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idk gamer
idk gamer 8 hours ago
Him: saying and explaining everything Me:jam.wtf/preview/53d39e8b-0dc6-4ae6-ad00-7105690d803c
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 8 hours ago
Stephanie brings so much extra joy to this experiment. I love it. Great work!!
Silas Burns
Silas Burns 8 hours ago
it is the second biggest food secret, first is the krabby patty
Baxter RM
Baxter RM 8 hours ago
Rexus Nexus
Rexus Nexus 8 hours ago
Remember, grilling and especially BBQing, is as much about the process as it is about the eating. Fire. Beer. Sunshine. Beer. More fire. Beer. Food.
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 8 hours ago
philip dandridge
philip dandridge 8 hours ago
I had no idea yall were in NC. I'd say I like you better now, but I've been a fan for years
Clay Sprinkle
Clay Sprinkle 8 hours ago
And on the next episode the secret ingredients in 99X.
Tadanielle 8 hours ago
big mac sauce is made of fries sauce, pickle relish, and onions XD used to work for them
C&E 8 hours ago
Were did you get the 99-x?
Demetrios Araujo
Demetrios Araujo 8 hours ago
Hi my family has owned a pizza restaurant for over 25 years and they always said that if you put to many things on the pizza it will not cook right, so if you put a lot of cheese pepperonis and other toppings it won’t cook right but I don’t understand why
Chris Boutselis
Chris Boutselis 8 hours ago
Here before KFC takes it down
BornFromEmbers 8 hours ago
I worked at KFC and it doesn’t even say the whole recipe on the bag it just says “pepper, salt , dried mustard and more” or something like that I haven’t worked there in a few years so the exact wording is probably off but you get the point
Nico nico ni
Nico nico ni 8 hours ago
KFC has been breaking out tho making a console a movie bruh what else 💀
Alice E
Alice E 8 hours ago
Put a podcast in your ear, like The Last Podcast On The Left. You’ll be quick and still in a good mood.
Ghostpie 8 hours ago
9:55 isn’t that terry from Brooklyn Nine-Nine
braidzilla 8 hours ago
I just wanted Apple Jacks......
Kelvin 8 hours ago
64% - 44% = 108%
L0u1s27 8 hours ago
Holy crap! Mattpat cooking, that's some shocking business right there
chibichibi51 8 hours ago
Never mentions how much citric acid to add, lol.
Sia F
Sia F 8 hours ago
Where can you buy this "marion kay 99x" ?
John Ayap
John Ayap 8 hours ago
99x and TC34D were like experiments broke out of the laboratory...
SUPERBOLT65 8 hours ago
Well you know have enough chicken for the Easter family reunion That is if the world is back by then
sugarmackb 8 hours ago
I *n e e d*to know the pepper story
William Praiswater
William Praiswater 8 hours ago
KFC Chicken cook for 6 years In all the mixes, there is one thing I saw missing. Powdered Milk. When we mixed the flour in the morning it was one 50 lb bag of flour, one one lb bag of powdered milk, and one 3/4 lb bag of seasonings, which looked just like the 99-x
Julie Winchester
Julie Winchester 8 hours ago
And remember, every cent you spent on those waffle-looking fries is going toward a homophobic company. They certainly deserved last place, but it certainly wasn't worth testing. Even if they won, I still wouldn't eat there. Great job, MatPat. :)
Zulk the skeleton
Zulk the skeleton 8 hours ago
new phrase:we severed the theory , thanks for thinking
Chris Boutselis
Chris Boutselis 8 hours ago
MatPat lives in NC??? Forget Raid Area 51, we gonna raid MatPat, he holds all the secrets!!!
TBAA 17 8 hours ago
Mmmmmm KFC 🤤
1 2
1 2 8 hours ago
Where can I find 99x?
Gerald Middleton
Gerald Middleton 8 hours ago
Anyone know where to buy the 99x seasoning? I tried amazon but cant find it there
Salty Pretzels
Salty Pretzels 8 hours ago
Tranquilez 8 hours ago
*KFC would like to know your location*
Jonathon Hart
Jonathon Hart 8 hours ago
I think you broke the marion kay website.
The L A M P
The L A M P 8 hours ago
Forrest, BanditRants, Alyssa, this was a fantastic episode, I very thoroughly enjoyed the editing. You guys are the best!!
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 8 hours ago
I think KFC must vary by location, I have never had crispy chicken. Only soggy crust, and since I associate that with them, I never go.
Ethan Bailey
Ethan Bailey 8 hours ago
Letrose149771 8 hours ago
And that’s how he went missing
Krios 8 hours ago
Mat i love ya man im subbed to all 4 of your channels and love/enjoy your content but you cant go after my boy Babish. Man got his nook of youtube Towered only 2nd by How to Drink
Rae Anna
Rae Anna 8 hours ago
Yeah, I just drink it out of the regular wineglass that we already have. I am too cheap to buy champagne flutes or fancy cups that I rarely use. 😆
AbnormallyNormal //
AbnormallyNormal // 8 hours ago
Imma trust the dude with the spectrograph, I but that’s just me
CAC TV channel
CAC TV channel 8 hours ago
This is fake!
