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james 16 hours ago
What is this a Song
Snappy 16 hours ago
i got an idea what if u made this into a sires like ellie,jordan,jerome and brown(can give brown a name) have voices and its like a story they disscus and try to find out whos the imp i would like this if it acually happend (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
james 16 hours ago
Johari Reine Vergara
Johari Reine Vergara 16 hours ago
Sing gozzy game mobile
Вячеслав Толстоногов
Вячеслав Толстоногов 16 hours ago
Pink Was Ejected... 1 impostor Remaining))
Aya Ii
Aya Ii 16 hours ago
When I'm listening this, I want to cry 😔💔✨
Rozzen Playz
Rozzen Playz 16 hours ago
.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。   • .    •     •   ゚   Elle was the Impostor.  ඞ。 .   '    0Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   .     .  .
x_XAquaticOceanX_x 16 hours ago
hey guys anyone know where to buy chilly sauce name "sus" ?
DarxModz 16 hours ago
0:39 Did anyone notice Brown just counted everyone Sus except Pink? Yep he called Pink Cute. Brown do be simpin'.
Rozzen Playz
Rozzen Playz 16 hours ago
BRUH,This was the best song i ever heard!The animation was awesome! There was a lot of easter eggs and secrets.Can you find them all?Cause i did not.
Akayi Dumaran
Akayi Dumaran 16 hours ago
1 : 37 i already knew who is the impostor its jerome...but i was wrong
Cristina Heruela
Cristina Heruela 16 hours ago
Wow Chris's your brother killed you but you forgave her right your mother is ballora and Elizabeth is circus baby and Micheal is eggs benigit
Sly Reborn
Sly Reborn 16 hours ago
1 - "Chris" is a fanmade name. It's not canon. 2 - Ballora was never confirmed to be the mother.
SPARTAN- 233 16 hours ago
Gib me mor
Hussain Kayani
Hussain Kayani 16 hours ago
I love this great job all of you.Another thing HOW IS RYAN SUCH AN AWESOME DRUMER
Jace Bryant Escaño
Jace Bryant Escaño 16 hours ago
White because hes in the hallway
ZacSey Shadow
ZacSey Shadow 16 hours ago
I knew its was pink
Ivan Rodrigues
Ivan Rodrigues 16 hours ago
Please song solver king
NOOB Mn 16 hours ago
1+if you have enjoy it I enjoy it so much
Stain V2
Stain V2 16 hours ago
Adda Can
Adda Can 16 hours ago
Haha dat was so funny in the end
Vladymyr Tymoshenko
Vladymyr Tymoshenko 16 hours ago
While not being as catchy and memorable as 'Show yourself', this one is now probably my favourite of all the Among us-related songs. It tells a wholesome and relatable story with style and nice vibe)
James Carl Pilar
James Carl Pilar 16 hours ago
when the voting starts and the accuser be like:
VENOM AMONG US !!! 16 hours ago
Brown is an impostor cuz every time he tells to everyone don't go lying to me the one he talks to dies
ahmed XD
ahmed XD 16 hours ago
Me and the boys waiting for another henry stickman
iria P.
iria P. 16 hours ago
I love what you do I am French and I adore you continue
Jordyn Roberson
Jordyn Roberson 16 hours ago
Grey your a sneaky little imposter aren’t you. Orange sir you just jumped out of a vent😑
VENOM AMONG US !!! 16 hours ago
There's one brain cell among us
Muhammed Abdulsaher
Muhammed Abdulsaher 16 hours ago
CoolAlex 95
CoolAlex 95 16 hours ago
I like how dagames strongly he pronounces the letter r
Muhammed Abdulsaher
Muhammed Abdulsaher 16 hours ago
Marlon D Casel
Marlon D Casel 16 hours ago
wow this is a good song😊😊😊
Muhammed Abdulsaher
Muhammed Abdulsaher 16 hours ago
rex pro 1257
rex pro 1257 16 hours ago
Porque tengo que ver atras de mi hombro
Eric Fung
Eric Fung 16 hours ago
But my mum don’t let me
Eric Fung
Eric Fung 16 hours ago
I can’t stop to hear this song
Game Creator Studio
Game Creator Studio 16 hours ago
brown was the impostor why you say? Its cuz he had the death note everytime he sus they die.
Eric Fung
Eric Fung 16 hours ago
Ruel Navarro
Ruel Navarro 16 hours ago
1:19 thats how i breath when someone call me "SUS"
Kashif 16 hours ago
i love this because the brown with the fedora hat is my favorite character to play too.
Soeung Han
Soeung Han 16 hours ago
Don’t go lieing to me you all was been in neardout music and son other vids
charløtte ø
charløtte ø 16 hours ago
Ummm is she ok?
You're kinda Sus.
You're kinda Sus. 16 hours ago
.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Pink was An Impostor.  。 .   '    0 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .
KravenYt -Codm
KravenYt -Codm 16 hours ago
Don't go lyin to me I saw a body lying there!
found_me_if you_can
found_me_if you_can 16 hours ago
2:15 nagito is this u?
Oliver Minton
Oliver Minton 16 hours ago
Grey:vent Orange:I think nothing is happening(in his brain)
Mavric Jacob
Mavric Jacob 16 hours ago
0:09 u would see blue and brown in the middle pic, Ellie (pink) and orange on the right and jerome (yellow) on the left
ᄋSonxyᄋ 16 hours ago
Im a simp for brown now-
KravenYt -Codm
KravenYt -Codm 16 hours ago
Me:cool Brown: Dabs Also Me:DID HE JUST DAB?!
Juanhedoes News
Juanhedoes News 16 hours ago
Brown: Don't go lying to me Pink:What? Brown:It's red. Red, don't go lying to me Pink:It's me Brown:As If In the end, the crewmates lose
Hillsbrew Crew
Hillsbrew Crew 16 hours ago
2:16 is that a danganronpa reference?
CrackBard YT
CrackBard YT 16 hours ago
Pink is already sus at the begining lol as you can see at 0:38 all the crewmates were sus but pink is the only one that says Cute
Xyrick Alba
Xyrick Alba 16 hours ago
Pink on notes "cute" And the note paper Says "egg"
Gabriel MITO
Gabriel MITO 16 hours ago
👀❤💙💚💜💛💓💕💖💗💝💘❤💖💙💕💓💞💝💗💟❤' 💓💜💛💙💕💞💕💖💞💟❤💟💋
Bendyy 16 hours ago
Black: "Look around your shoulder" Everyone except black: "Uhm, shoulder? We don't have those.
Willow McAllister
Willow McAllister 16 hours ago
I love it
Angela Ayala
Angela Ayala 16 hours ago
My favorite part was the look around your shoulder,I don't want to be carried away in a hearse. I love ❤️❤️ it sooooo much?!
Nyan Space Caticorn
Nyan Space Caticorn 16 hours ago
tootie is god
tootie is god 17 hours ago
Who all thought it was the investigator?
the first to write you an opportunity. if I! !! Uid
the first to write you an opportunity. if I! !! Uid 17 hours ago
man that was so good who do you do that that was fire bro
KravenYt -Codm
KravenYt -Codm 17 hours ago
Brown:Don't go lyin to me! Black:Your a sneaky little impostor aren't you!
kr ßenpäi gamingツ
kr ßenpäi gamingツ 17 hours ago
This is epic...
annisa nur Athira / kittycat FISK
annisa nur Athira / kittycat FISK 17 hours ago
When the dislike don't like songs and Among us
Ahmed Said
Ahmed Said 17 hours ago
Show yourself and leave us all alone mr imposter
Sirius Perez
Sirius Perez 17 hours ago
aww its so cute the start :)
Anna zoltaniecka
Anna zoltaniecka 17 hours ago
Your a sneaky little imposter aren't you aren't you? Your a sneaky little imposter aren't you aren't you? I really like it!!!!
Nicole Aquino Gaming
Nicole Aquino Gaming 17 hours ago
This music is cool but... . . . . . . . This bird scares me a lot, when I'm about to download that one.
Kiera Alvarez
Kiera Alvarez 17 hours ago
I knew it!it was orange! vote him out now!!!111!!!
Lindsay ffrench
Lindsay ffrench 17 hours ago
3:08 Brown dabbed and he mentioned that on the note on the right.
Likee Moments
Likee Moments 17 hours ago
Did anyone notcied in the place That every one is sus all colors where wroten sus on their pic But it was cute for pink
Emily Yorst
Emily Yorst 17 hours ago
The song is really nice, I really like hearing it and also your first song will continue
Suz Cant
Suz Cant 17 hours ago
I Have seen the living tombstone version of this
Sly Reborn
Sly Reborn 16 hours ago
You mean the original?
Zerwen Naval
Zerwen Naval 17 hours ago
Weekly HowToDraw
Weekly HowToDraw 17 hours ago
I was not ready for Normans appearance in chapter 3 credit to the artists for this complicated man
Anime king
Anime king 17 hours ago
drink milk
drink milk 17 hours ago
1:11 its the man behind the slaughter!
Shykin Abdullah
Shykin Abdullah 17 hours ago
Wow am so happy that you vote out pink brown finally you dont like anymore ew
Elijah Wascak
Elijah Wascak 17 hours ago
There’s no reason for this to go this hard
AJ 006
AJ 006 17 hours ago
Who needs Eminem Anyway 2:15
Tuấn anh
Tuấn anh 17 hours ago
Why Pink have cute at 0:40
arminas 17 hours ago
Anyone else realize that white/jordan was blue color at the start but now he's white color