15 days ago
Albert Piotrowski
Albert Piotrowski 9 hours ago
Man it kinda sucks that its only for th14
JustinYoutube 9 hours ago
I been waiting for u to upload this
LIL Y 9 hours ago
Hero Heal is 56 compared to the Unicorns 76 which is pretty significant
veRs- over
veRs- over 9 hours ago
I haven't watch u since 2016
Dyrxc 9 hours ago
Eh bad video
Ibrahim Salame
Ibrahim Salame 9 hours ago
The game starting to look like Castle Clash
Tappmyass 9 hours ago
Literally ripped straight from castle clash
Joely The Nighthawk
Joely The Nighthawk 9 hours ago
When does it come out
Tonto 9 hours ago
Uploads at 6am
Adruz001 D
Adruz001 D 9 hours ago
Not sure this was the way to go for clash, I'm not feeling it. Same deal as the builder huts, I don't think it's necessary.
Dakota Stender
Dakota Stender 10 hours ago
it’s so crazy how i used to look up to these bases now i would 3 star any single one of them
StoryOfShifty 10 hours ago
do u get it at th14?
Fluffy\Fox 10 hours ago
Man, in my opinion it doesn't suit the clash of clans essence, this update is a little weird if compared to what coc has ever done before
4shler 10 hours ago
Finally. I have been patiently waiting for this
x94e 10 hours ago
i think the new pets should be th11+ and you unlock one at each townhall level. but they're still really cool
EBJ 10 hours ago
of all the things in the new update this is the one that should be for town hall 10 or 11
pixle_fn 10 hours ago
Can town hall nine get pets
GP006 Gamer
GP006 Gamer 10 hours ago
Superscript: ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢᵘᵇ ᵃˡˡ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵒⁿ ᵐʸ ᵛᵉᵈᶦᵒ
yeetus xd
yeetus xd 10 hours ago
Is this only for th 14
Malachi McCorn
Malachi McCorn 10 hours ago
I need more people in my clan, comment under here so I can invite you
Jayden Eck
Jayden Eck 10 hours ago
Where are the builder hall upgrades tho??????????
Momo PG3D
Momo PG3D 10 hours ago
Hey beak can I join your clan?
Daboss Tim s
Daboss Tim s 10 hours ago
Log launcher=OP
Im-crackedx- 10 hours ago
Castle Clash came out with this feature a long time ago & y’all clowned it! Now you dealing with it. 😂
Shayaan Shahriar
Shayaan Shahriar 10 hours ago
Why the fck we need town hall 14 whwn most of the battle hust upgrade takes houres
Chowmatski 10 hours ago
Im beaks 222,222th view:0
XxNinjaWillxX 10 hours ago
I’m confused, so has TH14 come out yet or are they just leaking stuff?
Anthony Kulyak
Anthony Kulyak 10 hours ago
Clash of clans is stealing ideas from castle clash lol
ClashBaas Jesse
ClashBaas Jesse 10 hours ago
ClashBaas Jesse
ClashBaas Jesse 10 hours ago
ClashBaas Jesse
ClashBaas Jesse 10 hours ago
TheyYellKaizen 10 hours ago
Electric purple th14 would have been a lot bettet, this one sucks in my opinion
ClashBaas Jesse
ClashBaas Jesse 10 hours ago
Wood 10 hours ago
Jungle Hall :S hmmm
aaron alavarado
aaron alavarado 10 hours ago
from what town hall is it available?????
Spiiti Oik
Spiiti Oik 10 hours ago
Queen walk with the unicorn 😂 new tactic
mike b
mike b 10 hours ago
1 less healer with unicorn, means extra army space
Geofferd Rich b-Santos
Geofferd Rich b-Santos 10 hours ago
is this even Coc anymore😂
Nathan H
Nathan H 10 hours ago
Another thing lower town halls will not get great
xXDxvilSxviorXx 10 hours ago
I just went to town hall 7 and your telling me I would’ve gotten free stuff if I waited 😂 I’m low key trigger
yescaputer 10 hours ago
Yoooooo what up beaker!!
Toms Teteris
Toms Teteris 10 hours ago
Not that th14 use a lot of lightning, but it could kinda kill usage for lightning spell if you place this near to air def
InYourDream_ 10 hours ago
They should have when you the hero uses its ability also the pet can use its ability
Anthony Dekker
Anthony Dekker 10 hours ago
Still waiting for things for lower townhall halls...........................
Canaanite 11 hours ago
They should make the pets and builder hut upgrades start at th11. That way you can have one upgrade level per town hall.
Microsoft Support
Microsoft Support 11 hours ago
Are the pets th14 only
Sai Srikar Banda
Sai Srikar Banda 11 hours ago
Which th can get the pets?
Kirsty Tough
Kirsty Tough 11 hours ago
Beakers still calling royal champion new hero
Xuxa 11 hours ago
Normal Person
Normal Person 11 hours ago
This update just keeps getting better and better.
luke 11 hours ago
these are too op, i hope there is a new defense that can counter these....
Dominic Ssciarabba
Dominic Ssciarabba 11 hours ago
Ok so the unicorn with the queen isn't as good for queen walks with the healers because the healers heal slower because there are more things healing In Jodo sloths video he talks about it
gaming ZABRAK
gaming ZABRAK 11 hours ago
Day One of telling peaker’s lab nobody cares
Frosty_Playz 11 hours ago
I’m really loving the new content from clash but does anyone else feel a little jealous that it’s only for th 14 like I’m at 11 but it’s gonna take me forever to get to 14
Aditya Mohite
Aditya Mohite 11 hours ago
and an extra one for melly
Aditya Mohite
Aditya Mohite 11 hours ago
No.2 for lulu
Aditya Mohite
Aditya Mohite 11 hours ago
No.1 for lulu
FaKe Genji
FaKe Genji 11 hours ago
He’s taking so many pic but doesn‘t look at them again
Real BlueLion
Real BlueLion 11 hours ago
Join bluelion & team
Real BlueLion
Real BlueLion 11 hours ago
Join bluelion & team
MadOrange0P 11 hours ago
I love the way he still calls the royal champion the “new hero” even though we’ve had it for over a year. 😂
wwe god
wwe god 11 hours ago
StruckByLightning 11 hours ago
hey so i asked you some time ago abt a discord server i could make, im wondering if you are still interested
Jayden MacRae
Jayden MacRae 11 hours ago
Clash just update the game lol 😂
Ryan Toth
Ryan Toth 11 hours ago
this is cool
Joseph Leija
Joseph Leija 11 hours ago
Day 1 of telling Beak he’s the best
Alpha Meta
Alpha Meta 11 hours ago
secret dont tell anyone but The Unicorn sots healing beam faster than the healers
Connor Cobern
Connor Cobern 11 hours ago
bro I was so close to maxing out too
Why Hello There
Why Hello There 11 hours ago
Having the yak paired with the queen might be really good for queen walks in the sense that it can yank for her and break walls for her.
Ismail Umair
Ismail Umair 11 hours ago
Day 3 of reminding Beak that he has to max beaker-09
Ali McMurry
Ali McMurry 11 hours ago
When do the pets officially come out?
bytofte121 11 hours ago
Bla bla bla
bytofte121 11 hours ago
Bla bla bla
wagglycheese611 streamer
wagglycheese611 streamer 11 hours ago
In the beginning he talks like he had 5 pounds of plain sugar, not to be mean