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Pěkná blbost...
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Peter Parker 5 hours ago
If Hannover got a Porsche and a R8.. what does Abu Dhabi have? Bugatti and Koenigsegg? Do they have a Follow Me Leopard 2A6?
Milo Corner
Milo Corner 5 hours ago
cool stuff
DageLV 5 hours ago
And which is even more sad is that boeing paid those millions to families not that they ruined, but to government which was in no ways involved in said crashes
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Dale Hall 5 hours ago
Very good well presented video
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bharat kumar 5 hours ago
"Ah hah " moment brilliant now I know. Thank you.
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46 minute ad... ambitious
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USPS deliveries have seriously declined in standards.
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Jenny Chiltoon 5 hours ago
''The lovely flight attendant''?? How very 1970's.
Morocco Mole
Morocco Mole 6 hours ago
i could do this.
Lee Burton - DOC
Lee Burton - DOC 6 hours ago
My wife and me flew to Honolulu on this plane (328) the day before this incident. we were sitting right next to this engine and I had the window seat. I watched this engine shaking. The intake cone was vibrating again'st the main housing of the engine. I figure the shaking was just from wind drag and turbulence. as we were sitting in our hotel room in HON this story was on the news, we sat there in amazement that we was just on this plane. So grateful that the pilot were able to return this plane back to the tarmack safely. Close calls.
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera 6 hours ago
Amazing!!! You are a very talented and knowledgeable pilot, Captain Joe. Thank you for sharing such an interesting topic. GBY Captain! 👍
My Username
My Username 6 hours ago
I only like the a380 better because it has a full double deck which probably isn’t a valid reason in the eyes of many. There’s something charming about a full double deck as opposed to a semi double deck. Although I would like the a380 even more if the cockpit is on the second deck like the boeing 747 allowing the A380 to have the famous laughing plane face when loading luggage and supplies into the cargo nose door.
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GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤
Ken-Jeeper 6 hours ago
I would not say its not possible. With AP, someone giving good instructions, it’s possible with the right person.
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Excellent detailed explanation - cannot ask for more. So,, having multiple lovers is a pilot's ( m/f) prerogative. One can be away from home for sometime making life very tough :D.
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Just watch her left hand 🥴
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Oh dear the wall street flying coffin is back. If its Boeing then I ain't going. Thank God for Airbus.
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Пилоты молодцы, олимпийское спокойствие.Профи.Да и Боинг крепыш.
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US Army had Navion Aircraft with polarized glasses for instrument training so student could not peek from under the hood!
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M Mer 6 hours ago
nice spotting I did not see the broken blade! that explains!! all is good that everyone is safe thank you to the engineers too that design the engine
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Please use Bluetooth microphone
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no hate but srsly why do you call yourself a captain? you dont even are...
Mr. Fresh
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@Don'tSpikeMyDrink Yeah okay, let me see if i can find the Video
Don'tSpikeMyDrink 6 hours ago
@Mr. Fresh I think this was explained in a video but you are right I should not have stated this
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@Don'tSpikeMyDrink its a first officer or a senior first officer
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@Don'tSpikeMyDrink ehmmm no, he only has 3strips on his shoulder, a captain has 4
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He is a captain
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That was a 757-300 my friend, not a 767
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Awesome captain
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You could make a deep documentary of the Tenerife air crash.
Rabbittboygaming 7 hours ago
London City Airport it has a 5.5° glideslope???
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Prosperity Art 7 hours ago
faranger Xbox
faranger Xbox 7 hours ago
Deathtrap, it's 40 years old. It is not designed for the engines fancase size. Board of directors were thinking about their yearly bonuses not about anyone's lives. The most important characteristic you want in a cargo hauler?> STABILITY! If you need 2 computers to keep your airframe stable IT BETTER SAY F-22 OR F-35 ON IT'S SIDE. The MC-21-300 in the airframe Boeing should have built.
Mackinstyle 7 hours ago
At ~14:25 I can see a digital checklist being walked through _interactively_. It looks like it's an actual display, behind the throttle. Is this real? Is this part of a Simulator only? Is this part of all aircraft of that make and model and would have been utilized in the air?
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Great explanation Captain 👨‍✈️ 👍
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Omg!!! Am I the only one who admires and likes Emily so much and her expression at the ending 🤩😍😍 ?
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its possible joe
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Was partially ahead of you on the last rhyme.
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My theory is that there is a separate PRATT & WHITNEY engine hooked up to the toilet, cause it sure sounds like it!
Hugh Martell
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I can't believe a million people have already watched this video- GET A LIFE YA DOOFUSES!!!
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0:29 3-4 cm dick. Ok, that's enough information.
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Sandra Selimovic 8 hours ago
Rometh Warnetha
Rometh Warnetha 8 hours ago
There is a my friend who is hafly colour blind. Can he become an airline pilot?
