Rushifer 7 seconds ago
Happy 1m views calli!!!!
Firescizor Minute ago
Being 100% honest with *our boy* : -Tapping, blowing and ear massage: God tier -Crunchy crunches: surprisingly pleasant -Drink shlurps: _Plz no_ Just a personal taste thingy. Overall amazing AMAZING ASMR stram Calli! I am die. Thank you foreva~
itztla 4 minutes ago
why does guh have comments off? any reason?
Lewis Green
Lewis Green 10 minutes ago
Gura's "Shut up Watson" really set the tone for this whole collab lmao
Vee _Kay
Vee _Kay 16 minutes ago
It's hard to Imagine how " gen 2 " Gonna even compare on god
BluesBebop 19 minutes ago
Casual Filth
Casual Filth 21 minute ago
"I have never seen the inside of my ears. But I've heard good things"
Casual Filth
Casual Filth 21 minute ago
Tee-riffic stream. / It takes a lot of balls to golf the way I do
AoiTori 24 minutes ago
I cant literally feel the hot air in my ears till now
IZAK 69 28 minutes ago
No entendi nada no se ingles:3
ecthelion alfa
ecthelion alfa 41 minute ago
just notice the "fuck this smoke" in the corner
loser tea
loser tea 48 minutes ago
i love this song so much
maxedema gatack
maxedema gatack Hour ago
It feels illegal to be listening to this virtually for free.
KingDetonation Hour ago
I noticed about 20 minutes into the vod that the thumbs were animated and for some reason this discovery has me very unsettled
QueenQeeko Hour ago
Who else just needs to own these cards?
elektroencefalografista Hour ago
Not a cult btw
LikerTubeEvolution Watching KFP Simp
LikerTubeEvolution Watching KFP Simp Hour ago
42:19 ok that switch from cute to normal calli was unexpected but awesome xd
LikerTubeEvolution Watching KFP Simp
LikerTubeEvolution Watching KFP Simp Hour ago
ok this is just the second time im listening to this song and im already vibing nice job calli ;)
ファッ!?ンボックス発情期 Hour ago
Oh my god... so...cute...calli-chan...
georgia fitzpatrick
georgia fitzpatrick Hour ago
OwO CONGRATS ON 1M VIEWS CALLI! おめでとう〜 you deserve all this and more, I wish you luck in your endeavours!
Wisemann Hour ago
The whole album is amazing
TheMixEmperor Hour ago
Did she just rhyme Ouroboros? Fuck, she's good.
Shirou Kun
Shirou Kun Hour ago
I swear on my life Cali doesnt miss with her songs. Her voice is so beautiful i cant even
GohanAndNarutoChats Hour ago
1:37:52 hands down best moment i die everytime with guras uh oh stinky
Kanaross Hour ago
Its really, actually, crazy, how she can switch flow so well. It’s scary how good her flow is.
Yuepon D2nd
Yuepon D2nd Hour ago
Coming back to this song after finding out the meaning of the lyrics really puts it into perspective. The truth really is edgy... but I love edgy stuff so this is exactly my type of song. Congrats on 1M views, Dad.👑
Akihiko 2 hours ago
Welp, we did it boys. One million. And Calli, you deserve every single one.
ZethStar 2 hours ago
"i'll always be a prisoner to my ambition" I felt that ringing in my soul from the first time i heard it Even now
Edgar Moreno
Edgar Moreno 2 hours ago
Hi I'm new, I love this channel, I just wanted to say that 😅
Paya Berry
Paya Berry 2 hours ago
It is such a blessing discovering hololive en. All 5 of them are legendary cool. Makes my daily life so much more enjoyable.
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 2 hours ago
Antes a los japoneses los dominaban con una bomba nuclear, y ahora con vtubers, como cambia los tiemposxd
My Dude
My Dude 2 hours ago
This showing up to me because I was listening to some Demondice songs: "hol' up this is where they went?"
alexcon66 2 hours ago
Holy this beat goes hard
Pomegranede 2 hours ago
when calli cast enuma elish i felt that
Lil Ecchi
Lil Ecchi 2 hours ago
Thats so cute to watch as a german
Pali33 2 hours ago
I got ptsd from someone saying shove it into our earhole in the chat, and i dont like it in the slightest. Comfy asmr was good by the way 👍.
Ender Man
Ender Man 2 hours ago
If there will be another Persona Sequel, This song would be suited op
魔天人matento 2 hours ago
Joss Gomez
Joss Gomez 3 hours ago
Ever since the lyric dive everytime I hear "was I everything you imagined" it sends chills down my spine and tear up
WolfGame295 3 hours ago
Does she have a discord channel?
