The Disneyverse Theory
R3cycl3dGoods 4 minutes ago
Pretty sure agnes is Agatha Harkness
Crafty 6 minutes ago
hear me out....... what about boo?
Ashley Robertello
Ashley Robertello 10 minutes ago
For the Animagi question I disagree with the fact that they became Animagi in the third year. It just took three years. That doesn't mean they started in the first year and finally got it at the third. Really they could have started in the third year then they ended up becoming Animagi in the fifth year. I just really disagree.
Asuna Chan
Asuna Chan 11 minutes ago
She's my FAVE char aside from Wanda. Based on the twisted setup to WV, this theory's HELLA PROBABLE! Get it.. Hella? Well, that's my dad joke for the day. 😊💕🇵🇭
daborlands are back
daborlands are back 14 minutes ago
No no no the wich in tangled she was dying then used the hair to not die
Magical Mongoose
Magical Mongoose 18 minutes ago
so its the Truman show
SURVIVER ta 19 minutes ago
"First or First" Man, that is the hardest chose I have ever had to make.
Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen 20 minutes ago
what does it says in the wine bottle in the first episode mepris (mephisto)?
daborlands are back
daborlands are back 22 minutes ago
Wait what about the laserbeam guy in incredible he was supposed to die way earlier in the movies universe but didn't but then did later
꧁༒The Animus Rainwing༒꧂
꧁༒The Animus Rainwing༒꧂ 26 minutes ago
Hrm, the Coco and the Should theory was actually really cool- My theory was that when he gets to the portal, he'll end up on that petal road we see and he's a skeleton and incase anyone's ever called to be a mentor, they're taken to the Great Before and just look like their soul versions. Idk, tho-
MCZomb1e 26 minutes ago
When you said the traits and Collecting I thought Wall-E and with the clip of him that was my Guess then you said Wall-E was choice also Noice
Jack Servans
Jack Servans 27 minutes ago
I think that the best representation of the Onward afterlife is probably the Dungeons & Dragons afterlife system, because of all of the references to this place.
Nicholas Nutter
Nicholas Nutter 32 minutes ago
I’m Ravenclaw! And my sis is slytherin
James Hale
James Hale 33 minutes ago
Also it could be “The Purple Man” controlling her mind
Hp FanBoi07
Hp FanBoi07 33 minutes ago
The Bee person was most likely swarm.
Candyce Monroe
Candyce Monroe 35 minutes ago
Can't we argue Wanda just because Carol was controlled by the chip in her head.
Brick blade studios
Brick blade studios 37 minutes ago
this is not an original theory
Amy Pattie
Amy Pattie 37 minutes ago
Ok ok ok ok ok I know I’m late, but hear me out. What if Wanda was actually pregnant before this reality? There has been so many questions about what happens if you’re pregnant during the snap, and Wanda might be the answer to that question - the wombbabies get snapped with the host. This entire world is a prison created “for the children,” created so that whoever’s in control has control over Wanda and Visions child. They’ve made it so happy, and truely everything that Wanda wants, that she actively chooses to reject reality.
Rainbow Kawaii
Rainbow Kawaii 38 minutes ago
The Trash Can
The Trash Can 39 minutes ago
Just came from New Rockstars so I’m gettin’ all the theories.
The Trash Can
The Trash Can 41 minute ago
SCB: Agnes IS Mephisto New Rockstars: 👀 Nah bruh
Syra Bal-Gulati
Syra Bal-Gulati 42 minutes ago
What if she was just testing her kids about the platform
daborlands are back
daborlands are back 42 minutes ago
Wow I didn't know Geri was in toy story
PizzaTime Productions
PizzaTime Productions 44 minutes ago
22 being Wall-E doesn't really made sense.
