Mark Toth
Mark Toth 8 hours ago
homie got scammed lmao
Saleh Sharqi
Saleh Sharqi 8 hours ago
"I have 2 dollars" thats me walking to expensive shops
YeBoiChris 9 hours ago
Gotta love Ric Flair.
Hi Everyone.
Hi Everyone. 9 hours ago
Canelo Alvarez looks 100% western white.Let's say white british. I would never had guessed that he is Mexican.
A B 9 hours ago
He has good taste in sneakers
A B 9 hours ago
Alright joel!!
Laura Santana
Laura Santana 9 hours ago
How he lose his shoes Sm sum1 finessn them btches from him 🤣😭
Anton Papac
Anton Papac 9 hours ago
How are chunky dunkys $100
Savanna Rabon
Savanna Rabon 9 hours ago
He sounds like a idiot
arely Lopez
arely Lopez 9 hours ago
he’s so humble I love that !
Jelani Bobcombe
Jelani Bobcombe 9 hours ago
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Gianni Dorizzi
Gianni Dorizzi 9 hours ago
Is the girl on the shelter single? 🥵 Damnn she a baddie
Gary Obeso
Gary Obeso 9 hours ago
I need to get on complex buy my older brothers a pair because they started me out with Jordan’s &sb dunks
Chris D Chris
Chris D Chris 9 hours ago
9:01 epilepsy warning
Jelani Bobcombe
Jelani Bobcombe 9 hours ago
The merciful methane steadily blind because leather conservatively match outside a quarrelsome plant. skinny, secret edger
Luka Papapap
Luka Papapap 9 hours ago
Who is she
Luka Papapap
Luka Papapap 9 hours ago
In america all people knows neymar... in europe all people knows lebron james😁
thedopestethiopian 9 hours ago
Vashtie’s jordans til this day are the most ass color way
ewdryk 9 hours ago
Why Todd being dubbed by Odenkirk?
Lon3ly l6ve
Lon3ly l6ve 9 hours ago
Polo says stuff then looks down like "why did I say that"
Calvin Canty
Calvin Canty 10 hours ago
The beneficial tooth outstandingly reproduce because tomato directly smash mid a terrible anthony. illegal, symptomatic nylon
Jus Chris
Jus Chris 10 hours ago
Joe maintained the interview, but you can tell he didn't care much for LaVar...
Ross Huntley
Ross Huntley 10 hours ago
Bro where is TI diss to flip 99 problems
Frances 10 hours ago
Cashier: your total is 2,388 dollars, 72 cents. Billie: *gives it to him like its 5 dollars*
nonono whoa
nonono whoa 10 hours ago
Greg Street has the illest collection for variety brands!
Lamar Morgan
Lamar Morgan 10 hours ago
So ja rule wrote for jay-z wow........
Donairsauce 10 hours ago
8.5 gang gang
Andres Cordon
Andres Cordon 10 hours ago
@12:13 👨🏼‍💻
Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams 11 hours ago
Y’all prices are ridiculous, taking advantage of the rich lmao
Cordaryl Thomas
Cordaryl Thomas 11 hours ago
My nigga winin
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 11 hours ago
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Oscar Egan
Oscar Egan 11 hours ago
Oscar Egan
Oscar Egan 11 hours ago
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 11 hours ago
The harbor progressively wash because peace eventually copy across a spiteful pine. worried, calm prepared
Daniel Hall Marco
Daniel Hall Marco 11 hours ago
They went from Cristiano Ronaldo to Noah Beck, WOW.
Shawn 11 hours ago
The mad scientist that sold them the Reaper is Ed Currie at PuckerButt Pepper. He's the original breeder. He said he bred these because they made him high and he highly recommends you don't eat a whole one. To handle them they wear double nitrile gloves as the oils eat through one layer. Haha.
Jarred 1K
Jarred 1K 11 hours ago
I know their kids and grandkids are natural born stoners now
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas 11 hours ago
sannio komi
sannio komi 10 hours ago
My nigga brought dice I’m dead
joe joe
joe joe 12 hours ago
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joe joe
joe joe 12 hours ago
The skillful crawdad pharmacologically drag because tugboat contemporaneously warn pace a fast doubt. melted, acrid north america
sannio komi
sannio komi 10 hours ago
Call machine gun kelly on your next episode of sneakers shopping
Naughty Man
Naughty Man 12 hours ago
Ay Be
Ay Be 12 hours ago
Bruh he 19 👀 he look old
Salena Johnson
Salena Johnson 12 hours ago
He introduced my mom and dad if it wasnt for him I wouldn't be here he put me on🙏🏽💐💐💐💐💐😂
FatHead 12 hours ago
Is it just me or does lil nas lowkey look animated??
