DaYDreaMz 5 hours ago
Should posted on your main channel would have got millions of views.
Ted Clark
Ted Clark 5 hours ago
Can someone explain to me why Mr. Erakat keeps making different USposts channels. I swear he has had over 100 in the last 5 years. The last I heard from him was when he said he was quitting for good because he was proven wrong.. and now he's back? Maybe he needs to be humble and get REAL job like everyone else. This guy used to be #1 on youtube but like Ray William Johnson was too and now look at him...
Crims 6 hours ago
u rock
Michael Bittar
Michael Bittar 7 hours ago
I am sorry you are going through this Bruh! I wish people in this world would be more like a lot of your Bruh Bruh which is not judging people just because of their religion or disability. Keep grinding and this year will be great!
Faze RyZe
Faze RyZe 7 hours ago
Money changes people fr fr
Faze RyZe
Faze RyZe 7 hours ago
No fousey it’s the money Babibi
stiles stilinki
stiles stilinki 9 hours ago
youseff lol i remembered I legit used to watch your vlogs every single day after school when i was 11 ,good times man
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect 9 hours ago
Adam saleh❤️🤘
Edona Jennah
Edona Jennah 10 hours ago
Fousey, can I just say I love you so much for the sake of Allah I've been watching you since I was 13 and Allah sees the best in you when everyone and even yourself cant see the best in yourself. Keep trying to be the best person you can for Allah, dont let people bring you down, none of us are perfect.
Maksud Mehraz
Maksud Mehraz 10 hours ago
Honest question. Would these fans still love you if you made your content based on practicing the religion according to the Quran & Sunnah? What's their fandom based on because it seems conditional? Those 2 girls were in the wrong though. But please don't allow it to deter you from your faith.
Maksud Mehraz
Maksud Mehraz 10 hours ago
It seems like the tik tok was just a joke
msaleh93 11 hours ago
Bruh dont trip about that girl. If she wants to talk religion, she should be modest and not post herself all over social media and let alone promoting islamophobia.
Selena Roz
Selena Roz 11 hours ago
No naked swear words.. just pure music and art with a touch of islam. Love it
justanotherperson 11 hours ago
So you put the faces of the two girls (who look like teenagers to me) in the video(so people can hate on them) when you say you can take a bullet for them. See people hate you because of your hypocrisy.
Hasan Elarayfi
Hasan Elarayfi 11 hours ago
I love you for you Yousef Saleh eraket I personally seen you grow and this is the best version of you don’t worry about anyone else your the one of the first influencers who introduced Islam and Arabs to the other half of the world that didn’t know who we were ❤️
sabyvela 11 hours ago
omg .. i dont like their voices at all !!!!!
Alex Maze
Alex Maze 11 hours ago
Jesus loves u bro bro
Caitlin Alvares
Caitlin Alvares 12 hours ago
love you bruh bruh stay true to yourself and good will come! Haters gonna hate and i love you 💖.
vlog with the squad
vlog with the squad 13 hours ago
Adnan A
Adnan A 13 hours ago
This was a lot better than I thought it would be
Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm
Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm 14 hours ago
Anyone else notice how he uploaded a video saying 'my last upload on this channel' and has now deleted it? This guy's worse than Boogie with his constant need to crave attention, it's hilarious! 😂😂
ace your base
ace your base 14 hours ago
Adam saleh manager is shit . He needs a better one to push this video
ADAM BLEEDYEO 14 hours ago
Honestly after seeing rob and rhino commenting and being so respectful to yousef it’s so nice and i really don’t care about what ppls think abt yousef i just love him and i think he’s suppaaa cool dude and tbh yousef u should ignore the hate and start focusing on yourself more cz you really really nice person and i love u sm homie ❤️
Ricky Loebsack
Ricky Loebsack 14 hours ago
Hiba Mawlawi
Hiba Mawlawi 14 hours ago
I didn't used to follow you before so I don't know your past but I am still surprised because I am a Muslim and the main thing about Islam is that we don't judge people Allah does. And that disgustes me because everyone thinks like they can.
Jah Jah
Jah Jah 15 hours ago
Whats a shunta?
KHALED GHAZAL 15 hours ago
May allah give us all what we deserve
usman ali
usman ali 15 hours ago
U did great keep it up 💪
V8 Engine
V8 Engine 15 hours ago
This guy is acting like he is a Muslim because he want Muslims to support him. Dude that's fu**ked up
Hungry Almighty
Hungry Almighty 15 hours ago
Why are people lying in these comments this songs ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
imaan 13 hours ago
@Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm LMAOO why can’t he just ignore the hate
Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm
Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm 14 hours ago
He deleted his latest 'my last upload ever' video, then privated a bunch of videos and deleted all the negative comments after setting comments to hidden 😂😂 This guy is really something!
T Sane
T Sane 15 hours ago
I need to start reading the Quran anyway. Dont have time to read your book akhi.
