Xx W õ ł f W ã ł k ê r xX
Xx W õ ł f W ã ł k ê r xX 2 hours ago
Kavya Murthy
Kavya Murthy 2 hours ago
Pause at 0:51 it’s amazing
•Itz Tori•
•Itz Tori• 2 hours ago
11:02 "T-Top of the mornin to ya!-" *Thomas your jacksepticeye is showing*
Theblack Bunny
Theblack Bunny 3 hours ago
Blast from past rimes
XxMayDayxX 5 hours ago
Headcannon that I hope Thomas sees i watch you for years, and all I can think about seems the social anxiety video is that your "friend" anxiety like your anxiety and both your anxiety clam a bit and you Thomas is confused about what Virgil is less anxious and showing up alone less..... Just a headcannon also hi Thomas if you see this
boi happi yooo
boi happi yooo 5 hours ago
American cup song
boi happi yooo
boi happi yooo 5 hours ago
Thomas Sanders 2009-2021 still alive
Theresa B
Theresa B 5 hours ago
Friend: what's your favorite song Nobody: Me: ;>
Jazmyn Morgan
Jazmyn Morgan 6 hours ago
the octopus Mr ten sounds like remus tho i cant unhear this
Kevin Person
Kevin Person 6 hours ago
Me me big boy.
Mindy Animates STUFF :D
Mindy Animates STUFF :D 6 hours ago
The intro makes me happy
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 6 hours ago
Does a sad Joan break anyone else’s heart?
Mellow World
Mellow World 7 hours ago
I love this ❤️
Lady Vampee
Lady Vampee 7 hours ago
Random thought (W/ SPOILERS): I wonder if Janus can impersonate the dark sides like say... Virgil?
•Kay UwU•
•Kay UwU• 7 hours ago
remus: breathes patton: *N O*
Jesse Licon
Jesse Licon 8 hours ago
Theory: What if in time Thomas will accept his darker thoughts as part of him like he did with anxiety in Virgil and self preservation with Janis, but this time his creativity from both Roman and Remus will merge into one being renamed Romulus. Little background info Remus and Romulus were the orphaned brothers raised by wolves who went on to found Rome. It's also why Remus Lupin is named as such. Wolf boi
Ledres Lupos
Ledres Lupos 8 hours ago
Okay, I’ma come straight with my opinion, even though I’m pan: this was the most amazing video ever and it had me positively beaming at the end at how adorable it was! I loved how real it felt, I loved the character design, I loved the heartfelt everything! It was, simply put, beautiful.
Emiko Dreams
Emiko Dreams 8 hours ago
Thomas: calls roman his hero Me in 2021: *distant sobbing*
Grayson The weeb
Grayson The weeb 8 hours ago
Am i the only one who noticed that virgil's voice turned a little disoriented when the Duke showed up?
Zoobie the Popplio
Zoobie the Popplio 8 hours ago
I headcanon that Emile is Steven's Therapist
Asdf Asdf
Asdf Asdf 9 hours ago
Lesbians want a gay princess too. Sighs.
Zoobie the Popplio
Zoobie the Popplio 9 hours ago
Back before everyone hated Butch Hartman
My Cat Is Annoying
My Cat Is Annoying 9 hours ago
Sorry but I am definitely not doing anything Logan is saying
Gwen Pines
Gwen Pines 9 hours ago
Deceit just gets more and more like Bill Cipher every time he shows up: impersonating people to further his own plans, silver tongue, literally the same fashion sense
Karis Animates
Karis Animates 9 hours ago
I own that hoodie... I love cats.... I’m allergic though... HOW AM I ALWAYS PATTON?! (I’m not actually that mad)
MARIAM GAYED 9 hours ago
Wolf man Wh what are u guys saying Me:o-o doggy man in his language
Elite 9 hours ago
discovertess dosent work
PanCake 9 hours ago
I've never eaten Crofter's jelly, but I guarantee that will be the first thing on my shopping list when I start shopping for myself lol
Animalia Olgren
Animalia Olgren 9 hours ago
this is me every day, but with 9 of them, Chaos popped up yesterday, Voltiare three weeks ago, Aries a month ago, Benjamin 7 months ago, Vanta and Kate around 8 months ago, Athena and Olivia 9 months ago, and Ryan a year ago. Its no silence ever
Caden Friesen
Caden Friesen 10 hours ago
2:18 hilarious 😂
Zoobie the Popplio
Zoobie the Popplio 10 hours ago
I got an ad when Remus hit Roman
Jaymes Elliot Guy
Jaymes Elliot Guy 10 hours ago
15:06 is the first look into deceits character
Mytho Logic
Mytho Logic 10 hours ago
Pause it at 7:17 and look behind Remus
Pamela Kirkpatrick
Pamela Kirkpatrick 11 hours ago
Horsepower is basically how much power the moter has.
Antonio José Montero
Antonio José Montero 11 hours ago
Updated Jan est. today to thank them
Lemonsweetheart 11 hours ago
I was yelling at the screen saying it was glitter force
dana hatcher
dana hatcher 11 hours ago
Me watching Thomas (sorry forgot the name) say" dot dot get out of my labratory." Thinking of dexter and dee dee
MAYITBE gacha 11 hours ago
“Guys and dolls is like of the movie “after” was a musical and went on for three hours” -Alex Meyers
Nicole Valencia
Nicole Valencia 11 hours ago
This made me cry 😢
QuinTheCringeQueen 5502
QuinTheCringeQueen 5502 12 hours ago
This is the best thing I've ever seen, I've never related to something more in my life.
