Chris Little
Chris Little 4 minutes ago
You should mention you have this channel on your main channel. I’ve been watching your main for years and never knew this existed.
Gwen Luhman
Gwen Luhman 6 minutes ago
Very epic
Md Saeed Anwer
Md Saeed Anwer 7 minutes ago
I m very upset that youtube didn't gave ad on this video in my phone 😑 😒
SidoRoSido 16 minutes ago
World need more ppl like u 😊😊 thank you!
Joaquin Andres Prieto Espinoza
Joaquin Andres Prieto Espinoza 17 minutes ago
I love when people care for people in need but doing it on camera seems like bragging. I still really like your vids though. <3
Joaquin Andres Prieto Espinoza
Joaquin Andres Prieto Espinoza 20 minutes ago
I remember when I was 8 years old my school made a project to raise money for St. Jude hospital. In 5 days I managed to raise over 150$ :)
Luigigaming brown
Luigigaming brown 21 minute ago
this is so cool man!love what you've got going here❤️
WalterPlays 24 minutes ago
outline 25 minutes ago
lol bro your a literal god XD
Tuaha Rana
Tuaha Rana 29 minutes ago
Thx for helping them so much
sped boy
sped boy 31 minute ago
how would someone is like
Christian Kim
Christian Kim 40 minutes ago
Mr Feast
TheMagicMustach 44 minutes ago
There is literally no reason not to subscribe to this channel. Everyone reading this, please hit the subscribe button! You could literally help change someone’s life
Playgamerbox745 :3
Playgamerbox745 :3 50 minutes ago
I always liked when Beast helps people in need, so i'm glad they made a channel focusing on this
pandoraet Gaytan
pandoraet Gaytan Hour ago
3 million feeding
Z An
Z An Hour ago
Done subscribe.. I love charity content more!! 😍😍😍😍
Jareth Marroquín
Jareth Marroquín Hour ago
Damn, people who disliked the video really have no souls
Zaya Kapi
Zaya Kapi Hour ago
You are beating the crap of world hunger
He Longqing
He Longqing Hour ago
I like how I am helping feed hungry families by watching videos from my home. Good job Jimmy!
Mr beast your such a good person everyone pls sub to all his channels
Canadaball Hour ago
Literally nobody Mr Beast: 5 channels
DJ Ahlie
DJ Ahlie Hour ago
I will support this channel Mr.Best! 😍😘 I am DJ Ahlie from Cabuyao City, Laguna, Philippines. Officer of Solo Parent Council of Cabuyao(SPCC) and YWCA Founder's Chapter of Cabuyao..☺
Vali_BG Hour ago
#Eattherich am I right, twitter? But im pretty sure all the food in this video has more nutritional value than an averagely built dude. P.s stop trying to cancel my boi jimmy!
DJ Ahlie
DJ Ahlie Hour ago
Congrats Mr. Beast‼ I am your new super fan. Watching from Philippines🇵🇭. A Solo Parent Council of Cabuyao City, Laguna Philippines Officer/Volunteer/Frontliner
Roy Singleton
Roy Singleton Hour ago
Do you get money from comments?
HDTomo Hour ago
Give people fish they can eat for a day. Teach a person to fish and they can eat for their whole life. Giving food isn't how you help famlies in need. Making it is
An ok Bass Guitarists
An ok Bass Guitarists Hour ago
Imagine disliking 😡
Nice teddy bear, chandler.
Roy Singleton
Roy Singleton Hour ago
Do you get money for comments?
David Jiang
David Jiang Hour ago
who dislike this video you don't like helping
prachi rathi
prachi rathi Hour ago
if this would be any other youtuber i would think it to be fake and would actually never subscriber but its mr. Beast who I can trust and I know that he will be the person we see and will spend his(from this channel) money wisely
Luggernaut Hour ago
I'm so glad you have a philanthropy page. Those were always my favorite videos from your regular channel. Keep up the good work Mr.Beast!
Nikki Stixx
Nikki Stixx Hour ago
Is there ANYTHING that Jimmy does that doesn’t help out thousands of people every single day? Like I’m pretty sure he helps out people while using the toilet lol he literally does more for his community than a lot of billionaires do. Just shows that the 1% of the population who has more money than the other %99 doesn’t do nearly enough. I feel like if Beast wasn’t an extremely popular content maker on social media, he would still do anything and everything he possible could do anyways.
prachi rathi
prachi rathi Hour ago
bro, either you are too generous or the world I know doesn't give or receive much you are doing amazing work keep doing it
Tekla Hour ago
this man deserves everything.
