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2 months ago
We Still Have A Problem...
The Truth...
5 months ago
sorcha michelle
sorcha michelle 3 minutes ago
Hi Leon, me and my partner have recently found your channel and become engrossed in it! We collected Pokemon cards when we were younger but stopped as we grew up, but since watching your videos we went down to some store and spent over £50 on Pokemon cards and are collecting again😂 thank you for the great content and inspiration :)
Brandon 17 minutes ago
Oh my god I cried when I saw you turn that slab and reveal that beautiful MINT 9 Charizard, I’m so happy for you man
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 29 minutes ago
Top right corner has white I like psa so much better
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 28 minutes ago
On the dark charzard
Mullfand pokemon
Mullfand pokemon 31 minute ago
R.I.P leonhart wallet
hugo fuentes
hugo fuentes 33 minutes ago
Opens charizard at 20:00 into the video and is a 9 grade nothing special his dragonite got a 9.5 and so did his dark charizard entire video
hugo fuentes
hugo fuentes 20 minutes ago
@Zenithal Titan he also says go watch his other cideo of how his card was lost and found
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 22 minutes ago
Just let us watch it 😐
Thomas Bienert - eSports Caster
Thomas Bienert - eSports Caster 37 minutes ago
Over the past weeks I watched soo many videos while I dont feel very good. Your mood is so nice and so positive. And the reason why I love this channel so much is basically this video! You are like a perfect father to this community. How you appreciate the stories everyone had with pokemon is just amazing. Thank you leonhart.
Noah Frazier
Noah Frazier 38 minutes ago
Noah Frazier
Noah Frazier 40 minutes ago
big nathan
Mullfand pokemon
Mullfand pokemon 40 minutes ago
The king of pokemon
sean 40 minutes ago
for a second i read that they lost it again....
Mullfand pokemon
Mullfand pokemon 40 minutes ago
Leonhart very best k
Mullfand pokemon
Mullfand pokemon 41 minute ago
Money is death
Dan Conner
Dan Conner 41 minute ago
Congrats. Great cards. Positive karma after all you do for people.
Mullfand pokemon
Mullfand pokemon 41 minute ago
Quick Climb
Quick Climb 42 minutes ago
Shorten videos...
FabledFeathers 42 minutes ago
Using gloves is bad?
Cj Norton
Cj Norton 45 minutes ago
Young Louie
Young Louie 48 minutes ago
This makes me so happy get to see Leonhart collab with one of the most influential youtubers been subbed to leonhart since 200k it’s insane how much he grew and made the Pokémon community fun and exciting and I just love that ❤️💯
cgbach 56 minutes ago
Rookie question. How would a re-grade come back at a higher score than the initial score?
ASVP GABE Hour ago
Hahaha oh Leonhart how things change now people are hunting those Evo’s
Bombo Theo
Bombo Theo Hour ago
Maybe they gave u just another charizard instead of yours which had a 10
Felben Trazona
Felben Trazona Hour ago
Chad Horton
Chad Horton Hour ago
Zard v
curtis green
curtis green Hour ago
nice way to drag out and click bait videos... if anybody believes this fools storys is a loser... he said the card got lost for more views plain and simple...
PokéFan Meditie308
PokéFan Meditie308 Hour ago
Welcome home Charizard, we hope you brought pizza!
King Bernard
King Bernard Hour ago
This is what we've all been waiting for.
Lunar van Rossen
Lunar van Rossen Hour ago
Chad Horton
Chad Horton Hour ago
Donated goods work my man
RobloxPlayer C
RobloxPlayer C Hour ago
How much money was that
Ishi Bro
Ishi Bro 2 hours ago
At lastttt... We are relieved... Welcome back bruvv..🥰
Michael Holland
Michael Holland 2 hours ago
At least in your pokemon career you still have to pull a beckett and psa 10 1st edition box set zard
Brentt Irwin
Brentt Irwin 2 hours ago
This guy is rich and acts like this card changed his life or something. Lol hes got multiple charziards.
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez 2 hours ago
A Dog on Blitz
A Dog on Blitz 2 hours ago
I got one 1st edition charizard but while moving out i lost the box whit all my pokemon card.
Mr.Mister 2 hours ago
They loved that the shadowless pack was sealed.
Silly Hellhound
Silly Hellhound 2 hours ago
I can do perfect Golom, Stitch, and Meatwad voices. *Nudge nudge* 8)
ivo pinto
ivo pinto 2 hours ago
Hey he got hime with a pkus. 20k value on his back lol
ADAM FAUSTINO 2 hours ago
For the favorite starter Pokémon it is score bunny
Daniel Rugg
Daniel Rugg 2 hours ago
I mean if he was a flipper or something he would've cost himself a ton of money. Them keeping it for 5 months added a ton of value. Better late than never 🤘
3vlTk 2 hours ago
Hey L ... the dark charizard the top left corner of the card have a slightly different cut angle than the other corners and have a minuscule edge cut that the other corners not have(check the bid in between min 14 and 14:30) that can make the card go down half point to a point(edge cut for those who wonder is when the machine cuts the corners and then when the card is separated in to individual cards the top cut was on slight angle and that leaves a small indent from the cut)
Gotta Go
Gotta Go 3 hours ago
Aint official until its in your hands. Congratulations!