LaceyCasey 12 hours ago
I love how Virgil went from ~Emo Insult~ to ~Highschool Badboy~
Emmaly Giles
Emmaly Giles 13 hours ago
matt81093 13 hours ago
Sold out atm? Really hoping more is coming.
idk dude
idk dude 13 hours ago
I jdut got into this so I’m jdut watching the whole series
_w3irdpanda_ 13 hours ago
at 20:23 deceits logo was labelled "denial" and i find that interesting
Sophia Ramirez
Sophia Ramirez 13 hours ago
Please tell me they’ll be a restock eventually 😢
Sydney Cable
Sydney Cable 13 hours ago
Me just waiting for them to play Five Nights At Freddys I get to the part where they say this is the last video game my disappointment and I’m very 😢
Sad girl 1
Sad girl 1 13 hours ago
I feel so bad for the guy in bathroom
Cora 14 hours ago
I'm here for harry ☺️💚
Cipher Cult
Cipher Cult 14 hours ago
Can I say: I wish Janus made an appearance in the episode where they all sang about,”Lies lies lies liIiiIessss” ;-;, anddddd Prinxiety is thriving!
Emmaly Giles
Emmaly Giles 14 hours ago
"The mind may move on, but the heart never forgets."
Gwen Pines
Gwen Pines 14 hours ago
Roman is jellyous
Londyn Smith
Londyn Smith 14 hours ago
this is relatable on entirely too many levels
Kaler Marquis
Kaler Marquis 14 hours ago
Thomas should make a game or something with Logan’s vocab cards and sell it
Londyn Smith
Londyn Smith 14 hours ago
captions: cute stranger
Riot Gaming
Riot Gaming 15 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: Thomas’s laugh is adorable.
Emmaly Giles
Emmaly Giles 15 hours ago
Are we not going to talk about how Tomas Rick-Rolled us- Also: If you like Neville, I like you, If you don't like him that's fine, But if you hate him, I hate you. To no extent. I'm sorry.
Ava Oof Potato
Ava Oof Potato 15 hours ago
is this a true story?
angel mazzeo
angel mazzeo 15 hours ago
Tried to get the jam but was sold out
Mason Bunch
Mason Bunch 15 hours ago
So one, this sounded and looked amazing, and two, who else thinks that Aaron Burr should count as a Disney villain now that Hamilton’s on Disney+? Just putting that out there🤷🏻‍♂️
Perry Sullivan
Perry Sullivan 15 hours ago
Virgil: you tried you failed, lets go to sleep Thomas: it's 2 PM Me: your point?
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett 15 hours ago
2:54 ok that's actually just darker
Stacey Rangel
Stacey Rangel 15 hours ago
2:26 I drink that juice exept it has a white cap Edit: by juice I meant milk
Kookie Tea
Kookie Tea 15 hours ago
They say, you are what you eat then does that mean Logan IS crofters
Stacey Rangel
Stacey Rangel 16 hours ago
0:00 1:45 2:16 3:23 5:25 6:49
Thomas Higgins
Thomas Higgins 16 hours ago
3:48 okay so virgil said he was relieved when roman didn't leave the nickname at Dr. Trickle which sounds like a very remus nickname..... Foreshadowing?
UnknownPooTatou YAZ
UnknownPooTatou YAZ 16 hours ago
Everyone celebrating it 6:05 Virgil “that’s a lot of pressure”
Cyber Runner
Cyber Runner 16 hours ago
Don't worry, Roman- In 2 years, you'll get your own flavor buddy❤👑
Emmaly Giles
Emmaly Giles 16 hours ago
Tomas: I wish I could be in cartoon... Me: *Shifting-*
ava Lysene
ava Lysene 17 hours ago
We are talking about Hogwarts houses yayyyyyy!!!!! I'm a Slytherin!!!!!!!
C RG 17 hours ago
when i broke up with my gf this song was the only thibg somewhat holding me together. knowing other people have gone through similar experiences and survived
C RG 17 hours ago
Joans performance always kills me. how can they get so in character is beyond me
Avi Pinkerton
Avi Pinkerton 17 hours ago
"If beauty is pain, then I guess I'm pretty beautiful." THIS WILL BE MY SENIOR QUOTE
Petalouda85 17 hours ago
Watching this makes you wonder: how on earth did they ever manage to finish filming the episode 😂
Marvel Cat
Marvel Cat 17 hours ago
Wowwwwww... It’s been 5 years. This series has grown and improved sooooo much!!!
Awl 111
Awl 111 17 hours ago
I need to go rewatch avatar
Liberty Griggs
Liberty Griggs 17 hours ago
i freaking love it when virgil was impersonating the count it was so funny. Virgil really should be a vampire he would be so awesome
ava Lysene
ava Lysene 18 hours ago
Fun fact: In Agent Rome they actually encouraged gay relationships because at war a man would fight harder for a lover than for some random soldier.
hello 18 hours ago
Somebody get roman some garlic bread😔
hello 18 hours ago
FALSEHOOD!.. I'm so sorry I had to-