Soundfedamic Oh
Soundfedamic Oh 7 hours ago
Judy Davis is good as well
Aj B
Aj B 8 hours ago
Oliver Jackson-Cohen is so handsome my gawd 😍😍😍
Juggeea Priya
Juggeea Priya 8 hours ago
Damn....I haven't watched the ending yet but I already feel so low. I wanna cry 😭
Chade Cruz
Chade Cruz 8 hours ago
Rosé's passion in her music is very very inspiring. I like her scene the most.
Pranav Rao
Pranav Rao 8 hours ago
To infinity... and beyond vs. I love you 3000 vs. Keep the door open three inches
CT 8 hours ago
I have not watched this show yet but I cried a river from this video. I am not going to be able to survive watching the show...
Conor O'Dowd
Conor O'Dowd 8 hours ago
The whole show from start to finish was one big liberal propaganda reel.
Vasudev organic
Vasudev organic 8 hours ago
Yogas are the ancient Indian techniques....Not Bikram 's....
BeautifullyFlawed 8 hours ago
Man the way she Freakin Executed this Role and that Red Matte Lipstick is Epic😍😍😍😍😍😍
awaish Omer
awaish Omer 8 hours ago
Rjay23 8 hours ago
She showed us the vulnerable side of blackpink.. she did an amazing job creating the documentary..
cuchelo1 8 hours ago
Fer crissakes, if Gillian makes me like Maggie......... *shakes fist at sky* "Curse you, 2020!!!!!!!"
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 8 hours ago
Issac definitely is now my least favourite character in the series! He destroyed what everyone wanted to see! But that makes Season 3 more interesting.....
Happy Happy
Happy Happy 8 hours ago
They are perfect
Tenzing Namday
Tenzing Namday 8 hours ago
Go vote on various platforms. We need to get this win for them
David Beaumont
David Beaumont 8 hours ago
Great comedy. Would like to point out that some of those milks have been being called milk for hundreds of years though.
zyking ssi
zyking ssi 8 hours ago
*[REMINDER]* Pls dont flinch over small things going on socmed. If random person didt include our queens on their list let em be. Their personal opinion didt reflect anything towards our queens. I personally think we lost so many this year bcs of toooo much fanwars so please. DONT ENGAGE. PLEASE AVOID. PLEASE ENDURE. JUST PLEASE. Please spread positivity in all socmed Remember *If you dislike anything dont ever click of take a look at it just to say bad things* PLEASE be matured. Please
G Clever
G Clever 8 hours ago
In the Middle Ages people like Charles were always overthrowne.
Izzy Villano
Izzy Villano 8 hours ago
I could listen to her read all day!! Such a lovely voice and such great rhythm and tone ❤️❤️❤️
Niya Khaleeda binti Aby Yazid
Niya Khaleeda binti Aby Yazid 8 hours ago
Lord this should be removed from Netflix
Izzy Villano
Izzy Villano 8 hours ago
Such a lovely reading voice!!!! Can’t wait to see the film!!!
Alona Olan
Alona Olan 8 hours ago
the best group k pop ever my idol ..blackpink...
Little honey bee
Little honey bee 8 hours ago
Teacher: what did you learn this summer Me: you can’t spell America without Erica One summer can change everything We’ve worked out the true meaning of that title
Mohammed Ansari
Mohammed Ansari 8 hours ago
I didn’t realize how much work she did, but after seeing this I can truly see how much thought went into the process and final result as well as effort. Loved the documentary and this interview and I respect this lady so so so much!! Thank you!
Austen L
Austen L 9 hours ago
The so-called "feminist" perspective of Nurse Ratched in this video is reminiscent of a high profile criminal defense lawyer except loyalty over reason can be explained by gender lines instead of financial.
Shadowseeker 19
Shadowseeker 19 9 hours ago
im just imagining that Wuncth will return in season 8 to win the halloween heist Why? so that she can get captain holt to call her a AMAZING HUMAN / GENIUS!!!! it would crush holts soul.
Rogue 9 hours ago
I really love how Caroline really respects their comfort more than getting that "shock factor". The way she made sure to only include parts that they are comfortable sharing and her main purpose is to show that Blackpink are only humans too
JCrafter13 9 hours ago
I wish I had her confidence and beauty. Like her level of badass and boldness is amazing and I love it
Baeyens Raphaël
Baeyens Raphaël 9 hours ago
The final duel serves as an allegory of the whole battle; the arrogant french knight struggling in the mud and getting shanked by low born archers
Rogue 9 hours ago
I am seeing some people disappointed at how the documentary didn't talked deep about the "dark side of kpop" and that i think is where the steroeotype and negativity towards kpop is. Yes there are really dark stories that some trainees went through but the fact is that's not even a quarter of what all kpop trainees go through.
