Galaxial 22 seconds ago
Great reporter. I actually stayed and watched the whole thing
Brandon L.H
Brandon L.H 6 minutes ago
Biblical shit is happening. Lol. I never thought i live to see it.
R J 10 minutes ago
$20 bucks AND A FREE PUPPY !!
Cody Yeager
Cody Yeager 13 minutes ago
Shit made no sense it said ppl making under 75k will get the 1400 then it said ppl makin under 40k get a 1000 and if you make 50 k it disappears that made no fuckin sense at all.
Vanny Mac
Vanny Mac 16 minutes ago
A year ago you could not tell us the world would be closed down with one plague. So many people are getting involved in the occult and some dangerous stuff. We are in the last days anything is possible. Seek The Lord Jesus Christ before it's too late. So many people think some things do not exist because they cannot see but only if we could see.
Donald Cowan
Donald Cowan 18 minutes ago
😁 can't wait...
Zuzia D.
Zuzia D. 18 minutes ago
Her neme is PIEROGI?! hahaha
Mr. Pig
Mr. Pig 26 minutes ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that these clowns wear masks while talking on TV, with nobody around them.... Then a guy comes up without a mask and they don't even blink. Covid is BS!!
SEANinHD TV 28 minutes ago
all last year we were wearing one mask Now Faucci is saying we Were not protected with one mask so wear 2 mask That means We All of us GOT the virus Then if one mask didn’t protect us. Half of the population should be dead by now but that’s not the case and that is why COVID-19 is more of a political tool than an actual mass murderous killer virus they just winging it as we go along it’s just a bunch of contradictions with this so call dooms day virus
Jose Madrigal
Jose Madrigal 34 minutes ago
Is this real or not 😥
KuriYah Lahad
KuriYah Lahad 39 minutes ago
@2:41 “ NO HES NOT RESEARCHING IT! HE IS ONE” 👀👀👀👀👀👀 dude bounced
ERIC 45 minutes ago
I can never stand these local news bits for more than a couple minutes cuz god the “casual” banter just always makes me cringe uncontrollably
Byron Nash, Jr
Byron Nash, Jr 49 minutes ago
I hate the media and this entire world, I’m so ready to get the fuck of this ride
Umi 50 minutes ago
Bob is a funnyman... Sarcastic at the same time (Good one 👍)
Byron Nash, Jr
Byron Nash, Jr 52 minutes ago
Why are they telling us this ??! People wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!
Dale Does MTB
Dale Does MTB 55 minutes ago
Pierogi wanted to be on TV
William Blowers
William Blowers 55 minutes ago
Imagine a vaccine that changes your DNA causing those who are injected to become Zombie's . Once your DNA is altered you become a product of man and are no longer a creation of God.
SlapMyBass3825 Hour ago
News people telling the TRUTH with puppies. I would tune in every day.
cool it now 001
cool it now 001 Hour ago
The twist is only zombies are watching this broadcast.
Terry Terry
Terry Terry Hour ago
Go head and laugh now, I'm sure ull be crying later. They are warning u. Wise up ppl. This isn't a joke. Look how the rainforest is being destroyed and millions of insects and animals are being killed from plan fires and cutting down trees. No trees, no air. The world is coming too a end. Ppl are destroying this beautiful world. I wouldn't be surprised if the vaccine for covid is what's going too turn ppl into zombie.
Mamouillette n#1
Mamouillette n#1 Hour ago
This whole situation and this guy made me smile and laugh, all i needed was a bit of wholesomeness today ❤❤❤😷
Keith Dollar
Keith Dollar Hour ago
Yall laughing now but crying later when it happens when
Al Hour ago
Poor dog. Not freezing?
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Hour ago
Let me tell you what will happen in a endgame way Cap : parents Thanos : main zombie Chitauri : zombie army Wakanda gang : cod players Strange, guardians, spiderman : cod zombie grinders Everyone else : last of us haters and lovers Cap(parents) : gamers assemble Biggest zombie swarm vs gamers IRL
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Hour ago
My final exams are going on and I just paused and my mom asked why did you stop learning I said there a fking zombie outbreak going to happen who cares about exams
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties Hour ago
After every body takes the vaccine people will turn into zombies
InsomniacMechanic Hour ago
Asiel Zal
Asiel Zal Hour ago
hilarious AF! 😂😂😂
LPS Dingo
LPS Dingo 2 hours ago
“20 BUCKS!!!!!!!!????????? “😱😱
Zayanhn Marisole
Zayanhn Marisole 2 hours ago
Good thing I’ve watched all 10 seasons of The Walking Dead ☠️. But in season 1 of TWD our group goes to the CDC in ATL. and the last Dr. there blows up the CDC😶😳☠️
I'm The Heroine
I'm The Heroine 2 hours ago
I find this funny and scary at the same time, but when I read about it (I forgot if it's in the CDC site 'cause I read tons of articles) said something along the line *_"you might think it's funny but you might become thankful for reading this."_* At least we all know that decapitation is the key/go for the head to kill a zombie 😌.
Mika Hour ago
Actually- you need to kill the zombies brain not the head, but yes I agree. But you can still cut of the head and stab the brain. XD
Ian Pemberton
Ian Pemberton 2 hours ago
I chopped motorcycle and a collection of crossbows and a long bow. I'm prepared 😉
Shah Ahahah
Shah Ahahah 2 hours ago
Funny that the media is picking up on it as the number of people taking the vaccine Increases
Hopeless Dreamer
Hopeless Dreamer 2 hours ago
You think they’re joking. But then you read the book of revelations.
