Venus May Have Life!
Dissolving an Event Horizon
Mapping the Multiverse
Was the Milky Way a Quasar?
Are Axions Dark Matter?
How To Capture Black Holes
The Doomsday Argument
10 months ago
Is The Universe Finite?
Black Hole Harmonics
Is Pluto a Planet?
The Quantum Internet
The Cosmic Dark Ages
GenXrated 40 seconds ago
Space is Pseudo Science...AKA ..made up bullshit...all theoretical sciences are complete nonsense..its FLAT
Bianca 4 minutes ago
That is so much bogus. Nasa and zombies don't even mix like toothpaste and Orange juice
justastranger 15 minutes ago
This video presupposes the existence of a block universe. Doesn't even consider the possibility of it being a model that's wrong, just like the rest.
Bolton Michael
Bolton Michael 18 minutes ago
I didn't know you had done a collab with Dr Don. You two are my favorites.
bert wesler
bert wesler 36 minutes ago
The only thing that broke was your credibility. But then again he never had a nice as you don't have a brain.
Resin Lung
Resin Lung Hour ago
I’ve steered my reality towards what I believe is the most awesome of all of my possible realities for over 30 years. That being the reality in which I am the luckiest version of myself. To do this I first needed to accept that every possible version of myself really exists, each with their own possible reality. Truly accept it not as a possibility but as THE reality. The next thing I needed to do was to come to conclude that there must then certainly be a reality in which there is a version of myself that is luckier than all other possible versions of myself. The last thing I needed to do was become the luckiest version of myself. lol I was able to do this because I already believed that anyone can be lucky at anytime, whether they are aware of it or not and that everyone is lucky from time to time, whether they are ever aware of it or not. Every possible version of me made it so I could easily get from “anyone, at anytime” and “everyone, from time to time” to “me, all the time”. I became more certain I was the luckiest as time went on. Now, 30+ years later there isn’t anything anybody could do or say to convince me that I’m not. My wife and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary. I’m 47 years old and Ive been retired for nearly 15 years. Those involved in my chosen career were considered public enemy number one by the DEA. I can go on and on. Yes I have bad days, yes, someday my parents will die and no, I won’t live forever but thats ok because I know that the luckiest version of myself’s bad days aren’t as bad as every other version of myself’s bad days, and although my parents will die, I will have no doubt that they lived longer than every other version of myself’s parents. Ultimately I know I will die but I’m certain, how ever long I live, I will live longer than every other version of myself. No matter what happens I’ll truly believe that everything about my life is as good as it could possibly be and because of that, I could never complain or be unsatisfied but rather I’ll have no choice but to be absolutely content.
Adam N
Adam N Hour ago
"[Everett] was just a graduate student who all but disappeared into military research at the Pentagon"... hol up... *googles Everett* "Everett was invited to join the Pentagon's newly-forming Weapons Systems Evaluation Group (WSEG)... his research remains classified" *government time travel conspiracies intensify*
MonkeyspankO Hour ago
BONUS QUESTION: Who knows the origin of wubba lubba dub dub (hint: its not spelled the same)
MonkeyspankO Hour ago
"exists" lol
Chris Davison
Chris Davison Hour ago
How do you know its the universe expanding and not the observer shrinking. Both are beyond our comprehension with current physics
Chris Davison
Chris Davison Hour ago
How do we know it is not matter that is shrinking and not that the universe is expanding?
MMHuddleston Hour ago
This is pure theoretical speculation. Interesting? Yes. Does it tell us anything about reality? Definitely not! I'm getting sick of physicists jumping on this bandwagon just because it is sexy and sells well to the general public. Any respectable physicist should tell you that the answer to the title question of this video is and always will be, "Only ONE that we know anything about with any scientific confidence!" And while we're doing pure speculation for the sake of popular opinion, let's talk about aliens!
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette Hour ago
I wonder what nutrients the possible Venusians micro organism might need to survive. Could they have enough sunlight there to use photosynthesis as a source of energy?
Matthias Nagorski
Matthias Nagorski Hour ago
Black holes are cool and all... But I'd like a video explaining how a bongo can travel through... De plaaanet coooorrre.
Antonio Faulkner
Antonio Faulkner Hour ago
I don't think so based on shrodingers cat.
