Oculus #ScaredForReal
Horizon Safety Video
Blaston  |  Oculus Quest
Infinite Office
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Alcove  |  Oculus Quest
vSpatial  |  Oculus Quest
Onward  |  Oculus Quest
sameer khan
sameer khan 2 hours ago
India launch and where to buy?
Paula Aniceto
Paula Aniceto 2 hours ago
This is terrible
BoyKoy12 [GD]
BoyKoy12 [GD] 3 hours ago
That’s my effect for the ps4
Billy Bonola
Billy Bonola 3 hours ago
This is how we’re all gonna show up to school now. Straight from my bed!
Kira Wall
Kira Wall 4 hours ago
Hello. Help me! I wanted to make a gift. I bought oculus quest 2 from you. But they demanded a material data safety sheet. Please send me msds..material date safety sheet. I need an official document for transportation (msds..material data safety sheet).
Kira Wall
Kira Wall 4 hours ago
Hello. Help me! I wanted to make a gift. I bought oculus quest 2 from you. But they demanded a material data safety sheet. Please send me msds..material date safety sheet. I need an official document for transportation (msds..material data safety sheet).
Luke Dominique Warner
Luke Dominique Warner 5 hours ago
Which are the best office apps to download? How do you connect blue tooth headphones and airpods ?
Hypston 6 hours ago
Honestly hate the song have heard it 30 times in the past hour.
Luke Dominique Warner
Luke Dominique Warner 6 hours ago
How do I add my Airpods via blue tooth? Else my family 👪 can hear everything
stevo2011sb 6 hours ago
important question.... why cant they have legs?
RileyVR 6 hours ago
Bruh my quest 2 said it would arrive on the 25 I didn’t then it got moved to 26 and it didn’t so now I have to wait for tomorrow to see if it will even get to my house...
GamingJokie 6 hours ago
Why do you NEEED to have a facebook account to play with the Quest 2 if you are a new user
Victor Johansson
Victor Johansson 7 hours ago
I hope they add a virtual camera so you can participate in video meetings using web applications :)
No u
No u 7 hours ago
Holy crap! this is Tons better than what steven Speilburg anticipated
Serdar Üretmen
Serdar Üretmen 8 hours ago
Stephy Sousa
Stephy Sousa 9 hours ago
Oculus quest 2 or playstation 5 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kauds 10 hours ago
Hey I have a Rift!
M_Shaf 213
M_Shaf 213 11 hours ago
Name of the song?!
Les Carpio
Les Carpio 12 hours ago
Dude... What's up with the flying squirrel glide?? Looks goofy hahaha
Apple Fans
Apple Fans 12 hours ago
I am using quest 2 and I am like 11 like wut
Tadhg Oconnor
Tadhg Oconnor 12 hours ago
I'm getting this soon
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 11 hours ago
Me 2 im getting it first month of 2021
funx24x7 12 hours ago
Except you’re still tethered to using a Facebook account
PMonkey03 PS4
PMonkey03 PS4 12 hours ago
This is SO f-ing annoying!
Star Duckie
Star Duckie 13 hours ago
0:33 why do I hear Pikmin
Nathan Boehm
Nathan Boehm 14 hours ago
I need that music
Ty Waters
Ty Waters 15 hours ago
Highly annoying, but I cant get it out of my head
eualadindeal 15 hours ago
The most boring vr ever! Wtf, tenis? A game where you literarly swing your arms all day? Pfff...
hyperstrike 15 hours ago
When will the trial mode be available
hyperstrike 15 hours ago
When will the trial mode be ready for the walking dead
Mysha 16 hours ago
hey so i bought a Oculus Quest just 3 weeks ago and i can’t afford buying the Oculus Quest 2. So I was wondering if i could trade in my Oculus Quest for the Oculus Quest 2. Is this possible?
anime man
anime man 16 hours ago
I ordered this on Amazon it's coming on November 4th
Zack McCas
Zack McCas 16 hours ago
I fw this song
atheia kid
atheia kid 16 hours ago
This is where I go to the blackmarket for my VR fix.
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller 17 hours ago
Is this Marc Rebillet?!
ForskinMilkshake 17 hours ago
Thanks for bricking my headset
Angel ofIron
Angel ofIron 17 hours ago
Would be cool if it was WW1 and have battle of Somme, Passchendale, and Verdun in VR.
jorgen stovne
jorgen stovne 18 hours ago
yes, please!
Trash At Everything™
Trash At Everything™ 19 hours ago
I am totally hyped for this! Also, the remaster of the music is sounding really spicy from the trailer 👌
Elias M.
Elias M. 19 hours ago
Mis Quest 2 llegaran en diciembre ... Nada como la espera :) D:
Bahnhof .Klatscher
Bahnhof .Klatscher 19 hours ago
Facebook blocked (can not write and post something) me for no reason for 30 Days. I bought a Oculus Quest2 (arriving in 2 Days) Can i still login and use the oculus?? Because i heard it works only with Facebook Account:-(
agentdark64 20 hours ago
HTC vive version please.
