C4 House Tik Tok Olympics!!
Jazmin Licona
Jazmin Licona 5 hours ago
I love this video!!! Me encanta este video!!!! :)
halie vail
halie vail 7 hours ago
i love how the video is just JC complaining 😂
Sorelity 8 hours ago
🤭😢😭😫😩LUV U CRAWFORD. ♥️ I’m sorry for your loss 🙏 Really hope you’re doing better Xo
Ashli Walkup
Ashli Walkup 9 hours ago
Colby looks so good in this video wow
Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie 10 hours ago
I feel like Oscar would have won if it weren’t for that freak accident. Who agrees?
Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie 10 hours ago
Awwww, the airpods joke! I love it. RIP Corey
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson 13 hours ago
Y’all are awesome keep being you and so funny we need the merell twins or different people that are twins that are USpostsrs edition would be cool good job 😊😊😂😂😂
Beth any
Beth any 15 hours ago
JC makes this video
Bahi Navaratnam
Bahi Navaratnam 17 hours ago
Thank you. I loved this so so so much. Thank you. Love u all. And I miss you Corey.
Brianna 18 hours ago
this makes me so happy . 🥺❤️
Ryza Jelai
Ryza Jelai 21 hour ago
There was an ice cream truck sound in crawf and nezzas vids...i think it was meant to be
Javier Licerio
Javier Licerio Day ago
“I miss the other homie tho” Literally the sweetest person ever 😭🥺🥺
Emely Herrera
Emely Herrera Day ago
Wow his pronunciation is actually really good! I’m shook.
Jessica P
Jessica P Day ago
This was beautiful 💙😭
Eima Naser
Eima Naser Day ago
LMFAO “Don’t start with me”😂😂
Eima Naser
Eima Naser Day ago
Gracie Smith
Gracie Smith Day ago
Jc is the only one with socks on 😭
wait who got to meet harry styles
Fofo Flashy
Fofo Flashy Day ago
Here bc This vd means sm to Crawford
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith Day ago
Dylan coming in clutch with the Clemson shirttttt!
once in a lifetime
once in a lifetime Day ago
love and miss corey so much
Peanutbutter Cups
Peanutbutter Cups Day ago
Awwww Crawford and Nezza
Angel Vargas
Angel Vargas Day ago
JC is the type of person to get broken up with and tell them no
Emily Kearsley
Emily Kearsley 2 days ago
I loveeee his sister! She’s so sweet!!!! ♥️🥺
CHALHOUB Christelle
CHALHOUB Christelle 2 days ago
who s here one year later to see corey 🥺
Becca 2 days ago
Corey’s Dad: starts talking Me: starts crying Corey: forever missed 💙🕊
Katelyn Alyse
Katelyn Alyse 2 days ago
I want someone to count how many times Crawford said “baby” in this video 😂
Cheyenne Bonner
Cheyenne Bonner 2 days ago
Who's watching this on thanksgiving 2020
Yasmin Lopez
Yasmin Lopez 2 days ago
This popped up in my recommendations today 😔 Happy thanksgiving Corey❤️
Kavi K
Kavi K 2 days ago
Vilda Jennings
Vilda Jennings 2 days ago
I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to watch Corey over the years and all the laughs and joy he brought me.💜
julianna b
julianna b 2 days ago
here a year later 💙 miss you corey
Efi B
Efi B 2 days ago
I miss him so much. So thankful for you crawford and all of you guys. He loves u and is looking down at u proud. Much love xx
Annabelle gentile
Annabelle gentile 2 days ago
love you guys so much❤️ missing coreys smile
Giana Barcelona
Giana Barcelona 2 days ago
Crawf: We're back babyyyy Corey: from where??? 😂
Mery_ 308
Mery_ 308 2 days ago
So corey decided not to go to his Dad's house and instead throw a friendsgiving dinner for all his friends who weren't able to go to their families. *this perfectly sums up who/how he was* #foreverappreciated💙
zuleica martinez
zuleica martinez 2 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Missing you so much Corey. Grateful for the time we got to have you 💙
kelsee langseth
kelsee langseth 2 days ago
Gosh 🥺💙🥺💙💙🥺💙🥺 I will forever miss him , I loved you two together. I love you Crawford . He’s proud and he will always love you 🥺💙🥺💙
Michelle Gonzalez
Michelle Gonzalez 2 days ago
missing you corey💙
abby 2 days ago
this video is so special 💙
banished4eva 2 days ago
Datriene is so positive I love it 💘
Jadeyy 3 days ago
Christian is adorable my heart went out for him🥺❤
Mia Folse
Mia Folse 3 days ago
The AirPods making me think of Corey 😭💙
diana aguilar
diana aguilar 3 days ago
Las locuras de Michelle
Las locuras de Michelle 3 days ago
I’m proud of you crawford
Stephanie Hanlin
Stephanie Hanlin 3 days ago
When the alarm went off when his dad said he woke up to calls from Cory gave me goodebumps
Stephanie Hanlin
Stephanie Hanlin 3 days ago
Rileigh Johnfroe
Rileigh Johnfroe 3 days ago
i vote jc to be my sons homeschool math teacher during this lockdown!😂👏🏼
Celeste E
Celeste E 3 days ago
Christians laugh is a whole mood 😂😂 he’s just vibin
Marlenis Diaz
Marlenis Diaz 3 days ago
Im new is the person who interviewed nezza are they dating
Elleen LeLaine
Elleen LeLaine 3 days ago
So we're going to ignore a cucumber being a vegetable?
