Caleb Senephimmachac
Caleb Senephimmachac Hour ago
The music gives me spider-verse vibes
Lucas Ochoa
Lucas Ochoa Hour ago
This dude to badass for his own good
ii France
ii France Hour ago
OH look it's sombra
Bay Zeaty
Bay Zeaty Hour ago
Riot we are waiting for valorant film.
Manan Rawat
Manan Rawat Hour ago
skye - I have to protect this land sage also skye - proceeds to plant spike and kill everyone in existance
양상호 2 hours ago
RB is the B.ES.T.
Eidolon 2 hours ago
Be like Yoru. Wear a mask and stand 6 feet away from everyone else.
ICOOLDIAMOND 2 hours ago
i like the fact that they used the in-game sfx for all their cinematics
Mery Widjaja
Mery Widjaja 2 hours ago
Lol baby wardell 😂🤣
Craft Genius
Craft Genius 3 hours ago
I actually thought that this is a actual toy gun commercial until I saw Jett running from the darts. I am dumb.
Ai Wonder
Ai Wonder 3 hours ago
Why jett names jett killjoy named plz and cyper named revive and brimstone me. Word-Jett plz revive me
MrDevastator 3 hours ago
I told you bruv, leave it to the boss
n0vera 4 hours ago
Im gonna be there one year
just jose
just jose 4 hours ago
0:44 I think this is the best moment in the cinematic.
Mr. Mediocre
Mr. Mediocre 4 hours ago
Viper in cinematic but still no buff
Foxer 4 hours ago
Mmmm... Sombra from overwatch but in retarded version...
fear kazama
fear kazama 4 hours ago
song name ?
Spitfire X1
Spitfire X1 5 hours ago
Wait.... so is the trigger a little PP
GR_Kruz 5 hours ago
The music is awesome 😎. Plus with the edits
Ghost kun Studio 2
Ghost kun Studio 2 6 hours ago
What is the song name?
Chuwi 6 hours ago
game looks fun! cant wait to play
Chuwi 6 hours ago
damn that looks good, really excited for this
Amir 6 hours ago
This is basically riot selling drugs to gamers lol
Vaibhav sharma
Vaibhav sharma 8 hours ago
When will you releasing Valorant for mac Big Sur😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Cobra V
Cobra V 9 hours ago
Riot is Pretending Like It didn't Know Sea And Indian region.. Even having High no of Playerbase and Viewership etc Sea: Am I Joke To You Riot: Yes!!
GrapeFruit TV
GrapeFruit TV 9 hours ago
why do they look like akali and ekko 1v1 after feeding
Kuzey Arı
Kuzey Arı 10 hours ago
0:20 yoru sounds like macmillian from CoD 4
Spesies 10 hours ago
finnaly a trailer that understand how their players are playing
Amirul Hakimi
Amirul Hakimi 10 hours ago
this is so cool!
ChezStudios 11 hours ago
Круто, но КАКА
Merlyth 11 hours ago
Vitriolic best buds XD
Belladonna 11 hours ago
Amazing cinematic!!! Buff Viper...
John Beats
John Beats 11 hours ago
You guys lied to us you said north africa ! And the north african servers doesn't exist nice fake marketing strategy that Bahrain server is too far from as it has 150 ping nobody cares about africa for real we never had a server in any single game north africa middle africa south africa east africa west africa like we don't even exist fuck this world
isaiah071 isaiah071
isaiah071 isaiah071 11 hours ago
oh great another wraith
James Steve S. Carmona
James Steve S. Carmona 11 hours ago
I like yoru but 1 thing i hate is his teleport is visible
James Steve S. Carmona
James Steve S. Carmona 4 hours ago
@Mohamed Hazem I wish
Mohamed Hazem
Mohamed Hazem 5 hours ago
@James Steve S. Carmona maybe riot buffs him at this point one day
James Steve S. Carmona
James Steve S. Carmona 6 hours ago
@Mohamed Hazem Im good at using the teleport but enemy always camping it.
Mohamed Hazem
Mohamed Hazem 6 hours ago
@James Steve S. Carmona i know its sound is very loud and also you can see it easily 😑😑
Mohamed Hazem
Mohamed Hazem 6 hours ago
@James Steve S. Carmona very sad 😭😭
EAZY E23 11 hours ago
I don't even play this but I love these animations. Remind me of the Overwatch cinematics, and I don't even play that anymore.
