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lil baby yoda
lil baby yoda 14 hours ago
I swear I was like the first to here this I was playing his music and it just updated and I saw this this song amazing nf has got me through a lot I hate Covid I wanna go to his shows luv u bro👌
Keltan Fox
Keltan Fox 14 hours ago
only 32 million views?!
D1reWo1f 14 hours ago
This hits different
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 14 hours ago
Don't upload music that tells the truth if your going to delete comments that tell the truth. Man up stop being weak
سفن اب بليمون
سفن اب بليمون 14 hours ago
da best
brylan elliott
brylan elliott 14 hours ago
when i grow up i wanna be a rapper to
J Schrade
J Schrade 14 hours ago
Follow me for more music like this
Mayte Torres
Mayte Torres 14 hours ago
2020 nf is still the best
Mayte Torres
Mayte Torres 14 hours ago
2020 still the best rapper and singer
Craig -MetaThor- Cartwright
Craig -MetaThor- Cartwright 14 hours ago
This is amazing
おすTrashGaming 14 hours ago
The guy who killed who inspired him...
worthless 15 hours ago
NF is the only rapper that does not cuss lol
worthless 15 hours ago
NF is the only real music there is
worthless 15 hours ago
`NF`s mother What are you doing this time `NF doing another great music video `NF`s mother why `NF because `NF`s mother because Why? `NF Because i like doing it `NF`s mother shopping cart and balloons again?? `NF yes `NF`s mother ok im out of here
Tom the best
Tom the best 15 hours ago
Listening your song for the first time. Damnnn just loved it🥴🔥
Diary Man
Diary Man 15 hours ago
BK7l 15 hours ago
I LOVE THIS. Thank you for this beautiful song.
jstar Porter
jstar Porter 15 hours ago
I love you NF 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Landon Rainwater
Landon Rainwater 15 hours ago
Hey nf are you Ghana have a concert
Heaven Meeks
Heaven Meeks 15 hours ago
I’m watching 6years later
Amy King
Amy King 15 hours ago
having weird random thoughts all the time and doubting all your good times is very frustrating and devastating and what's worse is that people can't even understand you and end up living your life like a lonely creep. Its nice to know am not the only, I also wish they were quiet and that they would leave me alone.
Skyrimlord 15 hours ago
I wonder if NF has to keep Maintinence on his cart
D4RK Monster
D4RK Monster 15 hours ago
Write a pop song then he writes a song like this
Mendes27 15 hours ago
"Music is the only place that I can go to speak to you"😭❤
Mendes27 15 hours ago
NF defines real music. Emotions. I'm crying.
Marquez vanhook
Marquez vanhook 15 hours ago
So our mind is our fear
Bwa Moment
Bwa Moment 16 hours ago
This is a late comment but as soon as I saw this I freaked and sent the link to all my friends love you NF your truly real music😁💕
Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott 16 hours ago
I bet no one will like this comment 😔
Hunter Shaffer
Hunter Shaffer 16 hours ago
2 types of people in this world people who like NF and people who don't have respect his REAL music I am the first one
NagaKings Gaming
NagaKings Gaming 16 hours ago
I can hear Eminem sometimes
epic face Hehe
epic face Hehe 16 hours ago
My favorite NF song
Aiman 16 hours ago
guys ! If your reading this comment and your having a rough day, week anything it may be. Your not fighting this alone ya! Quit that frown, smile for a sec 🙌 bad days has its end so keep smiling cause you look better with a smile 😏👍 - 2020 won't stop us from spreading positive vibes 😜🙌
Kasadar 16 hours ago
Cant wait for the full version!
NH2 Beatz
NH2 Beatz 16 hours ago
Amazing 💚💚
pedro zitab
pedro zitab 16 hours ago
Can i see arabic people in my comment cus I feel like I'm not the only one who knows that great musical NF
Jackson Playz132
Jackson Playz132 16 hours ago
NF's hands were like ↖️↙️↗️↘️↖️↙️↗️↘️↖️↙️↗️↘️↖️↙️↗️↘️↗️↖️↘️↙️↗️↘️↖️↩️↪️⬅️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬇️➡️⤴️⤵️🔃🔄
Legend Playlist
Legend Playlist 16 hours ago
I am late
Tobias Valtteri
Tobias Valtteri 16 hours ago
This guys music is literally so good lyrically
Yam I Am
Yam I Am 16 hours ago
I feel like nf is gonna drop some fire next year because he had like 5 months to write/perfect songs but he couldn’t record them.
