Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson 16 hours ago
What a crap subject matter.
jordandino417 16 hours ago
2:09 H u g e R a t s
Ffxc Dfdf
Ffxc Dfdf 16 hours ago
Canadian Rambo/ Nick Fury hero 💪
StudleyDuderight 16 hours ago
The US Marine Corps' dress blues is still the sharpest looking uniform in all of history. I was US Army but I can admit that the clothes look good, even if the people filling them have the mental capacity of a 5 year old. =p
johari rilloraza
johari rilloraza 16 hours ago
Dark Qwartzsytal
Dark Qwartzsytal 16 hours ago
I recently watched Valkyrie about him!
Patrick Senica
Patrick Senica 16 hours ago
what toes to toilet why!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 16 hours ago
would get covered in the stuff daily. Great respect to all who died from the horrible effects of this chemical
KrillishTheThingy 17 hours ago
Sooo, who else watched this while taking a dump? Lmao
Tom Tomsen
Tom Tomsen 17 hours ago
I love how the german casualities always exeed the real numbers. The germans had 68.000 casualities of which were 16.000 deads
Gen. Antonio luna
Gen. Antonio luna 17 hours ago
This guy is a real hero
Jean Zavala
Jean Zavala 17 hours ago
I couldn't stop [email protected] 5:35 on... Felt like I was a kid 😂
Harry Murray
Harry Murray 17 hours ago
That would be a crappy situation to be in.
dandandevil 26
dandandevil 26 17 hours ago
Who else recognises this from COD ww11
Sicario Megrella
Sicario Megrella 17 hours ago
Imagine eating a pizza while watching this video, Nice btw...
Lukas Pribil
Lukas Pribil 17 hours ago
This video gets a whole new dimension, if you watch it while using toilet 😃
Michael Young
Michael Young 17 hours ago
It's was Ted Cruz's dad according to Fat Donnie/
Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith 17 hours ago
Germany:use what we have to create a good weapon Japan:stick do good
Anja & Jerri Kristensen
Anja & Jerri Kristensen 17 hours ago
but am play war thunder
Herbert Sattelmeier
Herbert Sattelmeier 17 hours ago
Die meisten Soldaten sind nach Russland oder allgemein Front zu Fuss marschiert. Das meiste Gerät wurde mit Pferde gezogen und das war so bis 1945. Nur Spezialverbände und Eliteeinheiten waren Vollmotorisiert. Das sind die Fakten und alles andere was man Heute so erzählt von der technisch weitaus überlegenen Wehrmacht ist einfach Unsinn.
Adam Rammal
Adam Rammal 17 hours ago
I keep seeing this story in different history channel
Milked Maid
Milked Maid 17 hours ago
Bruh no wonder Rome suffered from multiple plagues.
ً 17 hours ago
Retaliatixn 終末期
Retaliatixn 終末期 18 hours ago
Top 10 questions no one asked but everyone needed an answer.
Adam Rammal
Adam Rammal 18 hours ago
at least he passed away instead of dying in the war
Kunal Badade
Kunal Badade 18 hours ago
5000 years old harppa cities had far better sewage and toilets system.every house has toilet in city of Mohenjo-Daro.
Vania Bianca
Vania Bianca 18 hours ago
Mio ulvin
Mio ulvin 18 hours ago
Can that strike maybe have been the beginning of idk some call of duty black ops
Soham Biswas
Soham Biswas 18 hours ago
5:18 best part
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic 18 hours ago
Anyone notice the thumbnail from the movie 1917?
Dr S
Dr S 18 hours ago
I realized the militia had a set ammunition amount so I sent wave after wave of my own men until they ran out and had to retreat
NCR Veteran Ranger
NCR Veteran Ranger 18 hours ago
This rifle do got some *drip*
gailgaring 18 hours ago
Who will win A whole Japan army or team of crocodiles
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי 18 hours ago
if time travel exist, I would’ve passed camcorder to Aztecs
Adam Rammal
Adam Rammal 18 hours ago
How did he not get injured from the blast?
Kristina Rain
Kristina Rain 18 hours ago
Now if you can demonstrate or make an animation based on using the toilet in the future... where say, Taco Bell is the only surviving restaurant and where felons are frozen and imbued with a series of skills embedded or learned into memory in their frozen statem.. a place where toilet paper doesn't exist and thus, most importantly the this would include the use of *The shell* Fans of demolition man would be totally stoked
Tracy fearn
Tracy fearn 18 hours ago
Charles Mouse
Charles Mouse 18 hours ago
1st World War - Chemical weapons are really awful, let's not do that again! 2nd World War - Even Hitler vetoed the use of chemical weapons. I wonder how D-Day would have gone if the Nazis had deployed Sarin gas? Vietnam War - The land of the "free" reserves the right to commit whatever atrocities it damn well likes in the "suppression" of other nations. Today - MURICA!!! "We are the leaders of the free world, everybody must be grateful!" (cough: destructive hypocrisy and hubris)
Mizhirokow 18 hours ago
r a a s
Pink Lady
Pink Lady 18 hours ago
I was two months old, when he died. Wow.