3Ð_Exoシ 12 hours ago
yoru: 2 kills and defuse phoenix: 1 kill also phoenix: I TOLD U BRUV, LEAVE IT TO THE BOSS
Ethan Zimmerman
Ethan Zimmerman 12 hours ago
aha yes eddie is a magician
Smug 12 hours ago
Pheonix: let me show you how the boss does it Also pheonix: flashes himself
AUTOBOT 1134 ツ
AUTOBOT 1134 ツ 13 hours ago
Yoru's TP is faster than my internet connection
Nub PLayzz
Nub PLayzz 13 hours ago
Rebibe meh jett
Vishvanth v
Vishvanth v 13 hours ago
If you see in duelists also pheonix sucks in with his nose while using ult
Zetaking BS
Zetaking BS 13 hours ago
Yo esperando a black con omen
Kamran Bashir
Kamran Bashir 14 hours ago
That animation is crazy good. Loved every bit of it.
B Ramos, Leigh Edrin D.
B Ramos, Leigh Edrin D. 14 hours ago
2:08 Jett is still alive(look at the left hand) and shot phoenix not yoru
big chonky boi
big chonky boi 15 hours ago
if reyna omen and phoenix had a child lol
Solo Tro Q
Solo Tro Q 17 hours ago
How, just how did 2 players on eco beat 3 player on full buy just how ?
Karasu 5.1
Karasu 5.1 18 hours ago
F For Jett and Viper
Ricey 19 hours ago
what is that jet voice line at the end. its literally the best voice line ever.
Wrait h
Wrait h 19 hours ago
Lazy Liu
Lazy Liu 20 hours ago
its gonna cost your entire rent btw
Sobininya 20 hours ago
00:19 jett oh jett.....
Watching Youtube
Watching Youtube 20 hours ago
What does it mean "earn more exp per match"? Does having purchased the battle pass give increased exp??
Eidolon 20 hours ago
Sage's ult sounds like a Minecraft mob, but I can't remember which one exactly...
MR CAKE 21 hour ago
Interesting update✔
Telmo Fortunato
Telmo Fortunato 21 hour ago
More pls🖤
Hex10 21 hour ago
I showed this to my brother and now hes on the floor shaking with excitement!
cyberkeeper 21 hour ago
Can we get more of these ?
Amy Wong
Amy Wong 22 hours ago
I like the mask-
UrDad 22 hours ago
I’ve been maining Phoenix ever since start and today was the first day I learned he could move his blaze like that
Felipe Arriagada
Felipe Arriagada 23 hours ago
Icebox killed your game
mad adad
mad adad 23 hours ago
Good point of this pack: This is one of the best of all the game Bad point: This cost more than 100 euros
vlyzy glizzy
vlyzy glizzy 23 hours ago
Damn this gameplay is the best
Gaming Kck
Gaming Kck Day ago
Please make valorant mobile
Gaming Kck
Gaming Kck Day ago
Please make valorant mobile
Gabrielinator Day ago
where can we stream this??
Milagros Irigoyen
Milagros Irigoyen Day ago
Thanos The Mad Titan
Thanos The Mad Titan Day ago
2:00 what's the music called???
DetectiveBreadCrumbs Day ago
"i had a dream i kissed my crush" my dreams:
Jinglesx Day ago
This video really misses out on Brimstone's outplay ability... Oh, wait...
Greasy Spoon
Greasy Spoon Day ago
I dont understand how yorus step power would help
Peta St
Peta St Day ago
Fix your hit registration the game is trash like this
Daniele Detone
Daniele Detone Day ago
Yoru: you are as fast as the teleport, but faster than the decoy... Why?
REAP3R The Undetectཡ
REAP3R The Undetectཡ Day ago
LeT mE sHoW yOu HoW bOsS dOeS iT -Phoenix
Man Behind You
Man Behind You Day ago
Ok everyone talking how good this animations was Me :Me Realize there someone on 2:53
Shivansh Day ago
They have copied ncs song: Cyberpunk
Emman Castillo Jr.
Emman Castillo Jr. Day ago
Bucky Only strong!
Buğra 01
Buğra 01 Day ago
Linosek279 Day ago
Rep Jett, didn’t buy armour
Piggoo 999
Piggoo 999 Day ago
valorant upload