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3 months ago
My Dog Does Weird Things
My Dog Gets Married?!
My Dog Gets All The Ladies
My Dog Throws A Party!
My Dog Reviews Toys
11 months ago
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I Has Spoon!
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Night Hawk
Night Hawk 19 hours ago
Ok but like can I have tucker and the girl please 🥺
Lina Henriksson
Lina Henriksson 19 hours ago
Do Tucker like to swim?
john youn
john youn 19 hours ago
Gosh your sexy but extremely weird
jayjon alexander
jayjon alexander 19 hours ago
Soo cute
Alex Waller
Alex Waller 19 hours ago
I just noticed the bra 😂😂
salvador oliveros
salvador oliveros 19 hours ago
:tucker i humps :journey send halp
Hailey And Friends Unpredictable
Hailey And Friends Unpredictable 19 hours ago
What happened to Journee?
Bronte Marshall
Bronte Marshall 19 hours ago
aaw flutters so cute!! and tuckers even cuter some how
Forgive And Forget
Forgive And Forget 19 hours ago
Man he is beautiful ... AND FULL OF SPUNK
guru-in-drag 19 hours ago
Tucker calls her Linda, but her real name is Courtney, right? I love that, it's so funny for some reason. Why Linda, tho, is it just random?
Zidos 2008
Zidos 2008 19 hours ago
Do you love Linda
Isabelle Sheridan
Isabelle Sheridan 19 hours ago
i subscribe to you tucker
MrAlexLowen 19 hours ago
Linda is truly the human version of Tucker!
Certified Idiot :D
Certified Idiot :D 19 hours ago
What happened to Journey 0-0
Bronte Marshall
Bronte Marshall 19 hours ago
wait bubbles is tuckers sis right?...
3scoolpoors3 19 hours ago
Listen, I've got a question for Tucker: Are you a smart boy? Are the cutest boy? If chicken was the only thing on earth, would you like to eat it all?
Hailey And Friends Unpredictable
Hailey And Friends Unpredictable 19 hours ago
I love that mask XD
Jonahs Gang
Jonahs Gang 19 hours ago
Tucker always makes me laugh 😂
Kayla Lloyd
Kayla Lloyd 19 hours ago
Matthew Leliever
Matthew Leliever 19 hours ago
He looks like a licking machine
Omg Tucker I Want To Meet Him
TheTraxlers 19 hours ago
Hekkin Linda
qt Racks
qt Racks 19 hours ago
hes soooo cute. i would have a dog buttt i cant
strawberry yy
strawberry yy 19 hours ago
Binge watching all Tucker's video on my bed with a cat sleeping beside me 🤫🤣
Cat Gibson
Cat Gibson 19 hours ago
Do you like to eat waffles?
Christine's Fun Discoveries
Christine's Fun Discoveries 19 hours ago
If you had a sibling that is a cat, would you be nice to it?
Extra super Gaming
Extra super Gaming 19 hours ago
She is so so much lucky to have golden retriever
unicorn let's fly
unicorn let's fly 19 hours ago
Łãmbørghîńi Gôd
Łãmbørghîńi Gôd 19 hours ago
-give tucker 1,000,000,000,000,000 chimken
venture cargos
venture cargos 19 hours ago
your dog is cute cute cute
Sasha Lima
Sasha Lima 19 hours ago
Arctic The Fox
Arctic The Fox 19 hours ago
Am i seeing- *a pink tail 👀👀👀👀*
Halo 18
Halo 18 19 hours ago
So cute omg
Orly Ortega
Orly Ortega 20 hours ago
1:52 Oh my gosh did you see that he winked ! 😀
nsagamesYT 20 hours ago
Sometimes my dog falls asleep on me to I hv to put her head down slowly so she doesn’t wake up tho lol
Snehal Kherdekar
Snehal Kherdekar 20 hours ago
Too cute! Muaaahs
Ok ;D
Ok ;D 20 hours ago
*Booty scratching and chimken*
Alastor 20 hours ago
1:15 Tucker's like "I recognize that voice. Am I getting some Mcnuggets?!?"