T Sane
T Sane 15 hours ago
You said your done making others happy, that’s what was wrong with you. Who we are suppose to make happy is Allah When you forget this and stray away from the straight path you will only find misguidance and emptiness.
Kevin Solis
Kevin Solis 17 hours ago
There’s always going to be haters no matter what, we can’t please everyone, just look out for your own circle, but always show love to everyone.
UrBoi Editz
UrBoi Editz 17 hours ago
Bro.... y’all killed it👑👑💯
fisher5991 and the German named ki
fisher5991 and the German named ki 17 hours ago
Satwinder Bhoday
Satwinder Bhoday 18 hours ago
rmarte610 18 hours ago
Love over hate ! Love and light to you Yousef❤️
Ayman H
Ayman H 19 hours ago
The re-up of fousey 👌🏽
Izuki Midoriya
Izuki Midoriya 19 hours ago
This song is lit mashallah
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 19 hours ago
Yall need to reach out to Dubai vloggers to market this song!! Tell them to place it in their will go virall🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kgigdd Bbvf4
Kgigdd Bbvf4 20 hours ago
Dont let anyone get to you
Kgigdd Bbvf4
Kgigdd Bbvf4 20 hours ago
This is fire 🔥
Kgigdd Bbvf4
Kgigdd Bbvf4 20 hours ago
Whens the next banger coming
Fahed Atiq
Fahed Atiq 20 hours ago
Yousif ignore the hate and and Focus on this new good person you are they want to see u down don’t Give them the satisfaction
Yousef Beland
Yousef Beland 20 hours ago
can you pls be muslim
SE7EN STUDIOS 21 hour ago
Whatever you give out comes to you
SE7EN STUDIOS 21 hour ago
Dime 21 hour ago
Tattoos, plastic surgery, drinking, sleeping around, music and etc etc!!!!!! Bro it's not easy being a Muslim!!!!!
Zammary Sattar
Zammary Sattar 21 hour ago
My brother from another mother everybody in this world will always hate and always giving no negative feedback there’s something that we call ignoring them that’s all you Gotta do and just keep doing what makes you happy fuck what the world thinks me and myself I’m from Afghanistan I’ve been raised here in America Love this country but there’s always haters and you just keep grinding like you always did keep your head up and believe your self and u will make it brother much love from Allentown Pennsylvania my house is your house please come by sometime Love your videos brother
forratedrstuff 21 hour ago
This actually slaps, congrats bro
FaZe News
FaZe News 22 hours ago
Love yall supporting him
Nas 22 hours ago
The only think that you should care about is whether or not Allah is happy with you brother. You’ll continue to struggle with your faith because as humans are made weak but we’re stronger in Allah remembrance. That’s how we gain true happiness and Fuck what our Muslim umah has to say about you brother, only work for Allahs approval. And God bless you and your family brother ❤️💯
Seizure Procedure
Seizure Procedure 22 hours ago
11:07 big facts.
Hafsa Manwar
Hafsa Manwar 23 hours ago
Yousef is the best youtuber with the most best personality and everything he does is spectacular he works so hard and he says that he is going to make a music video every month is just amazing and he doesn't even need to I am already entertained with all his other videos he makes Mashallah such a good youtuber ☺
TraviSometimes <3
TraviSometimes <3 23 hours ago
“I would have taken a bullet for them” I felt that . It makes me so mad you guys get treated like this they shit is fucked up
TraviSometimes <3
TraviSometimes <3 23 hours ago
I fucking love you Fousey you are an amazing person I love that you are teaching us. I appreciate you educating us
Khalifa 07
Khalifa 07 Day ago
Islam is perfect, Muslims aint
Shane Bachman
Shane Bachman Day ago
Anybody part of Fousy gang? Cuz I am go fousy
Shaista Rizwan
Shaista Rizwan Day ago
Don’t change yourself for others. Do what u gotta do... stay rawwwrin 🦁
Life of SB2x
Life of SB2x Day ago
Mashallah you so amazing inshallah you gon make it, bro I still watch you till this day 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🤝🤝🤝❤️❤️❤️
Gonna have to give it to you bro this is fire , you could actually make a career out of this. Anyway hope your evolving and getting well , enjoy your morning.
Christopher Fitak Vlogs
Christopher Fitak Vlogs Day ago
Congratulations guy on this amazing journey in 2021 and one hell of a song 👍 👍 I still can't get enough of it, love it.
