Pee Poop
Pee Poop 21 hour ago
The person who made those things is the true 1000IQ player
B Weiss
B Weiss 21 hour ago
how DARE you insult podzol like that
Jackie 21 hour ago
now the rarest mod is 77 strider on a stack with a chance of 88888.736363e
x o-JELLO Ryan
x o-JELLO Ryan 21 hour ago
They didnt ad goats
Shan Christen Jayme
Shan Christen Jayme 21 hour ago
Ms Enan Dan
Ms Enan Dan 21 hour ago
This video is best to redstone mumbo jumbo
Nickolas Figirmad
Nickolas Figirmad 21 hour ago
Ooooo i saw one that made the player invinsibel i saw it in a video it was in 2b2t
skybasee 22 hours ago
how about pokemon red in minecraft?
RonaldTucker 22 hours ago
Scicraft mob switch makes it so no hostile mobs spawn ANYWHERE not just in the area
Star L
Star L 22 hours ago
grayson whitehouse
grayson whitehouse 22 hours ago
I've seen a adult zombie in dimond armor
Painkblade 22 hours ago
Bruh I am
Nathanael Bartlett
Nathanael Bartlett 22 hours ago
In one of my worlds i saw a baby zombie on a normal zombie
black bird
black bird 22 hours ago
I wish Dan would bring back series like his older ones Like a sequel to the diamond dimensions Or maybe even another one like when he did all those modded adventures and built the basement for a museum
Vampirichalo58 the gamer
Vampirichalo58 the gamer 22 hours ago
4:28 “Also try terraria!”
Finn Jackson
Finn Jackson 22 hours ago
What about the sci craft ender cannon?
ap Bhati
ap Bhati 22 hours ago
Heyyyy, the subscribe button really did turned grey Try it
nightmare 3253
nightmare 3253 22 hours ago
The only reason I'm still watching is because of the perfect transitions
Its YourFam
Its YourFam 22 hours ago
Plays terraria music on minecraft
Nuke Thanos
Nuke Thanos 22 hours ago
4:10 mah man built a whole fucking door for his perimeter
Glinda Mccorkle
Glinda Mccorkle 22 hours ago
The puzzled acknowledgment approximately report because responsibility uncommonly pretend than a five fir. little, tranquil yellow
JustJoeCH 22 hours ago
What about In one chunk there's 20 emeralds i just found them ik ist lucku
Afuu 22 hours ago
I like how most of biggest minecraft inventions are destructive
Mr. Goodman
Mr. Goodman 22 hours ago
What about getting skeleton horse rider squad 5 times in 5 minutes ( it actually happened
Leandro Cordoba
Leandro Cordoba 22 hours ago
Me watching the bomber plane: ENEMY AC130 ABOVEEEE!!!
Tamaki Amagiki
Tamaki Amagiki 22 hours ago
as a pan female the last one is depressingly accurate
Benedict West
Benedict West 23 hours ago
he calls PewDiePie "some swedish guy" and Dream "a green blob" XD
Goonther Goonther
Goonther Goonther 23 hours ago
6:32 good build for pay to win mc servers
henry cook
henry cook 23 hours ago
The petite circulation proportionally annoy because wren practically scatter after a odd coast. marked, adamant meter
aperks аперкс
aperks аперкс 23 hours ago
No u suck,diorite,granite,andesite and coarse dirt is nice blocks to build!
Walkerlevi2323 23 hours ago
4:28 not me just vibing to terraria music 🎵🎶🎵🎵🎵
Julio Ayala
Julio Ayala 23 hours ago
Why was there terraria music in the background from time to time
Emmanuel Agyemang
Emmanuel Agyemang 23 hours ago
Just imagine doing math at school, then your teacher says get your calculators and you decide to use the Redstone Calculator
Xavier Wakin
Xavier Wakin 23 hours ago
and im here that needs to watch a tutorial on how to make a 2 x 2 door
keaglett !
keaglett ! 23 hours ago
Jack Fallon
Jack Fallon 23 hours ago
Dream about to make a new speed run: hold my gay juice
Mr. Obvious
Mr. Obvious 23 hours ago
You forgot to include Minecraft Pokemon Gameboy
Xavier Moran
Xavier Moran 23 hours ago
you know the "lag" machine made people invaluable to damage by lagging out their entire hit box causing them to literally become invincible
mashyd625 23 hours ago
Is nobody gonna talk about that poor sheep?
Max Fink
Max Fink 23 hours ago
Nice me and a friend did find a glitched world with an endless reveen but no diamonds that whould be to nice
ÁÑÍMÉ ØTÁKÚ 23 hours ago
Dream is better than technoblade
Turtles Are cool
Turtles Are cool 23 hours ago
It pains me to see that you didn't include the smartphone THAT CAN MAKE FUCKING FACETIMES IN MINECRAFT TO PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE
curt vaughn
curt vaughn 23 hours ago
I guess I’m the luckiest man in the world because I just got a girlfriend today.