Gooseneckbottle 8 hours ago
Now we just need someone to break down the recipe for 99X
Paola Andrade
Paola Andrade 8 hours ago
It's 2021
Thayen Ryan
Thayen Ryan 8 hours ago
We can all converge on saying “soda pop”. Lots of people say it, and it’s the best of both worlds. Say it with me: SODA. POP. SODA POP.
InfernoNinja 8 hours ago
first person to recreat he recipe gets KFC and all its assets. GO
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 8 hours ago
Also I have one theorized that the number 11 is just there to throw off people who lock into that number. they think they have to have 11, and there is actually like 7. and Yes, when the colonel was alive the chicken I don't remember as well, But the Gravy when he was alive was glorious, this new stuff is watery and bland compared to the stuff when I was a little boy.
Wren 8 hours ago
Did- did matpat make a digimon reference!?
braidzilla 8 hours ago
I just wanted chicken....
Virsaviya Joseph
Virsaviya Joseph 8 hours ago
I- am I the only one who thinks matpat is cute?? i- I can't even... I'm so sorry HOTPAT
MandyLina123 8 hours ago
I love Todd Wilbur because he made Little Caesar's Crazy Bread recipe possible with Pillsbury, which makes me laugh the idea of Little Caesar making their crazy bread using pillsbury dough like I do, lol. I don't live near a Little Caesar's anymore so its nice being able to make it at home.
Emily Connell
Emily Connell 8 hours ago
Your theme song reminds me of the x men cartoon!
Maddie White
Maddie White 8 hours ago
When they still say women should be in kitchen 😒 get these guys in
Galehunter 8 hours ago
Mat, if I can taste Ginger in my food, I won’t eat it. So if I eat KFC and don’t spit it out, there shouldn’t be any ginger in that chicken.
Twinkles The Kitten
Twinkles The Kitten 8 hours ago
Glad I’m allergic to these. I know about some of what goes into Pet Feed. And it’s not always human grade. I learned while researching what to feed my dog down the pet food rabbit hole. My dog now eats home cooked meals
Luctose Fructose
Luctose Fructose 8 hours ago
Idk why they would make each loop a different flavor because it would talk more time than making them all the same also who tf eats frootloops one color at a time
Maureen Mejia
Maureen Mejia 8 hours ago
I would love to know the pepper story 😂
Rachel Tuomi
Rachel Tuomi 8 hours ago
One of the ingredients in pumpkin spice is beetle shells to preserve the flavor and the spice,the same beetle shell they use in shallac' coating and nail polishes...I don't know why I just mentioned this,guess it's kinda traumatizing....the FDA approves of this...
Grafmec X
Grafmec X 8 hours ago
Marion kay's website doesn't even open anymore
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen 8 hours ago
gorgeous wifey u got. really dunno what u are tasting i eat popeye's most of the time and if i wasnt eating that it would be church's/ throw me a sample thru my screen please! TY
John M.
John M. 8 hours ago
Max Fostepher
Max Fostepher 8 hours ago
You get to know how KFC tasted for the different generations?? Uhm that's so cool??? IDK The only time I'll eat bird meats are when they're from KFC or my grandma. So KFC through the ages sounds really cool to me.
Super Peter9000
Super Peter9000 8 hours ago
I'm still a kid
braidzilla 8 hours ago
I just wanted a sandwich.....
Maddie White
Maddie White 8 hours ago
Nightmare ballon boy, is that you?
Xander Schuett
Xander Schuett 8 hours ago
Welcome to food theory: The show where we eat yummy Laffy Taffies in our lovely shiny khakis.
Vane Rey
Vane Rey 9 hours ago
That moment when they don't give the ratio to the citrus or 99-X: 😔
WoopWoop 9 hours ago
Three KFC vids
WoopWoop 9 hours ago
Reinbex 9 hours ago
Uncle Roger would dig the MSG recipe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Guillermo Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez 9 hours ago
I can’t forget how the KFC in my hometown closed and years later was found to have a drug tunnel to Mexico
Ryder Perkins
Ryder Perkins 9 hours ago
If you want to try the original, there is a place in Kentucky called Claudia Sanders, and they have the original recipe
kira coatl
kira coatl 9 hours ago
Oh dang. Is there a spice cap in fried chicken recipes just like some games have a crit rate cap thats lower than 100%? Seems sus.
Craig Walker
Craig Walker 9 hours ago
New channel idea story time with mat and steph
Eyy Lmao
Eyy Lmao 9 hours ago
Yeah they need to give you some ad money for this video. I want chicken now 😋
David Mathews
David Mathews 9 hours ago
Waiting for the KFC theory as to why the wedges were removed in favor of the fries.
Freddie Cohr
Freddie Cohr 9 hours ago
22:50 So So Differnet?
Kaijuuu ._
Kaijuuu ._ 9 hours ago
Didn’t they publish the seasoning for it awhile ago?
Martin C
Martin C 9 hours ago
The best pizza is the Costco pizza
Tank 9 hours ago
5:11 I live in Kentucky and $20 is only the exchange rate for a 15 lb propane tank. You have to buy a tank first, and where I am it's about $50.
Bryon Buhecker Jr
Bryon Buhecker Jr 9 hours ago
The 11 was to cooked under I believe 11 minutes or close to it, with pressure fryer