AMD at CES 2021
19 days ago
Gigabyte HPC Solutions
Driving the Future of HPC
AMD Ryzen™ Momentum
A Review of GPUOpen Effects
Porting CUDA to HIP
7 months ago
GPU Programming Software
Intro to HIP Programming
Fei R
Fei R 8 hours ago
The Athlon 3000 will be in my heart forever
Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock 11 hours ago
If you could just provide plenty of 6800XT's and keep them out of the hands of scalpers I'd be happy.
Soldagg 12 hours ago
Where are you products god damnit? They are out of stock everywhere.. just when you thought AMD finally had become good
Znander Pertander
Znander Pertander 13 hours ago
I fixed it by reinstalling the app and making sure it was allowing connections in the phone settings
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero 15 hours ago
Ryzen Threadripper is for ME!!!!
10 of Spades
10 of Spades 16 hours ago
Thank you for making a cpu for my pc to watch hentai
YouTube Man
YouTube Man 16 hours ago
Buffwannabe 16 hours ago
AMD can you please work with Microsoft to make a hardware refresh on their desktop Surface Studio? Please incorporate the following specs (minimum): Zen 3+ RDNA 2 based APU with 16 GB of DDR5+12 GB of GDDR6 with 256MB of infinity cache, 2TB+ SSD Drive with PCIE5, multiple USB 4.0 ports, Bluetooth 5.2, Wifi6E, 4K miniLED screen with 120hz refresh rate with HDR10+ and AMD Freesync 2 with full pen support with 1:1 writing with no lag
Buffwannabe 16 hours ago
AMD can you please incorporate: PCIE 5.0, DDR5, Wifi6E, USB 4.0, and Bluetooth 5.2? You are seriously behind on this!
dnat233 17 hours ago
"wait until november 5 to find ryzen 5000 series on shelf" She lied it is almost febuary and I cant find any ryzen 5000 series on shelf
Adam Weeks
Adam Weeks 17 hours ago
Word to my fellow Left Handed Peeps!
Muhammadali Navruzov
Muhammadali Navruzov 20 hours ago
Good Video
Thu Lop
Thu Lop 22 hours ago
Intel has fallen AMD has Ryzen
Bartolom 23 hours ago
What about 21?
Gerard Day ago
Intel: write that down write that down
Jirka Dolezal
Jirka Dolezal Day ago
ViperXtreme Day ago
This made my 5800X run 6-10C cooler and still boost to its intended levels even when using a not so high end cpu cooler, very nice feature. Ill try to tweak it more to make it boost more frequency at lower power targets
Paolo Guerrero
Paolo Guerrero Day ago
RX580 gang wya?
sim_ tastic vids
sim_ tastic vids Day ago
responsibility lmaoo, you took the 2 reserved Dec 5900x shippments reserved for uk retail distributors and reallocated them last minute to your direct partner system builders , we paid since the 5th £510 Nov at scan and other retailers in the uk and rest of the world havd been waiting nearly 3 months, yet a month of so after launch people who dint preorder were able to just on a site buy and checkout, you call that being responsible, 😂 and lying about stock allocation and supply AMD s own quote" there will be tones of stock by the end of the year " bollox
FunFactory Day ago
Outstanding :-)
Gavin Lobo
Gavin Lobo Day ago
I wanna work for amd when I grow up
R3VISION Day ago
I know people are interested in this as a general purpose boost for all games but as an experimental game dev this feature sounds extremely promising for a particular "retro" use case of mine, being the storage of 2D "Tile Map" data in GPU texture memory so that a shader can draw tiles by reading this data. The main reason for this technique is that it makes it possible to draw massive tile maps (up to the size of the max texture size your GPU can handle, generally 8x8k) at very high framerate even when fully zoomed out. Traditional tile map rendering requires chunking, LODs and CPU optimizations and even then it usually can't go past 1024x1024 tiles rendered at above 30 FPS. Currently this technique has a huge bottleneck when it comes to memory transfers, although using small copy buffers can reduce the latency for use in city builder type games when editing small areas of the texture. Redrawing large portions of the map (texture) can take 500+ ms and destroy framerate. Hopefully AMD SAM can help remedy that bottleneck!