Mary Rose Lalli
Mary Rose Lalli 46 minutes ago
Tony didn't need to know who killed his parents. Sometimes keeping a secret is the best thing to do
Mary Rose Lalli
Mary Rose Lalli 48 minutes ago
The Russo brothers aren't my favorite lol
Isaiah Senku
Isaiah Senku 48 minutes ago
i can definitely see this but i believe mephisto is vision and agnes is just agatha harkness (wanda's witch teacher from the comics) also also grim reaper's helmet is in the 2nd episode cartoon intro which makes me believe that wonder man is involved somehow too
Elizabeth Penhalegon
Elizabeth Penhalegon 52 minutes ago
in my's fear and joy together
Luke Cullingworth
Luke Cullingworth 53 minutes ago
If anyone has watched gravity falls I think it’s like the bubble she didn’t create it but yet she thinks she has control and so she doesn’t want to leave even though it’s not reality because in reality an evil demon put her there. To top it off I think dr strange or someone is going to convince her to leave her bubble to protect reality
SlayerZPrime 55 minutes ago
Because of the time thing then it wouldn’t stop babies being born on the other side
Channelknight Fadran
Channelknight Fadran 56 minutes ago
Was I the only one who immediately guessed at Mordu the moment I clicked on the video?
Lemon Girl
Lemon Girl 56 minutes ago
11 from Stranger Things? Y'know, Jade? Also 11+11=22 sooo
Kirra Star
Kirra Star 56 minutes ago
Am I the only one who thought it was weird the two episodes skip *AN ENTIRE DECADE??* Maybe its symbolism for Wanda not realizing how much time is passing in her altered reality?? Maybe each episode skips a decade and that's why the color changes in the end of episode 2, as colored television didn't become mainstream until the late 60s to 70s.
Sage Weinberg
Sage Weinberg 57 minutes ago
In the comics, it's Mephisto that tricks Wanda into having the children, not the other way around. And Agnes is almost definitely the Agatha Harkness character from the comics; someone who serves Mephisto in helping him orchestrate this whole thing on Wanda.
Lilly Teilborg
Lilly Teilborg Hour ago
Wanda did create an entire new reality in the comics after she went crazy, created imaginary children, and destroyed Avengers mansion. The new reality was called House of M and to keep people from looking too close at the new reality, she gave them whatever they wanted such as money and happiness.
Jasper Sorrows
Jasper Sorrows Hour ago
Tbh i think it's just the house of M. But perhaps instead of getting rid of almost all mutants at the end, perhaps shes the cause of mutants showing up. Also, side note, in house of M, she creates a whole new reality by herself. Its all her power. And then at the end she just speaks the phase "no more mutants" and then 99% of mutants loose their powers. So i think this could be the main part of the show
Luke Cullingworth
Luke Cullingworth Hour ago
Did anyone else almost cry when Wanda said vision had an indestructible head
shadow_ animites
shadow_ animites Hour ago
22 becomes naruto
shadow_ animites
shadow_ animites 59 minutes ago
Or sasuke
Clearhub Hour ago
New Rockstars have made SO MANY videos about Wandavision covering this exact thing that I now believe any theory revolving this show
Daniel Ntiejumokwu
Daniel Ntiejumokwu Hour ago
A better theory by the Cosmic Wonder would be that Agness is really the Marvel villain Agatha Heartess who in the comics has worked for Mephisto before. A better candidate would be Agness's husband Ralph who still ceases to be seen in the show yet.
Mazuzu Ndhlovu
Mazuzu Ndhlovu Hour ago
I think Agnes's husband is in control, not Agnes herself.
Leo Jones
Leo Jones Hour ago
VENOM: Very Edgy Not Ominous Monster 🤯
The Potter'er
The Potter'er Hour ago
Welcome to this week's supercarlinbrothers video starring Scots shoulder
tmcleanful Hour ago
Marvel does everything right. They even skipped 2020.
OCDDavid Hour ago
don't you think it is more likely Agness is the witch Agatha harkness agness being the smooshing of the two and her having a bunny named scratch the same as her son Nicholas Scratch in the comics?
terry brennan
terry brennan Hour ago
I can't wait to watch this after wanda vision ends. I've learned not to watch your prediction episodes. You guys are way too good at guessing, this is basically a spoiler episode
Jessica Able
Jessica Able Hour ago
New theory! Rabbit is the devil
꧁༒The Animus Rainwing༒꧂
꧁༒The Animus Rainwing༒꧂ Hour ago
Plot twist, 22 is Carl from Up
Tony Hou
Tony Hou Hour ago
Is Cho a maledictus?
The Universal Union
The Universal Union Hour ago
Dose not hold up J yes it dose.
