BabyHunter 5 hours ago
Should make tachanka like the one they respect and follow after Harry
Eunelyn Biscan
Eunelyn Biscan 5 hours ago
What kind of games is this?
Zafran Akram
Zafran Akram 6 hours ago
This actually a real story in Montana or is it fake
Zafran Akram
Zafran Akram 6 hours ago
Plz reply
Zafran Akram
Zafran Akram 6 hours ago
What a game
Fok Kralı
Fok Kralı 6 hours ago
I had 4089 mb when I was playing the game, but now there is 1009 mb! please someone help!
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway 6 hours ago
Imagine Assasins Creed II and Brotherhood Remake with Unity Graphics.. it literally would be exactly like this trailer..
DatedWizard 6 hours ago
Elite skins are on sale, but for dokkaebi we’ll be removing the c75 from her loadout in 2 weeks making her unplayable for 80% of console players but we’ll continue to advertise the c75 getting a skin on the elite to help make us more money.
NerdyBritishKoala 6 hours ago
Neven 2468
Neven 2468 7 hours ago
Hahaha cannot wait to kill people with it.
Mr Moustache
Mr Moustache 8 hours ago
Is that 60 fps on an xbox series x?
Mr Moustache
Mr Moustache 8 hours ago
Noticed the buttons?
_0_RESTART_0_ Ilija Mladenovski
_0_RESTART_0_ Ilija Mladenovski 9 hours ago
Alexios, what is an Assassin? -Nothing more than a forgotten myth.
Austin Petersen
Austin Petersen 9 hours ago
I just want Lawbringer to have armor on his shove again :'(
JustPerson 9 hours ago
LMAO the Kensei didnt dodge
Kevin 9 hours ago
I have to admit, you guys are making the best videos.
Olga Vesela
Olga Vesela 10 hours ago
Connor save Amerika.
zionarchive 11 hours ago
Alexio's voice actor is hot irl too 😍
That Sweet Cece
That Sweet Cece 11 hours ago
Please marry me, I'm begging you
Marko 11 hours ago
You've proven that you can temporarily ban users who caused DDoS attacks, now do that for MnK cheaters and macro users on console, it's been an issue since Y4S1 and you haven't even raised a finger to fix this issue, also nice scummy move, because to buy the credits you still have to pay the normal price, the only difference is that you'll have some credits left at the end just sitting there.
Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Meme Edition
Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Meme Edition 11 hours ago
Flores is definitely not an ancestor of some Germans who went in hiding
Osama Bin Laggin
Osama Bin Laggin 12 hours ago
Well when’s the update?lmao
Arda Elataş
Arda Elataş 12 hours ago
Türk operatör nerde OĞLUM TOPLANMAYIN LAN
LocoSword39 12 hours ago
Pov if you liked this: *You main Recruit because like having Hard breach and Soft breach* Also your Pov if you liked this: *You main Recruit because you like having C4 with a Proximity alarm*
Lamp Post
Lamp Post 12 hours ago
So can you free roam with your friends like watch dogs 2?
Jacob Caserta
Jacob Caserta 12 hours ago
Um guys go to 5:00 minutes and look at the fuze shield
Power Izevsk
Power Izevsk 13 hours ago
fack you ubi, you kill R6!!! Fack Cabersport
Admiralcasual 13 hours ago
Gustave Kateb Looks good ngl
TehEpikHanXin 13 hours ago
the british guy is a simp and pulse and the japanese girl ( I forgot her name don't hate on me) were dating so yea
Cagdas Arslan
Cagdas Arslan 13 hours ago
2:15 amogus
MistahWillieG 14 hours ago
Kemet Is Beautiful
Nathan Quintal
Nathan Quintal 14 hours ago
Flores: Exists Twitch pick rate: NOT STONKS (ik ik its a dead meme if anyone says that)
Anar Rana
Anar Rana 14 hours ago
Anar Rana
Anar Rana 14 hours ago
Sanek play
Sanek play 14 hours ago
Ooooo nice
Fernando Arratia
Fernando Arratia 15 hours ago
I sacrifice my friends all the time in R6 and they never complain
It’s Pretzels
It’s Pretzels 15 hours ago
Please nerf griffin
OhhhBeats! 16 hours ago
Please give castle the P90, anything helps at this point
z0m8ie ツ
z0m8ie ツ 16 hours ago
damn so different from now
Trainer_ Ice
Trainer_ Ice 17 hours ago
We can have jumping c4 but twitch’s drones still can’t🤦🏽‍♂️
Caelan Smith
Caelan Smith 17 hours ago
Hey how about a Melusi buff?