F S 2 hours ago
he was much more buff back than .. keep liftin ya nerd!
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette 2 hours ago
Are there processes happening too fast to be resolved and we would only see the slower end result? If spacetime is a "foam like" substrate, perhaps faster than light unobservable processes could happen in the "holes" outside of the "fabric" of spacetime where "rules" aren't the same.
Natasha S
Natasha S 2 hours ago
Love just getting home from work and binging this channel
jroar123 2 hours ago
Ooooo, why is it you give me a headache? So what you are saying is that I shouldn’t bother taking aspirin because by the time I do, I would never have gotten it to begin with? Darn it, now my eyes are crossing. P.S. I always give you a thumbs up and mostly enjoy your videos.
jroar123 2 hours ago
I don’t know why you keep throwing us in a loop. I don’t know why you keep throwing us in a loop. I don’t know why you keep throwing us in a loop. Sorry, I have the hiccups...
Orange County Productions
Orange County Productions 2 hours ago
This is stupid. Its for idiots. Haha. Gosh when the poorly educated think they know
mauru sensei
mauru sensei 2 hours ago
So this laws of physics are designed or happens by accident??
Donald Ford
Donald Ford 3 hours ago
What happens when a hug Astrod flys by and effects the Time Space
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette 3 hours ago
I've seen so much times Matt's face with the beard, that it is now deeply imprinted in my brain and has more or less replace God in my scheme of things.
James Sarantidis
James Sarantidis 3 hours ago
You know it is about quantum mechanics when you hear sentences like "but we will have plenty more time for time another time... on space time". Glorious!
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette 3 hours ago
I do have a question for Matt. Could you show us what you look like without your beard. Well, we could virtually shave you but since we are a bit nerd, we prefer the real thing vs the fake thing. So, could you shave to show your true "naked" face? I bet anyone reading this comment a million dollar that nothing at all will happen.
quantumgirl 3 hours ago
PBS, please bring Brian Green back!! I’ve watched and rewatched his Elegant Universe series... he explains things so simply!!
Brian Whitt
Brian Whitt 3 hours ago
Ok....but what happened before the big bang?
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro 3 hours ago
"Wubba lubba dub dub"?! Are you okay? We are here for you if you need it.
asher platts
asher platts 3 hours ago
What is this about string entities living in the heart of the sun? Am I missing a pop culture reference?
yadunath mahadeo
yadunath mahadeo 3 hours ago
Now we have handled that, let's talk about the present ....does it exist
Kendall Tubbs
Kendall Tubbs 3 hours ago
Will we ever have the capacity to simulate an environment by way of entangled alternate sub realities? The evidence thus far points towards a more deterministic universe, but if the answer is no to the first question, then will the universe always remain subjectively indeterministic to us?
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet 3 hours ago
Maybe dark matter is interacting with it hmmmm
Inzemam Zahidi
Inzemam Zahidi 4 hours ago
I dont understand, I'm sleepy 🥺
Oliver van der Togt
Oliver van der Togt 4 hours ago
If not for observation, what collapses the wavefunction?
nostradamus 4 hours ago
An excessive amount of effects in a youtube video+E=A³ (A stands for Annoying)
Will Smith
Will Smith 4 hours ago
This guy looks like a skinny version of joe from impractical jokers tell me na lol
Gthedon 4 hours ago
Matt could you do a follow up video exploring the implications of all of this for the notion of "free will"? All of this is bugging me out a bit :|
Lalo 4 hours ago
First thing first. Shouldn’t the scientific focus be on finding simple/basic forms of life first?
Réal Morrissette
Réal Morrissette 4 hours ago
That Aussie, I believe, is a true genius. He deserve the Nobel Prize for his remarkable winning fight against ignorance of the masses, which I am part of, I humbly suggest. Stockholm guys, where are you? Is this possible that the future and the past have relevancy only when applied to one thing since the clock of everything is different, perhaps by the tiniest amount imaginable, because nothing is really in exactly the same gravitational field or have exactly the same velocity in their moving timeline?
Na Lusan
Na Lusan 5 hours ago
Wu Li
Wu Li 5 hours ago
An examination of a phase transition from quantum mechanical to classical revealed that, contrary to all of the theories, the big bang was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right to take all their measurements. Out of all the worlds in the multiverse, ours is the best of all possible worlds, if for no other conceivable reason, than because it is "just right".
