmas.
Simply Erin
Simply Erin 20 hours ago
New subbie
Jasmine Rangel
Jasmine Rangel 20 hours ago
Ok go off w content
Rebecca M
Rebecca M 20 hours ago
Love you guys. But please for the sake of your children....put a damn seat belt on.
Sara Hudson
Sara Hudson 20 hours ago
Jannely Piti
Jannely Piti 21 hour ago
they are so cutee omg
Olivia Louro
Olivia Louro 21 hour ago
The fact that some ppl have on a whole jacket but j cook in there with NO SHIRT ? 😂😂
Afra Alshehhi
Afra Alshehhi 21 hour ago
Delilah Ramirez
Delilah Ramirez 22 hours ago
Kyamagero Florence
Kyamagero Florence 22 hours ago
How did u not lose ur voice ...? She was like I dont know I talk alot
Margarita Guzman
Margarita Guzman 23 hours ago
🥰🥰🤪 love you guys so much
Leah W
Leah W 23 hours ago
8:30 Lmao what
Daniela Mendoza
Daniela Mendoza 23 hours ago
The whole time I was saying “damn Justice, is it good??” 😂😂😂
Carlos Matus
Carlos Matus 23 hours ago
Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎈 buddy!! Many blessings to you bro 😎 keep up the hard fun video
Jarisa M.
Jarisa M. Day ago
Fun fact: Rayleen was actually right about the sky being blue because of the water’s reflection 🤣🤣
Dulce Grijalva
Dulce Grijalva Day ago
Yeeee Ur 21st Had 2 gEt LiTty HappY bIrthDaY
Sarita Juarez Trevino
Sarita Juarez Trevino Day ago
Happy Birthday
Kiara Alexander
Kiara Alexander Day ago
Ray is literally the sweetest soul 😩🔥❤️
Angelica Moreno
Angelica Moreno Day ago
He was so lit that he lost his voice
Jenny Vega
Jenny Vega Day ago
i loveeeee ray she is so cute and so natural at USposts like she isn’t shy to start the video on her own and keep it interesting and entertaining like you queen as you shoulddddd
nahal 06
nahal 06 Day ago
in my country we get married at 27 and den get kids ...completely opp in the western part i g
north splurg33
north splurg33 Hour ago
Every ones diffrent
Denise Day ago
I noticed that Rayleen with no makeup looks identical to one of her daughters the one with straight hair ..they both look like her but one more than the other so cute 🥰
Roberta..Campos Day ago
Ahhhhh we need longer vlogs!!! ♥️
Ashley S. Coulson
Ashley S. Coulson Day ago
I love this channel and you guys !!!
isa Ferrari
isa Ferrari Day ago
Serena Rodriguez
Serena Rodriguez Day ago
Rayleen is a natural vlogger okay sisss
K O Day ago
No way I thought Reece was older lol he only 21... He a baby
Martha Cervantes
Martha Cervantes Day ago
What lashes are you wearing 😍❤️
Tiarie Mendez
Tiarie Mendez Day ago
I thought he was like 22 23 tbh. Im 21 and he looks older than me ... Also LOVE that y'all made a channel im here for it. I love your fam c: so wholesome
Jessica May
Jessica May Day ago
Rayleen is SO beautiful and such a sweetheart - which makes her seem so comfortable & get along with everyone. . She seems to be getting more comfortable with the camera as well ☺ Last but not least your baby girls are so stinken cute ❤ I love the vibe of your channel, and your little family.