Usha Bhavani
Usha Bhavani 2 hours ago
You are an example and a reminder of the purpose of human life. Well done, Mr. Beast!
Eli animation
Eli animation 2 hours ago
OK I’m calling it Mr. beast is the best person on earth
merdo can
merdo can 2 hours ago
Stanley Dong
Stanley Dong 2 hours ago
You are so kind ❤️
mikey101c 2 hours ago
you should start a patreon so people could donate
Cometeer the Rocketeer
Cometeer the Rocketeer 2 hours ago
Look at him, helping make the world a better place.
SaintedSeal0902 2 hours ago
Fyi I think this is a reupload.
FaZe Joshyy
FaZe Joshyy 2 hours ago
fayrouz fayrouz
fayrouz fayrouz 2 hours ago
God bless you
Sergent Hound
Sergent Hound 2 hours ago
cool beans
Naeco 2 hours ago
The only channel i'll turn my adblock off for
Jessica Oakes
Jessica Oakes 2 hours ago
jimmy’s an actual angel. most humble and giving person on this entire platform hands down.
Still Standing
Still Standing 2 hours ago
Subscribed to all channels. I just lucked up on this one. This is so very awesome. God bless you and your team for blessing so many others. I’ll watch and share.
Šłěńđxř 2 hours ago
MrBeast He Is Rich But He Doesn't Spend Money On Himself And He Spends On People In Need That's How He POPULAR
cj_z 2 hours ago
God bless you Jimmy✌
Jiggle Gamz
Jiggle Gamz 2 hours ago
Who also didn't know he had like channel but subbed rn. ME!
Donnard 2 hours ago
2.88m subs
GAMIFY ME 2 hours ago
His heart is bigger than his pocket
The no bro
The no bro 2 hours ago
time to shout out this channel on your main channel so it gets even bigger
Sranpan 2 hours ago
Algorithm comment so more money, so more charity
Sranpan 2 hours ago
Algorithm comment so more money, so more charity
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien 2 hours ago
I hit the subscribe button and left a like god bless have a great day
plushiez_show 2 hours ago
Don't do coconut water that gives people mad diarrhea
XxIce and SnowxX
XxIce and SnowxX 2 hours ago
Man, I [email protected] love you Mr. Beast. You do so much good in the world and I hope you know how truly blessed you make people feel. Keep up the good work man, cuz we all love you and what you do.
:c ‘
:c ‘ 2 hours ago
Victoria Nelson
Victoria Nelson 3 hours ago
Wow this is amazing
Jay 4You
Jay 4You 3 hours ago
That's amazing.
Mariana L
Mariana L 3 hours ago
Holy fu- how many USposts channels does this mr beast have
Jack Soprano
Jack Soprano 3 hours ago
Saint jimmy
NateTheGreat 3 hours ago
Who disliked???????
cj_z 2 hours ago
Actually anyone who disliked is stupid becuz disliking literally does the same things as likeing only that you show your option which no one cares about(ik you didnt dislike BTW)
Ethan King
Ethan King 3 hours ago
Everyone comment so more people see this
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen 3 hours ago
Your amazing!
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen 3 hours ago
Befoe the 3m mark!
Christina Daniels
Christina Daniels 3 hours ago
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
Alone Mythe
Alone Mythe 2 hours ago
Most intelligent words I've heard.
Max Schreffler
Max Schreffler 3 hours ago
Mrbeast is so jenerous
Rajan Saharan
Rajan Saharan 3 hours ago
Rajan Saharan
Rajan Saharan 3 hours ago
Mulweli Mushiana
Mulweli Mushiana 3 hours ago
Yeah sure I am subscribing, I buy your vision
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 3 hours ago
make more, your saving this world
Gamerz Game
Gamerz Game 3 hours ago
Mr beast is making the world a better place for sure
Sunny Mcleod
Sunny Mcleod 3 hours ago
WHAt that's it I'm moving to America
ScruffyCharms 3 hours ago
I'm glad he does this. he will make a huge impact.
Ghost Story Gaming
Ghost Story Gaming 3 hours ago
At this point just buy a skyscraper and call it Beast inc. and just have a gigantic logo on it. Thanks Jimmy
Littlé bêrry
Littlé bêrry 3 hours ago
Yea ima start watching this everyday
Mazda Miata 90
Mazda Miata 90 4 hours ago
Imagine disliking😑
Hugo castaenda
Hugo castaenda 4 hours ago
"I am bill"