11 months ago
I can't do this anymore.
Slime Art Challenge!
Bella White
Bella White 3 hours ago
Khloe Remmel-Watts
Khloe Remmel-Watts 3 hours ago
Lol 😆 🤣
wingscanspeak 3 hours ago
please someone tell me where to get the blue dress from fancy nighttime I am obsessed
Iain Sharples
Iain Sharples 4 hours ago
Iain Sharples
Iain Sharples 4 hours ago
You should soo go blonde
Buttercup Utoinum123
Buttercup Utoinum123 4 hours ago
4:09 earrape warning
Helga Margret
Helga Margret 4 hours ago
The intro was almost 2 minutes 😂😂
Jocelyn Hansen
Jocelyn Hansen 4 hours ago
Please go blonde
jon macbeth
jon macbeth 4 hours ago
Aaaaaaaaailoveit OMG Hi NOWLOVEYOU
Delisa Everett
Delisa Everett 4 hours ago
The first
epic loser jade
epic loser jade 4 hours ago
delilah1664 4 hours ago
My crush is named that
bunnybae 4 hours ago
So what if I'm a MONSTeEEerR
David Canaz
David Canaz 5 hours ago
I love how she used to be the basic one now she’s the baddie 🤩
Jane Byers
Jane Byers 6 hours ago
MY CHILDHOOD used to be so in love with the girl doing Snow White omg
Ellie Chuchu
Ellie Chuchu 6 hours ago
axallie 6 hours ago
Sabont Magont
Sabont Magont 6 hours ago
That towel trick is pretty good. I’ve never thought about doing that as a hairdresser
Sleepy Fry
Sleepy Fry 6 hours ago
She looks great in bikini
Catalina Gomez
Catalina Gomez 6 hours ago
Lisa Dunn
Lisa Dunn 6 hours ago
For taking away frizzy ness hair I just wet a comb and comb my hair but it might only work for short hair
Ella Post
Ella Post 7 hours ago
Jin Li
Jin Li 7 hours ago
Cansu Alacan
Cansu Alacan 7 hours ago
I love you Rachel
Emma Mojardin
Emma Mojardin 8 hours ago
Lorrie Pederson
Lorrie Pederson 8 hours ago
I can you come to my house today plesse
EmmajgXD 123
EmmajgXD 123 9 hours ago
Rachel's so much different now🥺🥺🥺
Alisa Vaughn
Alisa Vaughn 9 hours ago
Hajrah Aslam
Hajrah Aslam 9 hours ago
I dnt love tiana jasmine and moana
Ashlyne Makombe
Ashlyne Makombe 9 hours ago
After 6 years I finally realised she was talking about moaning myrtle from Harry Potter😂😂😂 and Ginny😂😂😂
Hajrah Aslam
Hajrah Aslam 9 hours ago
My is all princesses except of moana and jasmin
jade holt
jade holt 9 hours ago
am i the only one in 2021
Nasim Mohammadi
Nasim Mohammadi 9 hours ago
هيله خوري
Nasim Mohammadi
Nasim Mohammadi 9 hours ago
Diamondwhite72 9 hours ago
do one with Cardi b
Isabelle Groenewegen
Isabelle Groenewegen 10 hours ago
Can we just talk about the fact that the early bird boiled the water and then never came back.............
Fernando Espinoza
Fernando Espinoza 10 hours ago
Libby's lifestyle
Libby's lifestyle 11 hours ago
At 13:40 look at the way Rachel looks at Nikki
gacha mask
gacha mask 11 hours ago
The first one is blonde Jasmine
Nupur Akter
Nupur Akter 11 hours ago
Abs Is me
Abs Is me 11 hours ago
Wait in the Halloween episode didn't Snow White say that we have a washing machine
Shaheen Mondal
Shaheen Mondal 11 hours ago
ball is my favourite
Mehri Asaliyeva
Mehri Asaliyeva 12 hours ago
What is your age difference?🤨
Carmen Carrion
Carmen Carrion 12 hours ago
I’m a guys because I don’t wear makeup
Ray Savagge
Ray Savagge 12 hours ago
I think that google would be annoying and so would siri lol
waswasgen waswasgen
waswasgen waswasgen 13 hours ago
Lili Ekbauer
Lili Ekbauer 13 hours ago
"Yeah, highlights... just a few..." 🤣
Sudhanshu Srivastava
Sudhanshu Srivastava 13 hours ago
Belle you are a good princess
halla berry
halla berry 13 hours ago
Daniella looks like a cartoon character
Aishlin TONKIN
Aishlin TONKIN 13 hours ago
That’s crazy there so long
jeonsxa_ 14 hours ago
Elsa tank build HAHAHHA joke lang
jeonsxa_ 14 hours ago
Naliligaw ako kaibigan 😌
Veljko Krstic
Veljko Krstic 14 hours ago
Arin01ur111 Tanasa
Arin01ur111 Tanasa 14 hours ago
so bum in the hed
josthina tappi
josthina tappi 15 hours ago
Ice cream Lover Ice
Ice cream Lover Ice 15 hours ago
Tell me Bruce how was your dad that was so wrong man
HASTi 15 hours ago
HARSHINI Bramendra
HARSHINI Bramendra 16 hours ago
I love elsa ,Anna , Cinderella , bella and aireal
SHRESTHA DEY 16 hours ago
I like Elsa and anna
Obaeda Zaitoun
Obaeda Zaitoun 16 hours ago
Pliss lipstik
Lâttê Løvêr
Lâttê Løvêr 17 hours ago
Swap with Arianna Grande?
TAN XING LING Moe 17 hours ago
My favourite princess Rapunzel.
Mehri Asaliyeva
Mehri Asaliyeva 18 hours ago
Its soooo good i would even say its better than before woah 🤩
Jessica Bree
Jessica Bree 18 hours ago
My hip dip QUEENS
Bemela Hnkaka
Bemela Hnkaka 18 hours ago
Eww that drag Queen is a boy ewww
Leylahnni Garza
Leylahnni Garza 19 hours ago
You should do ASMR 🐼🐱
naomi de coster
naomi de coster 20 hours ago
Shivanie Narang
Shivanie Narang 21 hour ago
River J
River J 21 hour ago
GORl you got some clevege 😂 love your videos ❤️
Knitting Girl
Knitting Girl 21 hour ago
Lol middle school has vaping, getting arrested, pregnancies(yes middle school)... But you know our straps still have to be 3 fingers cause shoulders are distracting
It’s Mickey
It’s Mickey 21 hour ago
Your best friend looks like she would say: “I was supposed to be in the video 😌”.
K.F. Brown
K.F. Brown 21 hour ago
Bell is my favorite
samara wijesundera
samara wijesundera 21 hour ago
In the beginning I thought the $110 outfit was the expensive one
Hailey Dejada
Hailey Dejada 21 hour ago
I thought you were switching outfits with yourself
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 22 hours ago
It’s funny how much money you can spend but still look like you went to Ross
KiraKimiko ,
KiraKimiko , 22 hours ago
I remember getting excited watching these kind of videos back then because they were so relatable, now im in high school and elementary and middle schoolers act like adults.
Mia Godoy
Mia Godoy 22 hours ago
I like Elsa
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos 22 hours ago
Senal Senanayake
Senal Senanayake 22 hours ago
They sound like high school best friends