DumGhost !
DumGhost ! 17 hours ago
Instead of reworking maps and guns, can we get new stuff?
Max Komlev
Max Komlev 17 hours ago
Wow the rcXD from black ops 2 🥵🥵🥵🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna 18 hours ago
I'm home, digitally home!
Mustafa Rami
Mustafa Rami 18 hours ago
He is awesome
Malachi 18 hours ago
Legion might be my least favourite watch dogs, but I'm hoping the season pass and online makes up for that
Malachi 18 hours ago
Spider bot arena would been amazing if you could crawl on walls
mr gamer3030
mr gamer3030 18 hours ago
YUNG GINGEY 18 hours ago
Bro pulse last year 1 v 4 this year oof
Beastfan69 19 hours ago
Ubisoft better nerf highlander hes an old man swinging a bigass sword and some how he has the fastes light and heavy attacks
big swag
big swag 19 hours ago
i though this was an elite skin for like thatcher of something from the thumbnail
Sapiente de Humanas
Sapiente de Humanas 19 hours ago
How have I never met this piece of glory?
MasterPlaysDE 20 hours ago
raidaz 75
raidaz 75 20 hours ago
Calling it right now they won't pay this off in the next vid and sam will make a generic remark to harry saying glad you managed to get this fixed
Tulio Triviño31
Tulio Triviño31 20 hours ago
Did you saw that in every video there are references to peaches?
Kamagrie last name
Kamagrie last name 20 hours ago
I played through dicovery of my own fruition, im not even in school anymore.
Kamagrie last name
Kamagrie last name 20 hours ago
Dunno why i read ubisoft north america as ubisoft north africa but ok
The Androminator
The Androminator 21 hour ago
I come back here every once and a while to remember how it used to be...
xX_Musashi_Xx 21 hour ago
Almost 4 years but Ok, we dont want a Cyberpirates 1577
LZYDOG 18 hours ago
DG Montagdoff
DG Montagdoff 21 hour ago
It's stupid that they only give elite skins to the most popular characters, we need some for the first ops that were out like Monty and Castle, or mozzie would be cool
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 21 hour ago
Would’ve preferred if he was with the other actors of the family
Jalbatross 21 hour ago
I've played most of Valhalla and all of the other AC games and I have to say, this is still the best one. Such a beautiful, amazing game.
Mike Taudor
Mike Taudor 21 hour ago
When will it be released?
N C 21 hour ago
2:15 lol not anymore
Alland Faris
Alland Faris 21 hour ago
Hello ubisoft can you add Volvo S60 Polestar and Volvo V60 Polestar and the 2019 Volvo VNL from FIA European Truck Racing Championship (2019) to The Crew 2
Jeevan Malik
Jeevan Malik 22 hours ago
Everyone: Making fun of ash saying that she was used as bait Me: Where smoke and tachanka face reveal?
Kiwi Industries
Kiwi Industries 22 hours ago
My god how cool would a movie like this be. Ubisoft has an opportunity to really make this a thing cause WE as players use these operators! What level of immersion potential would an animated series or movie or whatever could this have?!?!? We've known these characters for years, now its time to see them in cinematics
Green Mohawk19
Green Mohawk19 22 hours ago
What’s the name of the song