25 days ago
I Have BEEF With WHO???
She Can Only Use Her Feet!
Saying How I Feel...
how to: Remove Your Spine
I Tried Painting a Meme Cat
Pranks Wars with My Brother
9 months ago
Spin the Wheel of Dares
I'm Losing My Mind...
10 months ago
Minecraft with My Feet Again
Sleep Slap Challenge
i fell out of a plane
Things got weird...
Hania Riaz
Hania Riaz 2 hours ago
Omg I love your vids your the funniest person I saw
mandy lui
mandy lui 2 hours ago
Does anyone still watch this video anymore
Maddy Macdonald
Maddy Macdonald 2 hours ago
If he's stalking you wouldn't he know your yt and see this video?
Tiare Tangimetua
Tiare Tangimetua 2 hours ago
Lol Sophie: aye aye what Two seconds later Sophie: yay I get my car
Alyssa 2 hours ago
I was just laughing when they were doing the addiction to throwing it back I was like WOW!!!
Dina Waqar
Dina Waqar 3 hours ago
Raise hands if anybody thinks of dosie ( Dom and Sofie)
Dina Waqar
Dina Waqar 3 hours ago
Dina Waqar
Dina Waqar 3 hours ago
Who loves dosie ( dom and sofie)
Neja Vrbnjak
Neja Vrbnjak 3 hours ago
Dom is more beutiful then Andrew
Emily Hart
Emily Hart 3 hours ago
your so cool
Siddhant Bhatikar
Siddhant Bhatikar 3 hours ago
Which map did you use?
Leylaplayzroblox !
Leylaplayzroblox ! 3 hours ago
I love how Zach is always just chillin and never doing anything lol
Sikelelwe Tingwe
Sikelelwe Tingwe 3 hours ago
I guess I can't subscribe to you because I have an Android
Nicole Grandemange
Nicole Grandemange 3 hours ago
why are they so dramatic over the mayonaise like i would eat that i love mayonaise 🧐
Not Doraaa_
Not Doraaa_ 3 hours ago
When you are so rich you can cut such expensive shoes😂
Micaela Moolman
Micaela Moolman 3 hours ago
She literally has the bluest eyes in history tbh
Esther Bibare
Esther Bibare 3 hours ago
Hi Sofie help with the zoom password
Pushpa Raj
Pushpa Raj 3 hours ago
omg did you see that the microwave blinked red dot then the ghost appered!!!!!!!!!!
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 3 hours ago
If sofie pins this comment it means she loves her fans
Yuvraaj Katiyal
Yuvraaj Katiyal 3 hours ago
Don't know bout your spine but your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life ❤️
Malsawm inbuon
Malsawm inbuon 3 hours ago
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Keyami Nixon
Keyami Nixon 3 hours ago
Wait wait wait they are acuwaly dateing ?
francesca 3 hours ago
I am not being sarcastic rn
francesca 3 hours ago
yup Lexi was amazing
Chezinkaa Joy
Chezinkaa Joy 3 hours ago
Dom + Sophie You look so cute toghether
Empty 3 hours ago
When Dom was tying Sofie's shoelaces I was like "oMg WhY AreNt ThEY tOgETheR"
Nidhi Aggarwal
Nidhi Aggarwal 3 hours ago
Yea they’re just friends.....😂😂
Sunny.plays.roblox 3 hours ago
francesca 4 hours ago
Evie Gadenne
Evie Gadenne 4 hours ago
omg !! this is so romantic u 2 should date each other all ready
Yes 4 hours ago
Zak is beautiful
Jahanvi Singh
Jahanvi Singh 4 hours ago
like i was able to do the first pose and the forth one really like really not gonna lie
NON STOP GAMING 4 hours ago
Umm losers
Sneha Khurana
Sneha Khurana 4 hours ago
her nose!
