Big Sean - ZTFO
2 months ago
Big Sean - FEED (Audio)
Big Sean - ZTFO (Audio)
Nkosinathi Nkosi
Nkosinathi Nkosi 44 minutes ago
If life in a year made you come here, I'm disappointed in you should know this song.🔊
Salman Johnson
Salman Johnson Hour ago
Post Malone looks like he’s about to make some meth in an RV
LuLWeeb Hour ago
Fire :c
Zaccrusher 2
Zaccrusher 2 Hour ago
Posf Malones part is sick, that was it ngl
RoLando Hour ago
This is the men who sings "I don't fuck with you?
Ugh *
Ugh * Hour ago
When the trashy family members come over
Silent War
Silent War Hour ago
Weeeee see the symbols ... 666 we see you
anwion Hour ago
Goes in but I want to hear a collab with the Don, Tyga, and Drizzy. Sounds impossible 😂 but you never know! Twenty88 can't w8
Mariam Tsiklauri
Mariam Tsiklauri 2 hours ago
the is so cool song 🤩🤩🤩😍
Nxadeali Syed
Nxadeali Syed 2 hours ago
Who is here from the trisha bully vid
brendan murphy
brendan murphy 2 hours ago
Big Sean likes wolves huh...he sounds like my ex fat, old, white co-worker. #beforebigsean
Peter Aiden
Peter Aiden 3 hours ago
Who else here happens to be watching the "Raised by the wolves" series
Young T
Young T 3 hours ago
Lewis Furrier
Lewis Furrier 3 hours ago
NADENSOHO 3 hours ago
This would be a fkng lit song for game of thrones!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯
its khan
its khan 3 hours ago
Doung Sopanha56
Doung Sopanha56 3 hours ago
Love Malone 🥶🎹🎼🎸🪗💙
Angel G
Angel G 3 hours ago
Que flow...
Che De
Che De 3 hours ago
Lethi Thang
Lethi Thang 3 hours ago
Saabir Irfan
Saabir Irfan 4 hours ago
These ain't tattoos these are scars🔥🔥
mustafa kaplan
mustafa kaplan 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who compares 1.31 to 1.53 of this song to Plain Jane's 2.28 to 2.50. But a perfect song despite everything
Miss Jada
Miss Jada 4 hours ago
This bangs!!! Had this on repeat since I heard it
Aleyna Soysal
Aleyna Soysal 4 hours ago
I like it
Realizmz R
Realizmz R 4 hours ago
SWEET! Visuals are dope!
Gugulethu ACE Nkomo
Gugulethu ACE Nkomo 5 hours ago
November 2020
Joshua Abenchuchan
Joshua Abenchuchan 5 hours ago
is that supposed to be big sean's grandma? i know he's got a lot of love for her as a matriarch.
perrin robert
perrin robert 5 hours ago
This song seems real safe not a good song
mohd hazwan mohamad
mohd hazwan mohamad 5 hours ago
big wolves energy
Joann Cunningham
Joann Cunningham 5 hours ago
Posty brings the class and fashion as always!
Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta 5 hours ago
we live in a time where bts gets nearly 100M in 1 day and this masterpiece is still at 3M.
JorgEx 6 hours ago
We've waited 'forever', still wasn't enough for Eminem to get on the mic
ADV Films
ADV Films 6 hours ago
man brie larson doing nicki minaj's part was way better
iLLaXx 6 hours ago
Don’t sleep on Royce.
Ykqcz Vdqs
Ykqcz Vdqs 6 hours ago
Post Malone looks like he should be a villain in a movie
mason marcobello
mason marcobello 6 hours ago
God is unconditional love and freedom. Don’t buy into the pendulums of religion that keep people locked into fear and control. Anyone who thinks meditation or conscious liberation is demonic has lost the plot. The wealthiest and most powerful institution in the world is the Roman Catholic Church ... whereas Buddha renounced all this possessions... think about it.
Andile Nhlamba
Andile Nhlamba 6 hours ago
stussy droptop
stussy droptop 7 hours ago
bro this song reminds me of D1 and HOF you always been the best in the game bro wayne said it. glad to see you doing what you love! been here since day one and always will be bro trust.
