John 7 hours ago
jimmooos boi: I've never blinked in my entire life puls the nerf me: HHAHAHAHA YOU BET BOIII
Velia Widjaja
Velia Widjaja 7 hours ago
KaneBulletRock 7 hours ago
At the end Chandler will stare at you forever!
Gaming with DAZ
Gaming with DAZ 7 hours ago
I won
Raul Campos
Raul Campos 7 hours ago
Fn. Xvx
Fn. Xvx 7 hours ago
I’m pewdiepide
ultrafly 7 hours ago
i beated him first try xD
Shabana kousar
Shabana kousar 7 hours ago
Well I picked paper
Ave Monkey
Ave Monkey 7 hours ago
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 7 hours ago
You lost
Hadley Menzies
Hadley Menzies 7 hours ago
RD herps
RD herps 7 hours ago
Imanuel Shulman
Imanuel Shulman 7 hours ago
חחח ישראלים בדם
PJ’s Radical Playz
PJ’s Radical Playz 7 hours ago
I win for this one
Daniel Piansay
Daniel Piansay 7 hours ago
Degas Peters
Degas Peters 7 hours ago
No missed it noooooo
Can’t Think of a name
Can’t Think of a name 7 hours ago
Yeah right Run run run Wake up wake up wake up
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers 7 hours ago
Did anyone know what Pewdiepie said before deleting his comment
Dustyn Gearhart
Dustyn Gearhart 7 hours ago
Do you hav a brother os name is agerik
Supreme God
Supreme God 7 hours ago
Hi it is me pewdiepie
Megan File
Megan File 7 hours ago
I won
ガーネットルーク {ぬるい}
ガーネットルーク {ぬるい} 7 hours ago
my name 3D
my name 3D 7 hours ago
Mari Ramirez
Mari Ramirez 7 hours ago
Hey dude hanhae mrbeast
Youssef Ayman
Youssef Ayman 7 hours ago
Account6388 7 hours ago
Pewdiepie is overrated
Midnight Wolfie
Midnight Wolfie 7 hours ago
poop bum 69
poop bum 69 7 hours ago
Ross Barclay
Ross Barclay 7 hours ago
I didnt blink also isnt the nerf dart a bit overexaderated
Spufy NutZ
Spufy NutZ 7 hours ago
Jokes on u I’m left handed
Dustyn Gearhart
Dustyn Gearhart 7 hours ago
Gary Alejandro Lopez
Gary Alejandro Lopez 7 hours ago
PewDiepie is a Pie right?
Matthew Mccallion
Matthew Mccallion 7 hours ago
Peids xommentt
issac fisih
issac fisih 7 hours ago
King of the kings
supersummeryy 7 hours ago
Wait u can comment on short vids
Therapy By Paint
Therapy By Paint 7 hours ago
Shelly Womack
Shelly Womack 7 hours ago
Um hi I guess
nick x Savage Games
nick x Savage Games 7 hours ago
Ethanvw24 7 hours ago
Sione Tofavaha
Sione Tofavaha 7 hours ago
Lol pewdiepie made a disk on coco melon
Evan Bratusa
Evan Bratusa 7 hours ago
Daring i see
Belle Walker
Belle Walker 7 hours ago
Oh no mr beast will be there for a while if pewdiepie delete his comment
brian playz
brian playz 7 hours ago
I guess 10
Sheer ASMR
Sheer ASMR 7 hours ago
He was a little high. He commented and asked what he was supposed to do, realized it was obvious as fuck, got paranoid and deleted his comment. Awk
ELchingon656 Miranda
ELchingon656 Miranda 7 hours ago
Jose González
Jose González 7 hours ago
Gorofík Czech
Gorofík Czech 7 hours ago
Jordyn Grier
Jordyn Grier 7 hours ago
Lol before he even said he never blinked in his life he blinked
krankykid 08
krankykid 08 7 hours ago
SSR_ROGDOGS YT 7 hours ago
I guessed 10
me who 1am daddy
me who 1am daddy 7 hours ago
rajni semwal
rajni semwal 7 hours ago
I beat you
Gael Carroll
Gael Carroll 7 hours ago
EDD 7 hours ago
Pewdiepie where are you?, Mr beast wants YOU to comment.
Hi :p
Hi :p 7 hours ago
MyKittyWorld 7 hours ago
Better stay still till he comments again
Albert Caraballo
Albert Caraballo 7 hours ago
I picked rock
huhu shithead
huhu shithead 7 hours ago
Love you
Txys Fn
Txys Fn 7 hours ago
@pewdiepie plz man
William Gregory
William Gregory 7 hours ago
Look at his buckteeth
FNO luis
FNO luis 7 hours ago
Ollie Simmons
Ollie Simmons 7 hours ago
You give so much support you deserve to be the best youtuber
EXTRA Sweazy
EXTRA Sweazy 7 hours ago
DiverDownInsideYou 7 hours ago
Pewdiepie really deleted his comment so they can stay there forever lmao
Nine George
Nine George 7 hours ago
can't pin this
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller 7 hours ago
Mr beast thank you for watching paul cuffaro you just ranked a whole ne level of awsome and I am subbed to this channel and to your main channel
da cool girl
da cool girl 7 hours ago
Cnorris 1987
Cnorris 1987 7 hours ago
~Hire a samurai~
GuNz 7 hours ago
Gentch Nelson
Gentch Nelson 7 hours ago
Behold, it is I, pewdiepie
Ollie Simmons
Ollie Simmons 7 hours ago
Your the nicest youtuber in the world
Collin Vang
Collin Vang 7 hours ago
Collin Vang
Collin Vang 7 hours ago
Dyisha Mejia
Dyisha Mejia 7 hours ago
I want to join your group Please
Patrick Nintemann
Patrick Nintemann 7 hours ago
Good that he commented. Now they can move again.
Clarissa Farfan Solis
Clarissa Farfan Solis 7 hours ago
Ok 😙
Ollie Simmons
Ollie Simmons 7 hours ago
Mr beast your my favourite USpostsr
BloodMikeyX 123
BloodMikeyX 123 7 hours ago
Tinashe Mandizvidza
Tinashe Mandizvidza 7 hours ago
umm and y r you doing this
Gracie Lister
Gracie Lister 7 hours ago
Wow pewdiepie is evil
That Ungainly
That Ungainly 7 hours ago
This is how Mrbeast ends. Pewds never commented so they cant record.