TutisGames 11 hours ago
Du a stacked obsidian sword
zak dabat
zak dabat 11 hours ago
Ray 11 hours ago
Other youtubers: my dream is to have a big house! Billy: I want scooter
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 11 hours ago
it isnt a proper bedwars game without billy saying " aCeIfY"
Lynkin Gray
Lynkin Gray 11 hours ago
Shoe Seller
Shoe Seller 11 hours ago
The important jump outstandingly wreck because rail ultrastructurally bolt astride a acrid cactus. well-to-do, windy fly
Spriinchi 11 hours ago
amog us sus
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 11 hours ago
11 likes = 11k likes
Jamshed Alam
Jamshed Alam 12 hours ago
On 10:25 the pink totem arrive
jonie 12 hours ago
do a Avatar The last airbender siries
William Afton
William Afton 12 hours ago
10 months ago so old
CherryBlossom YT
CherryBlossom YT 12 hours ago
Subbed for 1 and a half year love your vids
Judit Edina Molnár
Judit Edina Molnár 12 hours ago
What bedrok
Nadia Ortiz
Nadia Ortiz 13 hours ago
I use the sub 1
Joel T Thomas
Joel T Thomas 13 hours ago
server name pls
MACER HOME DECOR 13 hours ago
Weniagand Dooger
Weniagand Dooger 13 hours ago
can i join on bedrock???
Teddie Tacalan
Teddie Tacalan 13 hours ago
Samson Iduate
Samson Iduate 13 hours ago
Make it so whatever u kill gives op loot
Black Star
Black Star 13 hours ago
Why didn’t you upgrade armor?
Taz Baillie
Taz Baillie 13 hours ago
My hart is toxic and dead🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
zak dabat
zak dabat 14 hours ago
do others have toxic efect?
Roede's funTV
Roede's funTV 14 hours ago
Hahaha Listean her apple Cheat=lose Trust=win Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahah Lmao boo
Loveme Always
Loveme Always 14 hours ago
one milly billy
Me and my puppies
Me and my puppies 14 hours ago
The diamond chestplate chestplate chestplate
Afsheen Adnan
Afsheen Adnan 14 hours ago
0:16 I get it that was not funny but it was a good pun
Afsheen Adnan
Afsheen Adnan 14 hours ago
JJnesJJ Gaming
JJnesJJ Gaming 14 hours ago
then try making emerald or netherack items
Joonas Mitt
Joonas Mitt 14 hours ago
Almost 1mil can we get 2 likes-uh i mean 2mil likes
Matt Langworthy
Matt Langworthy 14 hours ago
1 millionth viewer
chris beckford - tseu
chris beckford - tseu 14 hours ago
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fun sized witty
fun sized witty 14 hours ago
Fausto Baldessarre
Fausto Baldessarre 14 hours ago
Dalek bow
4CC 15 hours ago
Why you copy bionic but bedwars:( give credits ok
Alfian Ezza Raditya
Alfian Ezza Raditya 15 hours ago
1 you just overed power 2 you need to learn parkour
joeyreconx 15 hours ago
10:26 SWAG in the corner
Maryam Sadiq
Maryam Sadiq 15 hours ago
The people that disliked the video are don't know what amazing content Is
mrtopnic 15 hours ago
Among us never fail winning
sakki sakki
sakki sakki 15 hours ago
Billy there was yellow and green why didn't you make a totem?
Nene gacha games
Nene gacha games 15 hours ago
10:25 pink totem
davi nunes
davi nunes 15 hours ago
bedwars but you're the bed if someone kills you with a pick you get eliminated
wendy duncan
wendy duncan 15 hours ago
what if he had both armor
alexb1886 15 hours ago
The recondite process basally promise because lemonade histologically sprout across a black flugelhorn. unequal, breakable cousin
Joen S. Myrtue
Joen S. Myrtue 16 hours ago
You takling fast🤦🏼‍♂️
gam8ng with icie
gam8ng with icie 16 hours ago
can i get a fockenn uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
John Carlos Jumayag
John Carlos Jumayag 16 hours ago
You are loud
Srabanti Roy
Srabanti Roy 16 hours ago
Without captions:Grape apple sauce With captions: Gray pabla sauce Me: Lol
Enes Navrboc
Enes Navrboc 17 hours ago
BlitzNile-Zen Absolute
BlitzNile-Zen Absolute 17 hours ago
"Forget diamond swords, forget i ron swords." How 'bout netherite sword?
alexb1886 17 hours ago
The scary rotate rapidly slow because latex rapidly complain versus a venomous course. mute, unequal china
Ági Bartalos
Ági Bartalos 17 hours ago
I dont feel bad for you, i feel bad for them
alexb1886 17 hours ago
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Aravind S
Aravind S 17 hours ago
If you call us an animal we will unsubscribe and not watch your videos
Naga maruti nikhilesh Dhanyumraju
Naga maruti nikhilesh Dhanyumraju 17 hours ago
Hi!!!!!! I am a new subscriber
Zredn2000 2.0
Zredn2000 2.0 17 hours ago
You should've drawn herobrine
Helen Cesmeli
Helen Cesmeli 17 hours ago
Super power box
Fnaf Child
Fnaf Child 17 hours ago
11 likes = 11k likes
Roede's funTV
Roede's funTV 17 hours ago
Wow he add a mod and he lose what a carrot lol
Jomana Nawafleh
Jomana Nawafleh 17 hours ago
YOU TALK ALL THE TIME?!?!?!?! why?
Bro best
Bro best 17 hours ago
Lol he lost 2 times lol
Chotika Sawatdipap
Chotika Sawatdipap 18 hours ago
DAMN Todoroki is playin bed wars ?!?!?!
Billy ur mum says pin this
Ethan Capsticks
Ethan Capsticks 18 hours ago
Get him to 1 million subs
Suman Jhunjhunwala
Suman Jhunjhunwala 18 hours ago
RozaIbrahimMA Al-Darwish
RozaIbrahimMA Al-Darwish 18 hours ago
BananABoyX Gaming
BananABoyX Gaming 18 hours ago
Next time make it self exclusive.
TriLy trooper
TriLy trooper 18 hours ago
New map cool!
Raihan Harun
Raihan Harun 19 hours ago
9:18 what the fu-
Kevin Klepon
Kevin Klepon 19 hours ago
My brain reading the title be like: So, if you do a smart play or is good, the axe will say "HAckEr"
Stop talking to much
Buddy Howard
Buddy Howard 19 hours ago
battle with prestonplayz
Ahmad Bhatti
Ahmad Bhatti 19 hours ago
You ran over emeralds
nubus 19 hours ago
He should make shears to snatch people’s lives from under them
Ant pig
Ant pig 19 hours ago
Netherite apple!!!!
Vroqe 20 hours ago
I’m not subbing but hi
wes jama
wes jama 20 hours ago
The reminiscent quarter postnatally regret because fireman inspiringly clip next a wry james. distinct, rigid orchid
Gazza Gamer
Gazza Gamer 20 hours ago
The totems at 10:26 the word is swag
CherryBlossom YT
CherryBlossom YT 20 hours ago
I have java but no bedrock minecraft i reappy want to join playing
Confusionisme 20 hours ago
Hax 101 vids watched
frostee 20 hours ago
Why he uses cheats is he has 1iq
Confusionisme 20 hours ago
Woah 100 videos watched? IS THIS A GLITCH?????