Dylan Stone
Dylan Stone 5 hours ago
Neutron stars super dense matter moving at very fast vibrations because it pulls on the spatial energy.... or the energy that in space like dark matter
Dylan Stone
Dylan Stone 5 hours ago
Great so a black hole is just the energy of the star becoming denser and moving in a slower vibration .........but it's pull is really strong because of the slow vibration creating a much stronger pull towards the object and dark matter or the energy in space just space clumping around a mass and vibrating because the vibration of the mass is going off into space into this dark energy causing the clump of energy or dark energy to copy the frequency of the the large mass pulling in on space it's still very low mass so they move at a high speed causing them to pull on space more........ basically you have a planet it pulls in on Space the space clumps together starts to move at a frequency because of how much mass it has obtained and the vibrations coming off of this planet causes the energy that makes up dark matter to vibrate.... basically it has just enough Mass to cause a pull on space but all the small Mass of Dark Matter combine to make an overwhelming pull ............ on space because they move at such a fast frequency with low mass they pull space easier...........😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣so easy they came from God I think
Greg B.
Greg B. 5 hours ago
I love theorums, much prettier than theorems.
n3whous3 5 hours ago
I totally couldn't follow any of the topics in this video.
Hlalakar 5 hours ago
What I don't understand is where the mass of the new universe comes from. If a star of, say, 10 solar masses becomes a black hole how could the new universe have more matter in it than 10 solar masses?
Dan X2
Dan X2 5 hours ago
Featured on Astral Education
Chris Barker
Chris Barker 6 hours ago
Gravity is not a force. It's time dilation. Very simple. When you need to add extra Dimensions you're just reaching for answers that you can't solve because you're looking for a beautiful equation to explain everything. The real answer been there in front of everyone the whole time.
Talib Jordan
Talib Jordan 6 hours ago
the funniest thing about the gravitational waves question is that the first gravitational waves were observed exactly one day before this video came out but where only announced on february 11th. 2016
thestarsinsideus 83
thestarsinsideus 83 6 hours ago
It felt a little odd when you said early on “we’ll Come Back to this in a Future episode.” :D
TnT 6 hours ago
This guys facial expressions are too hilarious!
DeAd BaBiEs in VoMiT
DeAd BaBiEs in VoMiT 6 hours ago
What I want to know is. did I tell my young self a warning,in a dream, which came true down the to the very last detail . and another dream I had, I hit a wall of bushes with fish flying from the top . and I could see the past below it. And I saw myself older. Which also came true. And it's all around now. I got no devices or equipment or anything. I also had other premonitions, but they were abstract. But, I have travelled to underground army bunkers. And used other people's eyes and could hear their thoughts. I respect their temples, and the gift I have, by not making them look around the corner,just because I want to see. So I learned to jump from temple to temple. I'm still wondering how. But you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. As they say
Edgard Neuman
Edgard Neuman 6 hours ago
you present virtual particles as a trick , and EM fields as a real thing.. but what if "perturbation theory" is reality , and quantum theory fields are only statistical approximations ? Virtual particles would be real, and all present in the void.. high energy photons, usually perfectly isotrope and so effectless, are the EM field (EM fields describes aspects of their distribution), they may be "dark matter" and explain expansion as their "gaslike" diffusion.. and they would explain the "random" part of decoherence.. If perturbation theory explains all the quantum weirdness (as in Feynman diagrams), then perturbation seen as real would also result in apparent quantum weirdness, without actual quantum weirdness. Presented with all the results, this still seems simpler to me. I've never found a fact that totally disprove this idea.. (all particle can travel faster than light, it's just highly improbable).. (a way to differentiate between the two, would be to observe an upper limit to quantum superpositions.. the void would have a limited ability to store information, therefor made of countable particles instead of fields)
Marley Berry-Pearce
Marley Berry-Pearce 6 hours ago
y'all r missing the point! think of space as one big still thing and time as movement, you can be still as well : )
Bob Allison
Bob Allison 6 hours ago
So, Sir Fred Hoyle's Steady State Theorem might not be so far off the mark.