GamING MAniac
GamING MAniac Day ago
Where the hell is the directml??
Diogo Da Cunha Ferreira
Diogo Da Cunha Ferreira Day ago
Finally i can run Cyberpunk 77 at 60 fps
TheMightyKinkle Day ago
I like how he says it's so important to ground yourself but doesn't actually wear the strap whilst handling the CPU!
TheMightyKinkle Day ago
I wish it was in an art galley. It would be a million times better than crappy modern art
Dhruv Rathod
Dhruv Rathod Day ago
Willy Asyraf
Willy Asyraf Day ago
Me while presenting... By the way thanks for letting the comments on... i appreciate that
Den Hood
Den Hood Day ago
I'm trying to use rpr 3.0.8 and weekly build. Why is the transparent option not working in the render result?
john lukas
john lukas Day ago
21:25 not even close. Gamers want good performance paired with an affordable price.
john lukas
john lukas Day ago
That's why a lot of people wait for the 5800.
Maja vlog
Maja vlog 2 days ago
atheia kid
atheia kid 2 days ago
My future starts with Nvidia as soon as there's stock. Can't go on using a three month old driver because you broke Blender with newer ones.
atheia kid
atheia kid 2 days ago
Does 21.1.1 fix the missing wireframe in Blender? Not seeing it in Release Notes...
North Remembers
North Remembers 2 days ago
Hi bro what's your Instagram name their is issue that no one is able to solve can you help me, my gpu name is not showing but yours is showing below upgrade advisor???
North Remembers
North Remembers 2 days ago
Hello I have a big problem I would like to tell you that in your software you have gpu and cpu name display, and everyone has the name of their gpu displayed but in my situation their is no gpu name it's blank actually, what can be done, it's bit strange as I am facing this problem
Sumachixx 2 days ago
That's beautiful...
gtx 1050ti
gtx 1050ti 2 days ago
Dont try to beat nvidia, thats impossible
Jahreela Jaanwar
Jahreela Jaanwar 2 days ago
AMD is the best I personally use and love amd
Deepanshu Gupta
Deepanshu Gupta 2 days ago
AMD, we need a steady supply of your products, else, there's no point of going on a product launching spree if your customers can't even get the previous models
Light Theory LLC
Light Theory LLC 2 days ago
Ya, video says, Learn more at our Website, because, thats the WHOLE POINT of making a Product Video Right ... LOL :D
Light Theory LLC
Light Theory LLC 2 days ago
Lenovo makes AWESOME looking i9 and Yoga Laptops, and Motorola G phones, YET, lacks the Power inside them, and lacks a competitive pricing scale for more power. Just look at it on their website.. Also, Lenovo makes WAY too many Variants of a Laptop, Just pick your TOP 3, and move on. Stop confusing your client base with 20 + variants with low to mid Level power specs inside them..
Light Theory LLC
Light Theory LLC 2 days ago
There is a CLEAR disconnect between AMD CEO and her employees. Their answers are dis inspiring and facial grimaces are a clear answer as to how they are being treated in the company.
Light Theory LLC
Light Theory LLC 2 days ago
Like a Asian Hilary Clinton in a Blue Blazer Jacket
Lynne Springer
Lynne Springer 2 days ago
Pretty impressive seeing former hs classmate. He is an awesome person.
J79 C2136
J79 C2136 2 days ago
But can you game with this as well as a consumer gpu?
Shon Lee
Shon Lee 2 days ago
Praise Lisa, She is Sun itself
Capra Falco
Capra Falco 2 days ago
I am facing an issue. When I play PUBG then after few mins , the screen gets blue , sometimes black etc. I can only fix that screen when I restart the computer. I am having very bad experience now :(
guilherme henrique
guilherme henrique 2 days ago
this didnt aged well XD
william jones
william jones 2 days ago
I have a 1800.00 boat anchor because the dam Radeon Wattman keeps crashing.
