Clear, calm night in Denver
Hans-Peter Sturm
Hans-Peter Sturm 6 hours ago
Normal feeling people can neither understand nor forgive such a brutal, inhuman crime.... may Watts rot in the dungeon... the accountability before God... the Last Judgement is still ahead of him.... may God have mercy on him.
Dino Shorter
Dino Shorter 6 hours ago
Richard Bell
Richard Bell 6 hours ago
They really need to stop hiring stupid cops 👮‍♀️. It’s getting ridiculous.
Carl Ruffier
Carl Ruffier 6 hours ago
Well the sun is still not producing sun spots it hasn’t waken up.
Its Preston
Its Preston 6 hours ago
God i wish i was that gun
Polly Orozco
Polly Orozco 6 hours ago
Fun 60 Bhabes
Fun 60 Bhabes 6 hours ago
Ingat oo kayo done tamsak dikit Paki balikan lang ty
TheVegasaurus 7 hours ago
This woman has undoubtedly said at least 3 of these phrases: “You ruined my family’s vacation.” “I want to speak to your manager.” “I hope you’re happy, because of you I missed my flight.” “I know my rights.” “I will never use your services again.” “I will be calling corporate.” “I want your name and ID number.”
RR MM 7 hours ago
In Body language the person who BLINK ALOT IS LYING . Pay TTENTION to Dr. DEAN PLIMBER EYES . 👀👀👀
Audrey Strouse
Audrey Strouse 7 hours ago
Vinny Goombatts
Vinny Goombatts 7 hours ago
What if this happened over the ocean? Just flew to germany on a 777....
Jessicaonly 7 hours ago
Did he really go with flip flops like he was going to go back home that day???
Sebas Velasquez
Sebas Velasquez 7 hours ago
balalaika 7 hours ago
Chris' parents statements are such a shame. They should just shut the fuck up. They're family of psychopaths.
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 7 hours ago
The gunshots remind me of Half Life
lola 7 hours ago
He was about to pass out at 1:45, he can't breathe.
Theresa Ford
Theresa Ford 8 hours ago
Lemon 8 hours ago
theyre just stupid AF! They didnt even checked the house first i mean like WTF! Are they thinking. Who finds a person that hasnt even checked his house if his there Dead or alive COMMON SENSE!! And the police even said we cant just barge into someones house. Its been 300+ days and they didnt even checked the house WTF! They need a warrant they make me angry of their Nonsense talking.
Sergio Guel
Sergio Guel 8 hours ago
To slow withdraw that gun 🤣
jewsdidit1 8 hours ago
Wow, talk about over kill in procedures! They should sue the offices and the officers should be fired!!
TheNicest 8 hours ago
Shame on u sistem
Midwestskier07 8 hours ago
Who gives a fuck?
Christ._ RealG
Christ._ RealG 8 hours ago
Did he just say "we are live on the scene"?
110% America Loving PATRIOT
110% America Loving PATRIOT 8 hours ago
Adrenaline plays the biggest role in a fight or flight real scenario, it's been proven to make you stronger, able to think with lightning speed, sometimes see things in slow motion and it can make you smarter and it all can happen in less than a second. It's pretty much like being a super human and some cops become Adrenaline junkies cause it does make you feel really good to have all your senses heightened.
Gloria Nica
Gloria Nica 9 hours ago
If that pig is so scare, he should quite the job, but what I think it happened was abuse of power & racial profiling; the doctor looks middle eastern, doctor next time you see an injured pig, look the other way, wait & celebrate.
Member 9 hours ago
Imagine that happened over the middle of the North Atlantic 🤦🏻‍♂️
Patrick White
Patrick White 9 hours ago
You helped kill that mans mom? Well he will get out after a while but you won’t. That makes sense. USA just being the USA
Mick C
Mick C 9 hours ago
yes 9-11 was a inside job...old news now !!!
R B 9 hours ago
Covid-19 is real people they brought in REFRIGERATED SEMI TRUCKS to store the bodies that's not a flu bug C'MON FOLKS !!
Antonio M7
Antonio M7 9 hours ago
No words for that stupid Monster R.i.p Shannon cele bella and Nico 🙏😔
Jon Byrne
Jon Byrne 10 hours ago
Cindy: “I can’t believe this happened to him.” Not once is she genuinely moved by what happened to the children, because she’s not capable of empathy, just like Chris. Everything is always framed in the context of how it happened to ‘her’ (Cindy). Cindy isn’t a mother, she’s a cult leader.
misty lewis
misty lewis 10 hours ago
She’s trying to validate the fact he murdered Shan’ann by bashing SW and making CW seem like an innocent victim.
