Ingrid Johnson
Ingrid Johnson 8 hours ago
please get sufjan stevens!
pretorious700 8 hours ago
Guitar solo? In this song? Please.
Anthony Michel
Anthony Michel 8 hours ago
Love the way she barely moves her lips when she sings.
Ezequiel Bernal
Ezequiel Bernal 8 hours ago
Amada Mon Laferte 💞 y excelente el guitarrista
RJK Photographs
RJK Photographs 8 hours ago
Does anyone else hear the Yes bass line in the first song?
Zakira Ray
Zakira Ray 8 hours ago
He soo smooth 😍😍
Joseph Norman
Joseph Norman 8 hours ago
Is that Jcole on the keys? hehehe
thewirah1 8 hours ago
Does he write his own lyrics?
Margarita 8 hours ago
Simplemente INCREÍBLE 😘😘😘😘
Georgiana Maria
Georgiana Maria 8 hours ago
geez dua lipa is so pretty, i cant stop looking at her face at be like🥺🥵😮
Жанерке Алгожаева
Жанерке Алгожаева 9 hours ago
David emanuel
David emanuel 9 hours ago
Hyper_lid 9 hours ago
HBD Mac we miss u so much
shama the human
shama the human 9 hours ago
chills. voice like honey
Humanizer 9 hours ago
Awesome, sexy and exceptionally emotional, universal perfection of all the spacetime around us ladies and gentlemen! thank you Dua Lipa and friends! :)
Brandi Brown
Brandi Brown 9 hours ago
A treasure
thewirah1 9 hours ago
The first 10 seconds were promising.
dani 9 hours ago
is it weird that the hades actor's voice makes me crave lasagna
Mayi Peña
Mayi Peña 9 hours ago
Yo me quiero iiiiiiiiirrrr pa mi caaasaaaaa!!! 🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺
Sena almıla Şimşek
Sena almıla Şimşek 9 hours ago
reminds me AltJ
Troveion 9 hours ago
I never realized how good at singing they are until watching this
Catch Gets Board
Catch Gets Board 9 hours ago
Happy 29th bday King!
Laura C
Laura C 9 hours ago
Richard Blackhound
Richard Blackhound 9 hours ago
He's an Englishman in New York but pronounces it Noo York and 5th Avenoo.
Izzy Boone
Izzy Boone 9 hours ago
Nice Stuff!
Marylene Hmar
Marylene Hmar 9 hours ago
I never knew i will be head over heels in love with Yoongi 😭😭😭
Dody Harianto
Dody Harianto 9 hours ago
Hey Mac I’m here again, hope you doing great there, i really do. We miss you Mac and we love you, we all do.🌹❤️
zhi zheng ong
zhi zheng ong 9 hours ago
Amy Núñez
Amy Núñez 9 hours ago
I can watch this all day 🤩
Lynette Felsinger
Lynette Felsinger 9 hours ago
Thier not serious! Their cute!😍😍
Jay 9 hours ago
Love 💕
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams 9 hours ago
Unreal, vocal mastery. Some mad scientist went into the music lab with DNA/RNA samples of Ella Fitzgerald's scatting, Brandy's register, Kim Burrell's melisma, ear and control, and Lalah Hathaway's timbre, runs and riffs and created the perfect singer - then called it Jasmine Sullivan.
Alice Démontagne
Alice Démontagne 9 hours ago
0:45 I..
karen swan
karen swan 9 hours ago
Joyous 💜thank you 💛
Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown 9 hours ago
Jas Lyn
Jas Lyn 9 hours ago
I’m tired of coming here every day to hear “home editionnn” and “vibe with us” 😭 Its so addicting.
Tyrone Cunningham
Tyrone Cunningham 9 hours ago
Love Jazmine like cook food. Big up yuhself, me yaardie queen! 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Wilk89 9 hours ago
Thabitha Shange
Thabitha Shange 9 hours ago
The only time I feel like i Cant sing is when people sing like these... cos wow!!
laiskapyykki 10 hours ago
Rest in peace you beautiful singing water loving man.
bee pot
bee pot 10 hours ago
I LOVE THEM! I listen to their original tiny desk session all the time.