هدف لصلاح
هدف لصلاح Day ago
Listen Fousey, first of all, you keep saying why I'm getting hate, and the answer is people just love to hate on you, you're one of those guys who people just love to hate on, same as keemstar, Ice Posedion and a lot others, you can't change that, because they love to hate on you as Fousey not what wrong you did, and you need to accept that, once you chose to be an internet personality you shouldn't be complaining about some people not liking you, that's the price of fame, that's what comes along with it. Second of all please dude stop with the platitude stuff, motivation videos yada yada yada, just be you, do things and talk about it, Collab with new youtubers, stop going in the same circles,. stop saying stuff that you said for years like a broken record, it's boring man, be a doer instead of just speaking the same platitudes year on year out also why do i get the feeling that any person who's Muslim has to show the muslin community look guys i'm a good example and love me and I'm your leader, why? just be YOU! religion is between you and god, the moment you involve other people wanting to be their leader or speaking up for them they will have different opinions about you because people are different, not everyone is going to like you so just don't try to be a leader for nobody and focus on yourself. Don't start something you can't finish, you started the project butterfly and left it, started a USposts serious and left it,. started twitch and left it, that just shows you quit man, like you don't have the perseverance to keep anything going for you which makes people not like you because they know you will end up quitting again, you keep hyping up stuff and say it's gonna be the best thing ever and then it tanks and people will hold that against you because you hyped it up, you did this with project butterfly, your youtube cribs shows, your concert July 15th because people are gonna hold you up to your word and they will mock you if you don't deliver. On the internet there is first impressions and after: the one big mistake, you my guy, were known for the bad stuff like the fake pranks and the fight with ricegum that was staged and honestly fousey you haven't done anything big USposts wise to make up for that or change that image and turn things around you get people's attention by doing something crazy like a concert and obsessing about drake saying he's going to be there and acting nuts or faking a fight, don't be saying why people hate me when every year you come out with a new way to get attention and get people talking about you by doing something crazy that makes people laugh at you and then go cry wolf and say why they hate me?
SarzXox Day ago
These girls clearly weren't raised right by their parents lol. Don't feel bad about it, As a Muslim myself that was forced into the religion, it made me want to give up and not believe in Islam anymore cause I kept getting shit from other Muslims in my community, just because i was 'half white' which pushed me away to not believe in a god anymore. Karma will get these two girls good in the future haha
No Day ago
Bruh making fun of Mashallaah soon don't say to god forgive me LOL
mary k
mary k Day ago
Value Uzii
Value Uzii Day ago
We love you bro
Dimitrios Massie
Dimitrios Massie Day ago
Cringe af dawg said out of all the snacks your the yummy one lollllll
SY C Day ago
My bro Yousef, I've been a silent follower of yours for years through all your highs and lows and now I felt the need to say this. Alhamdulillah I'm a Muslim and someone studying this beautiful religion we hold dear and I want you to know this You are one of the most inspirational people from our community. Don't let others judge your from your mistakes, we all have them it's just ours aren't on display for everyone to see. Your mistakes don't define you but it's what in your heart. These people making these comments are ignorant, period. If they had an iota of knowing what our religion is like they'd know it's just as grave of a sin to insult your fellow Muslim regardless of what they do as it is to fall into any of the taboo sins we're all scared of. Know this, we're all Muslims and we're all sinners. The forgiveness for our sins will come from Allah, if he hasn't written you off no one has the right to. Our scholars and the people of knowledge, our prophet SAAS, know that they all love you. You're our brother in this religion and nothing will ever stop that and yes whilst no one may agree with 100% of everything that other Muslims do, they will never write you off. Those who have written you off again, they are ignorant. Their actions prove this. The number one thing in our religion is manners, manners with Allah first and then the rest of creation. To insult your fellow brother regardless of what they do and hurt them is a grave matter and they are no better than the people they wish to write off. I'll end with this, we all sin, we all have mistakes, if Allah hated you and wanted to punish you for all the things you've done he would have done so already. The fact that you are here where you are despite everything is a sign that Allah loves you and he will Keep giving you opportunities to become closer and closer to him. Remember being a Muslim means that we are his slaves, not the slaves of the masses. This means we answer to him not the people. having said that we always need advice and guidance but what these people are doing is not that, it's pure arrogance on their part. My duaas are with you and they always will be and I pray we can meet as brothers one day if not in this temporary world then in our permanent homes in Jannah in Shaa Allah!
Ross Day ago
you get no sympathy because you created your platform using islam. blatantly left and disrespected it. then when you were down and out for the count used it again to reposition yourself. that’s what is clear to everyone. and that fucking song is a joke. allah will question that too
احلى ‏مقاطع - Best Clips
احلى ‏مقاطع - Best Clips Day ago
ماشاء الله 😍🥰🌹🔥☄️💥
Sabib Mumtahin
Sabib Mumtahin Day ago
Fousey was lost at the time not leaving Islam because he was always hated on. Fousey if u r reading this rn, ppl r jealous that u r closer to Allah than most of these Arab USpostsrs. And plus our nabi Muhammad sallalahu alaihiwasallam was hated on but still was doing his thing. So don’t give up on urself. 🤞🏽💯🐐
imaan gill
imaan gill Day ago
Bro mad respect can you please make content like your old content but be yourself god bless u
Geeklegacy Day ago
Stay strong don’t let the haters get to you. There are a lot of ignorant people out in the world. That don’t realize that Muslim is a religion of peace and that we should all respect each-other. Prophet Muhammad said to respect anyone regardless of their race.