Darren Na
Darren Na 10 hours ago
Real woman or trans women.
napalmhardcore 10 hours ago
If there was ever a time for surprised Pikachu face, this would be it.
Dorothy Figueroa
Dorothy Figueroa 10 hours ago
He said he killed his wife because she was always taking kids from him ?and he won't see them more? Lol great lie you fool.
iridiumFalcon 10 hours ago
Bad time hungry jacks ad
Fuffen 10 hours ago
I really hope that *chuckle* nothing bad happens!
Glenda Burrell
Glenda Burrell 10 hours ago
Did they start a Go fun me for the ruzeks. Maybe they had some life insurance. This is almost 3 year ago. All those caskets are expensive.
Hello Hooman
Hello Hooman 11 hours ago
Auto aim
Christopher C
Christopher C 11 hours ago
So go get a degree and learn get an education stop bitching about it do the necessary steps to become a doctor you’re going to be needing to help patients with all sorts of ailments so get it right because we need educated people who save lives it doesn’t matter what color your skin is.
Taylor 11 hours ago
breezzy 11 hours ago
that’s my brudy du
TS 11 hours ago
The police didn't cause this. The guy who started the standoff caused it. Just because the guy responsible may have no money doesn't mean the homeowner gets to just point at the police and say "make them pay." Also, notice that the homeowner's insurance said his insurance paid $345,000 to him. He could have the house rebuilt for that. What did he do with that money???
Heidi Marie
Heidi Marie 11 hours ago
Ripped out of the school for what?! Simply because the young girl told another classmate she had a crush on her. A CRUSH! It's normal for kids to have crushes. Poor girl had a crush on another girl. She didn't assault another student or do anything "bad." Her and her little brother attended that school for 4 years, also they did cheer and basketball, had so many friends and good relationships with teachers there. The innocent little boy was kicked out too!This should have been handled completely different. I support you Chloe! There are many other people that support you,too. You have a wonderful family for loving you as you are and telling you it's okay to be yourself. Poor baby has been at home crying after the vice principal made her question God's love for her. At 8 years old, no child is "bad" for feeling something that is in their heart. Even if you do not share their beliefs, kicking the children out after 4 years of attendance, kicking them out after not even agreeing to have a sit down meeting to discuss things is absolutely outrageous and so un-Christian like. This is what makes people think that Christians all hate gay people, because of things like this that happen. And we don't even know if the poor child is gay she is ONLY 8!! She simply stated she had a crush on a girl. School says that goes against their policies in the handbook. For saying she has a crush? We know if she said she had a crush on a boy she and her brother wouldn't have been tossed out of the school. I feel for the parents. It's not easy to have to start a whole new school esp during this coronavirus and the kids are still little, they don't understand everything, but they will blame themselves. Thank God for the outpouring of support of loving people across the nation, including Christians and even complete strangers who are rallying in support of Chloe. I saw pictures of the girl. She is so cute and precious, you can just tell she is a real good girl, a sweet and loving little girl with a kind and innocent soul. Who knows she may have just really really enjoyed being around this other girl like a best friend but she called it a crush. Or maybe she did have a real crush. In any case, this should have been handled totally different. There are many Christian people out there and some Christian schools who are accepting of LGBTQ identifying youth and families, and I hope that the new school young Chloe is now attending is very welcoming and supportive to her, and encourages her to be herself, no matter who she is. God made all of us unique and different for a reason. And Dear Chloe, please don't think that God does not love you because you had a girl crush. You are a beautiful, precious little girl, you are a child of God, we all are, and God does not make mistakes, okay?😊 💜💛💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈Much Love & Support for you Chloe, Love from Heidi in Atlanta 💙💜💙(P.S. Please no negative or hateful comments on my comment. Only Positive and Loving thoughts here please.Yes we are all free to comment what we like, but wouldn't it be great if we could show love instead of hate, and support each other instead of tear each other down?) 👑This is your crown Chloe, I think you are a very special Princess😘Big Hugs🤗
Amber Cook
Amber Cook 12 hours ago
Something else I noticed around 8:40,his arms are crossed and he picks up his left hand and looks at it as if to see if his ring is on or not.
RONNIE BROWN 12 hours ago
This girl got hops!! She threw it down!
Alexandra Abercrombie
Alexandra Abercrombie 12 hours ago
This is a peaceful community BECAUSE it is Conservative... not in SPITE of it. Many in these small communities have the libertarian belief of, "You leave me and mine alone and I'll leave you and yours alone." Believe it or not, most Conservatives don't care who you love, what you call yourself or where you're from. It's the MSM who have made Conservatives out to be the modern day 'bogey man'.
hi 12 hours ago
I live in Colorado. These truck ramps are everywhere
brook tobacco
brook tobacco 12 hours ago
OH HELL NO, If someone picked up my regalia and did something like that I'd be horrified.