Checkmate 8 hours ago
What striked me at the very first glance when you where reading out the memory items is how well placed those items are actually. Each item is located further "down" the cockpit on a single axis with minimal offset (A/T). You move from the glareshield at the top down to the fire extinguishers at the very bottom. I think its safe to say it is by design and shows how much work gets put into cockpit ergonomics - even (or especially?) for such instances. Its something you(me, as aviationenthusiast but not pilot) would rarely notice. Frankly speaking its mind blowing to me.
Badgerbollocks 8 hours ago
I saw that shroud and thought "oooooh I could make a room size grow light out of that" yeah that'd get it done💚 👌
chris benson m
chris benson m 8 hours ago
Your plane has a mask
Dominik Weber
Dominik Weber 8 hours ago
At 7:44 you could see they hit almost simultaneously a second bird into the other engine
Retr0 8 hours ago
Now every single time I see a Cargolux 747 on final to ELLX (Luxembourg) I'm like "maybe Captain Joe's flying it..." and that makes my day xD
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Para Reg 8 hours ago
You are a very positive guy and very knowledgeable which of course you have to be in your line of work. Very well explained Joe
kippie80 9 hours ago
That was more training that what was required for 737MAX.
osumbuckeyenut 9 hours ago
I completely disagree. It depends on the passenger.. a lot of people are private pilots that know the fundamentals of flying planes, and a lot of people are simulator enthusiasts such as myself. I believe that with a pilot in the tower coaching me, I would absolutely be able to land a passenger jet
Graham Parkes
Graham Parkes 9 hours ago
I'm surprised that people still fly United. I flew them once, never again. Worst service of any airline I've ever flown.
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis 9 hours ago
Cut corners cut your flying
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis 9 hours ago
What happened to simple controls engine management yes but flight controls possible for stability but not overall control with eleactricons there needs to be more human input
Dal Adams
Dal Adams 10 hours ago
RJ Mostwanted
RJ Mostwanted 10 hours ago
I'm surprised the pilot didn't dump any fuel
RJ Mostwanted
RJ Mostwanted 10 hours ago
I'm surprised the pilot didn't dump any fuel
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LTH1615 Hei 10 hours ago
So Ryanair is due to the experience But why is it on all the planes?
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Great Video, i like it to get informed about themes i never thought about before :D also, thank you for not censoring the 109's sound
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Nothing happen, just a bird got shredded
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Very well explained to common persons like me. thanks
FinDude 10 hours ago
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ryanair is the worst airliner
Anachronos Anachronos
Anachronos Anachronos 10 hours ago
Is a shame in 21-st century to not having cameras all around the jetplain. :( Sad.
Push The Button
Push The Button 11 hours ago
How about chemtrail? Any topic about that?
OrangeU 11 hours ago
B-737 MAX is still unbalance because of the placement of the engines. Why don't just Boeing company add some ballast weight to recalibrate the centre of gravity? I know it would affect the engine performance but still better than MCAS I suppose.
Kalle K
Kalle K 8 hours ago
It's done on every flight. The ballast is called "passengers, cargo, fuel". They all shift the CG around. But even without pax, cargo and fuel the CG has to be within its limits. An unbalanced plane wouldn't be allowed to fly.
Strange Individual
Strange Individual 11 hours ago
I know nothing about aircraft but this is still really interesting, He does a good job of making this normally boring topic interesting :)
Geörg P
Geörg P 12 hours ago
when you flight over Bogotá the ground looks so incredible near below! and as a passenger you notice that when you are warned about the descending procedure it is shockingly short.
macedk 12 hours ago
F-16 sidestick which has a force feedback system :)
Chuck Becker
Chuck Becker 12 hours ago
GREATEST respect.
Mugundhan N
Mugundhan N 12 hours ago
Dear captain you are an aviation encyclopedia
Rod Smallwood
Rod Smallwood 12 hours ago
That ATC guy was outstanding!
Random Roughneck
Random Roughneck 12 hours ago
I still remember drawing a realistic plane with one of those "how to draw (insert vehicle) realistically!" books while flying and then giving the drawing to the captain after landing, and then being let in to the cockpit afterward. Hearing now that pilots don't mind and even enjoy letting random kids check out the cockpit has assured my mind, because I thought all these years that I was doing something basically illegal by entering the cockpit as a non-pilot/worker!
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Akshat Vasant 13 hours ago
I love each of your content ❤️
Hansol 13 hours ago
ROBERT R Penny 13 hours ago
Capt. Joe what do you know about AAL2292 that had the close encounter with UFO over NM?
Johann Pröll
Johann Pröll 13 hours ago
that shows that well trained pilots are indispensable on aircrafts. forget about automatic flown aircrafts.
Island Aerial
Island Aerial 13 hours ago
Same thing with marine electronics