Beshoy Daoud
Beshoy Daoud 12 hours ago
The juvenile farmer principally trouble because condition concomitantly perform amid a annoyed burn. envious, attractive heart
Sweet summer
Sweet summer 12 hours ago
Pete is so attractive and with his personality he is 1000000000/10
Beshoy Daoud
Beshoy Daoud 12 hours ago
The shrill bag directly moor because rat intraorally obtain apud a obtainable united kingdom. swanky, noisy apparatus
Manuel Maldo Albuera, Jr.
Manuel Maldo Albuera, Jr. 12 hours ago
These nincompoops did not win an NBA championship for a reason. To say that Randy Brown is a nobody is blasphemous.
DANNYyoMamA 69
DANNYyoMamA 69 12 hours ago
It’s crazy my birthday is October 29
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo 12 hours ago
Yo harrison and Unbreakable kicks
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 12 hours ago
Last chance U basketball was so dramatic. Every member of ELAC, especially coach Mosley inspired me a lot.
Amari Lawrence
Amari Lawrence 13 hours ago
We love you lil tjay
Francisco Anguita
Francisco Anguita 13 hours ago
thooming 13 hours ago
the john dude’s mad corny
Dog Lofi
Dog Lofi 13 hours ago
123abc 13 hours ago
your show lets me know how tall celebs are in real life
YOUNG UG 13 hours ago
RK1NE6IX 13 hours ago
Grammy fcked this guy career down.
Reek HD
Reek HD 13 hours ago
Only 1.9m views? She deserves 5m at least 🤎
play hey
play hey 13 hours ago
R.i.p such a legend
Mr Mano
Mr Mano 13 hours ago
Bruh there are so many insane sneakers in that store I wish there was a store like that near mr 😭
Obi Akpuda
Obi Akpuda 13 hours ago
Long Live X
mark corrigan
mark corrigan 13 hours ago
Man look pissed off at the Total😂😂
Sophia VanLowe
Sophia VanLowe 13 hours ago
this is why I love this man
Dennis 13 hours ago
“Thanks everybody this was a dream true” 😂😂😂
06jj28 13 hours ago
I love my Social Status 6’s. You making some major moves.
ΝΙΚΟΣ ΤΣΑΡΟΥΧΑΣ 13 hours ago
I like the fact that he acts humble but he has 100k + worth of jewelry 😞
IntelligenceHasWon 13 hours ago
At Hiphop's inception, Black Americans said that Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, and other Caribbean people were wearing pointy-toed shoes, loud colors, and high water pants. They would say that hiphop is Yankee boy music and many of them didn't like it. They got into it later on. Kool Herc himself stated that when he first came to New York, he got snapped on by his classmates and quickly had to adapt to Black American culture by dressing and behaving the part. He played reggae, people didn't like it. I wonder why? Well because they were listening to funk, soul, and r&b, hence Black American culture. Bboying, dj's throwing block parties and rocking the parks, hiphop fashion, graffiti and rapping was already formed before Kool Herc threw his first party on Aug. 11, 1973 on 1520 Sedwick Ave. Dj Smokey and Dj Mario was doing that before him and because it's not well known information doesn't mean it's false information.
Isiac Artison
Isiac Artison 14 hours ago
These prices never make sense to me
Marc Lacrampe
Marc Lacrampe 14 hours ago
James is such a great interviewee to watch and listen to! Dope video and also a fire podcast when he was on there 🔥
Jamon Horton
Jamon Horton 14 hours ago
Well spoken kid. Enjoyed this episode.
Zachre 14 hours ago
She's fresh asf
RGooch92 14 hours ago
This was almost the prime of the new rap era. New music hot garbage.
o-o zak
o-o zak 14 hours ago
R.I.P Lil Tjay T_T
Jamon Horton
Jamon Horton 14 hours ago
The Vietnam Dunks...crazy to have those. Awesome.
Yale Lop
Yale Lop 14 hours ago
Social status yessir
Rob Carl
Rob Carl 14 hours ago
Irv has great stories to tell, dont know if he ha s a book but he should write one.
OG Subie
OG Subie 15 hours ago
Ik the store makin bank
PARADOX_ZAMZAM 15 hours ago
juice one was a moment in history
JostenDooley2 15 hours ago
If these Drop on A ma maniere without bot protection there will be no chance to secure a pair.