9 months ago
Jb Maxwell
Jb Maxwell Minute ago
Kevin Pritchard
Kevin Pritchard 13 minutes ago
Good to see y'all sailing again, great vid
David Priddy
David Priddy Hour ago
Love your videos gang. You showed the Garmin app on your iPad. Can you tell me which app you use?
wrighty1957 Hour ago
Gosh I bet that was a bit scary but you both seemed pretty cool ,great video stay safe xx
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 3 hours ago
Wow. Don’t distract her when she is chopping coconut.
Catalyst Network Solutions
Catalyst Network Solutions 3 hours ago
Hugh Shepherd
Hugh Shepherd 4 hours ago
Is this a sailing program or fashion show?
Jörg Rammin
Jörg Rammin 4 hours ago
LilithMoon29 4 hours ago
Astra Zeneca - thank you so much for helping him with his quality of life.. also to the Wynn's and rest of the angels - you are the best.. stellar job to you all!! Hope you have many beautiful years to come Mark.. god bless you!!
MarvelExtra 4 hours ago
So finding a wife and a husband must be challenging than right?!
Sailing Catamaran Element
Sailing Catamaran Element 5 hours ago
10mm Stainless chain from Germany - top class, has a 5 stamped into every 5th link. 6 years, 23,000 Nm and 33 countries later....still shiny and going strong!
Catalyst Network Solutions
Catalyst Network Solutions 5 hours ago
She’s a keeper.
MONICA LYNN 5 hours ago
It is AWESOME that you are Sailing ⛵ again! 🙂 Gives the rest of us current landlubbers hope.. QUESTION: Do they make a Polarized lens for the camera, gopro or cellphone cameras? I liked how you put your polarized shades over the lens to show us the reefs better. I wonder why they don't just make that standard? Is it possible to increase contrast settings to get similar effects like polarization?🤔 Thks, 🕊⛵
Karen Helfand
Karen Helfand 5 hours ago
Glad you are safe and sound.
Karen Helfand
Karen Helfand 5 hours ago
And bloopers like everyone else has said 🥳😂😘🤣
californiakayaker N6GRG
californiakayaker N6GRG 6 hours ago
When I heard that I thought "OIL PRESSURE". which is what the beep usually means. Scary thought. Glad it wasn't too bad.
craig me
craig me 7 hours ago
Ausi here. omg that was bad. And it's Australia Day today. Repeat after me: Fare-dinkum...yer-naaa. just smile and eat a Vegemite sandwich. All will be forgiven.
Crocheting Around New Zealand
Crocheting Around New Zealand 7 hours ago
No bees!!
All Electric Family
All Electric Family 7 hours ago
Jason always goes overboard! But we love that about him.
Richard Mond
Richard Mond 7 hours ago
Dude is looking more and more like GUMBY or ERASER HEAD
Kirk Baur
Kirk Baur 8 hours ago
Soooo when is Jason fixing the leaks???
Jon Rau
Jon Rau 9 hours ago
Well Jason, I thought my wife was the only one who used the editors touch. Rarely do I know what I'm doing wrong, just that it's time to shut up. At least now I have company. Ha 😁
Robert Cowan
Robert Cowan 9 hours ago
something caused that belt to go.............
AfricanFlightStar 9 hours ago
👍🏻😆😁🤣 those bloopers 😂😂
WillN2Go1 9 hours ago
What?? The neighbors in paradise burn stinky stuff? That's why I want to get a boat and sail across the ocean. Maybe Elon Musk has a better offer on Mars.....
Divine Mojo
Divine Mojo 9 hours ago
The Bloops!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So great!! 😁👏🏼👏🏼💜💜💖
Steve Payne
Steve Payne 10 hours ago
Another awesome video. I love how honest you both are and make it a funny situation when something doesn’t go as smooth as it should. The bloopers are a great add as well. Glad your back doing what you love and thanks for bringing us along. My week is made watching your videos.
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 10 hours ago
la vagabonde*
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 10 hours ago
your and lavgabonde are two of my most favorites sailing channels......
Dennis Breckner
Dennis Breckner 10 hours ago
Er, I like the red one.
TheJustonemore 10 hours ago
Is it just a bit off that your sail has a ad? The leopard better get you a new yacht for that adventuress
Shannon Hintz-Harper
Shannon Hintz-Harper 10 hours ago
3:38 rip to anyone wearing headphones
Margaret Kohler
Margaret Kohler 11 hours ago
Awesome job! Loved the use of the graphics!