Adnan Nasir
Adnan Nasir 9 hours ago
season 7 please
36 Rushvelt Ronaldo Iawphniaw
36 Rushvelt Ronaldo Iawphniaw 9 hours ago
They left and never came back 😖😖😖
Ritika Roy
Ritika Roy 9 hours ago
When she said "little black curly hair" and ross found out the song was about him. I died laughing 🤣🤣🤣
chile anyways-
chile anyways- 9 hours ago
Little honey bee
Little honey bee 9 hours ago
Me: hopefully they don’t do Alexei’s death scene *show Alexei’s death scene* Me: *inserts crying noises* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Damn corn dogs :(
Maria Garnica
Maria Garnica 9 hours ago
I can’t believe this was a year ago I was looking for Billy’s story since his first appearance in season 2
chorvagee 9 hours ago
I love this insight about Blackpink.
taymissjane 9 hours ago
This was precious omg
Isamar Vasquez
Isamar Vasquez 9 hours ago
Diana Espinosa
Diana Espinosa 9 hours ago
Whyyyyyyyy the big bag theory is not on Netflix latinoamerica?
Imani_The_ Ninja
Imani_The_ Ninja 9 hours ago
I do not know this show. I do not know who these people are. All I know is that I love it and she's my new idol. Her level of reading to filth with elegance is what I aspire to reach🔥💅🏾
Hanya Doy
Hanya Doy 9 hours ago
Did she follow them from all these years???
Dipa Mondal
Dipa Mondal 9 hours ago
Blackpink is love ❤️
masterzombie161 9 hours ago
Taitertot 9 hours ago
What's this song called?
Care All in One
Care All in One 9 hours ago
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Zahid Ahmed
Zahid Ahmed 10 hours ago
Another gandu
pattigee1 10 hours ago
I think these people really exist as their characters and I want to travel to the stars with them. Loved the show, just great.
Ce Drullard
Ce Drullard 10 hours ago
-elleee _
-elleee _ 10 hours ago
Dr. Spectre
Dr. Spectre 10 hours ago
Seagull Livingstone
Seagull Livingstone 10 hours ago
The film maker did her proud. She will not be forgotten.This film is more resp ectful than the fake fim with actors. You allowed her voice to be heard.The voice of a woman who fell victim to lethal violence along with her daughters.A tragedy!
Drexxaal 10 hours ago
Loved this so much! Jacki Whitehole was gorgeous but come on ladies, I know u could have done a better job covering up his stubble, he has such a beautiful face n sexy legs! N Queen Elizabeth the II, aka random bitch, what a knock out! Michael has some gorgeous features at least he passed that on 2 his son (obscure dig at Jack not being well hung) loved seeing the Queen dancing w her grandson, Baby Sussex, Winston, at the end!
Hey, It's Dea
Hey, It's Dea 10 hours ago
Perfectly splendid ♡
jo c
jo c 10 hours ago
the only people who blame Shannon and her family are his smelly family and his smelly friends...US PUBLIC WE KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!! WE KNOW!!!!
LOVE 10 hours ago
I’m so thankful that Caroline decided to do this documentary. Even though I do not have Netflix to watch the documentary but I did watch some clips. I’m happy that she said that they are human. Yes they are human, went through trainee years, having each other and it is said that there are negative comments about them. I am so proud of them and happy to be a blink. I hope that blackpink will continue like snsd.
jo c
jo c 10 hours ago
I wish him many good prison...!!!!
This Boi Loves P!nk
This Boi Loves P!nk 10 hours ago
“It has been so nice talking to you.” “But..” “SOO NICE”
Eileen Zhang
Eileen Zhang 10 hours ago
there were a lot of hard-to-watch scenes in ratched but this one really took the cake for me... jfc the way they used the puppets to tell the story made it so much more sickening.
Emma Cummins
Emma Cummins 10 hours ago
“We’re not doing Pat”
Kam. BB
Kam. BB 10 hours ago
Santino Aronis
Santino Aronis 10 hours ago
My obsession with this show has grown to be quite concerning ive like rewatched the show 16 times already
X_DayDay_X X
X_DayDay_X X 10 hours ago
This made me cry 😭!! 👇🏼
Joel Yates
Joel Yates 10 hours ago
Its a show you should absolutely watch. One of the best.
Litan Panda
Litan Panda 10 hours ago
Love my bp queens
Max M
Max M 10 hours ago
Season 12 was incredible
Chungha Kim
Chungha Kim 10 hours ago
I am really really thankful for this documentary. 😭 i watch it every Friday
ursulajoni15 10 hours ago
Honestly it astounds me how willing people are to blame minor in fractions from women. For male violence. Every time some straight white dude shoots up a church or a school where I don’t have a grocery store There’s a bunch of neck beards foaming at the mouth trying to find a way to blame a woman for the acciden there’s a bunch of neck beards foaming at the mouth trying to find A woman to blame, usually a woman who romantically rejected the man in some way
David Cruz
David Cruz 10 hours ago
my favorite character forever
Thelrin 10 hours ago
Their love is pure. But the taint surrounding their past, their circumstance and the events that transpired tragically consumed them. Love may not conquer all, but the legacy of what it can inspire in others can never be taken away.