Back from brain surgery
I have a brain tumor.
I rate my own inventions
My Favorite Tools
3 years ago
My Robot Morning Routine
A tour of my HOUSE BOAT!
Applause Machine VLOG
I made a lipstick robot
My Spanish talkshow FAIL
Chopping Machine VLOG
The Wake-up Machine VLOG
Wake-up Machine FAIL
Breakfast Machine VLOG
The Breakfast Machine
The Toothbrush Machine
Hej från Amerika
6 years ago
Gianni Mura
Gianni Mura 13 hours ago
I don't know how many years ago I subbed to your channel. But I'm glad I did for this to pop up in my recommended
Tardis House Mafia
Tardis House Mafia 13 hours ago
Proud of you, son
Nick 13 hours ago
6:43 human 3D printer.
Frank Little
Frank Little 14 hours ago
OMG Scraps, best workshop dog ever! And that curtain nearly killed me with how cute it is.
kinggimped 14 hours ago
Dude, when the DOG PHOTOS sign lit up. Nice touch
ROHAN Killer
ROHAN Killer 14 hours ago
Pig Stain
Pig Stain 14 hours ago
Love it ! 💕😘😘
MrDinglebob 14 hours ago
My 6 year old daughter watched this with me and is now elbow deep in the Lego bin. :)
Hussein Beshr
Hussein Beshr 15 hours ago
If you changed the teeth material it may work, metal or ceramic..
spyburn007 15 hours ago
Very cute doggo
The MetatronGirl
The MetatronGirl 15 hours ago
Scraps is absolutely adorable.
Keith Cassidy
Keith Cassidy 15 hours ago
thank you thank you thank you thank you for not saying 'Legos'
Gray Love
Gray Love 15 hours ago
You are my favourite person I'm so happy you exist and I get to see the things you do
Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall 15 hours ago
Nope your are correct, scraps is so freaking cute!!
Ermuggo 16 hours ago
I give it tops to the first coffee break someone has checked how medical she is :|
Blaire Bustillo
Blaire Bustillo 16 hours ago
You are a professional Lego builder now 😁😁😁👍👍
KRISHANTH P6 2020 17 hours ago
Change the cybertruck into a suv once you get it
Les S
Les S 17 hours ago
I'm 52 and still have almost every Lego I have collected since I was 7 :). Wish I had some Mindstorms stuff.
maski 17 hours ago
I love U Simone!
Ladebalken 17 hours ago
The last guy was so weird.
Knock Out
Knock Out 18 hours ago
Thank you! Scraps is the cutest dog ever.
David Lindes
David Lindes 18 hours ago
7:40 - Yeah you are! Congrats on the new diamond/shop! I hope it polishes up well. :)
Sydney Bea
Sydney Bea 18 hours ago
Trust me, its not just you. Scraps might be the most adorable creature I have ever seen
Freeze014 18 hours ago
yeah someone is definitely going to reuse the medical doll.... as a sex doll... am i sorry for that comment? Somewhat... but not completely.
I Eat Tacos For a Living
I Eat Tacos For a Living 18 hours ago
Puro trokiando cuh
Sam Oates
Sam Oates 18 hours ago
Such a great video! I want one!
Robyn Heeling
Robyn Heeling 18 hours ago
How can anybody dislikes this video?! It's just so cute! Also I really want to make one right now for my dog...
drew henne
drew henne 19 hours ago
crying while screwing fake teeth
Jon Annett
Jon Annett 19 hours ago
i wish i knew a single person as true as you are. non stop love from canada!
Wk Pictures
Wk Pictures 19 hours ago
It’s called an early cybertruck
Sam Oates
Sam Oates 19 hours ago
You need to watch this video, my friend has taken a groan tube and made it into an alarm clock! We need to make this an official thing!
Charlie Chakmakian
Charlie Chakmakian 19 hours ago
Send this woman to space immediately
grande jalapeno
grande jalapeno 20 hours ago
Logos and dog I like
Chellekathrynnn 20 hours ago
okay but where can i get one?
Terra Peterson
Terra Peterson 20 hours ago
Ok but can I buy this? I need it.
Zesty Aardvarks
Zesty Aardvarks 20 hours ago
I not only love the Doggo Photo Booth, but I also love the Lego Truckla
Patrick 20 hours ago
Who's a good dog? Scraps, that's who!
Aahil Nasir
Aahil Nasir 20 hours ago
How long did it take you to make this ?