Daniel Swan
Daniel Swan 19 hours ago
Does anyone know what the piano piece is in the background?
Maho Magi
Maho Magi 19 hours ago
I dont see any massacre
HX20 games
HX20 games 17 hours ago
Applecrumb Will
Applecrumb Will 19 hours ago
The Thumbnail reminds me of plebs
Yol Akin
Yol Akin 19 hours ago
Human waste is part of human history.
Jeroen Snakenborg
Jeroen Snakenborg 19 hours ago
Hahahaha. 😂😂🤣. War is lamé and pathetic Rip poor soliders.
Arik _
Arik _ 19 hours ago
While this was happening a Brit and a German killed a vampire but the German died for five episodes then the German came back as a cyborg and tried to kill another vampire but this one cut his super gun bullets so he had to use his laser eye attack.
Arik _
Arik _ 19 hours ago
This *is* a jojo reference.
Boonk 69
Boonk 69 19 hours ago
I like how the thumb nail is the show plebs
Chi Kit Leung
Chi Kit Leung 19 hours ago
Agent Orange - A fire that doesn't BURN
joshep TAMANG
joshep TAMANG 19 hours ago
We the boSs✊✊✊ "Gorkha ruLeZz" Jai Gorkha ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊
아재옆집 19 hours ago
I see where Matrix got their ideas
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 16 hours ago
Another quality product brought to you by Monsanto
Rhameses Hamilton
Rhameses Hamilton 19 hours ago
The Japanese didn't stall or wait. Their police took it to them without delay.
1 epic -cube-
1 epic -cube- 19 hours ago
The one teammate that revives you half way across the map
Krabis the Isopod
Krabis the Isopod 20 hours ago
I thought that sponge-on-a-stick was a snack at first
Nightmare Developer
Nightmare Developer 20 hours ago
why am i watching creepy things today 😬
KINGDOM TAN 20 hours ago
I think my subtitles are broken
PANDA 20 hours ago
Who's watching this video while in the bathroom ?
George Carlin
George Carlin 20 hours ago
John Doe
John Doe 20 hours ago
Romans : Public Toilets Meanwhile Ottomans : Proper canalization system .
ShlongJohn Silver
ShlongJohn Silver 20 hours ago
Someday after covid a trip to France and a chance at a new life will be mine.
Goose Overlord
Goose Overlord 20 hours ago
I can just imagine to conversations had in these
W N 20 hours ago
Lokket99 20 hours ago
America: The Nazis used gas it was a real tragedy. Also America: The egg heads back at home cooked up Agent Orange let's use it on the enemy but hey it won't kill them only give them long term birth defects and cancer.
Pan Revan
Pan Revan 20 hours ago
Piss on statues, sound like some canine creatures.
Muhamad Zuhairi
Muhamad Zuhairi 20 hours ago
Can you make a China ww2 infantry weapon
heinnous 20 hours ago
will you ever animate/explain the story of Operation Papercljp by any chance?
xrayracer1 20 hours ago
Imagine having to sit next to the guy with explosive diarrhea.......
imkluu 21 hour ago
Everyone who didn't have a private toilet must have had crabs.
vtoday2010 21 hour ago
If only people would knew the true reason for that.. satanic rituals all the way
krishna devi
krishna devi 21 hour ago
Even ancient romans had toilets and there still arent toilets in some places in india
ThatBroMan 21 hour ago
I was watching this while sitting on throne...Hahahaha....throne
Cactus Phil
Cactus Phil 21 hour ago
5:19 pov
Saif Al-labban
Saif Al-labban 21 hour ago
I'm I the only one who is watching this while taking a dump 🤪
Pop Corn
Pop Corn 21 hour ago
What do you say to a severed head staring at you?
Zeno Strom
Zeno Strom 21 hour ago
We did it boys, earth isn't neutral anymore
Hot_Rolls24 hell yeah
Hot_Rolls24 hell yeah 21 hour ago
We need movies about stuff on this channel!
Moshy 21 hour ago
Wait hold up where is the video dude when I clicked it was just a black screen
Dream Gary
Dream Gary 21 hour ago
Is it weird that I'm watching this while on the toilet?
Tanjiro - Kun
Tanjiro - Kun 21 hour ago
Everyone gangsta until something poking while sitting.
Tikajit Pun
Tikajit Pun 21 hour ago