Eicy 4 hours ago
I feel so bad for Dom
ruhi nassur
ruhi nassur 4 hours ago
omg even i am scared
Eicy 4 hours ago
Sockz Queen
Sockz Queen 4 hours ago
are you guys going out like are you guys a couple
Nappi Nekku
Nappi Nekku 4 hours ago
Its gottalent USA
Erik Martinez
Erik Martinez 4 hours ago
Jesus this is what USposts has come to. Acting is terrible. Privileged kids these days 🤦🏽‍♂️
Dofie Channel
Dofie Channel 4 hours ago
Aisha Yusuf
Aisha Yusuf 4 hours ago
Did u see the video where Ben tried kissing soffi and did u see how Don reacted but he say he don't like her I bet doffie is a thing comment #doffie
Emily Madden 4334
Emily Madden 4334 4 hours ago
Katy Philpott
Katy Philpott 4 hours ago
Ella Rose
Ella Rose 4 hours ago
I added you on snap chat
Undefeated Flamey
Undefeated Flamey 4 hours ago
My dogs name is Milo😯😯😯😯😯
Taskeen Benjamin
Taskeen Benjamin 4 hours ago
At the end she said I'm out babe
16297-Zahra Abdou Salah Eid
16297-Zahra Abdou Salah Eid 4 hours ago
Everyone: Omg didn't that hurt when zak throw u down Sofie:No I didn't even feel anything
allisonsegogmail com
allisonsegogmail com 4 hours ago
wait thats gotta mean........................ dom has a HUGEEEEEE crush on sofie also sofie used t to go to my school and my moms friends with her mom they do a stretch thing togather and the end and earlier i thoiught they were dating.......
humairah mehjabeen
humairah mehjabeen 4 hours ago
tooo smooooth
Rorroneck 78
Rorroneck 78 4 hours ago
Soldado caído
Fennec luna
Fennec luna 5 hours ago
The swan twins? XD
Ern Yi Choo
Ern Yi Choo 5 hours ago
Well Lexi is better than me i cant even do the splits
Hala Hammoud
Hala Hammoud 5 hours ago
It's a beautiful date
Vasudevan Ullatil
Vasudevan Ullatil 5 hours ago
Sofie s head is a pizza
Lian CHONG [07M1]
Lian CHONG [07M1] 5 hours ago
Maria Shleper
Maria Shleper 5 hours ago
My friend has a cat its name is Nala well technically they have two cats because one cat the first one jumped over the fence and got run over by a car and was only one year old the second one is still alive and probably two or three years old and that cats name is also Nala so yeah.By the way you’re the best USposts are ever
MARINA 5 hours ago
GUMMY YUMY 5 hours ago
She kinda looks like Alexa Rivera
Champ HQ
Champ HQ 5 hours ago
imm the first in 25 year to not have a tail bone
Samantha Nichole
Samantha Nichole 5 hours ago
The first and original who sofie likes to slaps is 1. Zach soon when sofie got engaged or be marry by dom then dom is the second person that sofie like to slap forever proof > 6:50
Hitesha P
Hitesha P 5 hours ago
The number of times Zack said "Woah oh wow"👇
Janneana 2.0
Janneana 2.0 5 hours ago
click baaait i tried searching if sofie have a spine and it said yes and i tried searching can you live without a spine it said you cant live without a spine and the spine is connected to the neck
Annatjie Hanekom
Annatjie Hanekom 5 hours ago
I love that name
Aria Merrison
Aria Merrison 5 hours ago
Sofie be like advertising her merch If u buy the merch u will probably be cooler then ur friends
salma kaineobusingye
salma kaineobusingye 5 hours ago
zack is way to dramatic
Skye R
Skye R 5 hours ago
iam the olny that gas echoing
Demetre Gunashvili
Demetre Gunashvili 5 hours ago
i luv both
robin rajput
robin rajput 5 hours ago
Friends love
Hadiya Kadir
Hadiya Kadir 5 hours ago
I like the name socks
Bikiran Dutta
Bikiran Dutta 6 hours ago
What's the song at 6:34 ?
Siva Govender
Siva Govender 6 hours ago
What about Dom I am being to hate soffie if she loves that guy I hate her so much
Aneres Wilson
Aneres Wilson 6 hours ago
Who liked 2020 if you did your CRAZY
kookie Kylah
kookie Kylah 6 hours ago
my name is Kylah to but mine has an h
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson 6 hours ago
Was it just me or did yall see Andrew walk up the stairs
Milxy Way
Milxy Way 6 hours ago
Wow!! This is incredible! Just reassures me how many gifted people are in this world!!
Des Scott-Sawyer
Des Scott-Sawyer 6 hours ago
She has a spine she is just flexible and cool
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson 6 hours ago
Dom is soooo protective lol
chacha acedo
chacha acedo 6 hours ago
Yh he deffinentally likes her😏😏😏
Twin Gaming
Twin Gaming 6 hours ago
Ok I thought it was winter...
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 6 hours ago
Hey what time does it start the zoom so I could join and I really want to know how to do contortion
Tory Resto
Tory Resto 6 hours ago
Give Zack a makeover😂😂please