Myron Fields
Myron Fields 7 hours ago
Does anybody else have to repetedly tap the left side of the screen with every subject this dude is talking about.
Dito Alfrido
Dito Alfrido 7 hours ago
have you ever know the word "lawh mahfuz" i feel its about that too
Fiona Paterson
Fiona Paterson 7 hours ago
It's a bit similar to the 'mad' hatter name was there for the purposes of confusing the audience and re instilling a popular belief that the mad crazy people who think they are special and hear voices are labelled mad as to stay away from and not take seriously. The more I think i learnt made me more confused and starting to doubt question ever thing that I held as a belief. So I got rid of the stored stuff and had a bit of a restoration work in the vaults of my mind that I do store away from the forefront I know what I think and feel about matters I think repeatedly about so it comes to be a belief i hold basically a thought that I keep on thinking.. So my point to highlight and touch on is one that interests me and if a possible theory of acceptance one valid and a worthy contender for debate but the most important thing here is what it it would mean to science, religion and how the world perceive not only themselves but how they see others the world and every single thing they have done in their life to this point in the mindset and self that they were/are convinced without ever been told it's possible that another reality is as far as quantum physics/mechanics goes and theorises the strong possibility based on actual data from various experiments and witnesses to the behaviour of the atom nuclear and cells of the human body and the ingredients of the stars and the matter we observe to be life as we know it to be. You can attempt to accept this as the truth the word and then implement it in the way you think live and are acting.. Its not as easy as you might think it is and even very slippery when you are thinking about it due to it's very nature of not being any thing or the personality, ego self to get this in its entirety is a feeling similar to the eureka moment you have when you by chance start to spontaneously ponder on the topic you left unfinished and not accepted nor rejected as the consciousness or what it is inside resonating with true or matching/mirroring the idea or label of truth maybe the vibrations it omitts anyway I'm saying that I knew it would be true but at the time I was in fear mode and living in panic pain torment etc to know that I am in a simulation (a word to explain what I mean,define) was scary and I needed comfort. So 4 yes on out of the blue mentally better and a better version of myself sat thinking and I was aware of the connection between my energy and other energy is the only way I can describe it. It gave me some thing that allowed me to feel it's truth and say it as I felt it and all the things I said made absolute sense to me more than any belief that I have held on to with blind faith up to now. This time I wasn't scared, told the reason for fear and the importance of not feeling it just be don't let it in if you do you are the fear itself which is the creator of the things you see, all from your mind. I knew the saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself but now I really get it, understand what it means. Every thing is upside down back to front, its cleverly constructed and in such a way we spend so much time looking at talking about stuck in reverse mainly for us to see really see the illusion in front well not infront of us the thing that is being is always in front.. If you think about the mad hatter and the topsy-turvy nature habits and how he is it will help you to understand the world around
CoDe_{Kanga} 7 hours ago
Lol. Being Australian and asked to say 'doodles' on a science show.
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz 7 hours ago
Also known to Physicists wives as the orgasm particle.
C S 8 hours ago
Multiverse? Multi God? Nonsense.
Mars King
Mars King 8 hours ago
I used to feel smart af 👓 watching this channel then I got recommended a video of someone doing quantum mechanics math homework 📚 Dawg....
Stan Miller
Stan Miller 8 hours ago
Theroy + theroy + theroy = more THEROY We don't know anything
Alex Marsh
Alex Marsh 8 hours ago
For those of you struggling to understand this, think of it like this. All objects within our reality aren’t singular standalone objects. Think of every object as just a reel of film. They are all different lengths that begin and end. They all exist within the same room, they take up every inch of space within that room. Let’s take a look at our film strip. One block of that film strip is you beginning to crack a smile, the next is that smile inching bigger, the next bigger, and so on until you’ve cracked a smile. To someone that looks into the room, that film strip is just that, a film strip. But you know that when it was being filmed, it was one continuous chunk of time that you experienced normally. The person that looks into the room knows it is just a bunch of pictures that will move to create one continuous stream of events but to you, the person on the film it was happening fluidly, you smiled in one fluid motion. That is what is happening in reality. Your entire film strip exists at the same time, you are perceiving it as continuous motion and have no idea what the next frame is going to be, but a person outside of the universe would be able to look down and see your entire film strip, they would know how it started and how it ended and it would not appear to move to them. All of your life is exists on that film strip.
kratom seeker
kratom seeker 8 hours ago
Dude I'm not living anywhere any hotter then earth we all going to die here even from the sun.