Kunjal Gorule
Kunjal Gorule 3 days ago
I'm sorry, but Crawford breaking the chair and hitting Nezza was the funniest thing I've ever seen... i was legit crying out of laughter.
Zella Griffey
Zella Griffey 3 days ago
Can someone tell me what shoes Nezza has on!??!?
abby ur local hœ
abby ur local hœ 3 days ago
“i miss the other homie tho” 🥺 that made me tear up so much
Codi Marie
Codi Marie 3 days ago
Everyone’s spice tolerance is different. If I would’ve gotten that I would’ve been dying!
hihihi _
hihihi _ 3 days ago
Crawford saying baby hurts bro ughhh
Emilyn Eggins
Emilyn Eggins 4 days ago
i have a question, why didn't you move to concrete after they were sinking into the grass 😂
Armanto Scenery
Armanto Scenery 4 days ago
Corey is one of a kind. Truly.
Iheartjennibee 4 days ago
Love the ending !
Jennifer B
Jennifer B 4 days ago
Why did I think the one with the black leggings and white sneaks was Camilla Mendes???
Veronica aletto
Veronica aletto 4 days ago
when he said i miss the other homie, I got emotional. Corey would be so proud of all of his friends and he is always with them watching over them!
Juli Hernandez
Juli Hernandez 4 days ago
he said oscars a cheat like corey did🥺🥺🥺real ones know
NG V 4 days ago
Josie Rupaka
Josie Rupaka 4 days ago
One Californians say 70 is chilly like wtf
sarah saleh
sarah saleh 4 days ago
9:11 “shout out faze carpet” -JC
Crystal Westman
Crystal Westman 4 days ago
Canada!!! Sending love from Ontario Canada!
Elizabeth Finley
Elizabeth Finley 4 days ago
This is teaching me morre than my actual Spanish class
Gabrielle Vargas
Gabrielle Vargas 4 days ago
they can't drink water... ya'll wrong for that one lol
Lizabeth Rico-case
Lizabeth Rico-case 4 days ago
Lmao not the airpodssss
badbleeping edits
badbleeping edits 4 days ago
Dnyanada Pardeshi
Dnyanada Pardeshi 4 days ago
I'm not crying 😣 Forever Appreciated Corey 💙
Katelyn Hiles
Katelyn Hiles 5 days ago
its datrie bf
Jamie C
Jamie C 5 days ago
Too broke to buy merch but I watched all the ads 👍
your girl Elizabeth
your girl Elizabeth 5 days ago
Jc: someone get this man a back brace Colby: my back is slightly broken Sam 2020: 👁👄👁
Anet Navarro
Anet Navarro 5 days ago
Yes please do more videos like this
Andrea Ortiz
Andrea Ortiz 5 days ago
Watching six months later and still hurts as much as it did at first!!! But I’m and extremely proud of you Crawford you’ve have come so far and I am so happy for you Corey is for sure looking up for every single one of you guys! I love you ❤️💙💙💙💙
Paula Salvo
Paula Salvo 5 days ago
I'm so glad kirsten and datrie teamed up against the others, all the others did was leave them out and give them punishments. Also kirsten had it the hardest with the weights so she deserves it <3
Paula Salvo
Paula Salvo 5 days ago
that guy talking about corey 🥺💙
Mookie Diaz
Mookie Diaz 5 days ago
Bro hear me out. Drinking game- every time nezza almost falls
Alexius Melton
Alexius Melton 5 days ago
I like Crawford's way of applying chapstick it's the funniest
Liany Pena
Liany Pena 5 days ago
everyone else talking about Corey and Mr. Daniel James Seavey playing with Kobe