Tom MacDonald - Angels
4 months ago
4 months ago
Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
fred sanford
fred sanford 8 minutes ago
The beginning of that song is what got me. Because I know a lot about cancer my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer but what actually killed him was the hepatitis medication the doctor prescribed. Cancer itself however a good deal of tumor is cancers are based on blood acidity. What happens is the cells inside of our bodies die and they need enough oxygen to recycle and if they don't get that oxygen say if your blood is too acidic then they mutate and become malignant. So long as the cancer isn't caused by some form of chemical contact it's usually curable naturally. Lymphoma for instance, the FDA decreed and I believe 1996 or 1998 that iodine should be taken out of all baked goods sold in the United states. Iodine is an essential supplement for the human body and without it our lymph nodes don't function correctly. Since the removal of iodine from the baked goods in this country lymphatic cancers have risen over 300%. The best way to test is to put a dab of iodine in the arch of your foot. If it disappears and is absorbed by the skin within 3 hours you severely deficient. Tumorous cancers are best fought by alkalining the blood vitamin b17 is now outlawed in our country simply because of its curative properties. But a high concentration of them are found in the apricot kernel as well as apple seeds and dandelion Roots Believe it or not. The key is any vegetable eaten has to be free of pesticide and green vegetables are the best. Buying high pH water helps a great deal as well. But to anyone struggling or fighting out there I definitely wish you the best of luck because the world is not getting any easier and knowledge is getting more and more restrictive even our history is being rewritten. Don't always trust the doctor always examine consumer reports before any medication is taken. In regardless of what the doctor tells you CAT scans are full of radiation you can get as clear of an image with thermal imaging or sonogram which are safer. And radiation itself kills off billions of cells including cancer cells but if acidic blood is not corrected that leaves billions of opportunities for more malignant cancers to come. They used to base the survival rate on a five-year basis, now they do it on a one-year basis and say 90% survive. The reality is within a five year spectrum there is only a 93 fatality rate on average over a 5-year period. There's also a reason why cancer has only been around since the late 1920s, that's when people first started buying their food from stores and eating their fruits and vegetables out of cans. As well as the nutrition rate goes down sometimes as much as 80% from picking the fruit or harvesting the crop till you buy it from the stores and eat it. The real key to cancer is lack of nutrition. But nowadays even our organic foods have Monsanto antigens so the best thing anyone can do is get heirloom seeds and grow their own crop. It's a sad point of view but in accordance with reality it's also practical.
PumpkinPoem 14 minutes ago
holy fuck i love this
Danielle Purdy
Danielle Purdy 18 minutes ago
Had to share this with my mom!
abdulrahman al-busaidi
abdulrahman al-busaidi 19 minutes ago
Become Muslim and stop drinking
Poop poopy
Poop poopy 32 minutes ago
when me and my father heard "your to cute to be a bitch." We started laughing and saying" burn! "
Everett Lara
Everett Lara 36 minutes ago
Not a fan of rap. . . but good god this boy can twist some words and they are entertaining as all hell. I love that line about nemo and reminding them that the ocean is dark linked into the iron man verse it makes me smile every time how clever his articulation is.
Carrie Jones
Carrie Jones 37 minutes ago
My 3 year old grandson just told me he wants me to call you and have you come over have a tea party with him lol
DeShawn Marquis Terrell Jr.
DeShawn Marquis Terrell Jr. 42 minutes ago
The shills got to tha meme
Tracey Sykes
Tracey Sykes 49 minutes ago
Glad I'm clean, and I've decided not to go back there again Starting to like me finally
jksquad 50 minutes ago
I love you only your life matters❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍your so true aswell!!!!
Dee Noneya
Dee Noneya 50 minutes ago
When is grave stones dropping tom
6iisd Hour ago
when this album releasing on spotify, as soon as it releases on spotify, im listening to it 24/7. Good job Tom
John Baron
John Baron Hour ago
First time ive heard this... 🔥🔥🔥
PumpkinPoem Hour ago
black, white, green blue doesn't matter our life is just a blink in this existence called life
fido Hour ago
All I will say is you are one of the two rappers that I really like, and I love your music. But also I can't wait to see your new stuff, BUT I will say this I saw a video with you and your girl friend just talking and it is rare to find two people whose voices complement each other but you two do. So at some point I hope you and your girl friend try to do a duet, but I understand if you don't.
GrTheBigScaryMonster Hour ago
I don't think I've found a song that quite describes my feelings as much as this. Tom, you're making a huge impact on people. I keep coming back to this song because it is... real as shit. Same as all your music.
PumpkinPoem Hour ago
im not big on rap but this dude is lit, and I love the melodies he use for his songs <3 and he doesn't excessively sware that mutch