Fred Fleming
Fred Fleming 11 hours ago
You guys are hilarious! Fred in Texas
lebutzki 11 hours ago
I remember this hurricane, my family and I were flying from Detroit to Orlando but the plane got diverted to Atlanta instead. Then we flew from Atlanta to Fort Meyers and drove to Orlando the next day. We had to drop the rental car off at the Orlando airport and it was so creepy because the entire airport was shut down but you could still enter the main atrium. It was something out of an apocalypse movie
SV BELLA 11 hours ago
You guys are great! Be safe!
Ryan Goldsmith
Ryan Goldsmith 12 hours ago
At minute 21:15, is that a boat pushed up on the shore? Nice boat, but it looks like it’s leaning!
Ryan Goldsmith
Ryan Goldsmith 12 hours ago
Oh and I’m loving your hair!!
Wade Nisbet
Wade Nisbet 12 hours ago
The reason for the belt shredding is that the pulleys will have surface rust from sitting in the humid Tongan air while you were away. You will need to carefully clean off the rust on all the pulleys and replace the belts.
eric morris
eric morris 13 hours ago
"If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen out here" - Captain Ron
Natalie Kwok
Natalie Kwok 13 hours ago
The drinks and food look SOOOO GOOD 😌
Scott Petrich
Scott Petrich 13 hours ago
Your video skills are just over the top....I see lots of vids where the music is just overwhelming and the voice audio is weak and vice-versa.....Very few sailing channels equal yours....(even if you ARE veggies).....LOL.....I respect that, completely, and, my question is: How do dried fruits and veggies hold up under such conditions? I notice that you have no aversion to catching fish...which is great....Happy trails from Wyoming again
DammitJanet 13 hours ago
Johnathan Alabastar
Johnathan Alabastar 14 hours ago
The fact that it was the alternator belt was what broke is probably the absolute best scenario with just turning the key off on that alarm. If the alternator was still running, that means the alarm would be for oil pressure or temp, and you didn't actually turn the engine off, just the key .. which also would have had a high chance of blowing the alternator (regulator) if it was still turning.
Idaho Rider
Idaho Rider 14 hours ago
Never a dull moment right?
Marie 14 hours ago
heading sounded like click bate
Amy Jane Stewart
Amy Jane Stewart 14 hours ago
Love escaping the scamdemic as it plays out in NY, while watching your uplifting and beautiful videos. Safe travels! ***Thank you***
David Paquet
David Paquet 14 hours ago
need more bikinis...raise your views..
Margaret Kohler
Margaret Kohler 14 hours ago
I’m sorry if I missed a link online (I promise I checked :)), but someone has had to ask about those awesome beer glasses 🍻 Please let me know!!!
sujon khan
sujon khan 15 hours ago
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outofchips 15 hours ago
What drone do you recommend?
Chris Starnes
Chris Starnes 15 hours ago
That frieghtliner is gonna get you all with all the BLOOPERS. Lol
KEVIN GIBBONS 15 hours ago
Really awesome video as usual! Thanks for sharing.
KEVIN GIBBONS 15 hours ago
How often do you change your impellers on your engines?
Aus L
Aus L 15 hours ago
So with the belt gone no alternator hence no tachometer easy to think engine was off but also no jacket water pump and i did see the Temp gauge high and the Red over temp light on within that gauge so lucky you didn't cook the engine letting it run on that would of been disastrous! now why your other alarm lights came on from losing the alternator i don't know without looking at diagram the only light that should of illuminated is the Battery light, the S/D Water Seal Light, Water in Fuel Light & Sea Water Flow Light should not have been on, so again adding confusion that the engine was shut down with all alarm lights on, poor wiring design by yanmar there not considering a situation where a simple belt failure might occur and what the alarm lights would do in that case.
Jean Burk
Jean Burk 15 hours ago
I had a moment that is etched in my memory. We blew a head gasket in our motor launch engine, in 6 ' waves outside the entrance of Hidden Basin, and I had to keep the boat in position 100 yds from the rocks, while Captain dealt with. Thanks for the review of your first day actually sailing. Love the giddy after emergency after beer effects. Been there. Maybe time for a fire drill.
Bob Estler
Bob Estler 15 hours ago
Moving all my subscriptions to Rumble. Hope to see you there.