Anon Surfer
Anon Surfer 8 hours ago
Not sure I understand the rationale behind an Absolute concept of the Present - I guess it all depends on whether you believe if there can be a true nothing, or if there is no such thing as a true nothing. Is the number Zero a standalone number, existing independently, or is it comprised of an infinite series of numbers, positive and negative, thereby always remaining in equilibrium? Any absolute notion of the present would be negated by anti-matter and "anti-time". If the number 0 splits itself into a +1 and a -1, has anything changed? Has any time passed? Perhaps, not from the vantage point of the 0. Any passage of time would only be felt by the numbers that experience change inside that 0, that are transitioning from one number to another. If 0 is not a true nothing but is in a constant state of flux, comprised of everything and their opposites, then for it there's no past, present, and future. The 0 experiences these in its individual manifestations as the infinite numbers (and their opposites), which in my opinion is a relative experience.
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith 9 hours ago
Time travel is 100% possible. I am doing it right now. I have just moved forward in time!
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith 9 hours ago
I just moved forward again about a minute. ;)
Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen 9 hours ago
If the apparent force of gravity is a product of time dilation, couldn't the apparent acceleration in expansion and the apparent unevenness in that expansion have something to do with the same process? Time around a large mass is slowed. Time in a large void would be slowed far less. So, the void would be expanding faster to observers outside the void. The void grows and the expansion seems to accelerate as the void becomes relatively less dense. I sorry if this is a stupid question. Just a laymen pondering in the wee hours of the night.
Amogh Kulkarni
Amogh Kulkarni 9 hours ago
Do you sometimes think that we tend to underestimate the probability of some phenomenon being a result of alien activity; just because we haven't had any "direct" encounters with aliens before? Probably our evaluation of certain unexplainable phenomena like 'Oumuamua is biased towards the natural explanations because of their overabundance.
Doctor Thund3r
Doctor Thund3r 9 hours ago
Who is here after watching the latest apex legends stories from the outlands video?
jumblesgoodridge 9 hours ago
Wubalubadubdub indeed. I’ve been asking about instantism and the peripheral aspects since about age 5 - and was only dismissed as being a dumb kid. No one wants to ever engage in this topic it would seem; like the self-reflection of physics, eh? Hahaha. Thank you for not shying away from this topic. Metal. ...tickin’ in my head...
Justin Beaird
Justin Beaird 9 hours ago
I believe pilot wave is on the right track, it just isn't complete.
S. J. Denham
S. J. Denham 9 hours ago
Oh... I thought this was going to be a review of the hit American TV comedy 'The Big Bang Theory'. Not the hit scientific origin of the universe 'The Big Bang Theory'.
Sarthak Nawal
Sarthak Nawal 10 hours ago
We are living on the space or inside space?
drones r us
drones r us 10 hours ago
I had a salvia trip that explains this theory I was in every demotion like flipping a pic book
Tom 10 hours ago
the 99.999% of empty space of hydrogen atom is magnetism. magnetism is that what creates space!. Charles Steinem's, Tesla, Heavy Side. these guys gave us the entire electric grid we see today!. look into them!. you been lied to!. Einstein was a "quack" Tesla. photo electric effect. magnetic retardation. light has no speed! rather a rate of induction!.
Tom 10 hours ago
yes it is called a FIELD! lets see one of your "scientist denote a field". you represent the cult of bumping particles. as long as you kiss the ass of the guy before you so that you can further the lie's instead of real science and not mathamition!. "every thing is frequency and vibration" Tesla. dark matter is "conceptual ": by their own you this a "photon is escaping the vacum of the light bulb then hitting the back of you eye without killing you you where never tought to think clearly!. this is a cult!.
Sammyjim Smith
Sammyjim Smith 10 hours ago
What i got from is that when velocity slows down, it creats mass. And when they speed up they become 2 dimentional then nothing as they go faster. Perhaps i'm not getting it. Oh well.
metal87power 11 hours ago
I'm depressed because I'm alone surrounded by those idiots called human beings ... in the universe.