Britney onokwu
Britney onokwu 7 hours ago
i hated this song at first but now i cant stop listing
Stacee Malone
Stacee Malone 7 hours ago
Best song ever😳
wan Kenobi
wan Kenobi 7 hours ago
Y’all not mentioning Boldy James enough for me .. everybody walked though s/o Detroit‼️
Cheater Jay
Cheater Jay 7 hours ago
Dope Underground
Dope Underground 7 hours ago
I know, I have people in my circle, but they weren't in my corner I had people in my business, but they didn't support it !
Romeo Ffhtggh
Romeo Ffhtggh 7 hours ago
Lil Wayne so off beat
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 7 hours ago
Live Chat ?
Epic Ly
Epic Ly 7 hours ago
I was raised by the 🐺🐺
SWAPNIL B 7 hours ago
only the part of post malone saves the song
J0K£R GAMING 7 hours ago
Zoecado Louis
Zoecado Louis 8 hours ago
J R 8 hours ago
Rap album of the year MC good music BARS stratospheric decibels visuals.
Vyx Chu
Vyx Chu 8 hours ago
Muhammad Khairi
Muhammad Khairi 8 hours ago
Wooooo 😱😱😱
Aliijah White, WFW
Aliijah White, WFW 8 hours ago
The Minnesota Timberwolves would have a great theme song from this.
ALone Rare
ALone Rare 8 hours ago
song is boring ye thats rite, dislike my shit
Sean Allgood
Sean Allgood 8 hours ago
All praises the most high god. This video was hard to watch man. Some of y’all gone. For my kings and queens in the truth rise up for him!
Phillip Jackson
Phillip Jackson 8 hours ago
Phillip uou got a bird brain
Phillip Jackson
Phillip Jackson 8 hours ago
I don't give a fuck i hot know feeling 2 feel
Bruno Flame
Bruno Flame 9 hours ago
That's a fucking banger, Hard asf!!!🔥🔥🔥
Jay Clout
Jay Clout 9 hours ago
check out my remix to this song 🔥
Chase Flint
Chase Flint 9 hours ago
Not tattoos, these are scars.
Indah Kurnia
Indah Kurnia 9 hours ago
This song for my ex
망치 9 hours ago
Karthikeya Samudrala
Karthikeya Samudrala 9 hours ago
This song's for proud cute girls
Tyler Fachan
Tyler Fachan 10 hours ago
I thought Sean was kyrie
Bad Cereal Cat
Bad Cereal Cat 10 hours ago
I'd use those coveralls for work
Omari Lewis
Omari Lewis 10 hours ago
Post Malone is here to stay
raad khalid
raad khalid 11 hours ago
If you came back here after watching "Life in A year" movie LIKE
Crispy Bear
Crispy Bear 11 hours ago
I can already see people going like 150 on the highway to this song
Destanee Howard
Destanee Howard 11 hours ago
Big dog plays !!! That’s right
Monika Pulak
Monika Pulak 11 hours ago
1:19 B*tch Lasagne
Damir Uhota
Damir Uhota 11 hours ago
Post ate this song! He went in. "You said you'd die for me, well, there's the ground. Bars!
Raul Cordova
Raul Cordova 12 hours ago
Quien diría que Post Malone estaría cantando con el logo de Televen de fondo
Dracorex0 12 hours ago
Post made the song, sean was the feature
Guap Zoeja
Guap Zoeja 12 hours ago
Pete Soebekti
Pete Soebekti 12 hours ago
i don't like this song because it has the N word in it
Lysy _dee
Lysy _dee 12 hours ago
Guap Zoeja
Guap Zoeja 12 hours ago
Moriah Preskenis
Moriah Preskenis 12 hours ago
this song is so underrated
[CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture
[CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture 12 hours ago
That’s real K9 vibes
Guap Zoeja
Guap Zoeja 12 hours ago
Can Tam
Can Tam 12 hours ago
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Mczed 12 hours ago
Josh Infinity
Josh Infinity 13 hours ago
He a goat to me