Hooper 20 hours ago
Mine comes tommorow
VR 4EVER 20 hours ago
Quest 2 enhanced textures please!
Bushtucker Boy
Bushtucker Boy 20 hours ago
Oi I want a number so I cal ask for help
FUNKY STUNTER 20 hours ago
I brought this game today My oculus quest runs it so well I love it thanks oculus
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 21 hour ago
You are still pressing buttons on the quest 2 controllers though
Techbodog 21 hour ago
What is this app called for the oculus?
BearShots 22 hours ago
can I do a banned speedrun any%
Marius 51
Marius 51 22 hours ago
Hello, Suckerbirk here. Sorry we forgot to mention a few steps for safety😂🤫 1. create facebook acc (for safety) 2. agree to abuse of your data (for safety) ;) 3. scan your house (for safety) 4. send us all this data(for safety). we won't sell it!! (pinky promise) don't reply we already know what you are doing and thinking. greetings sukkaburg
Jason Baker
Jason Baker 22 hours ago
anyone else binge watching these videos because yours will be here soon
Zac Dior
Zac Dior 22 hours ago
Err its not quite there yet. I hope Q³ will be better.
Wesley M
Wesley M 22 hours ago
okay but why is the song so good
Sploo 23 hours ago
still no color inside out camera
mdh269 23 hours ago
The music in the last few seconds of this Myst trailer sound like they are from the Riven score. Riven, next?
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor 23 hours ago
This is stupid. No one will work this way with AR or VR. The important thing is the virtual shared environment (virtual OS), not the googles.
Aiden Ortega
Aiden Ortega 23 hours ago
Aaaaand Oculus is dead.
Harry Carter
Harry Carter 23 hours ago
Facebook + Oculus = FacUlus
ZealousZach -
ZealousZach - Day ago
i didnt want the song name i just wanted to state how much im cringing
Jack Zap
Jack Zap Day ago
Bruh i thought that this wad asguards wrath for quest
vegan koala
vegan koala Day ago
does that work in HP laptop?
thecool alexpro
thecool alexpro Day ago
Y is this mature I played halo when I was like 6
Ez VR 23 hours ago
Copy cat
bowx 2.0
bowx 2.0 Day ago
whats she's problem like why she moving out all the time
Enternal Day ago
I Just Bought The Oculus Quest 2 :) If You Guys Have A Quest 1 Still Then Just Return It Like I Did And You Will Get You're Refund Back And Then You Can Order The Quest 2 EZ PZ
Anime Boi
Anime Boi Day ago
I mean, you have a controller with buttons so, ur still not getting rid of buttons.
Robbie Burns
Robbie Burns Day ago
Hopefully they can bring some magic to this.. I'm reserved though as Obduction was such a mediocre, forgettable title. I'm tired of being disappointed by big names falling flat.
s34n Day ago
revelita reynera
revelita reynera Day ago
Just to play oculus quest 2 pls
revelita reynera
revelita reynera Day ago
And also can i at least change into my mom Facebook account than mine because am just a kid I don’t remeber my password or email
revelita reynera
revelita reynera Day ago
Pls telll me ocules the ocules quest 2 users are getting banned by Facebook i think that what i heard and my mom just bought it but what if i get banned pls fix this issue I might get banned if i try a chance of getting banned pls fix this issue
Yvonne Hibbert
Yvonne Hibbert Day ago
gas pedal
it's gaming time 94
it's gaming time 94 Day ago
How could facebook do this to you they suck
Will Seamus
Will Seamus Day ago
amazing how far weve come in 5 years
Molten Freddy 49
Molten Freddy 49 Day ago
Oculus: don't get a Rift S get Oculus link Me: I will get a Rift S Oculus: oh no you don't DISCONTINUES RIFT S OVER OCULUS LINK
The Speedwagon foundation
The Speedwagon foundation Day ago
so i dont need a phone in the headset to play vr?
Elias M.
Elias M. 5 hours ago
@The Speedwagon foundation No problem
The Speedwagon foundation
The Speedwagon foundation 8 hours ago
@Elias M. thanks
Elias M.
Elias M. 19 hours ago
No, you only need the phone to the initial set-up. Later you can use the Headset without the phone
Blaise Garcia
Blaise Garcia Day ago
Can you please add Minecraft to the quest
AlexE 20102
AlexE 20102 Day ago
Please facebook PlEAsE reove id check]
Randy Vines
Randy Vines Day ago
anyone else just want to have a few pints with the boys on VR chat during lockdown?
Randy Vines
Randy Vines Day ago
has anyone done this and can confirm the quest 2 works like this or is it just another perfectly designed advert?
Leo Brown
Leo Brown Day ago
Absolute shite. Looks nothing like that and the app is horrific.