Jonathan Schalken
Jonathan Schalken 3 hours ago
Everything here has gone up in price 20-40x
John Salvaggio
John Salvaggio 3 hours ago
I like you're cut g
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 20 minutes ago
Michael Spurgeon
Michael Spurgeon 3 hours ago
Dragonite is my absolute favorite Pokémon!!!! I have wet dreams about that card.
kearon maher
kearon maher 3 hours ago
Leon Hart nice pull bro =) gratz man good grade aswell happy days double smiley =)
The Pokemon Bros
The Pokemon Bros 3 hours ago
So glad that zard found its way home !
Mumble 3 hours ago
its crazy that this whole ordeal happened to the rarest and most sought after card in the entire tcg amazing ending to the story with a mint 9. we are all so happy for you!
Charpeiy 3 hours ago
looses a 55,000 dollar card, get a 75,000 dollar card... lol
iskandar azmi
iskandar azmi 3 hours ago
Kel Toh
Kel Toh 3 hours ago
I still have many of those cards.
John Salvaggio
John Salvaggio 3 hours ago
Omg I pulled a whole eat my ass.
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 19 minutes ago
😐 ?
Thy Booma
Thy Booma 3 hours ago
I'm just not getting into pokemon and I was wondering what packs I should open to have some fun and maybe pull some good cards, my budgets about 500$
Craig Goodall
Craig Goodall 3 hours ago
ME-DIC! 3 hours ago
19:50 to skip the bullshit
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 18 minutes ago
It's not bullshit, I actually enjoy the commentary.
Valmala 3 hours ago
i would have absolutely loved that Misdreavus
THE_G_CHILD _ 3 hours ago
Gay. Too much money.
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 18 minutes ago
Imagine thinking gay is an insult in 2020. And of course it's valuable, they are very rare.
Nautilars 3 hours ago
This is irrelevant for this video but why are Pokémon cards so cheap compared in the US compared to Europe :( I saw a video of you buying like gengar boxes, you paid 9$ for I think and those big poke balls 3 for 25$ here in Europe that gengar box costs €25 which is $30 and 1 pokeball just 1 costs €18 which is $21 dollars and I just wonder how that big of a price difference is possible
Craig Goodall
Craig Goodall 3 hours ago
Kian Atkinson
Kian Atkinson 3 hours ago
I got a mega charizard ex from a single evolvoutions oack
Craig Goodall
Craig Goodall 3 hours ago
Lol"that was my spit"and the look of disappointment 🤣😅😂🤣😂😁happy days lee on hartsquad
Jayzee Gutierrez
Jayzee Gutierrez 3 hours ago
Matty rogers
Matty rogers 4 hours ago
Feel sorry for the young new collectors that will never be able to afford something like this but least we can enjoy it with this legend 🔥
Jp2485 4 hours ago
$75,000.... Lies.
Jp2485 2 minutes ago
@Zenithal Titan as time goes by, you said a key thing there so these prices at the moment aren't the true value of the cards.
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 6 minutes ago
@Jp2485 As time goes by, the value goes up and other desperate collectors buy them for higher prices which also boosts up the value by a substantial amount.
Jp2485 10 minutes ago
@Zenithal Titan just because people set prices that high on ebay doesn't mean they sell for that much that's why I'm calling bullshit on alot of these youtubers who are continuing to hype prices up.
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 17 minutes ago
No lies, look for any of these rare cards in ebay
David Vymazal
David Vymazal 4 hours ago
Dragonite definiteli
Josh Martin
Josh Martin 4 hours ago
Sean Davey
Sean Davey 4 hours ago
Kids these days are missing out on captain planet
Sean Davey
Sean Davey 4 hours ago
Can I buy a box of your doubles off ya from this set?
Sean Davey
Sean Davey 4 hours ago
Well 2 years too late but still subbed the other day lol. Love your videos
Gotta Luv
Gotta Luv 4 hours ago
Well deserved grats men
GUCCI GEORGE 4 hours ago
who is here 3 years later?
Stevie Roder
Stevie Roder 4 hours ago
Huge Congrats on the prestiege 9 grade on the Zard Leon. Also Welcome Home Charizard.
HelloWorld007 4 hours ago
If the first edition stamp is gray, does that affect the grading?
Zenithal Titan
Zenithal Titan 16 minutes ago
Yes, it increases it's rarity
JJJPowerUp 4 hours ago
Cool to see this collab, I enjoyed it!
MrAlibabaa 4 hours ago
Don't want to even think of the value of this now...
Windae Licker
Windae Licker 4 hours ago
So happy you’ve got it back!
lil smurf P.
lil smurf P. 4 hours ago
His head is all over the place in the intros 😂
Christian Olivares
Christian Olivares 4 hours ago
Logan Paul sucks
gozero6925 4 hours ago
None of my collected cards would never be a good 9 or 10 PSA grading
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez 5 hours ago
Pot2 fox
Pot2 fox 5 hours ago
Dude, imagine... Charizard, ultra rare you were digging into a hole where people were investigating and it was an important artifact so someone were "deleting them " when they would try to help you so it misteriously kept disappearing from the map from someone way bigger than you can ever imagine so you don't even know who sent it originally. ( This.would be a nice idea.from this sketch idea jebus)