Luke Cullingworth
Luke Cullingworth Hour ago
Nobody care Ryan Reynolds in dr strange two nothing else matters jk love this show glad to Monica Rambeau back hope she gets her powers soon she’s like captain marvel but with a personality
TejanoTwang Hour ago
caleb salyers
caleb salyers Hour ago
Ok but what if after losing the children she went berserk and broke down and shield and cap and them put her into a coma type of deal and that’s why we still hear them. I wrote this before he mentioned sword
Leo Jones
Leo Jones Hour ago
11:37 thats quite a riot 😐
Jm Jm
Jm Jm Hour ago
The premise of frozen 2 is dumb, the songs, the plot is dumb. It's for kids yes, but it will make kids dumb. It's funny that a big corporation will choose to be dumb to make easy cash.
shinyhuntereli Hour ago
But did you forget about the buzz lightyear cartoon
Leo Jones
Leo Jones Hour ago
Dallas Hour ago
Cars (specifically #1) is the best movie ever. Change my mind.
caleb salyers
caleb salyers Hour ago
Ok hear me out. Could they have saved the mind stone from Tony’s snap and used it to bring vision back to life?
Collin Knight
Collin Knight Hour ago
Tbh I thought it was Flynn Ryder from Tangled who disrupted the count
DElollypop Hour ago
one thing i think you left out was that each episode it moves up a decade starting in the 1950s. They hint this in the second episode which is the 1960s when the beds go together. Thats the time when couple started sleeping the the same beds. By the end of the episode its the 1970s when everything starts to fill in the with color.
Natalie Hour ago
Also, when Wanda is wearing a quite inappropriate outfit for a dinner with your husbands boss, Vision mentions Sokovia...... Just like the Sokovian Accords, and also on the watch it says Hydra.
DisneyChnl Hour ago
Jessica Bree
Jessica Bree Hour ago
In the trailers you can see that they actually do have twins!
DiamondCommand Hour ago
I feel bad for Duke
xbxplyrage Hour ago
He is the news "A"nchor at least
kevin medina
kevin medina Hour ago
if 22s number is 22 and turning red is coming in 2022 then😱😱😱😱
DiamondCommand Hour ago
I think Geri had dissociative identity disorder and they decided to make a short about a person's perspective since it would be like playing chess with someone else
Ryan Rickaby
Ryan Rickaby Hour ago
Wanda is the strongest marvel hero. Wanda = Mind Stone maybe more captain marvel = space stone Mind stone > space stone
Jazerk Hour ago
In the new trailer it shows Wanda holding two baby’s. Soooooo there yeah go
Do The Do
Do The Do Hour ago
I want to watch this but I can't watch the show :/
Bradley Wilson
Bradley Wilson Hour ago
Before watching this video i would think that its because she is a tomboy, i mean she plays sports as a midle school girl, most middle school girls i know, ani know a lot because im in middle school
Warren Knott
Warren Knott Hour ago
Any mini men trick me and I start chasing them with a white peace of paper
Caesar Hour ago
3:50 She was actually introduced in a post-credit scene at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Travis Vaughn
Travis Vaughn Hour ago
Wanda wins that fight easily all day everyday
Sophie 06
Sophie 06 Hour ago
I’m just a bit curious about the hydra logo in vision’s hat
Math Thrive Tutoring
Math Thrive Tutoring Hour ago
It’s be interesting if it was Jesus. Joe mentions going to church. However if Jesus threw off the count, then others could have thrown off the count as we’ll. Elijah, for instance from the Bible never died. He instantly went to Heaven. No death. Also Jesus being resurrected would throw off the count, but the count would be permanently off. Jesus doesn’t die a second time like anyone who was Biblically resurrected. So, the count would still be off! Then again, He does go back to Heaven similar to Elijah. So the count would be off by 2.
Anna Webb
Anna Webb Hour ago
We thought infinity wars was amazing our ignorant souls
elliot_the_extraterrestrial 2 hours ago
I didn’t know that this video started like that but as a trans person I almost immediately started crying so thank you, Ben, J, Tyler, and all others at super Carlin brothers for being such amazing people I am eternally grateful for the wonderful community that you all have created With love, Elliot Alexander Jaiden (they/them) 💛💛💛