Gloria Adu
Gloria Adu 12 hours ago
This world is getting very very sick.we are not safe no where all we can do is pray and ask God for his heart hurts for the family.God will bring peace to this earth real soon i will keep the family in my prayers
Krystal Coats
Krystal Coats 12 hours ago
The guard is looking at Chris like he wants to kill him if I was in that room I would want tear him apart
Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma 12 hours ago
She is acting like he ran a red light. He killed his wife and kids! Its like she doesn't even know that
anna bedford
anna bedford 12 hours ago
A lot of blame and laziness!!! I wouldn't care about the PC I would've just gone in... Fire me if they told me not to, don't care. That's a human being not a piece of trash!!!
Dumb Idiot
Dumb Idiot 12 hours ago
"Jimmy Gram" *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *tinnitus*
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell 13 hours ago
People with significant underlying conditions, should NOT receive the “vaccine” due to the high risk of developing serious autoimmune complications and further health conditions in the future - The healthy people with no underlying conditions should risk the “vaccine” as their chance of developing serious autoimmune disorders later (5 + year later) are very, very low.
A Very Sunnie Magpie
A Very Sunnie Magpie 13 hours ago
Wow, lazy police work when it comes to safety, only being spurred on by the suspicion of a possible drug charge? You'd have to have your head pretty far up the police's ass to not admit this failure to take action.
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band
The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band 13 hours ago
The Denver Cop needs to be fired for supporting terrorists. Any cop who was there participating in the terrorist attack should get life in prison.
Teresa De Iulio
Teresa De Iulio 13 hours ago
What a monster l hope he realizes thats as good as its gonna get, which is still to good that evil demon rot in hell bastard.
A.C.P products
A.C.P products 13 hours ago
messed up man.
DJSwezzleMusic 13 hours ago
4:08 the camera zooms on her shackles
jan coo
jan coo 13 hours ago
Guys I didn't know we could just ask for loved ones to be let out of jail? There are more Black men in jail than in college, grab a pen, ready set go, write!
billies pubic hair
billies pubic hair 13 hours ago
what did they feed him LMAOOODJDHDHS
Chris Barrera
Chris Barrera 13 hours ago
Those teens need to be charged as adults. We need the death penalty for this
Stella Tuifao
Stella Tuifao 13 hours ago
I do hope wherever he is, with relatives or foster family. I hope he's happy 😊
Steve Stirrup
Steve Stirrup 13 hours ago
How could that old fart of a judge not let her go free, even when the prosecutor spoke up for her?
Steve Stirrup
Steve Stirrup 13 hours ago
As a male victim of family violence, and one who unjustly served jail time because of prejudice against males, I have great sympathy with that women. The 3 charges against me were eventually thrown out of court 'in the interests of justice.'
DarkSektori 13 hours ago
Seriously what did these people expect to happen? You got a gun visible and you refuse to comply with the officer's commands, this is what happens sadly.
N Hoff
N Hoff 13 hours ago
Spring Break it’s still February?
SouthtownsJoe 13 hours ago
yea, but some neighborhood jackass calls popo about BS & there on it with lights & sirens. one cares!!
N Hoff
N Hoff 14 hours ago
Spring Break it’s still February?
Noah Simon
Noah Simon 14 hours ago
6:15 Nobody fights like Americans 🇺🇲
leslie sorady
leslie sorady 14 hours ago
Senseless. That poor little boy will now have to grow up without his mother. Prayers for her son and family.
Martin Weiss
Martin Weiss 14 hours ago
Latino Killer gets a chance at parole within the year. Accomplice gets 40 more years. Tell me about “White” privilege again?
Aurora lights
Aurora lights 14 hours ago
I am so sorry for your loss. RIP to Pamela.
dylan scronce
dylan scronce 14 hours ago
i know it hurt's them to talk about it. but i wish he would tell his entire story. before it is gone forever
Psalm2For Liberty
Psalm2For Liberty 14 hours ago
Cool it on the Blasphemy Bro. Taking Jesus name in vain will not go unpunished....
foot soldier
foot soldier 14 hours ago
She jumped off 1 leg !!!!!
Dreadlord Daemon
Dreadlord Daemon 14 hours ago
How loud do you think gun shots have to be... my speaker volume is at a reasonable level and the gain you use on the gunshots nearly blew out my speakers...
Tristan Tran
Tristan Tran 14 hours ago
Barbara Coleman
Barbara Coleman 14 hours ago
But you know what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree. She comes off almost as dodgy and annoying as her son.