cassey Ollie
cassey Ollie 14 hours ago
I just skipped a 10 second ad to watch a 14 minute ad🤯
꧁𒊹Cookie Lian𒊹꧂
꧁𒊹Cookie Lian𒊹꧂ 14 hours ago
I got two ads in a ad
Spider Man
Spider Man 14 hours ago
This is f*cking disgusting but I watch these anyway Also I’m subbed
GamerAldrich 14 hours ago
For a second I thought it says google lol
Jenny Albero
Jenny Albero 14 hours ago
Frisk undertale
Frisk undertale 14 hours ago
Hey hay eh
BamBamphat cake
BamBamphat cake 14 hours ago
kyle: Brainnssssssssssssssss adam: just ya know, coughing
Melly Singh
Melly Singh 14 hours ago
6:12 those two would be besties for life 😭
TheCrabbyCuber 14 hours ago
Ben’s fountain buddy looks like Chris Pratt
Delilah Adams
Delilah Adams 14 hours ago
Hay I got a simple dimples
JBL and stuff
JBL and stuff 14 hours ago
2:58 ooooh weird
Kathy Odom
Kathy Odom 14 hours ago
So cool
CadeFilms 14 hours ago
0:41 and that’s why I only eat when the movie starts
Brenden Van Brunt
Brenden Van Brunt 14 hours ago
يا له من فيلم رائع ، لقد كان جيدًا
Reator Core
Reator Core 14 hours ago
Burritos are already weaponized! You don’t need to make them any more dangerous. People will fear you if you have eaten one.
UmiCatcha 14 hours ago
just give it to my 5 year old sister and she will break it in 1 second *she can break a litteral phone.*
Justin Merrell
Justin Merrell 14 hours ago
My autism ADHD just got triggered
crewplex 14 hours ago
I think you Sloan used to work as being a Viking
Wyld Will
Wyld Will 14 hours ago
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun 14 hours ago
Me being a 5th grader: Hmmm yeah we will see, we will see......
Idk Why
Idk Why 14 hours ago
I'm pretty sure that the slap lollipop is expensive asf while here in Mexico is in $2 pesos
Ramos Perez
Ramos Perez 14 hours ago
Literally this is going to take ages to score a point
Egg Egg
Egg Egg 14 hours ago
Is this a over time nook of
DeadHead 14 hours ago
ya know i wouldn't be shocked if one came gay XD
Oh hi
Elena Lampka
Elena Lampka 14 hours ago
You could get facts from this video
Abe Carey
Abe Carey 15 hours ago
im so happy awesome time
Ivan Buss
Ivan Buss 15 hours ago
Whoever you guys are in the plumber add
crewplex 15 hours ago
Drink that juice drink that juice drink that juice drink that Juice drink that Juice drink that Juice 🧃
BloxianPal 15 hours ago
0:53 Captions: Les Nubians
Carly Downer
Carly Downer 15 hours ago
The starting bid is so funny because the sheep those Mary had a little lamb
crewplex 15 hours ago
Drink the juice drink the juice
Jamila King
Jamila King 15 hours ago
VAT 19: This might frighten kids EVERYBODY: Hides in the comments
Nic L
Nic L 15 hours ago
well i foresome reason like soggy cereal so i don't need this but its still cool 10/10
ai zhou
ai zhou 15 hours ago
Shyanne Skalski
Shyanne Skalski 15 hours ago
where is danny in the video
ai zhou
ai zhou 15 hours ago
Jamie: **exhales** F*ck that is hot.
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor 15 hours ago
Are you going to sell this
Admin fox
Admin fox 15 hours ago
I started laughing at the pointless pie chart
etz ruiz
etz ruiz 15 hours ago
"It's cute" "I wouldn't say cute" *puts mini toy in big toy* "THAT IS CUTE" LOL
why do i exist please give me answers
why do i exist please give me answers 15 hours ago
2021 was just made 10 times better
Gabriel Hedger
Gabriel Hedger 15 hours ago
Can u make more of the hats I want 9ne but there sold out
just your non-binary bee
just your non-binary bee 15 hours ago
Im surprised the simple dimple was not in this
Sophia Daphne Santos
Sophia Daphne Santos 15 hours ago
I miss this👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️
Axel Alvarado
Axel Alvarado 15 hours ago
I completely forgot about awesome time. That was until I saw him in the chair and fan art room
Wolf pack 2000
Wolf pack 2000 15 hours ago
RCMP 15 hours ago
No one talking about how perfect those cards looked when Eric slammed them
Charlie Elizabeth
Charlie Elizabeth 15 hours ago
Cause everyone has a room made of gummy bears
Jihan Ferguson
Jihan Ferguson 15 hours ago
Geez ewww 🤢
Cyber-Shark 15 hours ago
*crys because of the Narwell* this dude: 😁
Toby 15 hours ago
Perla Olais Valdez
Perla Olais Valdez 15 hours ago
9:21 this is Mexican candy I am Mexican my self
Josh89 15 hours ago
Thumbnail: Wetter than water Me: water isn’t wet
YuYing Yang
YuYing Yang 15 hours ago
No one would buy the red and blue pencil and me here wanting it :( are they really not gonna sell it
Sanne Ros
Sanne Ros 15 hours ago
I'm feeling old right now. I was subscribed when this came out..... 11 years ago
Chickenswin420 15 hours ago
Absolutely amusing great content
Kylie Barefoot
Kylie Barefoot 15 hours ago
You know what my friend calls slaps Mexican candy
Waffle Man
Waffle Man 15 hours ago
Instead of a cucumber make a banana
C.E.O of Giraffe
C.E.O of Giraffe 15 hours ago
good vibes
good vibes 15 hours ago
Nichole Cadwallader
Nichole Cadwallader 15 hours ago
The putty test was fake cuz the ozer putty was the same for all
flamers shows /and more
flamers shows /and more 15 hours ago
Alt title: "The harder you squeeze, the less privileges it has"
Wyld Will
Wyld Will 15 hours ago
BOOM! HES IN THE HOLE! Search up the hole and click the vid at the top to no what im talking about/get the joke
Katie Bug
Katie Bug 15 hours ago
I love this
Shafee Khan
Shafee Khan 15 hours ago
theres way too many visual gags imo
Madelyn Buzek
Madelyn Buzek 16 hours ago
I’m here after the reboot anyone else?
Jani Price
Jani Price 16 hours ago
I have no clue what's going on and I love it
Aemilia Folkerts
Aemilia Folkerts 16 hours ago
iSabEl caca bird
iSabEl caca bird 16 hours ago
1:23 so ur saying I thought it was the pp white stuff 😏
A.A Playtime
A.A Playtime 16 hours ago
We're do you liv
lemuel 16 hours ago
I love your videos but there was too much editing in this one
Bl1tz3r 16 hours ago
Avelin Del
Avelin Del 16 hours ago
2:35 Anyone happen to know the tune? 🙃😂
Ashley Silva
Ashley Silva 16 hours ago
The title of the video sounds delicious
hbroughton1234 16 hours ago
That golf ball yes it did, it was broken
Dbg kreeps
Dbg kreeps 16 hours ago
saqibkhan1012 16 hours ago
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 16 hours ago
I hope it was yummy
ORANGE MATIONS 16 hours ago
how can you make something birthday cake flavoured when a birthday cake can be any flavour?
MudZeePlay Gamer
MudZeePlay Gamer 16 hours ago
With those lollipop challenges I dont understand, why not just bite down on it, quickly chew and eat it, he just said you need to eat it, never said no chewing on it