ImJustGood 02
ImJustGood 02 16 hours ago
Still one of the hardest beat drops ever
GROUP TNT DZ 16 hours ago
cool proo_______-
Kübra Naz ÖZDEMİR 17 hours ago
Oh my god that is amazing 🤍🔥
Conna Savage
Conna Savage 17 hours ago
I know all rhe words to this in x3 speed
Diary Man
Diary Man 17 hours ago
Nem3sis_MZ 17 hours ago
This song is supa catchy!!
TNT 《RAGHAV》 17 hours ago
BLOODMOON EREN 17 hours ago
Shubham 21
Shubham 21 17 hours ago
It pulls out buried heart of mine on surface and I feel it ... 😑😑😑
Shaggy Barclay
Shaggy Barclay 17 hours ago
I'd rather listen to lyrics like these than songs about the same repetitive things in literally every other rap song........
Lone Artist Productions
Lone Artist Productions 17 hours ago
i'm new 2020 rapper coming up check out my vids
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 17 hours ago
i pray who ever reads this becomes successful , And we can all arise.
Iprofessional 17 hours ago
ksi and nf should collab like if u agree
アデオラ 18 hours ago
NF の音楽が大好きです。ありがとう。♪(v^_^)v
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 17 hours ago
are not alone.
Alaa Almetwally
Alaa Almetwally 18 hours ago
Max Yablonski
Max Yablonski 18 hours ago
This is what I actually call "influencer in music" (what u did about Mikayla Sippel). Awesome job, love from Ukraine!
Thisath DE SILVA
Thisath DE SILVA 18 hours ago
My parents say raping is useless but this is realistic and has thought me a lesson
Jaivieon Alvarez
Jaivieon Alvarez 18 hours ago
Everyime people just assume that someone is ok they dont care about them they never gave a crap about them and the only person to ever accept you just dies and IT HURTS SO GODDAMM MUCHE
Snow Love
Snow Love 18 hours ago
This makes me feel some type of way. I have been feeling down lately. My baby girl is having heart surgery this week and recently found out my husband has been cheating on me. I wish he felt hurt and sad when he see's me cry infront of him. He blames me. You're music helps the pain 😓🙌🙏😔
Strange World
Strange World 18 hours ago
Timothy 4:1-5 "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer."
Michelle Ding
Michelle Ding 18 hours ago
it make me wanna cry bro......
Hollie Stevenson
Hollie Stevenson 18 hours ago
Relate to this so much 🥺💔
ZoeDaCookie 18 hours ago
You got a problem with the fans? Theres the door. Some Respect for this man please.
galaxy note
galaxy note 18 hours ago
What a sellout...not just this garbage song...everything since Mansion...Garbage Nate
Taylor Cullen
Taylor Cullen 18 hours ago
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭 I needed this thank you 💕💕💕💕
Watch and play Trophy’s PS4 trophy’s
Watch and play Trophy’s PS4 trophy’s 18 hours ago
I was just a fat dumb kid but you should be see my now this song has completely changed me 💪💪
Moneyless Mods
Moneyless Mods 18 hours ago
This is the depression vision we all get in our bad times. That's why you understand it so much...
Norakmal Irfan
Norakmal Irfan 18 hours ago
RIP Uzumaki Naruto😭
chase weiler
chase weiler 18 hours ago
its ironic how the song is called breathe and its 4:20 minutes long xD
Eternal Grey
Eternal Grey 19 hours ago
Nate's Music Is all of our emotions and his, combined. Its like we are the Amplifier to his Microphone. And that's why he's different. Other rappers think their the "best" while NF is only human like us.
Milan Sedlák
Milan Sedlák 19 hours ago
Marcus: Mom, I have a role in a music video! Marsus' role: 0:06
Menzi Rexxy
Menzi Rexxy 19 hours ago
"I went from nobody to kinda famous "
Good Ness
Good Ness 19 hours ago
How did you get paralyzed? Are you talking about feelings on the inside or outside bc I'm pretty sure it took feelings and emotions to write this song. That being said, I have your back (in a good way) if you need something/(anything) that I can help with. If I can I will. And I don't say such very often now days. Thanks for all your songs and hard work NF.
Shane Saals
Shane Saals 19 hours ago
Can't wait for the album bro ! #NF
Lawley Chadwick
Lawley Chadwick 19 hours ago
This tune slaps different
Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!!
Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!! 19 hours ago
A music becomes special when you find yourself related to that !
Good Ness
Good Ness 19 hours ago
Paralyzed= para realized
Kiss Rebeca
Kiss Rebeca 19 hours ago
Nate.Thank you.I think I can say that in the name of a lot of people.
Michael Craven
Michael Craven 19 hours ago
Much love Nf! <3
Reuben Zion
Reuben Zion 20 hours ago
NF is the type of dude who would choose dirt over diamonds. *because he can turn dirt into art*
H4G 20 hours ago
you make me feel i exist