Kristian Larson
Kristian Larson 6 hours ago
the cube should be Qaleb
Joe Mater
Joe Mater 6 hours ago
"Cube"bert. Like the game character Q*Bert.
Joshua Napitu
Joshua Napitu 6 hours ago
tungsten cube vs double bulletproof glass
wieisjy1 6 hours ago
Your cube vs Matt’s cube!!!!
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 6 hours ago
Tungsten cube vs giant foil snowman
uno efx
uno efx 6 hours ago
Demolition Ranch got the same tungsten cube and threw every bullet they had at it.... cool video too....
SaintJames543 6 hours ago
Listen folks this is a long shot I say we call the cube Meep
broncobubba3169 6 hours ago
Rube. As in rubik's cube. You could paint it.
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 6 hours ago
pigtailsboy 6 hours ago
You didn't middle it, cut through the sides rather than ricochet the pressure down and up again. First three had the blue pressure up at the green after pass through. Red was doomed to fat ol blue's new weight gain.
Zencodexius Cross
Zencodexius Cross 6 hours ago
Remote-controlled Electromagnet. You won't need a winching point.
SOUL SAI 6 hours ago
Who is a gamer Like
Peniel Nemnich
Peniel Nemnich 6 hours ago
Crush Christmas stuff
Tobleroni 6 hours ago
i said cubert should be his name in the last video
pigtailsboy 6 hours ago
Bring some brisk fly bait to perimeter the area with. That and flies just love sitting on top of stuff.
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson 6 hours ago
David Farrell
David Farrell 6 hours ago
That hulk fist was like a meteorite
LinearAnalysis 6 hours ago
you guys really have to drop a full sized grand piano on something...
Yah Boys
Yah Boys 6 hours ago
REALLY strong though
pigtailsboy 6 hours ago
Probably ruined each drop on that thing.
Yah Boys
Yah Boys 6 hours ago
Make a Captain America shield and drop stuff on that
Russboii 6 hours ago
What if you dig out a hole in the drop zone and fill it with steel, so you don’t have to worry about the sand absorbing any of the force from the falling objects
will 6 hours ago
its the fucking allspark
I am Sam
I am Sam 6 hours ago
No I don't care about the aquarium the ikea!!!!!!!!
Cameron Cobb
Cameron Cobb 6 hours ago
Name it Slick
Unbearable Makes
Unbearable Makes 6 hours ago
U guys should retire Rexy when it’s time of course by dropping every item you have and drop all of them on him.
Shai Glick
Shai Glick 6 hours ago
Rugby League Life
Rugby League Life 6 hours ago
Shai Glick
Shai Glick 6 hours ago
Down With The Thickness
Down With The Thickness 6 hours ago
Jacob Sumner
Jacob Sumner 6 hours ago
video idea UNBREAKABLE Tungsten cube VS bullet proof glass
Rosewynd Phoenix
Rosewynd Phoenix 6 hours ago
Another thing you can drop the cube on: a car.
TwistedSlimVEVO 6 hours ago
Make a Transformers Allspark out of the tungsten cube
middlerun 6 hours ago
Cube name: (Tung) Stan.
Cliff Hunt
Cliff Hunt 6 hours ago
how about name the cube cube-b
Unbearable Makes
Unbearable Makes 6 hours ago
Stanford’s daughter is so damn cute.
Ty Levesque
Ty Levesque 6 hours ago
3,384 Australian dollars for that cube eh? (For the comtest)
Tundra14 6 hours ago
I vote either Slick or Flick
SheWolufReily 6 hours ago
Terry or or Cube-rt
Nick Massey
Nick Massey 6 hours ago
hhhmmmm like JUST like the one on Demo ranch
Matt Hopkins
Matt Hopkins 6 hours ago
If the egg didnt break, should have been a point
Shiba 6 hours ago
Bowser would be a good name for the cube :)
Lauren Ross
Lauren Ross 6 hours ago
Rest in peace Nigel
quantum6 6 hours ago
Yo. That cube is too much! Try Thor's hammer
Playing Calm
Playing Calm 6 hours ago
gay got bored
BaNKsY 6 hours ago
Holy damn 2 years ago.. I remember when this was posted time flys
the Alphadoggamer
the Alphadoggamer 6 hours ago
I wonder if they ever thought about dropping Bruce from a helicopter at 300 feet
Kashtdyn Nye
Kashtdyn Nye 6 hours ago
I was going to say that
CreteDubz _
CreteDubz _ 6 hours ago
Idk why but the cube has a Thompson vibe to it
Meep Adventures
Meep Adventures 6 hours ago
4:55i thiuk the glass will break and the thing will just explode from the force of the empact #BreakySnakyAcheyBottom
13lazey Music
13lazey Music 6 hours ago
How was that not science with Gaunson? Best yet
Ethan Carlock
Ethan Carlock 6 hours ago
You should drop a spiked wrecking ball
Austin Currie
Austin Currie 6 hours ago
TheWalkingRed 6 hours ago
That cube probably cost around $1900 USD or $3072 AUD
Raiden Okami
Raiden Okami 6 hours ago
4:02 How about Tessa, for the Tessaract/Cosmic Cube from Marvel, since its going up against Hulk's fist and Thor's Hammer? Edit: ANd much like its namesake, its thrashing allcomers
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 6 hours ago
Candy Girl
Candy Girl 6 hours ago
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel 6 hours ago
Broomaktamer117 7 hours ago
commtest: the cube should be named Cubert
Laura Hess
Laura Hess 7 hours ago
A moment of silence for Nigel! 💜
Steverooni Voigterooni
Steverooni Voigterooni 7 hours ago
Thor could've dropped his hammer onto thanos and then how ridiculous drop giant axe onto him and hopefully not miss a bunch of times
Hudman 7 hours ago
Have an amazing day/night everyone, you got this, I love you, message me if you ever need anything, I'm here for you! ❤️🙏
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 7 hours ago
The name of the cube should be Dustin
Killallpikles 7 hours ago
nathan means
nathan means 7 hours ago
Cubert. like qubert but a cube
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips 7 hours ago
Punching a tungsten cube through a steel plate with a giant steele hulk fist. The forces are mind blowing
Maggie Mefford
Maggie Mefford 7 hours ago
Who else is ready for safe vs tungsten cube! Compact density just might punch right through the safes!!
Czar of Science
Czar of Science 7 hours ago
Need a new ball. Need a new dart. That cube spanked y'all.
Shawn Krupalla
Shawn Krupalla 7 hours ago
it will break the glass at the bottom
Bri Brezzy
Bri Brezzy 7 hours ago
Or Tommy
Bri Brezzy
Bri Brezzy 7 hours ago
[AMM] Ethan Sparrow
[AMM] Ethan Sparrow 7 hours ago
Name for cube: quebert
Unoffical Abel
Unoffical Abel 7 hours ago
#comtest Ken... ken block
damian debaie
damian debaie 7 hours ago
When nigel broke my jaw dropped so low that I pulled a neck muscle. Ouch that hurt!
Knuckle Dragger
Knuckle Dragger 7 hours ago
Grant Parker
Grant Parker 7 hours ago
Will Pitts
Will Pitts 7 hours ago
If you all make so much from this, invest in a renovation that adds an elevator to the tower. Also maybe a height increase too.
Grant Parker
Grant Parker 7 hours ago
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips 7 hours ago
Gravity Greg
Daniel Chadwick
Daniel Chadwick 7 hours ago
Cubes name “Tiny Tim”, cousin twice removed from “Large Marge” !BOOM!