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Redneck Dedon
Redneck Dedon 4 hours ago
North Dakota is my favorite freelancer
Cohen Vale
Cohen Vale 4 hours ago
2:25 Sorry to everyone but DIBS ON THE HAMMER!!!!
E SECRET L ANGEL 4 hours ago
They could just move into blue base and see what happens
Meme Boy
Meme Boy 4 hours ago
It’s a trap!
Mega-Lucario meets Zoroark
Mega-Lucario meets Zoroark 4 hours ago
Give us Clover back, Rooster Teeth, LET THE CROW MAN BE HAPPY ROOSTER TEETH.
Creative Pseudonym
Creative Pseudonym 4 hours ago
Alexander Coleman
Alexander Coleman 4 hours ago
xanny billie eilish
THICC Jalter
THICC Jalter 4 hours ago
remember in the good ol days, when papa Monty was around and the trailers were fight scenes? ah, to go back...
Zenoth Tri
Zenoth Tri 4 hours ago
1:30 anyone notice that there blood is yellow
ArtyTart 4 hours ago
We need to wait til infinite
Chandlor Martin
Chandlor Martin 4 hours ago
We all know yang doesn’t really have a problem with blaine sitting on her head😏
Chandlor Martin
Chandlor Martin 4 hours ago
E 1
E 1 4 hours ago
Why do I feel like this is the official good bye of the original cast
Regina García
Regina García 5 hours ago
anyone know where i can see it :(
DE4D EYE 5 hours ago
When sarge try’s sounding like grif you can hear doc and O’Malley
Chaz The Conqueror
Chaz The Conqueror 5 hours ago
5:51 I am in this picture and don't like it me: it is just until Quarantine is over Corona: Get comfy buddy
SquidWafflez 5 hours ago
Only cool kids watched this while it was on Netflix
cool dude
cool dude 5 hours ago
Finally an explanation to the moon
Is it me that sarge sounds different I can't tell if it's gust me
Cococrash11 5 hours ago
Awesome Red vs. Blue Video.
jollytubeYT 5 hours ago
The strange PSA where Simmons understands Lopez
Chandlor Martin
Chandlor Martin 5 hours ago
Too bad red hair girl is dead
Bacon Is the best #THOT BOT POLICE
Bacon Is the best #THOT BOT POLICE 5 hours ago
I’m newest comment
Kradolpher 5 hours ago
I REALLY want this to be good. I hope it's better than seasons 14-17 Edit: Ok I just rewatched the trailer and my hopes are now lost
cool dude
cool dude 5 hours ago
Jeez People should give the black one a break He’s just death Don’t be so rude
Kre8 or
Kre8 or 5 hours ago
"Would you like to know what she's afraid of?"\ "not right now" "It's currently me"
Southhs5115 5 hours ago
Can we talk about how brave and competent those first two guards were against Diesel?
Smug Sneasel
Smug Sneasel 5 hours ago
The silence and zoom out view of Caboose falling...genius.
Southhs5115 5 hours ago, nobody's gonna talk about how Wash seems okay (given what was implied from Singularity)?
MAV Arevalo
MAV Arevalo 4 hours ago
Don’t worry when November comes around all questions will answered
Arcidus Flint
Arcidus Flint 5 hours ago
I love old Qrow’s voice.
Jerid Haas
Jerid Haas 5 hours ago
Rip the og rvb characters 🥺
jakeblitzcoffie 5 hours ago
Did anyone notice that Adam wears Blake's ribbon around his eyes in vol 6? Just rewatched RWBY and made that connection.
Jerid Haas
Jerid Haas 5 hours ago
When they end the story line of the best set of character 😭😭😭😭😭
Rynnex 5 hours ago
4:30 Dio called said he wanted his knives back...
Ananasbringer 5 hours ago
The real question we should wonder about: Just what would an ancient witch like Salem even ask Jinn in the first place? Can't imagine that there is much left to learn for her in the first place oO
Raccoon From National Geographic
Raccoon From National Geographic 5 hours ago
Lopez said the subtitles are wrong when he was asked what he has to say after winning.
Ian Struthers
Ian Struthers 5 hours ago
I do appreciate Simmons was the one to draw the knife and full on had the intent to stab Gene square in the face
Alderam 195
Alderam 195 5 hours ago
Who else thought the moving out was about them leaving the series for the newbies?
slicer940 5 hours ago
About a B size sun ☀️ right there.
victor Beard
victor Beard 5 hours ago
The door handle was a soda can
Melchi Ray
Melchi Ray 5 hours ago
ME:wow look at all the interesting things in this episode,Crocs semblance is basically and invincibility star but when it runs out you become no power up mario on ruby's scroll june's contact is vomit the picture of june and his sisters june has a sign that says help Ruby:................SHUT UP THERE'S FOOD
Dee Zee
Dee Zee 5 hours ago
Is there a reason Ruby's semblance stopped before she reached the cliff?