Alex Cerna
Alex Cerna 20 hours ago
Why have you not posted
I have a Golden Retriver. Her name is Phoebe and she has 1 year🦮🦮🦮❤️❤️❤️
SHALINI GUPTA 20 hours ago
I love animal ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰😭🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😍
Sreebala Thonoor
Sreebala Thonoor 20 hours ago
baby tucker: hewwo mommwy adult tucker: I HATE LINDWA
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 20 hours ago
Sara Tamayo Olmedo
Sara Tamayo Olmedo 20 hours ago
Sreebala Thonoor
Sreebala Thonoor 20 hours ago
0:30 tucker hates riley
Sparrow Hawk200
Sparrow Hawk200 20 hours ago
I like the pfft darting sound
Armoni & Jayden Jimenez
Armoni & Jayden Jimenez 20 hours ago
if i am ever feeling down tucker always brightens my day, to tucker
Supercharge Pr0ductions
Supercharge Pr0ductions 20 hours ago
One hecc of a lion you got there I said it’s a lion because if you look under his/her neck it looks like that thing lions have
Hallie Ross
Hallie Ross 20 hours ago
Queen Bunnybunny
Queen Bunnybunny 20 hours ago
I imagine him putting his paw on the yes button every time that Linda said you fart on my pillow and I’m just going crazy on the yes button
Potato Girl
Potato Girl 20 hours ago
are you a derp
The Real Noob
The Real Noob 20 hours ago
I can not tell whos who for some weird reason🤔🤔🤔🤔
cecelia wassink
cecelia wassink 20 hours ago
Do you want ten siblings?
Sreebala Thonoor
Sreebala Thonoor 20 hours ago
OMG soo cute like if you think pearl is so cute
Sreebala Thonoor
Sreebala Thonoor 20 hours ago
0:30 pearl jumps out
Sreebala Thonoor
Sreebala Thonoor 20 hours ago
holy molly so cute totes gonna subscribe :)
Joseph McCrary
Joseph McCrary 20 hours ago
Plot twist: He didn't know what the buttons said.
Minecraft Dog
Minecraft Dog 20 hours ago
If Linda put a bowtie collar on Tucker, all da ladies would be drooling over Tucker like when he is about to eat. 😂
Fanda X
Fanda X 20 hours ago
so many doggo's!!!!!!!!!
Ace 11
Ace 11 20 hours ago
wanna see a dog react to a cockroach 8 Million people: hell yeah
Fanda X
Fanda X 20 hours ago
the funniest part is at 1:58 LOL
Dylan Black
Dylan Black 20 hours ago
I wish that was the case, but my dog, he's a morning Pittie and I am not. So it's him who's up early barking and crying (he hates howling) and jumping on me till give him a walk at 7 in the morning
Minecraft Dragon
Minecraft Dragon 20 hours ago
Yes and no question does tucker love the TuckerMoji app 👍😁🦮
Samantha Moseley
Samantha Moseley 20 hours ago
Linda : Easy does it now Journey: REEEEEEEEEE
Fanda X
Fanda X 20 hours ago
why does he haft to be so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
Alexandra Brener
Alexandra Brener 20 hours ago
XxwarriorxX 20 hours ago
Sometimes I forget tucker is a dog who can only bark and not talk.
Paul Fogel
Paul Fogel 20 hours ago
Good music too.
Vani Rao
Vani Rao 21 hour ago
Does joerny stink
Sudha Gautam
Sudha Gautam 21 hour ago
Question for tucker Are you are happy been a dog
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez 21 hour ago
I swear his ears are so floppy lol. This is how many people like his ears flopping so crazy 👇🌚
BEAST FF 21 hour ago
This looks wierd😄😜😂
dd 558934
dd 558934 21 hour ago
Baby is crying because of how scary he looks.
Ali Zahouani
Ali Zahouani 21 hour ago
The worst thing in this video is the comment protending that dog said .
Aislinn Lloyd
Aislinn Lloyd 21 hour ago
Teagan Chin
Teagan Chin 21 hour ago
Frewyn Fernandes
Frewyn Fernandes 21 hour ago
Wow so cute 😄😄😄
Teagan Chin
Teagan Chin 21 hour ago
Sniff butts
Sarkapru PE
Sarkapru PE 21 hour ago
Do you poop
Kaylee Yip
Kaylee Yip 21 hour ago
Tucker: adios chicken Linda: AHAHAHAHAHAH
Rainbow Kitty in Phoenix rainbow foxes B
Rainbow Kitty in Phoenix rainbow foxes B 21 hour ago
I'm going to ask a question that he had to answer your dog as to answer is your dog loving