Joseru 2 hours ago
There's an unofficial Mori server
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young 3 hours ago
I just wanted to say I had such a great time during the watch-along. Thank you so much Calli and all the Deadbeats for a wonderful time, I really needed it.
norbert T W
norbert T W 3 hours ago
Did anyone notice that when she was talking about pringles flavours, that she said "inconvenience store"? Wonder why she calls them that
CallMe Afton
CallMe Afton 3 hours ago
I know it is cursed, but I need sleep.
Linajabba 3 hours ago
How did i miss that stream
ty2358 3 hours ago
Congrats on the 1 Mil!
Ollie Haland
Ollie Haland 3 hours ago
Wow I finally had time to watch the recording of this stream. Calli went deep with these lyrics and I really resonated with a lot of what she talked about. So here's to Calli finding a balance perfect for her between herself and her character, entertaining and art, ambition and enjoyment (edit and all the other dimensions that live within all of those.) Thank you Calli for creating and sharing with us all of this.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 3 hours ago
Thank you for the Greek Mythology reference. I read the Iliad and the Odyssey in eight days. The name does belong to the muse of epic poetry. Rap is a type of poetry. Mori is also the Latin word for death. Your name literally means death by epic poetry. So much meaning. I love it. 1:11:39
Ai Shiori Ch. ღ
Ai Shiori Ch. ღ 3 hours ago
Mom we have this in anime song ?
Rat King
Rat King 3 hours ago
I’m watching this on a iPad so it’s 76x better
RedRadio 3 hours ago
Kommentarsektion schneller eingenommen als Polen.
zero 00
zero 00 4 hours ago
1:07:30 Dab
zeanomourph 4 hours ago
Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for I can't remember his name.
Zanwiff 4 hours ago
さんあ 4 hours ago
さんあ 4 hours ago
Angelo Descordo
Angelo Descordo 4 hours ago
Fun times! The banishment(s) made a single tear roll down my eye. Now Adam Saddler won't be lonely on the other side anymore... Sandliope shall ride him while laughing goofily into the sunset!
Avery of Astora
Avery of Astora 4 hours ago
Kinda reminds me of the Teen Titans opening, cool.
Luca Engemann
Luca Engemann 4 hours ago
Actually your name gets pronounced very slow k a l i l o p e
A Person
A Person 4 hours ago
les goooo
Ame'hicmelia 4 hours ago
1 million on the 6th day!!!!!
John Wilkins IV
John Wilkins IV 5 hours ago
Mori’s voice has always been relaxing but this cranked it up to 11
Grisul Zazicki
Grisul Zazicki 5 hours ago
1:03:16 Gurandma tells ghost stories about old food
Hanabi 5 hours ago
Congrats on 1m views! It only took 6 days! Here's to 50m more!
超ZeRoSubarashī ī
超ZeRoSubarashī ī 5 hours ago
Its so funny to watch as a person from germany
Windswrath 5 hours ago
The song is so Good, Calli just Wow!!! Also, I don't like Tarot cards that much but those card are making my old Card collector instinct tingle. Please, make them as merch please, it would be great if they were foiled cards if it's possible, of course we need one for our awesome Deaddy too. I really want them!!!
chosen disciple
chosen disciple 5 hours ago
We need a calli asmr playlist
Luca Engemann
Luca Engemann 5 hours ago
Diese gesamte Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum des BND.
Sadboi 5 hours ago
Ja moin als ob sie jetzt einfach deutsch lernt pog
Reen Dhanasukma
Reen Dhanasukma 5 hours ago
Congrats on 1 mil views calli! Thank you for making an amazing EP :}
Ai Mee
Ai Mee 5 hours ago
Chad Miettunen
Chad Miettunen 5 hours ago
Me before this video: Cool tracks bro. 😎🤘 Me after this video: These lyrics are so deep and well thought out! 😲 🤯
crossbones116 5 hours ago
Is Calli secretly Adam Sandler? Evidence: We've never seen Calli and Adam Sandler in the same room.
Chad Miettunen
Chad Miettunen 6 hours ago
Anyone that thinks being the Fool is an insult clearly hasn't played a Persona game before.
Jordan Vale
Jordan Vale 6 hours ago
Pfft DEMONDICEKaren hahaha thats Caliope Mori now i guess.
Flixer Hour ago
Kid We don't do that here
DakkaNoms 6 hours ago
The number of times Calli brought up mouth noises makes me wonder if she likes mouth noises
Keks_Cocktail 6 hours ago
Mori reacting to my Comment 2:15:15 <3
༽ 小鯊魚Gura粉༼
༽ 小鯊魚Gura粉༼ 6 hours ago
Cool !
ふぇないん 6 hours ago
anonimowy anonim
anonimowy anonim 6 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought of the game "Let it Die" at 0:35?
leo tsukinaga screaming
leo tsukinaga screaming 6 hours ago