Andrea Bergantin
Andrea Bergantin 2 days ago
The real responsibility is providing us constant upgraded drivers for our CPUs and GPUs. Always
random weird YouTube channel
random weird YouTube channel 2 days ago
ryzen 3 1200 anyone?
Kahouli Ramzi
Kahouli Ramzi 2 days ago
AMD where there is no stock
준원 2 days ago
리사수!!! 리사수!!!
MEET COMPANY 3 days ago
And here the legend was born
Widi Sobarna
Widi Sobarna 3 days ago
🤕 📣.....
mihail Telefob
mihail Telefob 3 days ago
Приветствую Вас друзья из АМД вышлите мне пожалуйста видео карты на пробу. В наших магазинах их не купить по адекватной цене!?
strom120 3 days ago
Future no stock, future amd radeon software 2020 NICE
strom120 3 days ago
future 2020 amd radeon software
Nobzu 3 days ago
Where is stock O.o
Arif TechHunt
Arif TechHunt 3 days ago
I should say something that everyone says……… So that's how it all started…
Apo458 3 days ago
Earlier, Intel said: "We have the best mobile chips for laptops" And yes, they were absolutely correct... For only a single day...
Roland Vass
Roland Vass 3 days ago
when he said 14,435,000,000,000,000 I 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Maverick Last
Maverick Last 3 days ago
Hiring remote interns?
Alfonso Garcia Pappaterra
Alfonso Garcia Pappaterra 3 days ago
really ? responsibility? when you release a radeon driver 20 days later and doesn't even redesign, put any relevant feature that we where asking the hole year and not just that, this drivers are essentially the same 2020 garbage with bug fixes that are not important at all, that take from the few awards that you have in reliability and stability , not to mention they are crap for polaris and RDNA GPUs, you should think twice about responsibility when you cant even make a driver that doesn't mess everything
Sami Khan
Sami Khan 3 days ago
3121_Eby T
3121_Eby T 3 days ago
We Love you AMD...Keep Pushing the Limits ❤️
Progamer Day ago
Also intel processors have more than 4ghz
Progamer Day ago
Intel is better
RoastedSushi 3 days ago
Hi, I have a question, if you wouldn't mind sharing it what are your yield rates on zen 3? Itd be nice to know also in just 4 generations you have beaten intels 10 generation strong cpus. Great job!
Progamer Day ago
Our 11th gen is coming good luck
Mylestheone 3 days ago
And keeps embarrassing intel LMAO 😂 😂
Ali Alqahtani
Ali Alqahtani 3 days ago
Intro music?
Balfourzero 3 days ago
Nice upload
THE PRO 3 days ago
THE PRO Day ago
@Progamer nah both
Progamer Day ago
Intel is the best
Everything is accessible and understandable. And a good render!👍
Onin D.
Onin D. 3 days ago
Rendered with Radeon®
Nathan Gamble
Nathan Gamble 3 days ago
Having a "value chain" is all well and good, but what about your _supply_ chain? Where are your RDNA2 GPUs?
Thanny 3 days ago
@Peppa That's likely part of it, but I think the entire supply chain is FUBAR. Substrate, SMD's, and (perhaps most of all) shipping.
etxeko san
etxeko san 3 days ago
all GPUs are in the consoles, they dont care a sh... about pc gaming
Peppa 3 days ago
I think that TSMC just doesn't have enough 7nm production capacity.
Harira Normal
Harira Normal 3 days ago
16 mins - 56 views. Hmm
G C 3 days ago
Awesome animation 🙂
Samuel Raja Singh
Samuel Raja Singh 3 days ago
Kevinb5 3 days ago
stevin47 3 days ago
kebinresi .resi
kebinresi .resi 4 days ago
rogerg0834 4 days ago
I would LOVE a 2-in-1 with a Ryzen 5000!!
Holski77 4 days ago
totally worked for my 5900x