Janelle Tran
Janelle Tran 12 hours ago
I think Jaz is the best one
andrealuebke 12 hours ago
I love naps
Calvin Matabick
Calvin Matabick 12 hours ago
Did he really buy 1 million magnets on mistake 0:00
Jonathon Svoboda
Jonathon Svoboda 12 hours ago
now i am scared to gum
MacKenzie Reath
MacKenzie Reath 12 hours ago
Me: Thinking finger painting was blobbing paint on a piece of paper with your finger ZHC: Painting with the fingers but ending up as the most beautiful art I have ever seen...
Qu1nny 12 hours ago
they should do a house tour
Was Up
Was Up 12 hours ago
I love how everyone has a different color hair 😂💕
ImmyPie 12 hours ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Me: Isn’t that goodtimeswithscar’s timelapse music?
•Tea• ToT
•Tea• ToT 12 hours ago
What are they called
ToLeaKi 12 hours ago
Charlotte 12 hours ago
How is this a coincidence i just watched a blackpink vid and now this
Jawahir Mohamed
Jawahir Mohamed 12 hours ago
Charlotte 12 hours ago
I love blackpink to
Marinda Little
Marinda Little 12 hours ago
Omg it's like I saw one of your videos and fell in love with them all......i'd really love to learn how to do that
Lucy婧婧 12 hours ago
OMG! Wow!
Jadon Miller
Jadon Miller 12 hours ago
I don’t get picked because like there so many people who want the price :(
Sunny Bitxh
Sunny Bitxh 12 hours ago
At 1:45 Michelle was like *kill me*
Sandra Vuong
Sandra Vuong 13 hours ago
The bell 🔔
Sandra Vuong
Sandra Vuong 13 hours ago
I’m subscribed and the bel
Truth Razors
Truth Razors 13 hours ago
Me waiting for when 6 artist participate in a challenge
Tennille and Co
Tennille and Co 13 hours ago
If I money I want to help the kids that is in the Children’s Hospital
Tennille and Co
Tennille and Co 13 hours ago
If I wonthat money I want to help the kids that is in the Children’s Hospital
ML GL!TCH 13 hours ago
If u was a contestant for this I would smash the table chase I can't have chewy stiff
Sreeja Sasidharanpillai
Sreeja Sasidharanpillai 13 hours ago
How do we look Me: dementors
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish 13 hours ago
I liked jakes it who's the best
Aubri Messmer
Aubri Messmer 13 hours ago
Lucas Roberto Homes Diaz
Lucas Roberto Homes Diaz 13 hours ago
Coping mr.beast.
AmarisJames Luna
AmarisJames Luna 13 hours ago
Izzy looked so stress
Jordan Holombo
Jordan Holombo 13 hours ago
I wish I could win 1000money
Evelyn Lucko
Evelyn Lucko 13 hours ago
I think Michelle won
Kylie Thomas
Kylie Thomas 13 hours ago
I love your work vib and zhc
Kylie Thomas
Kylie Thomas 13 hours ago
I am sorry because l spelling is rode my
Stxzzyz _.
Stxzzyz _. 13 hours ago
Mr Art beast
GIP 10thSide
GIP 10thSide 13 hours ago
This is stupid wasting food
tram anh
tram anh 13 hours ago
is anyone look at the girl on the side try to hide from the camera?
The Noob Master
The Noob Master 13 hours ago
Awa' gaming
Awa' gaming 13 hours ago
I subscribeed I love you soo much
Human Q
Human Q 13 hours ago
shrek was the best
George Lunn
George Lunn 13 hours ago
You can’t get gum in your hair because I got gum in my hair and I had to cut my hair and I am a girl it was horrible
MD. IBRAHIM 13 hours ago
I think the shushe roll is so good
Victoria A Rodriguez
Victoria A Rodriguez 13 hours ago
No affecns but i hate the finger monster
niharika vora
niharika vora 13 hours ago
yo guys who dislike, whhyyy
Drishticat iwi
Drishticat iwi 13 hours ago
am i the only one who liked the art but thought the challenge was the most disgusting thing ever
Elrico tha flying burrito
Elrico tha flying burrito 13 hours ago
Yup I just bought 100k gum balls no big deal
DG gameing Channel 2
DG gameing Channel 2 13 hours ago
Actually when polar bears are in the cold water they feel actually amazing because they have such thick fer
MD. IBRAHIM 14 hours ago
Wow so many gummy ball
Victoria A Rodriguez
Victoria A Rodriguez 14 hours ago
I did not know that machiel was 23
BELLE 14 hours ago
لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له, له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير
Inaya Furqan
Inaya Furqan 14 hours ago
I dmd you on Instagram pls read
Inaya Furqan
Inaya Furqan 14 hours ago
I dmd you on Instagram pls read
Mackenzie Champ
Mackenzie Champ 14 hours ago
Jazzes hair is so my favorite color
Charlene Marzan
Charlene Marzan 14 hours ago
Ravenswood Dark
Ravenswood Dark 14 hours ago
Can I be in a vid :3
Laura Buburuzan
Laura Buburuzan 14 hours ago
I thought my connection was lost at 8:58 - 9:03, but it was just the video.😂
Nohemí Gonzalez
Nohemí Gonzalez 14 hours ago
I liked vivs
Aaron Zakharov
Aaron Zakharov 14 hours ago
That wa as the worst elimination
Xxsxmply_lemonxX 14 hours ago
Sushi for the win ✨
Vuk Raickovic
Vuk Raickovic 14 hours ago
Yiping Wang
Yiping Wang 14 hours ago
Muhammad Saeef
Muhammad Saeef 14 hours ago
Awesome Soph
Awesome Soph 14 hours ago
I love gum yummy
Shadow Playz
Shadow Playz 14 hours ago
This might be the grossest challenge ZHC has done
Andi Selmani
Andi Selmani 14 hours ago
My dad always gives us fish oil to drink but we trekd him now he dosent give us fish oil and i likd yaz
Justin X.
Justin X. 14 hours ago
Tbh it’s not the WORLDS most realistic art it’s just realistic
DarkDuoGamers 14 hours ago
My respect for michelle went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Taylor Mebrahtom
Taylor Mebrahtom 14 hours ago
I just realised that they all have different colour hair
Football Star
Football Star 14 hours ago
Viv is to good at thinking out of the box
Rebecca W
Rebecca W 15 hours ago
I wish Viv was in these video why isn’t she
Llamas 4life
Llamas 4life 15 hours ago
what type of dog is hulk??
Lunar and friends Awesome
Lunar and friends Awesome 15 hours ago
Congratulations Viv you did amazing
Madeleine Rose Nessmith
Madeleine Rose Nessmith 15 hours ago
No, but rly Why are you yelling?🤷‍♀️ (Btw love your vids)🤍
Jazmin Lucasramirez
Jazmin Lucasramirez 15 hours ago
i am a big fan :D you guy are doing great
Dat Le
Dat Le 15 hours ago
Just watched cause if the new girl on the right
Jai Streeter
Jai Streeter 15 hours ago
I love your videos
olivia coffman
olivia coffman 15 hours ago
I liked Jake’s the most
Fatima Askarzadeh
Fatima Askarzadeh 15 hours ago
Jai Streeter
Jai Streeter 15 hours ago
Videos I love you videos
Romelene Lantad
Romelene Lantad 15 hours ago
Watching in philipines
xxxcry._baby._lovexxx :
xxxcry._baby._lovexxx : 15 hours ago
olivia coffman
olivia coffman 15 hours ago
Zach was so bold to reveal Michelle’s age. Lol