2020, in 7 minutes
2 months ago
sumguyontheinternet 13 hours ago
Noor Hisham Abdullah is better
oomz1975 13 hours ago
Original G.
lup 13 hours ago
Now i have an excuse for playing minecraft :) thank you
Rogue Studios
Rogue Studios 13 hours ago
Im scared about my popping habit now
Cole Isaacson
Cole Isaacson 13 hours ago
Part of the reason the grid shut down was Biden signed an EO forcing Texas to lower power output for “Green Initiatives” when Texas was preparing for the storm and was told to cut those reserves.
Vanessa 13 hours ago
why are they all balding old men
Nobru apelãoooooooooo
I knew Honeycrisp would be in this video, it’s all I buy bruh
Portia Vaughn
Portia Vaughn 14 hours ago
Unforgivable Blackness ?- did he marry or date a white woman which made matters worst?
Libert Siagian
Libert Siagian 14 hours ago
he should compete in the paralympic
Randy B
Randy B 14 hours ago
And it was caused by the sun sounds strange but true our magnetic poles are moving around and thinned out our Magness fear
M DC 14 hours ago
I was Today's years old when I realised Texas has a coast line. For some reason I always thought it was a landlocked by its neighbouring states and Mexico.
moHam goHam
moHam goHam 14 hours ago
Try doing months in a prison Solitary Confinement aka the Box aka the Hole aka prison inside prison
CAMELEON Arabic 14 hours ago
The aliens are calling us aliens
moHam goHam
moHam goHam 14 hours ago
Told u they need us more than we need them
Kiran K
Kiran K 14 hours ago
This is just straight up dystopian scary
moHam goHam
moHam goHam 14 hours ago
I just gained 50 I.Q. Points
Azureus V
Azureus V 14 hours ago
That’s democracy. What do you expect!?
Eric Paul Goldie
Eric Paul Goldie 14 hours ago
Ignorance is bliss. The USA is ranked 175th out of 225 nations in adult literacy!
American Patriot
American Patriot 14 hours ago
If the "Voluntary" had been made into "Mandatory" those years ago, then this wouldn't have happened. Even with the yelling & screaming about cost (they will just pass the cost onto the customers with higher bills anyway) the companies concerning the energy producing will be doing, they will get it done and there won't be massive loss of power next time. (Clue: If it has happened 3 times now, the number 4 follows.) I admire Texas trying to stay off the large government connection grids, but if they want independence, they need to do it right if they are going to do that. They need to be different from the Feds and actually CARE about the people they serve. Anyone in this power production group reading this?? How about flying on the right & good side of being human, and leave behind the bad and worrying about the money side only. You companies do things right and eventually you will be rewarded in many ways, probably more than you get at the moment. Grid, production companies, state government agencies..... give this a try. Millions of Texas Citizens challenge all of you to do it!!
ITER ! 14 hours ago
vox cancer
Archie Lopez
Archie Lopez 14 hours ago
I’m watching this after the January 6th riots and boy do I wish Republicans were still like George h. W. Bush
Leandro 14 hours ago
And hopefully that goal will be achieved.
Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful
Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful 14 hours ago
Black guy name Jesse Lee Peterson Always speaks of the Great White Hope...Trump 👍👏 AMAZING
Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez 14 hours ago
Best colored boxers are us Mexicans
SiriusScaper 14 hours ago
How about also mentioning the buy-off of politicians in the state by those energy providers and companies? This doesn't occur in a vacuum. Corruption led to the texas utility commission making those standards voluntary. Money in politics is why the US is very unlikely to do anything about climate change and why Biden can't even pass the things he says he wants with complete democratic control.
amazingannyoing 14 hours ago
"the course was a perfectly passable..." telegram: "It's perfectly passable" "route to heaven"
Govind Pilla
Govind Pilla 14 hours ago
Buying coffe stocks
Efrain Padilla
Efrain Padilla 14 hours ago
Jeff Regan
Jeff Regan 14 hours ago
Dave The Man
Dave The Man 14 hours ago
Great Post, The Fight's Not Over, We Still Gotta Watch They Don't Take This Down :)
Gustobo Smith
Gustobo Smith 14 hours ago
Biden is incompetent.
Babeena_Gt _
Babeena_Gt _ 14 hours ago
When i flip my light switch it's powered by my solar generators.
Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful
Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful 14 hours ago
God Bless Trump for the pardon. The Best is yet to come. Don't let the radicals on any side take over.
Alooy DaBoss
Alooy DaBoss 14 hours ago
What aya allah khumainy ( hope this is the spelling ) did which is called " revolution" was a big move and good one that didn't only scared ksa but the whole world
Alooy DaBoss
Alooy DaBoss 14 hours ago
This man made alot of changes in iran from economy to military to education
Chandler Bentley
Chandler Bentley 14 hours ago
Joshua Aegerter
Joshua Aegerter 14 hours ago
Not really, Texas could of produced the necessary power to maintain what supply they needed, but Biden denied them permission to increase output at their facilities.