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 20 hours ago
Nipplepotamus 20 hours ago
Just saying from experience, the best work break is one you have your dog available for. Having my Tucker at my side makes a break at least 2x as refreshing.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 20 hours ago
Should’ve made it so it throws the treat to her and takes the pic while she catches it
userdb 21 hour ago
Stay safe and strong!! RWA ❤️
Gavin Beyers
Gavin Beyers 21 hour ago
You should ha e disposed of the body like many people do by cutting it up into small pieces until it's barely distinguishable.
Marc T
Marc T 21 hour ago
I used to like your channel (with the boat and everything rip my heart with your story)... California is a scam, go away from this vampire place. It's not your profession, they pay you because they think your viewership like lego ... go away. I will never buy lego ever
Kevin Hayward
Kevin Hayward 21 hour ago
USposts decided to have me watch 4 year old videos of Simone. Now I have questions: 1) Why is there a shoe floating outside of the portal behind you? 2) Was that secret somebody Adam Savage?
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 22 hours ago
And here I am thinking the three left over LEGO pieces I stuck together looked neat lmao Scraps you’re doing great!
Rob Bennett
Rob Bennett 22 hours ago
so gooood!!
Worried Peg
Worried Peg 22 hours ago
I would say invite OfflineTV's robodog but it might destroy the legos
Kay Denny
Kay Denny 22 hours ago
As someone who has recently sunburned on their eyeballs, you can get sunburnt on your eyeballs.
1776 22 hours ago
I'm so jealous of you right now.
gc 22 hours ago
Its female liam that's actually crazy
Allen 22 hours ago
OMG WORKSHOP!!! And Scraps, I can't even!
Greg Feneis
Greg Feneis 23 hours ago
Yay Scraps! Congrats on the new shop! I am so jealous of you right now 😉
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson 23 hours ago
You can get a sunburn on you eye, it’s called being temporarily blind. How do I know, being a moron and looking at the sun
Ipad miner
Ipad miner 23 hours ago
Sorry Simone your language is a right turn off. You have the youth and enthusiasm so cool it gal Keith
Ana Gibbert
Ana Gibbert 23 hours ago
Mission failed successfully
DemonChief 117
DemonChief 117 23 hours ago
The best good boy SCRAPS
glow in the dark star stickers
glow in the dark star stickers 23 hours ago
crying over a workbench full of teeth is the official 2020 mood
superdooper 23 hours ago
Wow that mindstorms lego pack is $550 dollars here (AUS) * passes out * it's so cool though I wish I could play with one!
Mathew Michuta
Mathew Michuta 23 hours ago
Love your sense of humor. You be you, and we'll all keep watching!
superdooper 23 hours ago
Cute dog, cute owner? * Clicks like. *
Wyatt S
Wyatt S 23 hours ago
Should’ve made it so it throws the treat to her and takes the pic while she catches it
Youtube User
Youtube User 23 hours ago
c a
c a 23 hours ago
ssHE juStt A littlEEle tIPsy
Katie Stevenson
Katie Stevenson Day ago
Scraps, you're such a menace! Just... outta control! *Kidding* ❤️
Small Charles
Small Charles Day ago
Great job scraps!
Mateus Figueiredo
Mateus Figueiredo Day ago
I hope Simone donates some of Scraps' selfies to Wikipedia. This is a great addition to the "Animal-made art" article.
Nick Whitefield
Nick Whitefield Day ago
You definitely can get sunburn in your eyes. Not uncommon in Canada in the winter with snowblindness. Also same principle of welders eye
Virtue Suzuya
Virtue Suzuya Day ago
Simone and Sraps videos add brightness to my life.
he_who_is_nobody Day ago
You should do a collaboration with Animal Wonders
John Johnson
John Johnson Day ago
Is that Axl Rose? Lol
Skyloft Day ago
OMG Scraps is soo cute she just does not care about your loud workshop noises
David Foo
David Foo Day ago
I'm so jealous it hurts... haha
Dwight Carter
Dwight Carter Day ago
Thank you for giving me a video I can share with my kiddos.
Sam Romack
Sam Romack Day ago
no more foot mural :(
First Cav
First Cav Day ago
Scraps is awesome
Rue Stevenson
Rue Stevenson Day ago
You should take that to the dog park!
Andrew 011
Andrew 011 Day ago
I don’t understand how Simone isn’t a cartoon. She seems like such a fun, likable, and interesting cartoon character. Additionally, she has a super cute dog! 🥰
Smorri Day ago
Omg I couldnt stop laughing. "Does she look like shes having a good time?" She did, genuinely, look like it. She looked so traumatized when you both were sitting on the bench
John Pisini
John Pisini Day ago
Why are people down voting Scraps?
TimmyOz - The Wyvern
TimmyOz - The Wyvern Day ago
Omg, Scraps is painfully adorable
Connor roblox
Connor roblox Day ago
0:04 were do I get that set