Gilbert Moran
Gilbert Moran 10 hours ago
The purity in your music moves me to tears. So happy to see you back at Tiny Desk. I hope to see you live, in person in 2021!!
Firah Khirana AG
Firah Khirana AG 10 hours ago
Is that not David Guetta?😂
Firah Khirana AG
Firah Khirana AG 10 hours ago
They. Don't. Live. Together???
Markel Milanes
Markel Milanes 10 hours ago
Coño necesito una camiseta con el escudo ahora.
Firah Khirana AG
Firah Khirana AG 10 hours ago
Wait how many????
monica garciabrako
monica garciabrako 10 hours ago
love you Dua Lipa, from Dania Beach Florida :) Mg
Firah Khirana AG
Firah Khirana AG 10 hours ago
I aspire to be like the guy at back, just doing my thang.
shueib felix
shueib felix 10 hours ago
has to be the most talented duo boy or girl out there at the moment
Anita Padovan
Anita Padovan 10 hours ago
THE VOCALISTS. I need to sit. I'm not ok.
Cecilia Rossi
Cecilia Rossi 10 hours ago
Es hermoso como la música nos une a todos, leer los comentarios es maravilloso Gracias Carlos Vives y gracias Tiny Desk.
Misfit Monster
Misfit Monster 10 hours ago
Someones trying to hard to be a weirder fiona apple.
AdoughB 10 hours ago
I’ve been putting off watching this video for the past two years because I was waiting for a special time to see it and what better time than his birthday. Miss u Mac
Connor Vance
Connor Vance 10 hours ago
This band making music for 2121 🤯
Misfit Monster
Misfit Monster 10 hours ago
Is this singing or just talking ?
Tyler M
Tyler M 10 hours ago
That first song. Just truly amazing!
Misfit Monster
Misfit Monster 10 hours ago
Someone tell that guy to cut his hair. Lol stop holding on man lol
Asaph Shamir
Asaph Shamir 10 hours ago
how did she get spike lee to be her backup vocals?
Sarah Burns
Sarah Burns 10 hours ago
Such beautiful tones from both the vocalist and the individual banjos! What a treat to watch!! :-)
Misfit Monster
Misfit Monster 10 hours ago
Who sings like that..soo weird and fake..use your real voice. Lol
Raphaël Pyrat
Raphaël Pyrat 10 hours ago
That drummer is TIGHT
Diogo Pedrosa
Diogo Pedrosa 10 hours ago
Her band is outstanding!
WoodyWhisper ASMR
WoodyWhisper ASMR 10 hours ago
I litterally can't when Harry is making a joke, and everybody are laughing exept Mitch haha
shermanmi 10 hours ago
The scream on Fire sent me. I hope their sound explodes on the second album so the Grammys won't know what to do with them ;)
Alo Ver
Alo Ver 10 hours ago
She's going to be the banjo master herself someday that 15 year olds visit to learn songs from the source
Raiaan Sadeed
Raiaan Sadeed 10 hours ago
Luana Marques
Luana Marques 10 hours ago
Completely in love with this in so many levels <3
Julio Diogo
Julio Diogo 10 hours ago
Madlib real smooth
Pierre Lemay
Pierre Lemay 10 hours ago
Wow! Love it! Especially the siger in the Caravan version
Alina Kostikova
Alina Kostikova 10 hours ago
Best of the best!
Tsholofelo J Modise
Tsholofelo J Modise 10 hours ago
Wow, chills, entranced...
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 10 hours ago
Jazmine sings rings around everyone. Finally some real music
Carolina B
Carolina B 10 hours ago
Ay olita del altamar!!!
Prooty 11 hours ago
Xiamara Oigbokie
Xiamara Oigbokie 11 hours ago
Jazmine Sullivan has been singing like this.. y'all just waking up!
Charm Alex Cheng
Charm Alex Cheng 11 hours ago
Amazing & awesome BTS! I'm so in love with Jin and Jimin here.
Zoë D
Zoë D 11 hours ago
rex, what a good egg
Bäume 11 hours ago
Que genio
Morgan 11 hours ago
This has given me a new love for Pretty Please. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Brendan Morgan
Brendan Morgan 11 hours ago
I could listen to Nora playing banjo all day ..absolutely brilliant.Musical inspiration..m listening here in Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪.