Amy Wendricks
Amy Wendricks Minute ago
Very Beautiful
renegadethedestroyer Hour ago
So this is a song and band down by eddies son?
Mynda Carrasas
Mynda Carrasas 2 hours ago
I wasn't prepared for the vm @ the end. 😥 that was so beautiful to watch ❤
Katherine Bliss
Katherine Bliss 2 hours ago
Wow. Just wow. This would be dynamic and powerful even if what happened hadn't happened. WVH, you are a superior talent in your own right and were clearly raised in an atmosphere that encouraged that to flourish. Not a single thing about this track reminds me in any way of the Van Halen I have loved since I was an itty bitty child in the early 80s when I first heard them - and that's its brilliance. You're your own man and your own musician with your own identity... And I will own any piece of music you release the day it drops.
H S 4 hours ago
You never get over the loss/death of your parents, no matter how old you are. Losing your parents is one of the most profound, life altering, life changing events of one's life, especially when the last one goes.
ravin bangsund
ravin bangsund 4 hours ago
My dads gone half the year , working hard for his living and to provide for his family . I think he needs to hear this . I love you dad .
Tambra Driscoll
Tambra Driscoll 5 hours ago
I love this song. I know it is about terrible sadness...but it is so beautiful.
Dianne Terlecki
Dianne Terlecki 6 hours ago
This an awesome tribute to his dad! I love this song! Great relationship they had!
Jimmy Hinkle
Jimmy Hinkle 6 hours ago
Finally got the nerve to watch this. Man......
Cathy Danielski
Cathy Danielski 7 hours ago
charlie tuna
charlie tuna 8 hours ago
I'm in tears,he was a great father and your uncle is a great man...stay close to each other and both of you will get through this and heal in time...
Kdub 8 hours ago
Solaris Moon
Solaris Moon 8 hours ago
I Loved your father more than any words could ever say! He was my friend and mentor all through the ninties and he was my world and my idol!! He was many things to many people but I just can't believe that he's gone. I modeled my life after him - he drank Sharps' beer, I drank Sharps' beer. He smoked cowboy killers (Marlboro Red) I smoked cowboy killers. He later smoked Camel lights, I smoked Camel lights. He wore 3 X T-shirts I wore 3 X T - shirts. He build and painted his own guitars and modified them I did the same! He was my hero to me since my parents got divorced when I was three years old. I remember when I first heard Eruption for the first time ever. I was like " Holy shit! What the hell is that? Two guitars, a synthesizer, or what?!" I was hooked. And that was when your Dad first made it on the scene. I too am old enough to be your father but I always admired him for what he could do musically and what his words meant to me every time I heard them. I wanted to make a new neck for the 5150 Strat ever since I heard that it got broken. I make guitars and custom guitar parts. However I built an exact replica of it as a tribute before all these EVH clone guitars were being painted by everyone and their brother and sold on evilbay and even before Fender started making them. I guess that this will never happen now that your pop's dead. I am so devastated by the news I could only imagine what you're feeling now. It still doesn't seem real. I can't get it through my head that he's gone. Although you sound nothing like your Dad you are AWESOME!! I am glad that you are following in your Dads' footsteps just doing it your way. He has so much to be proud of!! God bless you, Wolfie! Rock on, brother!
Ending Empires Band
Ending Empires Band 8 hours ago
Fantastic song! Your grief has been channeled in to an incredible, touching, awesome song! I heard #franksidoris was on this. What a great addition. All the best brother! #endingempires
Alejandro Orona
Alejandro Orona 8 hours ago
I can’t quit crying. It’s better than ever imagined. it an will be on repeat. You are accomplished and superior.
ALIAS band fan club
ALIAS band fan club 9 hours ago
Such an amazing job Wolfgang. ALIAS just lost their keyboard player Denny DeMarchi to cancer on May 15, 2020. #fuckcancer
schartta 9 hours ago
Rick Murie
Rick Murie 9 hours ago
Moved to tears. Thank you Ed, Valerie and Wolfie. May God bless Yas again
Rick Murie
Rick Murie 9 hours ago
He's good at that
Christy Fowler
Christy Fowler 9 hours ago
Wow, Wolfgang! So so beautiful in every aspect! I have 2 things to say...first of all, I hope you don't even take the time nor energy to read those few little negative reviews, because I can assure you after what I just saw and heard, they don't matter and secondly, you're so talented. I didn't even know you had a voice like that. Absolutely one of the most touching videos I've ever seen! You did your father proud, no doubt!
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith 9 hours ago
This video grabbed me ,by the balls and I don't have them, great job Wolfie, my dad went too soon , it's been 14 years , I get emotional on Father's Day.
Christines TruthScope
Christines TruthScope 10 hours ago
Linda Calderone
Linda Calderone 10 hours ago
This is awesome...just beautiful!
andy cook
andy cook 10 hours ago
Wolfie did a great job with this song and the music. The home videos are very touching and relatable. The last words in the video from Eddy are really hard to hear and not feel shattered by
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith 10 hours ago
This video makes me miss my Dad, he passed at 53, massive heart attack 2007, you don't want to accept it, like it was just a bad dream, and when I wake up , and he is sitting in his favorite chair, and cussing at me , for my boyfriend and he better not come up here,, I'll shoot him.
michaell1962 10 hours ago
A great artist is one who is able to take personal loss, find the silver lining in that loss & share it with the world in a convincing way. Well, I'm convinced!
goblackcat 11 hours ago
I love this song!!!❤
Melvin Ramsey
Melvin Ramsey 11 hours ago
I've been wanting to hear my Dad's voice for 11 years now ,,, this was an awesome tribute to an awesome Dad !!! Well done !!
Ted S.
Ted S. 12 hours ago
😰😰😰😰😰😰 He loved his son more than life itself.
Yvette Alvarado
Yvette Alvarado 12 hours ago
You are a living legacy of your father, never forget that. He lives in you and always will. What beautiful memories ! Wonderful song! You brought tears to my eyes.
sandra carter
sandra carter 12 hours ago
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin 12 hours ago
This is so beautiful!
Phebz Peters
Phebz Peters 13 hours ago
God bless you 🙏
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay 13 hours ago
Thank you for sharing who was the lead vocalist on this song?
Philip Hughes
Philip Hughes 13 hours ago
By far the greatest moments of regret you will have will be the times you had the opportunity to spend with your parents, but chose not too. Take every moment you can to spend with your parents-particularly when they or I’ll or older-because someday you will look up from your busy life and they won’t be there any more. Every moment wasted will be regretted.
Hair Maienschein
Hair Maienschein 13 hours ago
Beautiful song, hit me right in the heart, tears still flowing
Sassy Suz
Sassy Suz 13 hours ago
This was really moving. Thank you for sharing this with us WVH💜
Bonnie Leusby
Bonnie Leusby 13 hours ago
I’m hoping that you and your dad’s passing will inspire other musicians to bring back this kind of quality rock.
Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat 13 hours ago
I’m sorry but why are there ANY dislikes on this video. This is beautiful and a great tribute to your Dad. So May great memories. What a life! You keep doing you, Wolfgang. Thank you for sharing this.
Bonnie Leusby
Bonnie Leusby 13 hours ago
Wolf, your amazing! Can’t wait to hear more!
Avinash Thapa
Avinash Thapa 13 hours ago
this jerkoff must've been the worst father, except for his money
Melinda Frank
Melinda Frank 14 hours ago
The voicemail at the end did me in and turned me into a puddle. ..
Micheal ThaArchAngel
Micheal ThaArchAngel 14 hours ago
Good job WVH
Brenda D
Brenda D 14 hours ago
A great song allows you to put yourself into the situation and feel exactly what the song is about, both of my parents are gone and it still hurts. The music and the words are exactly how I feel on most days...I was fine until the end , I am glad you have that to keep forever.
Chuck Walters
Chuck Walters 14 hours ago
Wow! He Seemed like one great father Wolf. God bless you and your family.
Traci W
Traci W 14 hours ago
Holy crap I was crying when the piano scene came in. Wolf I can't count how many times I've watched this, it's so f*cking awesome!!!! Dude I watched you on Howard Stern's show, and you're right. You just learn to live with the pain. When I lost my Mother to cancer. I took care of her, and it was pure hell when they said 6 months to live. and sister, 2 brothers to tragedies very young. You do just learn to live with the pain. You'll be fine, you're going to be a band aas on that stage, and your father will be with you.
Daria Electra
Daria Electra 14 hours ago
To be honest : this is just a beautiful tribute to your father... Pure love and respect :) Thank you so much
STEVEN SCHOEN 14 hours ago
Damn this is a great great song nice work....RIP Eddie
Aaron Henry
Aaron Henry 14 hours ago
Man! I feel like I can’t breath, and the tears streaking down my face says it all! Wolfe, I also lost my father, and ... I’m sorry for you and your family. Your song is amazing, thank you for sharing it!
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva 15 hours ago
Thank you for the music and for sharing your fond memories with your father.
Morticha Chapa
Morticha Chapa 15 hours ago
Beautiful tribute to your legend guitar hero father! I totally love Van Halen ❤ beautiful voice and thank you for this video. Rip Eddie
theonlyredspecial 15 hours ago
Very touching. Moving. From the heart. Can’t really add anything else.
Lappin 15 hours ago
pashtx 15 hours ago
Love Love Love this song! Beautiful tribute from WVH to EVH. Just beautiful!
LaMoore Linkous
LaMoore Linkous 15 hours ago
Eddie's voice mail message at the end..........just breaks my heart..
GARY COOK 16 hours ago
Your tribute brought tears to my eyes! I lost my father this year not long after you lost yours. Although the world sees your dad as one of the greatest innovators of all time... to you he was simply your Dad. None of us know the sheer depth of your relationship, but your video captures your incredible father son relationship and love that transcends music. You have his talent! It's clear that your Dad loved you even more than his guitar. I also have a couple of sons and cherished the time we spent with music. Your Dad was beyond influential to all of us in the guitar world... myself included. I think of him whenever I tap harmonics on the guitar. Peace
Capt. Klink
Capt. Klink 16 hours ago
Good song, good dedication. Good luck!!
Danny Battifora
Danny Battifora 16 hours ago
DAMN! This is such a great song...Thanks for sharing it.
New Movement Games
New Movement Games 16 hours ago
Grabbed me by the heart. I lost my dad to cancer too. Beautiful song, video and tribute to the GOAT of guitarists. Rest In Power Eddie. The world will always miss you.
Pierre Opperman
Pierre Opperman 16 hours ago
What dreams are made of!!I grew up with Van Halen's music,and never dreamt that i would ever hear Alex Van Halen's son perform. Wolfgang...your dad must be proud of you!!!Well done,and continue to keep his legacy alive............
Pink Orchid
Pink Orchid 16 hours ago
Just beautiful. Godspeed Wolfgang.... from a longtime fan of your Dad's...and of VH. I wish you all the best with your career...and life. This song is love, and you can feel it.
John McCubbin
John McCubbin 16 hours ago
Sounds like Daughtry.
royce reinhardt
royce reinhardt 17 hours ago
i watched this knowing the voicemail was at the end even then i still cried
Todd Drummer
Todd Drummer 18 hours ago
The voicemail says it all. Just hearing a loved one's voice sometimes is enough.
Gopher b
Gopher b 18 hours ago
I've always thought Valerie Bertinelli was probably a cool chick.
Anna Lewisf
Anna Lewisf 18 hours ago
Does anyone realize that Wolfgang Played every Instrument on this song. Been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. Finally found the appropriate time to pull it out and touch it up. Vocals were done at Wolfgangs studio, and the instrumentals were put together at his Fathers 5150 studio. Wonderful introduction song and tribute from Wolfgang Van Halen. Album coming out in 2021.
Trish O'Lish
Trish O'Lish 19 hours ago
Beautiful !
Lori Holloway
Lori Holloway 19 hours ago
This song is amazing. It would be if we had no idea who was performing. No back story. Superb. Rock!!
Katharine Maddas
Katharine Maddas 19 hours ago
The loss of your father has hit everyone so hard !! This is a beautiful tribute to him and actually , to everyone who has lost their Dad , their best friend also. Thank you for this song !!! It's been 22 years since I lost my father and it's only gotten harder with every passing year !!! God bless you !!
Kale Mari D'Alien
Kale Mari D'Alien 19 hours ago
Scott Wyllie
Scott Wyllie 20 hours ago
Fuck playing. The boy is a born singer.
Bryan McGuire
Bryan McGuire 21 hour ago
I feel for Wolf. I lost my dad last year very suddenly. It really seems odd when someone who's always been there is gone. Eddie was such an influence on me growing up. Just know that your dad meant a lot to so many of us.
Amazing 💜🕊💫
Polar Bear66
Polar Bear66 21 hour ago
Beautiful ❤✌ WVH
Gabriel Ragnini
Gabriel Ragnini 22 hours ago
Parabéns Wvh. Excelente música e um clip perfeito. Sucesso 👏👏
Cheryl Thomas
Cheryl Thomas 22 hours ago
This is great I’m chilling and crying at the same time.Is this wolf singing it’s great
Sheila Pugh
Sheila Pugh 22 hours ago
Nothing bites deeper than losing a parent, a father. I lose mine when I was not ready for it, I miss him every day! What a wonderful way to remember your dad!
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott 22 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful.
blines799 22 hours ago
Wow, powerful and beautiful. And what a voice WVH has. A lovely and moving tribute to your Dad. I think the message in this song will touch so many of us. My best wishes to those it does.
karla a massey
karla a massey 23 hours ago
That brought tears to my heart. ...