Dávid Ocskay
Dávid Ocskay 2 hours ago
Nostradamus never said anything about 2021
Edna B
Edna B 2 hours ago
Wow how heartwarming
william navarro
william navarro 2 hours ago
just wait for everyone to reload before you pick up the max ammo
Brandon Moreland
Brandon Moreland 2 hours ago
Well Joe decided I didn't need a stimulus check
De leon capricornio
De leon capricornio 2 hours ago
Zombie vaccine 💉 let’s see what happens 6 months from now...
RãñDãlL 2 hours ago
So did I already miss the Vampire and Gargoyle Apocalypse👀😭
MandyMagnolia19 2 hours ago
Awww 🥺 puppy wanted to be on tv
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 hours ago
$75,000 a year get $1400 a child
Mickie Rainwater
Mickie Rainwater 2 hours ago
Wish this was closed captioned.
Aviation Simulators
Aviation Simulators 3 hours ago
All this makes me strange, with the vaccination already started
Angela Wall
Angela Wall 3 hours ago
They are laughing 😆 to minimize what's really going to happen, but it won't be funny if it happens.
CapricornQueen7425 3 hours ago
KEYWORDS: FICTITIOUS SCENARIO -- PEOPLE ARE TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY -- AND SPREADING CONSPIRACY THEORIES AGAINST TAKING THE COVID-19 VACCINE "After the successful zombie preparedness campaign in 2011, an overwhelming number of educators requested zombie-themed preparedness activities for school-aged children. This website was created to help educators teach middle school aged children the basics of emergency preparedness and response using a fun, fictitious scenario. "
Lona EL
Lona EL 3 hours ago
That Washington DC accent tho
Aeninqs 3 hours ago
Reporter: What would you want to say to the families of the- Mayor: CALL 911 Reporter: But- Mayor: I've already said Call 911, WHAT IS UR QUESTION Report: What would you say to the- Mayor: LIKE I SAID I ASSURE YOU CALL 911
HelloMyFriends 3 hours ago
Dude could of at least defrost his car while the report scrapd
Lava Hunter
Lava Hunter 3 hours ago
Scientist Creating a virus? Damn they are giving me metro exodus vibes
danielle Pavone
danielle Pavone 3 hours ago
These are the people that got the jab. Center for Death, Cancer and Pestilence keeping up with the show.
J-Ryda P
J-Ryda P 4 hours ago
Vac = zombie
J-Ryda P
J-Ryda P 4 hours ago
World war z playing out with mixed in pcs of other recent zombie movies
Silverleaf 4 hours ago
That tail was waving at 100 miles an happy
Tre Tahko
Tre Tahko 4 hours ago
Something about them laughing about this makes it seem real asf smh
A Spiritual Perspective
A Spiritual Perspective 4 hours ago
yep, makes sense. Standing all by themselves, no one around, and, wearing a masks. smh, seriously! LMAO, no commons sense here folks.
Tre Tahko
Tre Tahko 4 hours ago
This shit is.... Fuckin scary
Gaming Hamdaan
Gaming Hamdaan 4 hours ago
Walking dead was the educational series for this.🤣😎
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 4 hours ago
My mom and stepdad took the fucking vaccine
Alison McCracken Mills
Alison McCracken Mills 4 hours ago
Lovely guy!! Great to get a laugh!
Biggils 4 hours ago
They really do look like face diapers. It’s ridiculous! Let’s talk about truth and what’s really going on. What’s happening hasn’t made sense from day one, and bill gates has a lot to do with it. He is the biggest monetary funder to the WHO. Research bill gates and the evil that’s developed. He is a scary human authoritarian. He is buying out all farmland in the u.s and telling us our future is going to be eating bugs! Wake up ppl.
shut the fuck up
shut the fuck up 4 hours ago
Just in case..
Mudd Baby
Mudd Baby 4 hours ago
Crazy how none of them will have this same energy when they see these shit walking around killing ppl.. this country is a fuckin joke
Elliott Quickery
Elliott Quickery 5 hours ago
Praise Yahuah for avenging us! Give her double unto her double! And from what I hear, with in a year. I shall live and bear witness for my family to see this day they are avenged!
Matthew Walter
Matthew Walter 5 hours ago
I need guns
Matthew Walter
Matthew Walter 5 hours ago
OLMEC THUGS 5 hours ago
NBA all star weekend zombie edition come to ATL and where’s the CDC ? Right down in ATL ,get your zombie tips before you go because you dumb mofos will be down there anyways celebrating with Boule Lebron James .
Bram Janssen
Bram Janssen 5 hours ago
imagine thinking its real
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 5 hours ago
Did he ever de-ice that guys car?
The RebelRacer
The RebelRacer 5 hours ago
Someone from the CDC is a big fan of zombie books and movies
Logi Cali
Logi Cali 6 hours ago
Not funny. They’ve just injected people with an mRNA bullshit now this? Hmmm
VENDETTA 6 hours ago
Please let it happen I’m so ready. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
Lord Shinnok
Lord Shinnok 6 hours ago
guess my swords and kunai’s can finally be put to use
wasilaify 6 hours ago
This is the most lovable guy, EVER.
marco j. brewer
marco j. brewer 6 hours ago
Bouta get my Leon Kennedy on
Matty 6 hours ago
Lol no worries zombies would decompose before they even get to us
whor3chata 6 hours ago
“wait, don’t kill the last zombie” Iykyk
Raymeale Smiley
Raymeale Smiley 6 hours ago
Chopperシ 6 hours ago
Who gonna open the door?
ethan flake
ethan flake 6 hours ago
Homie really just jacked $20 from that dude