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Is this how the Australia fires started?
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You need to get it so the dot is small -/ as concentrated on one spot as possible., also you need to make a big sharp grid shaped implement that dices things up when you drop things on it like the bloke in resident evil film and guide wire so you never miss again
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Ive whatched these guys make dart shots i wil never see beaten, they yeeted far too manny things of dams and towers but i never expexted then to try to melt a milion dollar gold bar Ig
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Nathen.2005 Shared it too silverpicker (numismatist on USposts) Liked @ around 44k LOL Good luck to everybody hopefully i am the winner and thanks to kiwi Co for making this possible congrats to the winner if not me. And you should do more magnifying glass videos like burning watermelon or inflated car tyre or biscuits in a can
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