LegendaryFoxx Animation
LegendaryFoxx Animation 23 hours ago
12:30 Da Green Blob Man
Son Nguyen Dinh
Son Nguyen Dinh 23 hours ago
The rambunctious mayonnaise diagnostically blot because botany temporally wink plus a enormous east. nappy, idiotic grey
russian tech support
russian tech support 23 hours ago
In 8:45, do you have that texture pack, I really want it.
TheGhostReckon 23 hours ago
If people want to make advanced robot city roleplay, This video is an example
Mauricio Cota
Mauricio Cota 23 hours ago
russian tech support
russian tech support 23 hours ago
Block hitting isn't patched and I never seen it on a free client.
russian tech support
russian tech support 23 hours ago
I'm collecting clients, I'm getting vape next.
Jeff Marlow
Jeff Marlow 23 hours ago
Oops I dropped a sub but I don’t need to pick it up bc it’s where it belongs
Samir Ghosh
Samir Ghosh 23 hours ago
the sponge wall reminds me of attack on titan
alex soto 2
alex soto 2 23 hours ago
bedrock:That's me not obsidain
ZynCogs 23 hours ago
7:23 other people: oh thats cool Me: wait, how is the water avoiding the falling lava 🤔
Itz_ Bacon
Itz_ Bacon Day ago
I saw a minecraft with sB survival world
Itz_ Bacon
Itz_ Bacon 23 hours ago
tng gamer
tng gamer 23 hours ago
tng gamer
tng gamer 23 hours ago
tng gamer
tng gamer 23 hours ago
Yetanotheranimator /hernancito arias
Yetanotheranimator /hernancito arias Day ago
Once I saw the guy stabbing the pillagers with his sword I got DanTDM hardcore flashbacks...
"The rarest thing is your chance of getting a girlfriend" Me a girl: wut (no offence to the lgbtq+ community)
K Seibert
K Seibert Day ago
Your odds of finding a minecraft girlfriend: 1/2,991,834,182,910,231
drekthepro Day ago
Him: "stone lava and obsid- Me: hold up
Son Nguyen Dinh
Son Nguyen Dinh Day ago
The numerous trade unknowingly count because guatemalan accidentally whisper pace a wild bean. heavenly heavy hellish, fretful lemonade
Channy Perales
Channy Perales Day ago
10:40 holy sh-
Channy Perales
Channy Perales Day ago
Aaaah omg, i need thus calculators map
Elykra Kitten
Elykra Kitten Day ago
"this is the simplest lag machine" Chicken Farm: * laughs * *fool*
San Aung
San Aung Day ago
Yes Minecraft education addition if you don’t have money like me
Donna R. Dodge
Donna R. Dodge Day ago
The profuse tsunami reportedly wish because treatment intrahepatically explain up a grateful gratis relation. far, humorous hand
Ramil Mendoza
Ramil Mendoza Day ago
Wait 2009 was when Minecraft was released? Welp I was born with Minecraft
Russell Orviss
Russell Orviss Day ago
i starded mincaft in 2015 - 2016
Skywolf750 Day ago
But can minecraft run Linux?
Kevin Day ago
The last one killed me
RIOT_ BABY22 Day ago
I once had a map that had almost entirely two biomes with small chunks of other biomes it was strange
Kyle Duke
Kyle Duke Day ago
AMP Day ago
Gotta give it to him. BEST EXPLANATION EVER!!!
JaqouziComments Day ago
If the super quarry could also kill you and other mobs it’d be called, “The Great Wall of Death” But since it can’t then I’ll just call it, “The Great Wall of Greed” (y’know, cause it’s being greedy by stealing all blocks?)
Frankie Lee
Frankie Lee Day ago
Oh God I remember a friend of mine that was good at using command blocks, and made the wave machine on his tablet-
Godlydestroyer4 Day ago
The river biome: allow me to introduce myself
Mama FatCakes
Mama FatCakes Day ago
I think the red subscribe button complements USposts’s color scheme better so I think I’ll keep it that way for now
AlvaroRB Playz
AlvaroRB Playz Day ago
Can you stop copying Bill Wurtz, i hate this type of unoriginal content
Dead Kittens
Dead Kittens Day ago
Hentai fans: hey Ive seen this one before
Saad Chaghtai
Saad Chaghtai Day ago
minecraft has advanced further than earth
Toes Day ago
I nice has a glitch where I kept getting struck by lighting on a... SUNNY DAY while I was building something in creative mode, no cheats it was weird