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Rose Rosea
Rose Rosea 4 hours ago
I know Ezra will probably be the Jedi that sense grogu , but I really want it to be Cal Kestis 😩
Tim’s Gaming
Tim’s Gaming 4 hours ago
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 4 hours ago
The mace windu speculation is Mike Zeroh level bullshit lol. He actually just posted the same theory.
Snowman Boi
Snowman Boi 4 hours ago
But wait, where is Darth Jar Jar? Wasn’t he supposed to be included in the end of everything good?
Will Shotwell
Will Shotwell 4 hours ago
I want to punt it
Devin McNeil
Devin McNeil 4 hours ago
This was actually quite interesting to hear
Asupernaruto1 4 hours ago
I just thought of something, what if Ahsoka become a Je'daii?
dandre2K 4 hours ago
hope you guys and mean great content creators such as yourself get a role with LucasFilms
Chii1988 4 hours ago
When Asoka left the Jedi order, she always insisted she was not a Jedi anymore, and made it a point. In that episode being called a Jedi doesn’t bother her anymore
NinjaPhoenix57 4 hours ago
I know one thing about the dark saber is that it controls the owner unless powerful enough
LordMaul4925 4 hours ago
I remember someone mentioned the bar ash vow to the creators and the mandalorian and all they replied with was “soon”
Rene Hazlett
Rene Hazlett 4 hours ago
Hiya, is someone able to tell me the name of the people/species of the people that were the guards? (The one that had the breathing gear on?
dandre2K 4 hours ago
thank you , confirms what i thought i of finn when i originally saw his character and being a let down majorly. coming from a black man
Nicholas Lucia
Nicholas Lucia 4 hours ago
If we get to see young Luke again I will literally cry
Young Ramen
Young Ramen 4 hours ago
This really helped me expand my knowledge on Star Wars. Thank you.
Robbie Wales
Robbie Wales 4 hours ago
I probably would have favoured a red lightsaber
667 Brenno
667 Brenno 4 hours ago
Thank u filoni and favreau!!! U guys r awesome!!!
Félix Côté
Félix Côté 4 hours ago
S2 E5: The Jedi More like : *The Citizen* This comment was made by the Mace Windu gang