Ignacio Ulla
Ignacio Ulla 5 hours ago
"Fly, you fools" ಥ‿ಥ
Surf Jihad
Surf Jihad 5 hours ago
Why is this in a Spanis Bodega playlist bruh what
Kre8 or
Kre8 or 5 hours ago
Caboose literally is responsible for the technologica evolution of humanity....
DINO PLAYS 6 hours ago
I will most the ogs but I’m willing to see what this season has in store
Jett Dominick
Jett Dominick 6 hours ago
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera 6 hours ago
5:52 damn, that hit hard
Clay Williams
Clay Williams 6 hours ago
I think it's rather unfortunate that the Blues and Reds killed all the Freelancers... I would've liked a present day story about 479er
Gabriel McCormick
Gabriel McCormick 6 hours ago
Who’s voicing Caboose now?
Innertuber40 6 hours ago
So glad they got Patrick Warburton
Raymond Chapa
Raymond Chapa 6 hours ago
Great video
Pi 6 hours ago
POV: You're an American with a spanish person connecting to a North American server
Innertuber40 6 hours ago
Anyone else think the helmets look like they have mustaches?
Alec Maloba
Alec Maloba 6 hours ago
Pls give us in episode that we can watch
Alguien sch
Alguien sch 6 hours ago
4:04 Latin America streets be like xd:
Bonld Bump
Bonld Bump 6 hours ago
I hope this isn’t the end
Melchi Ray
Melchi Ray 6 hours ago
if you put captions on you would see mission accomplished when they where about to leave the garage
Dan and Ben's stop motion
Dan and Ben's stop motion 6 hours ago
Ok buster
animegx45 6 hours ago
I just realized the doorknob in SImmom's home is just a can of tuna.
Premade 6 hours ago
Did you just postpone the release from the 19th?
blizzard fog
blizzard fog 6 hours ago
Well since we don't Adam is really dead
Kraevorn 7 hours ago
I just realized that this is there second moving PSA since they were moving to Halo 3.
TheArtofJoe 7 hours ago
Is Griff JonTron?
TheArtofJoe 6 hours ago
Is church Ben Shapiro?
Coffee 7 hours ago
So I'm assuming Salem strolled on up to Atlas to be all spooky then fucked off?
Wb2006xx 7 hours ago
So they basically have the Rock playing Emile? I’m down for that
Sean McEarl
Sean McEarl 7 hours ago
Awww the last part hits to close to home because I was asked to come back. Taking care of family is easy cause its family, you gotta. But cheap rent and an awkward explanation or two are worth it.
thatguyjeff gamer
thatguyjeff gamer 7 hours ago
Rvb intro just makes me so happy. Please find a way to remake the show from the beginning like a new threat that started from like filis turning out to have been able to dl the ai abilities into her software and didn't delete herself and only the church guy can deactivate her. IDK just more rvb
Demonic Mat
Demonic Mat 7 hours ago
Hahaha! I don't make enough to move out, everything around me is too expensive. $600 is the lowest, okay, but it's about 3-4 hours away from my job in retail. At least my parents are okay with me living with them since I do most of the cooking and work.
onther person
onther person 7 hours ago
Its a period
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 7 hours ago
What's interesting is that I had a financial boom leaving home than staying at home lol.
Yoko Uzumaki
Yoko Uzumaki 7 hours ago
More grift and Simmons shipping fuel
Edward Dávila
Edward Dávila 7 hours ago
When I saw the movie think when they we’re waiting I SAW CAMP CAMP like I wit :O
Obsidian The Gaming Zorua
Obsidian The Gaming Zorua 7 hours ago
Can we just go over how the duck hunt bit basically predicted the horror game. He tried to hurt the dog. The dog didn't like that.
Space Squid
Space Squid 7 hours ago
Ah, I see: Simmons moved to Baltimore.
Gibbehh 7 hours ago
They better not hurt Blake or Yang. and the fact that Blake isn’t even in the trailer on her own?! And apparently Blake’s voice actor had to do an emotional scene too😳 bruh I’m scared
Logan Mercer
Logan Mercer 7 hours ago
Is that agent Washington in that first scene with the artifact??
UmamaGoblin 7 hours ago
I replayed the cannonball scene twice lol
change 7 hours ago
Alon Cohen
Alon Cohen 7 hours ago
Wait why is Gavin Free a trigger?