iampennochio 2 hours ago
I wished he showed the interiors as well. Its the other half of the car in my opinion.
SteveIgnat 2 hours ago
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 2 hours ago
Thank you Tim beautiful cars , I had a 71 Nova ! Nice
eyeamchefTC 2 hours ago
A Apple phone golf cart lmmfao damn perfect
Marc McCutcheon
Marc McCutcheon 2 hours ago
I don't think leno or Allen has one. Who has one?
Marc McCutcheon
Marc McCutcheon 2 hours ago
Thomas cheetah
P Rex
P Rex 2 hours ago
Take that ridiculous mask off, stop the brainwashing. Thumbs down!
xRUG3R 45x
xRUG3R 45x 2 hours ago
jay kay
jay kay 2 hours ago
Nice collection, wonder who got the Tool Time Nomad...
Don Juan150
Don Juan150 3 hours ago
I already bought my ticket!!
Charles Dalton
Charles Dalton 3 hours ago
Ford didn’t own the rights to GT40, that’s why it’s called the Ford GT. And for fun, run the Ford GT, against a GT40 with the 427
Justin S
Justin S 3 hours ago
That 289 sounds sooooo good though. Heavy breathing small block n/a v8 carbed. Oh yes plez
Ian Clancy
Ian Clancy 3 hours ago
Just want to congratulate Petersen for this awesome idea for a series. Carwow Drag Races are so popular that others are taking note!
NEWYORK BOSS 3 hours ago
To c Doug racing is weird 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣but cool
The Irish Viking
The Irish Viking 4 hours ago
OMG that roadster!! Sounds like it would EAT YOUR FACE OFF!. looks like maybe root beer candy flake. Beautiful cars.
Stephen Rojas
Stephen Rojas 4 hours ago
A car guys, car guy.
Brendan Ford
Brendan Ford 4 hours ago
I always had Tim Allen pegged as a Ford guy but wow, to have your hands on that new GT...
Horse is Crazy
Horse is Crazy 4 hours ago
I see guns. 😍
dodge0124v 4 hours ago
True American! 🇺🇸
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson 4 hours ago
Where is your nomad
Venice Saint
Venice Saint 4 hours ago
Thissssssssssss l is A 😩😅😅
david james
david james 4 hours ago
Stay in the vault till you get all of my verified claim money, Amen June 1, is right around the corner. David James West, a Christian man
Cuttykev 70
Cuttykev 70 4 hours ago
Tesla = Apple phone golf cart... yeah that sounds about right
Rusty S
Rusty S 4 hours ago
My dad kicked Tim Allen's ass in the 80s. He grew up in the same town in Michigan and was a huge dick. Apparently he shit talked my dad in front of a bunch of girls at a party and he got his ass beat. Then everyone threw my dad out of the party because Tim was supplying a bunch of the cocaine. I thought it was bullshit until my dad pulled out the yearbook and then confirmed it in front of me with a couple of old friends.
Bryan Luntz
Bryan Luntz 4 hours ago
Thanks for the tour Tim Great rides There are many collectors but you n Jay I really enjoy watching and listening to You guys are not only collectors but gear heads You drive'm work on them and historically up on most Thanks Toolman👍
david messi
david messi 5 hours ago
Tim is like a tiny version of Leno
hyper 5 hours ago
Rs2 for me please?
Dave Wilkirson
Dave Wilkirson 5 hours ago
That movie was great. I'm usually not a person to give high marks to movies but I think this movie got it right. I recently inherited a 66 T-Bird 428 in good shape. I dissembled the FE 428 and rebuilt everything. Man Ford was ahead of the pack in those days. What an engine. A beast. And soon back on the street. Respect.
Barles Chronson
Barles Chronson 5 hours ago
Looks like a thick David Spade.
Cinquecento Nero
Cinquecento Nero 5 hours ago
19:41 nice armory in the background Timmy.
Bryan Luntz
Bryan Luntz 5 hours ago
Great collection Tim A wide variety of style n taste Very Cool
Bryan Hall
Bryan Hall 5 hours ago
The RS2 looks much nicer, that's the one I'd want.
Jacellious 5 hours ago
I had a feeling it was Doug's
Lol he has cobra 🐍 #1
Desperado1965 5 hours ago
Chris Amon never admitted Ken Miles Won, Ken gave Chris the win and he didn't acknowledge it. Sad
Jaden LovesMclarenSpeedtail
Jaden LovesMclarenSpeedtail 5 hours ago
David French
David French 5 hours ago not Cars and Bids!
Mike Mullay
Mike Mullay 6 hours ago
I had a 1979 Fleetwood Brougham in the late 1980's. It had the 425 with a Turbo 400 trans. Black exterior and dove gray leather interior.
Seth Tyrssen
Seth Tyrssen 6 hours ago
Loved these, and agree with everything said! Someone made copies of the E Type Jag for a while, but with proper legroom built into the re-designed interior. Don't remember what powerplant they were using.