MichaelK 16 hours ago
Im absolutely convinced there are around 130ish people whos job it is to downvote videos, because I see that number of downvotes all the time on various channels =)
Bill T
Bill T 16 hours ago
Has Pip been adopted? I read that she found a home in FIJI but there were no details. Please do a follow up on Pip.
Ivor 16 hours ago
Recently found this weekly offering , really very enjoyable, good quality. A couple of nice positive people, sort of reinstates ones hope that America does have normal decent people. So, what about a meet up sometime by sailing into the same location as La Vagabond, (bet you watch each other’s weekly VT.) Both couples offering quality footage and comment. Thank you.
Jeffrey Grant
Jeffrey Grant 16 hours ago
Bloopers help! Mm Hmmmm. But,,,,,how about dropping a chum bucket and swimming with the SHARKS!!!!!! That would be exciting!!!!!!
misha frog
misha frog 16 hours ago
Fun vid guys , Nikki would be a pro nut cracker if let lose Lol, may i surgest a wheeled pizza cutter to add to the kitchen drawer
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 3 hours ago
Jason Lones
Jason Lones 17 hours ago
Curtis Loud
Curtis Loud 17 hours ago
Would putong rice grains in the housing keep the dampness down and maybe less fog
YoureNowOnTV 17 hours ago
Nathan Maddock
Nathan Maddock 18 hours ago
You guys are great. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs. It is an overcast, cold, rainy day here in the Midwest; enjoy the tropics.
Mastro Virticchio
Mastro Virticchio 18 hours ago
From Italy: Siete troppo simpatici! Buon vento dall'equipe di "Diabolo Citron"
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 17 hours ago
Buon vento!
Daniel BC Hawkins
Daniel BC Hawkins 18 hours ago
So Keith and the Zatara crew managed to get into Australia. You planning on heading that way as well?
SunWorthy Sailing
SunWorthy Sailing 18 hours ago
As always, you never disappoint:)
Ricky Breaux
Ricky Breaux 18 hours ago
Love the bloopers!! Thanks for sharing !!👍
missVmilne 19 hours ago
Oh what fun n games - all a great learning curve. Enjoy yourselves peeps. Love from the London Landlubbers x
W5 Properties
W5 Properties 19 hours ago
Your alarm was probably from overheating - you didn't just loose the "Alternator belt" - that belt is the only belt and it drives the circulation pump for the engine coolant - so coolant wasn't circulating from the engine to the heat exchanger and the engine was overheating. The alarm can also occur because of low oil pressure so neither is good on engine life... Hopefully when you found it still running you didn't overheat it to the point the headgasket went....
vipecrx 19 hours ago
"no I'm not pregnant" Guess I'm not the only one who's getting annoyed at "losing youtubers to pregnancy.
Bob McL
Bob McL 19 hours ago
Great update, fun to watch. Regarding the alternator belt, you might want to check the pulleys for alignment or any damage (burrs). Unless the belt was just really old, of course.... Best wishes from Canada!
502You 19 hours ago
Thomas LT
Thomas LT 19 hours ago
venmo is also a seriously flawed app. I received 300 bucks from someone and they took 60 bucks. Called their number and conveniently they're not answering the phones with the current covid thingy. Zelle seems to work a lot better.
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 20 hours ago
Always a fun time with you guys. Great vlog episode ‼️ ✌️ ✨ 💕 ✨ ⛵️🌊🏝👙🌞✨
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 20 hours ago
This may come as a tip for you was for me. When raising the main, the boat does not need to be into the wind. Yep, you read that right. 🙂✌️✨. only the boom needs to be into the wind. Saw this demonstrated several times by some racers and other cruisers. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice 👍
MrBuzzSargent 20 hours ago
I had not watched one of your videos in a very long time. After watching some monohull channels I had not realized how fast your cat can run with less wind. Cats really do run faster. I particularly like it when you're out sailing. This was fun and a learning experience. PS your commercial was very well done because it did not sound like stupid USposts professional ads. Happy Trails
Urban Deployment
Urban Deployment 20 hours ago
Jeezus, just use the parking brake people
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 17 hours ago
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran 20 hours ago
Alright, fine you got me. After watching for a few years I finally caved and subbed.
BlackAnvil47 20 hours ago
The sea krait isn't poisonous it is venomous.....a real heart stopped of an animal
Gone with the Wynns
Gone with the Wynns 17 hours ago
Yes but technically you'll suffocate before your heart stops.