Fortzub 14 hours ago
Why would anyone believe information presented by Vox? Yall lost our trust.
Alex Cupo
Alex Cupo 14 hours ago
I for one would love to see a longer video on this. Would love to know more about their sourcing and who makes this merchandise!
Jewl of the Nile Jewl of the Nile
Jewl of the Nile Jewl of the Nile 14 hours ago
Very sad what governments allow against theses imagrants.they r human beings people just like we are.God protect them from all hurt harm & pain,in Jesus name I pray,Amen.
Zyroxyz Zero
Zyroxyz Zero 14 hours ago
It's the fault of China, they polluted the Earth!
Dave Lawless
Dave Lawless 14 hours ago
Bashing Texas while vox's favorite state California has rolling blackouts cuz of their outdated grid
Ahmad Ansori
Ahmad Ansori 14 hours ago
atleast better
Metal Worker
Metal Worker 14 hours ago
Just wait until we connect 200 million electric vehicles to the grid....
Myrtle Hill
Myrtle Hill 14 hours ago
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no one
no one 14 hours ago
like for real, why would someone buy such useless things?
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 14 hours ago
As of now, all the renewable stuff they had in place failed. Our house infrastructure isn’t designed to handle the extreme cold. The one thing that came to our rescue was the international combustion engine equipped generators... go figure.
Christina Pori
Christina Pori 14 hours ago
Add soft padding or yoga mats for the cages so no one gets poked by the metal?
SirBigMoist 14 hours ago
her body, her choice. that simple.
Z Y D E 14 hours ago
Danm, I actually used to think this .now I know
Joseph Rodrigo
Joseph Rodrigo 14 hours ago
No. There is incentive. This storm is incentive. Not the government
Andrew Cool
Andrew Cool 14 hours ago
It didnt affect the entire state.
B Vickers
B Vickers 14 hours ago
Vote for Ted cancun Cruz
Kelechi Progress Ejike
Kelechi Progress Ejike 14 hours ago
This means that if he could do so he could also agree to the killing or disappearance of the media man kisoggi.... If he can agree to this and others. Also Yemen mini war. According to the documentary. How can the killing of kisoggi.... Prevent him for speaking up. Has he grown scared. Na whaaa
JamesFred Kearney
JamesFred Kearney 14 hours ago
The White Mandela
ruscelle orcia
ruscelle orcia 14 hours ago
Greedy people
B Vickers
B Vickers 14 hours ago
And you’re going to vote that clown in again
B Vickers
B Vickers 14 hours ago
Warning sign is watch who you vote for Governor????? Love how he’s trying to shift blame and change subject.
Tyler Camara
Tyler Camara 14 hours ago
What you're looking for is a Microgrid.
GuninGames 14 hours ago
Yaknow, Gasoline Generators exist, just saying
Mike Gorham
Mike Gorham 14 hours ago
Free advertisement at @6:20
Matthew Moser
Matthew Moser 14 hours ago
Hey, if I could hop on a bus near my house every quarter hour and be at work in half an hour I'd be 100% for increasing taxes for public transportation funding
jass Sandhu
jass Sandhu 14 hours ago
Why not unite all of the interconenctions into one
Sinn Perish
Sinn Perish 14 hours ago
All public services especially utilities should be updated each 10 to 20 years and especially be connected within and also have a teams to prepare and have backup plans for any future danger. This cost the lives of people and that shouldn’t have happened as this has happened years ago. It’s really disappointing.
Sickid 14 hours ago
putting someone in a park is a little weird like you could be stepping on someones dead grandma tbh
Gaming With Noah
Gaming With Noah 14 hours ago
Make sure to wash your hands every 5 minutes in your own house to save all the grandmas in the world!
michael montgomery
michael montgomery 14 hours ago
Risi Marlon
Risi Marlon 14 hours ago
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BlushfulAres 14 hours ago
"Europe's most fortified border is in Africa." Thumbnail of a ton of people climbing.
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin 14 hours ago
one should know better than to talk about weather without mentioning ongoing weather modification programs. there is a reason they exclude it .
Goodness Goddess n Purplealicious Queen
Goodness Goddess n Purplealicious Queen 14 hours ago
Welcome to racist America
Jean Fe
Jean Fe 14 hours ago
Mizkif did this
NoovGuy Lifeafter
NoovGuy Lifeafter 14 hours ago
Balance is important
Alex Ordonez
Alex Ordonez 14 hours ago
Stop going to aquariums. Stop going to zoos. YOU can stop animals from dying in cages.
JohnnyZ 14 hours ago
Texas was NOT the only State with major power loss thousands of Oregonians were also without power for up to a week.
EL CAMARADA 14 hours ago
Bruh i'm not even American, why is this in my recommended?
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet
U Cannot Defeat My Shmeet 14 hours ago
I thought that was stilll going on tbh
Roland Cheng
Roland Cheng 14 hours ago
Ted cruz be like bye guys I am going to cancun see you guys in a week
PsychoForSure 14 hours ago