John Morrison
John Morrison 6 hours ago
What’s the black one at 0:29? It’s incredible! ❤️
Seth Tyrssen
Seth Tyrssen 6 hours ago
Thanks so much for this, Tim, from all us "car guys" and gals. I was a fan of Home Improvement, loved Galaxy Quest, The Santa Clause, etc.! Had to grin; I remember the days of racing down Woodward Avenue. Street racing is, well er um, like, totally illegal, but over in Livonia at the time, Plymouth Road and Farmington Road were also occasional "points of interest."
guns and guitars
guns and guitars 6 hours ago
Excellent ☆☆☆☆☆.
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins 6 hours ago
The black ferrari in the beginning would look better shorter and a bigger engine is a 225 wow and the thunderbird looks a lot better
1967RTMOPAR 6 hours ago
RS200 😍😍😍
Stephen Rojas
Stephen Rojas 6 hours ago
I love this guy. I grew up on his show. A car guys, car guy. Oh roh roh roh roh roh 🇺🇸
Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall 7 hours ago
Cobra hits the mark. My choice would be Stingray C3, each to his own. Nice work.
Wolfe OffRoad
Wolfe OffRoad 7 hours ago
How much you think that Mark III beside Doug is worth?
Gabriel Minckler
Gabriel Minckler 7 hours ago
The lewd beggar concordantly surround because waterfall genetically soothe through a handsome multi-hop. tricky, irritating curve
jamdc2000 7 hours ago
now that is progress
Autolist Canada
Autolist Canada 7 hours ago
Doug really doesn’t know how to launch a manual car properly!
Autolist Canada
Autolist Canada 6 hours ago
@this is a username no point showing up for a drag race, if you’re not about to give it all!
this is a username
this is a username 6 hours ago
Doug probably does but also that's his personal car that he cares about so he probably doesn't want to break shit
Guy L.
Guy L. 7 hours ago
I'll be honest im kind of curious to see that gun collection behind the Ford GT.
Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum 7 hours ago
Watch our newest head to head - Audi RS2 vs RS6 -
jacobyful 8 hours ago
mr zed
mr zed 8 hours ago
Are we going to ignore the machine guns on the office wall.
Dole 8 hours ago
The RS6 take off didn't even look like a race, RS2 ate the dust
Christopher Lash
Christopher Lash 8 hours ago
I have to agree with Tim. Technology companies are really trying to curtail certain practices. Like Wah-ze claiming you’re speeding when driving the posted limit.
dina srmek
dina srmek 8 hours ago
no dodge charger. you no muscle cars.
Robert Belnap
Robert Belnap 8 hours ago
The 40 in GT40 means 40 inches off the ground 🤔 seems a little high to me 🤷‍♂️
simon says
simon says 8 hours ago
you should help me fix my mazda b2200
Big55greengmc 8 hours ago
Thank you for the tour. Love cars, love Mr. Allen.
atamagashock 8 hours ago
I will never understand a parent that can run out on their child/children. Here I am fighting my ass off, spendings thousands of dollars to get my kids 50% of the time after my wife ran off for an affair and got pregnant b4 we even got divorced, yet somehow I’m the one being punished and drug out in court cause they are incompetent and use covid as their excuse. Anyway sorry for the rant, when he said his dad left at 13, it triggered me
Barber Shop Podcast
Barber Shop Podcast 8 hours ago
The "French" "explorer" who "founded" Detroit......
R J 8 hours ago
Either a green screen, or a tiny human being. Or both.
THROTTLE POWER 9 hours ago
Cool vid, really enjoyed!!!! 👍
Plumbaman13 9 hours ago
They also didn’t call it the GT40 because they do not own the rights to the name any longer , the company who owns the rights to the name wanted too much money to let them use it
Ryan D
Ryan D 9 hours ago
I used to work in the service industry and we serviced Tim Allen’s place. I was surprised that I didn’t see a car collection or tools in his garage... I should have figured he had an entirely separate property for his collection..
Johann Ponpon
Johann Ponpon 9 hours ago
Cars have virus? Pathetic
AutomotiveAcne 9 hours ago
The losing driver totally doesn't know how to drive standard/stick-shift. Major fail on his part. Fact.
Plumbaman13 9 hours ago
Racing on the same runway that Hoonigan uses for their drag races
Scott Bone
Scott Bone 9 hours ago
Great collection, kind host. Camera-person... there's room for improvement:)
S K 9 hours ago
RIP Pizz.
205Gti-Gr.A PTS
205Gti-Gr.A PTS 9 hours ago
What's the point on this comparation?! Americans..
this is a username
this is a username 6 hours ago
James Poindexter
James Poindexter 9 hours ago
He said “what are you doing what you gotta gun or a knife in yo pocket” that was smooth As heck. Talking to the camera man
Adam Robson
Adam Robson 9 hours ago
Is that a p1800
Chuck Towers
Chuck Towers 9 hours ago
I want that black Impala.
damien mc q
damien mc q 9 hours ago
RS2 all day long
piscator p
piscator p 10 hours ago
An apple phone golf cart brilliant 👏👍👌🇬🇧
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 10 hours ago
Doug is a terrible drag racer. Stick to forgettable USposts vids, Dougie.
sokin jon
sokin jon 10 hours ago
GT-350H, H for Hertz. Not Hurst. It was a Hertz rental car when it was new.
MaryJo Paolinelli
MaryJo Paolinelli 10 hours ago
Like him lots n like the Cars 🚗 Nice.....